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The New South Wales Government has abolished registration stickers for cars and light vehicles, reversing a law that dates back more than 80 years.

From January 1, 2013, the owners of approximately 5.5 million vehicles in NSW will no longer be required to display a rego sticker on their windscreen, with the government deciding to adopt a sticker-less identification system similar to that already used in South Australia and Western Australia.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell said the decision would benefit most of the state’s residents and businesses, and would save the government $575,000 in printing costs every year.

“The chore of getting off the old label and sticking on the new one will be no longer,” Mr O’Farrell said.

“This move is a simple yet practical one that will make life that little bit easier for car owners.

“The cut to red tape will also be of particular benefit to companies with large vehicle fleets, like car rental companies and delivery firms.”

The decision to abolish rego stickers came after a review that found labels were not required to support compliance and enforcement of vehicle registration, and that the presence of a label was not a reliable indicator that a vehicle is registered.

From January 1, it will no longer be an offence for light vehicles (those with a total weight up to 4.5 tonnes) to not display a registration label or to display an expired or damaged label in NSW.

NSW Minister for Roads Duncan Gay warned motorists that the policy change did not mean police would overlook people driving unregistered or uninsured cars.

“Despite the abolition of registration labels, current developments in NSW Police and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) technology will still ensure the present levels of compliance and enforcement are maintained through, for example, automatic number plate recognition technology,” Mr Gay said.

“There is no excuse for driving a car unregistered and uninsured – you will be caught.”

Gay confirmed vehicle owners would continue to receive notifications from the RMS and from compulsory third-party insurers reminding them to renew their registration and insurance.

Motorists can also check the status of their vehicle registration by using a service on the RMS website.

Windscreen registration labels were introduced in 1932. Western Australia was the first state to abolish rego stickers in January 2010, followed by South Australia in July 2011.

  • No More Rego

    You beaut! half the cars around here aren’t registered anyway. Now all they have do is make up their own plates of a registered vehicle from a car yard or somewhere and stick the new plates on their car, this will defeat the car registration recognition cameras. No more rego ever. 

    • horsie

      I have about 3 sets of old plates in my garage.

      • Phunken

        The plate recognition reader will than pick up the plate that doesn’t correspond to the car and you will have some explanation to do with the police.

    • Taxpayer

      A $20,000 fine or  a jail term would put paid to that idea. I don’t much like the idea of paying taxes to support bludgers.

  • Westie

    About the only thing that happens first here in WA, pollies making a pain of themselves.
    Our lot came up with a figure of “more than a million dollars” in savings.
    To say nothing of all the unlicensed car fines they’re generating…
    Come the revolution!

  • JamesB

    With the savings in printing costs, one RTA buffoon can buy a Ferrari.

  • Atul

    so we dont need to pay rego anymore from 2013 ,thanks NSW govt.

    • Me

       Yes you still have to pay rego just not display the sticker on your car/motorbike.

  • Karl Sass

    So what happens if you driver interstate without a rego sticker?

    • Legnab

      Just carry your paperwork , some SA drivers were pinged in VIC and had to retrive receipts to prove rego , typical .

      Great system , you can have an AP to remind you when its due , i just log it into the calendar .

      New cameras are picking up the 10% who are not registered .

      • Karl Sass

        Sounds like it would work fine. Now it needs to become national.

        • TG

           Nah, won’t go national in a hurry… QLD government will adopt this in 2030.

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    No more ugly sticker residue on my windscreen! 

    • CRS200



  • D987

    This is going to make it much easier for somebody to use stolen plates for longer now as there’s no rego sticker for them to correspond to, it also increases the chances of forgetting to renew your registration as there’s no reminder on your windscreen.

    • Robbo

      I remember to renew my rates for my house without a sticker on the front window, or pay any other bills that are due, you’ll get a renewal in the mail so that’s your reminder right there, so I’m sure we’ll all do fine for cars.  Just a new habit to get used to.

      • D987

        That is true but mail can easily get lost. Also when I picked up my used car they sent the registration renewal to the previous owner, if the sticker wasn’t on the windscreen I wouldn’t have known when it was due.

        I’m sure the police will be happy with the extra fine revenue that they’ll be able to bring in due to people forgetting to pay though.

  • M.

    The police in SA now have computers in their vehicles that can check the validity of a rego in a matter of seconds. Hence why labels are useless and irrelevant! nice to see other states in SA adopting the measure; it’s just logical!

  • Stupid Boi

    In the present: Stolen cars need the number plates and the rego sticker.

    Soon: Just screw in the number plates, 4 screws. 2 minutes voila :)

  • horsie

    when i sold my NSW plated car which was taken to the NT . After filling out a disposal notice and getting repeated speed camera fines. Contacting the NT police and RTA (or whatever they call it) and still getting tickets. Somehow i don’t think the states have fantastic comunication systems

  • 42 = The Answer

    WA has had this in place for a few years and now they’re thinking of bringing them back!

  • bruzzer

    idiots…honestly..what are they thinking.
    change plates, steal plates…making easier for theft and fraud.

    • Herp Derp

      its just as easy to check the VIN number as the rego sticker, how does it make it easier…?

  • Alex

    We could always adopt what the USA and Canada have been doing for years and have a small label on the rear plate…

    OH WAIT, that would mean conforming to something visually appealing… And we can’t have that.

    • Martin

      They also only have to affix one number plate to their vehicle (on the rear of the vehicle). Visually stunning in my opinion

  • BK

     I don’t have a  cigarette lighter in my BA XR6  so why not ditch a sticker of our cars. These things help us all to lower fuel consumption. lol lol

  • Mr McKenzie

     Less printing and should be less RTA drones employed to administer .The saving should be much more then half a mill.

    So NSW will get cheaper rego… right?

  • Igomi Watabi

    Stealing number plates is pretty much rife already, rego stickers or not – hence RACV’s push here to security-bolt people’s number plates on. And with police cars now having number plate recognition technology, you’d have to counsel against screwing on the old plates from the back of the shed.

  • Mick

    Bring back rego stickers!! How much did it save the taxpayers of NSW? Next to nothing. And by the way how much cheaper is it to have your car registered now? Some bright spark in tne RTA (Oh sorry it’s the Maritime and Road Traffic Authority – another bright idea – not) came up with this stupid idea. I have a prang and have no idea if the plates on the other car are true to that vehicle, I used to have a constant reminder of when rego was due every time I looked out the front window of the car, To save some small amount of money. And by the way what was so hard about changing a sticker that just peeled off? Bring rego stickers back!!! The reason that the police don’t need them carries no weight with me. I want them back.