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Honda Odyssey Power Steering Recall 2004-2007

Vehicle: Honda Odyssey

Target Number: 9087

Model Years From: 2004-2007

Whats wrong: Potential of the power steering pump installing bolt breakage, resulting in power steering assistance loss and heavy steering. Under high speed driving conditions the power steering pump is subject to vibration which may apply excess stress to the power steering installing bolt. In the event the installing bolt may break, the drive belt will slip and the power steering assist will not operate.

Affected models
: 2004 YM Odyssey, 2005 TM Odyssey, 2006 YM Odyssey, 2007 YM Odyssey

What you should do: Owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted by mail to have the countered measured power steering pump stiffener kit fitted

  • Jason Lynch

    This has just happen to our 2004 honda civic. Will you replace this at no cost? It looks like you know their is a problem because I found this in some other web sites. This just happen to our car last week when I was out of town and it happen to my wife & 2 yrs old son in the car. Luckly they were just on a side street. Very upset first thing that has ever gone wrong with our Honda Civic with 81,000 miles.

  • sabina dougherty

    this also just happened to my son’s 2004 honda civic with only 42,000 miles on it. it left him sitting in a parking lot and we had to have the car towed. but it could have been worse because two days prior he was 300 miles from home. i have also found others online when i googled this that have had this problem as well — will it be recalled and if so, will ppl who have had the repairs already made (it is costing him $550) be reimbursed for having made the repairs already???

  • John Junior

    We went to the dealer, the problem was corrected and two days later we now have an engine light on, car stalls especially when it starts. $600.00 later, the dealer has the car AGAIN and cannot identify the problem. ANY SUGGESTIONS?