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Fledging Chinese commercial vehicle importer WMC Group has been forced to change the name of its upcoming van range from Maxus to LDV for the Australian market.

WMC explained the decision to change the name of its vans was made to avoid a clash of trademarks with an Australian company, which uses the Maxus name for its range of truck and trailer components.

The two companies have been in negotiations for several months over the use of the Maxus name but were unable to reach deal.

WMC Group CEO Jason Pecotic admitted it was disappointing the vehicles would not be sold under their global name in Australia, but said he was confident the LDV name would be well received by local customers given LDV branding was previously used to market the vehicles in Europe.

“The vans are manufactured by SAIC in China and sold around the world under the Maxus name,” Pecotic said.

“Whilst we didn’t believe there would have been any confusion, we are excited to be using the LDV name with the new range in Australia.

“LDV reflects the European heritage and design of the vans and we believe Australian buyers will embrace the brand because of the excellent value, engineering quality and equipment levels they will offer.”

Originally confirmed for Australia in March, WMC will introduce a range of seven LDV V80 vans in Australia in the final quarter of this year, including four passenger models and three cargo variants.

With short- and long-wheelbase variants and standard- and high-roof options, the range will offer a load capacity of up to 14 cubic metres, a maximum payload of 1.8 tonnes and the capacity to seat up to 15 passengers.

The LDV V80 range will be powered by a 2.5-litre VM Motori diesel engine with 100kW and 330Nm of torque.

Full pricing and specification details will be revealed closer to the vans’ local launch.

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  • JD

    looks like a mitsubishi, or at least a car they would sell

  • Last1

    Lots of chinese companies say there coming but so far only great wall has done any good. I think geely are already gone and I’ve only ever seen one or two chery cars around plus the foton ute was apparently coming but it’s dropped off the radar too. I think it becomes harder to get a start than anticipated after they announce they will sell in Aus.

  • Adam

    WMC – FYI, LDV V80, not catchy


    Totally not interested…

  • Chest Rockwell

    Maxxis or LDV, means the same to me… Sh&t

    • Joe

       …….Thanks for that, you can then provide a review of the ones you have driven and tell us why you think they are S…t, I think we are all waiting with baited breath……..

      • Chest Rockwell

        Sure thing Joe. I have just completed an 8 way shoot out of LCVs and after carefully weighting the results from multiple assessment areas I have concluded that these are sh&t. Yep a smoldering pile of doodoo courtesy of copy central.

      • D987

         It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that they will be.

  • Otzi

    Never the less we should wait and see. My needs in particular are for a smallish van that I can stand up in. Ford transit have them in UK but the wise folk of Ford Au  have decided not for us.? Renault used under size autos and users are now paying the penalty. MB is huge but even so the various forums would have you wondering about their electronic reliability. Close the door with your tongue set wrong and you’ve voided your warranty. Ford has been mentioned and you only need to inquire of the drivers about their reliability. Can Maxus be any worse? I doubt it. LDV Maxus is the only smallish hight roof van with auto and the electronic version of LSD…. So,..Wait and see.