Land Rover Australia has recalled more than 400 Land Rover Defender station wagons and utes to amend a defect with the vehicles’ front seat belt brackets.

The recall affects 464 Defenders produced between February 2010 and January 2012 including the Defender 90, Defender 130 cab chassis, and certain derivatives of the Defender 110.

An official statement from Land Rover Australia explains:

“Land Rover has identified a concern where the seat belt mounting brackets on certain Defender vehicles has found to be detached as a result of the securing bolts being fractured due to being overly brittle.”

A Land Rover Australia spokesman confirmed with CarAdvice there have been no local reports of any incidents relating to the defect.

Land Rover says the installation of replacement front seat belt brackets will take approximately 30 minutes and encourages affected customers to contact an authorised Land Rover dealer to complete the recall free of charge.

  • horsie

    the Land Rover Defender. For those who want to pay for a brand new 4WD and get a 40 year one!

  • Chris

    Albeit with unmatched off-road capabilities….

    • Force-15

       It’s the same with the Toyota 70-series Landcruiser and Mercedes-Benz G-Class. There’s a reason why they’ve been around for decades.
      Out of the three I would get a 70-series if I was going to do serious off-road work. (Puts on flame suit…)

  • Chest Rockwell

    Note to self… Don’t buy Land Rovers, unless you want a pile of unreliable junk.

    • John

      Chestie…no mention of reliability here. This is a proactive safety recall and as Chris mentioned if you drive one of these properly off road the seat belt is likely to get a reasonable work out.

      • Chest Rockwell

        I know, I am just being a smartarse.

    • Flab

      Just re’wording it : Don’t buy a NEW Land Rover Defender 2007 on, unless you want problems ;( . Very disappointing.

  • Phil

    at least they recalled it. more than can be said for some car companies.

  • Flab

    Got one from new 2008, Got problems since 2008 :(

  • dave

    We are about to buy a new New defender. My mates tell me I am mad.We will be towing a heavy off road van around Australia .Should we buy a Toyota ..We both loved the new land rover 110

    Help. DAVE. South Australia