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Toyota Australia has recalled more than 19,000 of its new-generation locally manufactured Toyota Camry, Camry Hybrid and Aurion models to correct a potential defect with the vehicles’ fuel hoses.

The recall affects a total of 19,099 vehicles, including 12,792 Toyota Camry, 2648 Toyota Camry Hybrid and 3659 Toyota Aurion models built between October 2011 and July 2012.

An official statement from Toyota Australia explains:

“There is a possibility that the fuel hose that connects the main fuel supply line to the engine may have become wrinkled during connector insertion.

“In some cases this could result in a small hole in the fuel hose which may allow fuel to leak.”

Toyota Australia says there have been three reports of the condition in local vehicles but no accidents relating to the defect.

Owners of affected vehicles are encouraged to make an appointment with their local Toyota dealership to arrange and inspection and, if necessary, replacement of the fuel hose.

Toyota says the inspection will take approximately 30 minutes while a hose replacement will take around one hour to complete at no cost to the customer.

The recall notice comes one week after Toyota Australia announced an ‘inspection campaign’ for 66,377 of its current-generation RAV4 SUVs over concerns of a rear suspension arm defect.

  • notafanoftoyota

    Toyota Quality! 

    • Patrick

      Toyota’s are cheaply made, not surprised by this recall, the Camry is over rated, there is much better quality cars out there, even the Koreans cars are better now

      • F1

        Yeah Patrick go back to your rubbish bogan-mobile falcon with mediocre performance at best .. 0-100 in like 8 seconds with a 4.0L dinasaur engine..Equivalent in performance to a 1.4L Golf.. How pethatic..

        • Sydlocal

          You obviously haven’t driven a Falcon for a while then. 0-100 for the bog stock 4L is more like low 7s (two up, half a tank of fuel).

        • Michael

          Actually it is high 6s.
          Don’t forget the Golf is a womans car and sized appropriately.

          • Simon

            No wonder it looks fat in the bum!

        • Terry

          I think it’s time for your nanna nap

        • matt

          wow where did that come from? some people

      • Trish

        The Camry is “overrated”? LOL. All I ever here is how ‘bland’ or ‘boring’ it is.

        • TR

          Add risk of fire explosion to that list Trish…

  • guest

    useless australian workers

    • Daz

       Just a guess, but I reckon the damn fuel hose must have been built incredibly thin if it could “… become wrinkled during connector insertion. “In some cases this could result in a small hole in the fuel hose which may allow fuel to leak.” Probably shaved a few cents in costs by having the lowest spec component.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YQLKLFNYP3UFBFAGOV2LNDSREA Robert Ryan

       Yes we should be supporting Chinese or Thai workers, not Australians, that only creates employment in Australia, we do not want that.

  • Stan

    Recalls, regardless of brand, are unfortunate for everyone involved. Hopefully owners of the models in question get their vehicles checked out and fixed as soon as possible.

    • Sumoisadog

      Toyota recalls and fixes their issues – i see it as a responsible thing to do . Other manufacturers should do the same…

      • Sumpguard

        That’s not the point though. Toyota have the world convinced that they are somehow bulletproof through a brainwashing campaign a few years back.

           The reality is however that they aren’t anymore reliable than many other brands nowadays but suckers will pay a premium in the belief they are !

            Marketing is king.


        • Infraboy

          A Corolla is much more reliable then a Focus.. In the short term and especially in the long term..

          What does Volkswagen have the world convinced? Since they seem to be Toyota’s secret admirers

          Also Toyota makes Lexus, and Lexus are arguably the highest quality automobiles, which are designed & executed with the highest and least tolerant production standards.. They’re unprecedented..

          • bd

            Kinda helps when Toyota is still using the same old engine and 4 spd AT that it has been using for years for the Corolla.

          • Phil

            Well their “least tolerate production standards” aren’t that great if their products need to be recalled due to faults from their “unprecedented” production.
            Obviously not “unprecedented” in terms of a lack of recalls – plenty of recalls listed on Lexus USA website.

          • Sumpguard

            Infraboy I agree wholeheartedly with your comments on the Lexus range but you do pay for it!

                The rest of the toyota range is no longer the reliability king it once was. I have friends who own or owned the so-called unbreakable hilux and they have had nymerous and various issues. I have seen corollas ,camries and Aurions broken down on the side of the road waiting for a tow that aren’t that old.

               Once upon a time you simply wouldn’t see that. Not anymore. A friend’s camry was 9 years old and had been serviced and loved but the number of things that simply fell off (like the roof lining and door trims) was ridiculous.

                The auto failed at 70,000k’s also and I can tell you his wife babied that car.

                They were once the  leaders of reliabilty but not anymore . Many other brands out there are just as reliable, cost less ,offer more and drive equally well or better. As BD has said that 4 speed auto is inexcusable!

      • F1MotoGP

         Not always!   2 Aug 2012

        Toyota has announced a recall of 778,000 RAV4 soft-roaders in the US due
        to a potential rear suspension failure, but its Australian arm refuses
        to take similar action, despite documented incidents here.

  • Eric

    Another Commodore recall, I guess you should buy a Toyota, oh wait………..

  • Greg

    Wow, people’s lives are at risk and some of you here are trying to make a joke out of this situation?

    • Raniya16

      I know ,it is very serious concern regarding fuel leak. I bought a new camry and don’t know yet whether i am affected.

      • Terry

        Agreed, fuel leaks are a fire risk… People driving their Camry’s could suddenly burst into flames… people should avoid driving their Camrys

        • falcodore

          Will also have the added benefit of making the roads safer….

      • falcodore

        Take it to your local appliance repair shop, they should be able to tell you….and probably fix it for you as well.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FFLU42DZJ4E23NZKHN3UXJU44Q Aazz

    That white body kit is comical.

    • Legnab

      Agreed looks like a storm trooper helmet with a fuel leak , frighteningly 80’s ugly .

      • Lenard

        Agreed. Shares the same problem as the Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG. Both cars, frighteningly ugly.

        • Chris

          Yeah, what’s with these awful tacked on body kits car makers are using these days. You’d think that some of them would know better.

  • Shak

    Every time i see a new Aurion on the road i throw up in my mouth a little bit. They really screwed up with the design this time around.

    • Terry

      Especially the rear of the Aurion, it looks so cheap and an after thought that bumper. Still a fuel leak fire risk is a serious matter and people should be careful their Aurion doesn’t catch on fire

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf


    • TR

      Agreed, but thats the risk you take driving a Toyota with all their faults and poor build quailty

      • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

        I’m sorry but, I’m going to have to correct you there, my father owns a Toyota and as boring as it is to drive, it has not broken down once. Build quality is brilliant. No faults. And it’s not a really old Toyota either. It’s just disappointing that these days, the quality is not as good as it used to be for some cars. But that’s the thing, when something comes out, there’s always a few faults they have to iron out. Sometimes it’s minor sometimes it’s major. This will be the case for many manufacturers not just cars, especially when you consider the increasingly advanced technologies. 
        You could also say driving every car is a risk, but you trust that their will be no major faults. Also, the Toyota my father has is Japanese built, which I think is definitely better than the American and Australian built models in terms of quality.  

  • Car Fanatic

    Toyota, the most misleading car company in the world.
    Genchi Genbutsu they tell all Toyota employees. Solve the problem at the source.

    If this were true, Toyota wouldn’t need recalls because their cars would leave the production line faultless.

    Kaizen they say, something to do with continual improvement. If that is the case, why so many recalls?

    Toyota owners and employees are blinded by the company’s continual BS.

  • MisterZed

    Legendary Japanese Engineering.

    • VinD

      Yeah funny you say that since there is a recall for your beloved Hyundai Sonata where the airbag goes off unexpectedly…

      And another irony is that Sonata 2.0t uses many Japanese made components, for one the entire engine block & turbo charger is Mitsubishi supplied LMAO!!

      • MisterZed

        Wrong. Recall is for US-built Sonata. Our i45 comes from Korea – no recall here.

        • Phil

          But the US one is the one you love remember? You always quote USA sales not Australian.

      • bd

        Not quite accurate.

        While the turbo is Mitsu supplied, the engine block is derived from GEMA – an alliance btwn Hyundai, Chrysler/Daimler and Mitsu.

        Hyundai was the one who engineered the basic block.

        Besides, Hyundai Mobis supplies a no. of Japanese automakers.

        As for the Hyundai airbag recall, it is to reprogram the sensor to take into account a lower rate threshold for adults in the front passenger seat.

        And it’s not like Toyota hasn’t had its share of airbag recalls (tend to be one of the more common issues); and lets’ not forget the huge airbag recall from Honda for exploding shrapnel.

        Toyota had the most total no. of recalls for the past few years until they were supplanted by Honda in 2011 (Toyota still finished no.2).

        • Luke Brinsmead

          Yeah but being up front and announcing recalls are better than cover-ups, like some other brands are guilty of doing.

          • Gimp

            Cover-ups? Do tell us about what other brands have done then since you’ve already labelled them guilty. Sounds like you work for Today Tonight.

          • bd

            Hmmm, I seem to recall something about Toyota getting fined a sizable sum for not announcing recalls promptly enough.

      • Robin_Graves

        GEMA engines are made by the respective manufacturer, its just a modular design.  If you do some research, Hyundai were the principal design partner in GEMA so Evo X are actually using a Hyundai designed block, crank and rods – not the other way around.

  • Turbodewd

    Ahh, Car Advice…full of haters of various persuasions.  Haters and trolls who fail to produce facts or figures.

    So Toyota arent perfect.  Im a Ford fan, but I respect Toyota’s marketing prowess.

    So many useless posts in this thread.  Hater posts and troll posts should be deleted.

  • Coffeescroll

    The camry and aurion should be recalled to rectify their bland exterior styling.

    • Jasz

      Camry Atara looks nice.. Subtle elegance would be the appropriate word to describe it.. The base one, along with all base cars does look bland..

      Same for the Aurion, but the Camry looks better.. The previous Aurion was so much nicer..

    • TR


  • Elroy

    Seems like the same sort of recall Lexus had in 2009 (US over 200k cars) and if so thats a worry

  • The Salesman

    Recalls happen all the time. More so with Toyota than any other brand lately. What did they blame the last recall on? Floor mats? 

    • TR

      Sticking accelerator wasn’t it ? 

      l can’t remember there has been that many

    • Sumpguard

      “What did they blame the last recall on? ”

         Everyone else,  including the person who went over a cliff and died as a result. It’s so easy to blame someone that can’t defend themself!!

  • Stevo

    It was due to Toyota’s All Weather Floormat available only in the US market.  

  • Galaxy

    At the end of the day, Toyota quality is no better than Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsu or Nissan in the real world i.e. Japan Inc.  They are definitely better than Euro brands: Peugeot, Renault, Alfa, Volvo and maybe some German makes/models.  However, Toyota needs to worry most about Hyundai (and Kia) in the long term.  If Toyota is intent on looking over their right shoulder when it comes to staying in front, perhaps they need to watch the left shoulder more before Hyundai/Kia simply leave them in their wake.  They are already slightly better IMO, and looking at the rate they are climbing the OZ sales charts… it won’t be too far away.  

    • Vz

      Hyundai and Kia have reached their peak.. They’ve done so much and there isnt much they can now do..

      It’s going to be harder now for the Koreans to beat the Toyota because Toyota isn’t resting on their laurels..

  • David JAS

    I might just buy a new aurion knowing this. Awesome car. Oh, I have 2 Toyota’s in my family and they are the most refined vehicles I have ever driven. I am a mechanic so I have driven a lot. This is the reason for owning Toyotas. Also easy to work on, cheap to service and repair. You’ll find the main reason for breakdowns is lack of maintenance. You all want the most kw per litre but can’t be bothered to change the engine oil.

  • Kampfer

    While all English speaking Australian sitting at home, watching TV and getting welfare…

  • matt

    victorians? yeah wouldnt surprise me

  • matt

    i hope asians eat you

  • Sumpguard

      Guest you’re a total dipstick! I can tell you first hand that very few people work as hard as vehicle production line workers and still take that level of pride in what they do.

         Oh and most of them are Asian due to their height!