The Mazda BT-50 range has been expanded with the addition of two new variants along with upgrades to an existing model.

Mazda has announced the introduction of its first 4×2 Dual Cab Chassis model with the new Mazda BT-50 4×2 Dual Cab Chassis XT, featuring air conditioning, Bluetooth, cruise control, and power windows and mirrors.

The 4×2 Dual Cab Chassis XT scores the 4×4 Dual Cab Chassis XT’s 147kW/470Nm 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbo diesel engine and six-speed manual transmission providing a 4×4-equaling braked towing capacity of 3350kg, up from 2500kg, for a starting price of $34,590.

The second new model sees a six-speed automatic transmission find its way into the BT-50 4×2 Single Cab Chassis XT. The new gearbox is joined by Mazda’s 110kW/375Nm 2.2-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel and Hi-Rider suspension. The changes won’t alter the ute’s 2500kg braked towing capacity. A final price for the model is still yet to be confirmed.

Mazda BT-50 Dual Cab XTR

The two new models are due to arrive in showrooms in a matter of weeks, with Mazda saying the inclusion of both new models is in direct response to customer demand for BT-50 variants.

The last Mazda treat is the new inclusion of an eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat for the BT-50 4×4 Dual Cab Utility GT, adding another prestige feature to Mazda’s range-topping luxury utility. The new seat does result in a slight price increase of $350, meaning $51,410 for the six-speed manual and $53,410 for the six-speed automatic.

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  • TG

    Compare this to the poverty pack of poverty packs which sells like hotcakes, the Hilux Workmate, which has no stability control, no side or curtain bags, no remote locking, no power windows…

    …sigh, I can’t be bothered typing anymore.

    • Tony

       Yep, Toyita could put a badge on a turd and it would sell… actually the Hilux is “QED”

    • MisterZed

      You looked at prices, buddy?  The cheapst BT-50 is $25,490.  The cheapest Hilux Workmate is $18,990.  Now you know why they sell like hotcakes. By the way, you also forgot to mention that the Hilux doesn’t have air conditioning either. With A/C, it’s $20,990, but that’s still a $4500 difference.

      • Sydlocal

        Is that $20,990 with A/C for the workmate diesel? Just so we are comparing apples with apples.

  • Leighh

    As the BT-50 is a Ford in Mazda clothing, do Ford get a share of each one sold as a Mazda? 

    • Amlohac

      Ford engine and gear box thats all they share.

    • BBB

      one butt ugly clothing indeed…

  • PeterHarncutt

    That front end is really hideous……..REALLY HIDEOUS!! I really cant look at it…lol  I dont know how anyone could drive a so called work ute that looks like that …..

    • falcodore

      Saw a black 4×4 with flashy rims the other day and gotta say it looked really good. But then again i like the look of the Ranger as well….

    • D987

      Mazda Australia must agree as all the ads they show hide the ugly front behind a big chrome bull bar.

    • davo

      many farmers and miners here in Orange have them…..more than the much dearer and boring (yawn) Ranger…. 

      • Sumpguard

              I’d take the boring ranger over this any day of the week. It is as already stated above “hideous”.

        • davo

          its within the eye of the beholder….the new DNA has worked for Mazda in its car range and its showing that with the BT50….hideous….well the guys I work with in Orange think that the Mazda has more character than the Ford…

  • Guest123

    Mfazda Aus announced a range of bull bars for the BT-50 before the car was released. I wonder why.

  • davo

    Great ute as its not boring square and humdrum like all the others on the market….this will age well…..with what you get in the 4×2 cab/chassis compared with its competition thats not a bad price for a diesel….Mazda are smiling as its selling well compared to what you all think… for ugly well look at what you guys are driving…..yawn….as for clothing I would rather look good than a bogan…..Mazda had the sence to manufacture a bullbar before it was realeased so you could option it up instead of waiting for it….

    • Sumpguard

         You must work for Mazda Dave ,because even you cannot believe that rubbish you typed surely? Look good? Seriously? I’ll also take bets that it will NOT age well.  Some times balnd is better and this is one of those times!

             Mazda have done some good looking cars but this most certainly is not one of them and the FACT that they stick the ones without bullbars at the rear in their TV ads indicates they are aware of that . 

      • Al

        Everyone has an opinion and designs are a subjective matter so you can’t (shouldn’t) criticise  davo if he likes it.Yes I would admit the photos aren’t very flattering, however I’ve seen them on the road and they look good.

        • davo

          Thanks Al….I take on others opinions and thats fine with what they pick but for me is a bold fresh new look…..Mazda BT-50

      • davo

        No I don’t work for Mazda but have been loyal to the marque for over 30yrs….having owned 18….and raced rotaries 30yrs ago….I stand by my words and will say it to I’m blue in the face that the BT50 is a great looking ute….I would rather drive a ute that looks good and stands out….Mazda push the the bullbars to make more percentage withinn the sale of the ute not to hide its great grin…my local dealer has plenty and pushes them out as soon as they land………as like all companies they are all about accessories and options and Mazda did their homework….joining up with an Australian company to develop a bullbar so its ready to go on the model release….Hilux, Navara, Triton and Ranger all bank on fleet sales but looking at last month the BT is up 16% on last year….so thats a plus…

        • Marx

          Davo, couldn’t agree more, most guys that were negative towards the looks changed their tune when seeing it in the flesh, in my opnion the best looking ute by far and best value for money!

  • Leighh

    Amlohac…….they are identical under the outer panels, how could you not realise that? This vehicle was designed and developed by Ford Australia. They should have told Mazda they werent allowed to put that horrible front on it!!!!

    • Amlohac

      Different suspension the Mazda has a higher load carrying capacity in the tray over the Ford. Interior components, as you can clearly see, are totally different (except the nav, its the same and f-ing terrible to use, i hear a new map card for it is THOUSANDS of dollars?)

      They come out of the same factory so the chasis engine and gear box are the same but some individual compents are actually different.

      If they are IDENTICAL, why is it that Ford charge so much more for their Ranger? If you are to spec up the mid range mazda to have the tub liner, tow bar etc, its still cheaper.

    • Amlohac

      ALSO, the engine and gear box are designed by ford aust yes. But the BT50 IS designed by MAZDA, they had two engineers out here for 5 years developing that car for our market.

      There are more differences than most people realise.

      • Sydlocal

        I don’t think Ford Aust did the engine/transmission. The chassis design/development engine/transmission tuning in conjunction with Mazda etc maybe, but I don’t remember hearing about the engine/transmission design being a product of Ford Australia.

        • Amlohac

          Ford Aust didnt develop it. Its Ford Tech though. I’ve even read somewhere that a large part of the engine is actually pugeot underneath? … Dont know how accurate that is, it did come from the internet after all 😉

          • Sydlocal

            But you said above my comment ”
            the engine and gear box are designed by ford AUST yes”.  😉

  • PeterHarncutt

    Ranger and BT-50 are for all intents and purposes twins under the skin…………no argument needed. The stuff they hang of the basic architecture is irrelevant. 

  • Smith

    This article is very poorly written. Many of the specifications in regards to current models are completely wrong. The XT Hi-Rider ONLY comes with a 3.2L, not the 2.2L donk. The 2.2L is only available in the XT. Is auto now available in the XT and the XT Hi-Rider or only the XT? As the 3.2L is in the 4×2 XT Hi-Rider, it has a 3.35t towing capacity, not 2.5t like in the 2.2L TD.

  • TonyS

    Mazda seems capable of releasing revised model configurations to a recently released truck. Why then is there no option of a 6 speed manual transmission in the top spec. Diesel CX5. Bring back the Zoom Zoom….please

    • Amlohac

      Because their view is, people whinged about the cx7 being manual only, so they canned it all together… stupid if you ask me.

      They also say that the market for manual now is shrinking

      • davo

        cause a percentage of aussies are becoming lazy american auto drivers……