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  • http://deleted Alex

    I love this car but I have to say that if I was getting one, I would get the standard one because I have driven the speed and its hardly convincing as a super car and the standard is already a fantastic GT. I do love those wheels though…

  • zahmad

    Awesome review! Much better than Rolls any day!

  • TC

    Awesome car, but for $400k+ that gear lever surrounding look so cheap just like your $20k VW.

  • http://deleted Alex

    Now lets not go crazy Zahmad, It’s a fantastic car but have you driven the Rolls Royce coupe? Or Phantom? Or DHC? Im afraid Bentley havn’t quite gotten to Rolls Royce standards yet.

  • Jase

    gorgeous interior. Fantastic pictures guys!

  • Cupid Stunt aka No Name

    Not bad I guess. Would I have one? No cos nearly every premiership footballer has one. Its a bit Chavs-ville here i’m afraid. Sorry Bentley!!

  • TCC

    TC ! Are there any 20k VW? I have never seen one

  • pious

    makes me salivate….they seem a lot smaller in the flesh than they look in the pics, but I’ve never driven in one. I suppose that if you can afford one, you could also afford to hire someone to clean the brake dust out of those gorgeous wheels

  • Dion

    Hmmm, this or the Aston Martin DBS?

    I’m leaning towards the Aston

  • Ivan

    Very nice pics.
    Bentley Continental has more gadgets but still luxurious, but Rolls Royce like to keep it simple and luxurious. So it’s up to you to decide what makes you smile more.

    Personally, I would go for the Rolls Drop Head. By the time I can afford one, I’ll be too old for all the buttons and settings to worry about.

  • MisterTwo

    4 valves per cylinder and overhead camshafts in 1926. The Chevrolet/Holden V8 can’t manage that 82 years later.

  • Twilight


    i think that’s all i need to say? haha.

    GTC Speed for me please!

    i’d still take on of these though, really stunning.

    i think this, and the DB9 have to me in my top3.

  • CB

    Beautiful vehicle… beautiful interior…

    But for that price I would want close to perfection – unfortunately there are a few cheap touches.

  • Jared J

    Nice review, took a while to read but worth it in the end. So, who’s the lucky bloke who got to drive it? I’m envious!

  • Tom

    How much would a DB9 set you back?

    I’d still prefer one of those to this, but its definitely an astonishing car. I just can’t imagine how it can be nimble to drive with that much weight.

  • Gift-Ed

    Pure decadence. I love the front 3/4 view. I guess if you can afford one of these its purely a question of personal preference. Why not have an Aston and a Bentley?!

  • Stephen

    Story and photographs really captured the glory of this car. Well done!

    As a parent of a toddler, I would be concerned about whether the rear will accommodate a baby capsule and the impact of food and other toddler ‘stuff’ on the leather.

  • Patrick

    I was just wondering if this car available in Brisbane, Queensland? I have been looking in Bentley Brisbane, but there is no information about the car

  • James

    you could always have a look at for information. The dealer in Brisbane would definately have information and cars to look at.