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Hyundai Australia has announced the pricing of the Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo in the lead up to its Australian media launch next week.

The Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo will be available in one fully loaded specification level that is priced at $31,990 for the six-speed manual and $33,990 for the six-speed automatic with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

The Veloster SR Turbo’s 1.6-litre twin-scroll turbocharged petrol engine generates 150kW of power and 265Nm of torque.

While Hyundai is yet to announce official 0-100km/h times, CarAdvice achieved 7.5 seconds in the automatic and 7.8 seconds in the manual during our Korean test of the car.

Unlike the naturally aspirated Veloster, the SR Turbo is not available with a dual-clutch transmission due to the engine’s increased torque levels, and instead features a conventional six-speed automatic.

Additional equipment for the Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo includes 18-inch alloy wheels, uprated brakes with larger (300mm) brake rotors up front, representing a 20 per cent increase over the standard Veloster, a quicker steering rack with 2.78 turns from lock to lock, a revised suspension package, twin circular exhausts, a panoramic glass sunroof, leather/leatherette sports bucket seats and a seven-inch LCD touchscreen with satellite navigation.

The Veloster SR Turbo is available in a choice of six colours including the model-specific Marmalade (chameleon colour that changes with your angle of vision), Young Gun (Matte) and pearl-effect Phantom Black, as well as Veloster Red, Storm Trooper White and Battleship.

Hyundai Australia has also introduced satellite navigation as standard equipment on all Veloster+ models, as well as a seat-back pocket on the passenger side and a luggage net. A rear window wiper has been added to both the Veloster and Veloster+.

Check back next week for our full review of the Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo on Australian roads.

Read CarAdvice’s Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo review from Korea.


Hyundai Veloster manufacturer’s list prices:

  • Veloster manual – $23,990
  • Veloster dual-clutch – $25,900
  • Veloster+ manual – $28,990
  • Veloster+ dual-clutch – $30,900
  • Veloster SR Turbo manual – $31,990
  • Veloster SR Turbo auto – $33,900






  • Altezza

    Tempting price. I will have hard time to choose this or the 86 if I were in the market to buy affordable sports car. Straight line Veloster might win but cornering will be won by 86.

    • Camaro

      if you were a paying more attention to these cars., you would know that veloster is slower at any condition. 

      • Henry Toussaint

        Apparentley, $31,990 IS Including dearler delivery and onroad costs…anyway, Veloster & 86 have the same 0/100 times but i think that the Veloster has 0.1 seconds faster or something…but 86 more of a fun drive, you’d have to go the 86. Or, if you wanted a hot hatch, this could be one of your options…

        • Lindsay

          Hyundai’s infernal website adds on-roads when you request a quote.  About $3700 in Sydney (or $2700 in Canberra, it’s not every day you can say a car’s cheaper in Canberra, haha).

    • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

      Which one do you think will last through the tests of time and be remembered more by everyone as a great car and still be as great as it is today as it is in the future? GT86. Personally the 86 is just so much more appealing too. 

    • Damian

       How is the Veloster even a contender in this instance?  The 86 is a better car in every respect.

      • Hung Low

        This is way better equipped for starters and would be a more appealing commuter. The 86 would be a better drivers package no doubt.

        • Damian

           If people want a ‘commuter’, they should opt for the Veloster+, which is equipped just as well and is sufficient for commuting.

    • Lindsay

      With the ridiculous “shortage” of 86s you’ll have PLENTY of time to choose. :)

  • Danieljwingard

    Stormtrooper White, never has a colour name suited a car so much…

    • Tangelo

      Do you think they paid something for Lucas Film?
      Or used name without permission?

      • Lindsay

        The real question is whether George Lucas asked Adolf Hitler if he could use the name.

  • Theglobalrealist

    Interesting. Though i really think its going to be hard to compete against the FT86. 

    • Lindsay

      There’s an important difference you’ve overlooked here.  If you walk into a Hyundai dealer tomorrow, you stand a chance of having the Veloster delivered in under two years.

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    I kind of think they may have had too much time on their hands and decided to play around with the names of the colour options. 

  • Sumpguard

        Different horses for different courses. Both this and the 86 will appeal for different reasons.

         Either way the fact remains that after so long without any real ,good value sports type cars buyers are suddenly spolit for choice and we can thank Hyundai, Toyota and Subaru for breathing life back into an otherwise lifeless segment.


  • choco

    86 anytime

  • choco

    86 for me….. more fun and more handsome
    Hyundai designs is good but aged so quick 

    • Lindsay

      I’d choose the 86 over this too for the same reasons as you.

      Toyota has, unfortunately, taken that choice out of everyone’s hands.

  • Tuzii

    this is 1000 times better then the shit 86. 

    NA VS TURBO. you all are fools for thinking the 86 is a good car at all.gutless to say the least

  • Mot1

    The Manual 86 will easily take this out..

    The 86 is a sports car, which looks better then this anyway..

  • Niklaus Manoj

    Turbo petrol cars generally don’t last very long. And the turbos are $5,000 a pop LOL.

    • Housecat84

      Which decade are you referring to?

      • F1

        Turbocharging is turbocharging, it is, always has been and will continue to always be the same fundamental principle.. It creates rapid and significant wear n tear..

        Actually now with Direct Injection+Turbo, the situation is much worst..

        Look at the GTR, when you first get it and everything is working new, it’s nice, but very shortly the components start to fry and the transmission also starts to get cooked..

        Same reason why Toyota didn’t continue with forced induction, especially turbo, because from their experiments with the 2JZ-GTE, they know it’s an unreliable way too make power..

        • Hung Low

          Absolute tripe! Then explain prime movers with millions of km on their turbocharged engines? The gtr transmission issues were primarily from abuse of a very aggressive launch control. The 2j is still one of or the strongest production inline sixes ever made, it was never unreliable from turbo charging. The biggest issue with direct injection is the increased valve deposits from non atomized contact with petrol, hence why most D.I engines have a preference for cleaner 98 oct fuel and synthetic oils with better cleaning properties.

          • F1

            Exactly my point..

            The 2JZ-GTE is arguably the strongest motor ever to be produced..

            Modern motors are lucky to have a fraction of the strength of the mighty 2JZ-GTE..

            But that engine was so advanced, durable & reliable that it was just too expensive.. And heavy lol

            It could in excess of well over 1000WHP!

            But see the thing is that Toyota has proved different, more broad outlook in producing performance..

            Look at IS350, with 2GR-FSE, it’s lighter, strong and well capable of speed, and is efficient..

            The 2GR-FSE is a technical masterpiece coupled with the transmission the IS350 is fast..

            The 2JZ-GTE had a very strong block with sustains heavy abuse, so different ways to make speed I guess..

        • Housecat84

          Which explains why Audi SAAB and Volvo have continued to use Turbo’s since the 70’s… Car engines are put through rigorous testing of 500,000+km’s. Both in a simulated and real world environment. PS F1, I believe the transmission issue is ironed out. Which, by the way has nothing to do with Turbo’s and DI.

        • Maz

          “with the 2JZ-GTE, they know it’s an unreliable way too make power..”

          WTF? The 2JZ-GTE made / makes MASSIVE power and reliably too! I had ~300kw’s in mine with an exhaust and a few minor tuning tweaks and incredible torque. There are hundreds of examples on the internet of people making 500+kw’s with these engines reliably!

          Turbo charging has been around for decades now, and it is a great way to make power and torque. Don’t know where you’re getting your info from!

    • Hung Low

      This is not a VW buddy!

  • Cc

    don’t take this ugly car to compare 86 please…….

  • JamesB

    What a rubbish excuse not to fit the turbo with a dual-clutch gearbox. The Veyron has earth-shattering torque yet is equipped with such transmission.

    • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

      its called bean counters.

      develop a new dual clutch (the koreans like to make things themselves instead of buying in nowadays) or grab an off the shelf unit.

      if this thing sells well it wont be too long before it happens.

      BTW the front end looks kinda okay but the back end in real life is a complete mess. and the taillights especially look very fisher price.

      this is a polo GTi competitor as well. just look at the spec sheet.

      • Des

        Please, don’t buy any cars or transmissions, especially Dual Clutch, from VW if you want reliability

  • Basil Exposition

    Temping only if it was a 5 door and had 3 seat belts in the rear.

    • David

      Basil, I think you are shopping in the wrong aisle. This is a sports hatch not a mini van.

  • Kaas

    The 86 is probably heading towards iconic status at this rate…. 240Z, NSX, Skyline GTR etc type of respect.
    … not talking about power output, 0-100 times etc… but in terms of Japanese engineered sports car that rivals much more expensive european cars.

    NSX made Ferrari up there game back in the late 80s, early 90s.
    240Z was Japan ICON for affordable sports coupe in the 80s.
    Skyline GTR (R32-current) is supercar beating performance priced half of its european competition.

    Basically, 86 = own a classic-to-be car with the looks and world reknowned handling…
    Veloster = hot hatch from Hyundai…

  • c1ee

    I guess I’ll have to lean towards the 86. I really wanted to like this car, but I’m getting on and it looks too much like a car for teenagers.

  • Tallmanmax

    Is this a RWD??
    Why is everyone comparing it to the 86?

    • Goodjjp

      Should compare to VW Scirocco … Nice pricing from hyundai… for top range…

    • Lindsay

      It’s being compared to the 86 because it has about the same amount of power (but 30% more torque), weighs about the same, costs about the same and is getting similarly positive reviews for its handling (and better reviews for its engine).  The 86 is more raw, pure and handsome, but this car is evidently no slouch.

      Also you can buy one of these if you want, and I’m sure a lot of people who were interested in the 86 would give this a look.

      • Maz

        I would, if it were RWD.
        I know reviews about Renaults, and GTi’s harp on about how great they are, but I’m sorry, a turbo FWD car just doesn’t do it.. (Well for me)

  • anthony

    the 86 is very limited in what you can do it only has two usable seats, the hyundai is a more practical vehicle looks great has enough performance for sydney traffic and is better speced.

    • Anthony

       We’ve heard that Veloster SR Turbo (auto) has recorded 0-100km/h times of 6.9 seconds. That puts it right up there with a Golf GTI.

      • Phil

        It says in the article they recorded 7.5 Auto and 7.8 Manual.

  • Robza1

    I wouldnt buy either, have you had a lok at the 86 interior, yuk. I would rather wait for the new Nissan Baby Z and see what that will be like.

  • O123

    good that the 86 is keeping the other brands honest. Turbo starts at 23k in the US. Very reasonable pricing for Aus.

  • gt86.com.au

    The Toyota 86 is a NO BRAINER!
    as is the Subaru BRZ 😀

  • Save It For The Track

    The Toyota 86 reviews all wax lyrical about being able to get the tail out and about it’s chassis, yet all the sideways action etc. seems more a function of the low resistance tyres fitted to it. yet in all comparison tests so far it is yet to be quicker than anything except a Mazda mx-5 around a track. The 86/BRZ seem to be for the lairs, if someone actually wants a vehicle that handles and is quick A to B in a set of twistys best to stick with a Renaultsport (even an older RS225) or a VW gti of some type (even an Skoda RS). Off the shelf the 86/BRZ seem too under done in the engine department. As for a Veloster, there’s just something about them that I don’t like. The independent tests of the straight line performance doesn’t seem to match the claimed engine power/torque figures, though it is said to handle well. I’d take a 2-3 year old (older even for a megane) Renault Clio RS or Megane RS225 over any of the current crop of hot/warm hatches, Renault RS250 excluded. Veloster seems to be a ‘style conscious’ type vehicle which will no doubt appeal to those that don’t really care or understand how to get a vehicle legally and quickly from A to B on a set of twisty’s. Of course a comparo including the new Astra GTC models would be of interest, but the fact they have an abomination of an electronic park brake rules them out for me.

  • XR5 driver

    Pffft… Still see no reason to get rid of the XR5…

    Honestly the 86? A sports car? I suppose lawn bowls IS a sport…

    • Lindsay

      Funny that there are arguments about the Toyota 86 in a Veloster article, so I might as well wade in.  By what measure do you believe it’s not a sports car?  To choose one, Wikipedia’s definition is “A sports car is a small, usually two seat, two door automobile designed for spirited performance and nimble handling.”

      Seems to tick all of those boxes.

      • Henry Toussaint

        but it has 4 seats, and average performance.

  • Chopchop2012

    I saw the Hyundai Veloster other day and I was surprised by it design idea.

    It looks a like 2009 NISSAN SKYLINE CROSSOVER.

    Are Korean Car Companies having their own idea and design?

    Their Patchwork design workshop is stealing design and idea from Germany Car Companies and

    Japanese Car Companies.

    Apple has successfully sue Samsung for infringing it design and idea even though Apple designer

    confessed he copy from SONY.

    Next thing, Car Companies and Car design Companies will sue South Korean car Companies.

  • Chopchop2012

    For the peoples who arguing about Toyota86 and other European cars on Hyundai Veloster review.
    Did you ever buy and drive Korean car in your life?
    I did it. I’ll never buy Korean cars again.
    I’ll rather buy secondhand Japanese JDM or European cars.
    Look good but not value for money.
    you never drive Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Holden and Ford and then you may
    think Korean car is good but after you drive 10 years old car from
    Holden, Ford and Japanese cars and then you will want to throw out
    Korean cars. I don’t talk and compare with 15 years old Germany car BMW
    or Mercedes.
    I have problem with transmission within one week after buying Hyundai. Also suspensions is becoming too soft within 6 months.
    I tried to sell it with very low kilo meter but I lost 30% of original value within one year.
    So you can’t compare Japanese car Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.
    Only car guide peoples will rate Hyundai above Japanese cars and some European cars.
    I don’t know they were in payroll of Korean car company.
    Some victim falling in these Car Guide guy misled review.
    I’m one of the many victims who trust Car Guide review but not anymore.