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by Jez Spinks

There will be no “200 killer wasps” ads for the next-generation Toyota RAV4 SUV due in early 2013, with the Japanese brand axing the more powerful, V6 variant in favour of a new four-cylinder diesel.

Toyota has yet to announce details or reveal images of its all-new RAV4, though CarAdvice understands the V6 will not form part of the engine line-up as Toyota instead opts for two four-cylinder engines.

CarAdvice sources say there will be a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol, replacing the current 125kW/224Nm 2.4-litre four, with a 2.0-litre turbo diesel effectively replacing the V6 as the engine option with more torque, but crucially better fuel efficiency.

There has also been big demand from customers for a Toyota RAV4 diesel, particularly in far north Queensland where such compression engines are popular for the low-down torque that makes them effective engines for off-roading.

Toyota launched the V6 in the current RAV4 in 2007 despite six-cylinder sales in the compact SUV segment – now labelled mid-size SUV – falling from 29 to 16 per cent of the market over five years, from 2001 to 2006.

The release was accompanied by a humorous TV advertising campaign where a neighbour causes suburban panic after mishearing a Toyota RAV4 V6 owner boasting about the engine’s power output of 200 kilowatts.

The Toyota RAV4 3.5-litre V6, used in other Toyota models such as the Aurion large car, Tarago people-mover and Kluger large SUV, produces 201kW of power exactly in the outgoing model.

The Toyota RAV4 V6, which was all-wheel drive only, was aimed at buyers looking for extra performance, as well as extra towing capacity.

With 333Nm, the V6 offered nearly 50 per cent more torque than the four-cylinder, increasing the RAV4’s towing capacity by 400kg to 1900kg.

The Toyota RAV4 V6 is one of the thirstiest compact SUVs on the market, however, with an official combined fuel use of 10.5 litres per 100km. The current, 2.4-litre four petrol has also fallen behind in the efficiency battle, with even the most frugal model, the front-wheel-drive RAV4 rated at 8.4L/100km.

The two new four-cylinders will aim to make Toyota more competitive in terms of fuel efficiency in this highly popular segment.

The new Mazda CX-5 uses as little as 6.4L/100km in four-cylinder petrol form, lowering to a combined figure of 5.7L/100km with the more expensive 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine.

Toyota’s RAV4 has consistently been one of the most popular SUVs on sale in Australia, and the latest car sales figures show it is currently the second-best-selling mid-sized SUV in 2012 behind the Nissan X-Trail.

The Mazda CX-5 is threatening to overtake both models after posting in excess of 1400 sales for each of its first two full months on sale.

The diesel RAV4 is another sign of Toyota listening intently to its customers as it aims to further extend its lead as Australia’s most popular brand.

In February CarAdvice reported exclusively on a Toyota LandCruiser 70-Series dual-cab version that will be introduced in response to demand from mining companies.

  • Doctor

    Not unexpected…

  • Cas

    How many people purchased the V6 one anyway? Compared to the nasty 4-banger? 

    • MisterZed

      I think currently the V6 makes up less than 10% of sales.

    • Chris_l_13

      Most actually. The 4 banger is a dog.

  • Ssi

    That RAV4 is way overpowered.. 

  • Fordm

    Sorry but a 2.0 diesel isn’t really a replacement for that V6 in the Rav4.. 

    3.0 V6 diesel.. maybe

    • MisterZed

      Yup, a 2.0 turbodiesel will be much slower than a 3.5L V6.

      • Kane Rips

        it is not designed for speed, its all about Nm and fuel economy . V6 motors are  a thing of the past and any one that wants one should own a holden or ford and lose a stack of mony because they dont know anything about toyota and what a amazing icon and produser of quality cars is all about!!

        • Thirty

          I wish they would stop prodding the user who posted this ramble above

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    That “killer wasps” ad was rather good. I’m sure they’ll somehow manage to extract some estra horses from the engine to account for the loss of the V6. 

  • svd

    The 4cyl diesel of 2 litres would match the 336 Nm of the V6 petrol.

    • Limtd

      Yeah but it won’t be anywhere near as fast as the V6

      That V6 rav4 was a rocketship for a SUV

      • Nasal Explorer

        Ain’t always about speed.

    • Andrew M

      would it really?
      I doubt the 2.0L would have much chance of comfortably getting to 336nm.

      The Hilux 3.0L diesel use to only be about 380?nm……i think maybe not even that.

      Toyota arent exactlly know for impressive diesel engines unless you get to a top shelf cruiser engine, but then again thats not that impressive for its capacity either.

      Im surprised they didnt go an eco petrol model

      • jim

        Agreed, the D4D is in need of an overhaul. A Ford Ranger tears the pants off a Hilux these days. My brother owns a new Mazda BT-50 (j
        ust a rebadged ford ranger) he tested Hilux, Ranger and BT-50, said the Hilux had nothing on the other two and considering the price of them, its a bit of a laugh.

      • Kane Ripley

        The rollout of the new Toyota diesel engines ARE actually BMW  engines. Toyota and BMW have been shareing engine designs …Diesel for Hybrid tec.. BIg Changes are on the horison for Toyota , POWER POWER POWERFULL Diesels on the way very soon  !

  • Pauly

    So does that mean we will see a Diesel in the FJ Cruiser now?

    • Dathomster

      How many time’s does this question come up along with the answer that the American target market ain’t interested.  I’m seeing quite a few of these around our area now, maybe they’ll sell enough of them outside of the U.S. for that to change, but I somehow doubt it.  I’d likely be a customer if they did.

      • Henry Toussaint

         I think they work in america though, I saw heaps when i went to LA, and toyota prius is popular counting 103 in 5 days,Yes i did bother to count…

        • Dathomster

          Love that you counted :-)  I do wonder whether this Americans don’t want Diesels line is true anyway… though fuel is still a lot cheaper there.

          • Noddy

            It is true. Americans will still rather go for a hybrid or efficient turbo petrol than diesel.

          • GvQ

            Turbo Petrol isn’t efficient by any means.. 

            2.0L Turbo will drink more petrol then a 3.5L V6

      • Kaneo

        Febuary 2013 australia

    • Waggaclint

      We can only hope hey

  • Damian

    Thought Toyota would have stuck with its hybrid synergy drive technology….

    • TG

       Don’t be surprised if there’s a hybrid version a year or so after the new shape is released.

    • Demio

      What do you mean? They never released a RAV4 hybrid over here.

  • Dpenf

    Funny, where i live the majority of the Rav4’s  i see are the V6 ones.. 

    • Smart US

       maybe because they towing… or had run out in dealership

  • Geocity

    All the V6 rav4 sold are private sales

    Where as the majority of the 4 bangers are sold to fleets

  • Vip

    Always taking away the good things


    ” with a 2.0-litre turbo diesel effectively replacing the V6 as the engine option with more torque, but crucially better fuel efficiency”

    Shouldn’t that be 2.2-litre turbo diesel?

  • Loki

    I’m glad Toyota seems to be listening to all the consumers who want diesel-engined vehicles. Will be sad to see the V6 go though.

  • Shay

    Will they end up making this vehicle in Australia?  There has been rumours I thought – especially as it will share the same 2.5 litre engine as the Australian built Camry.

  • Sarah

    Why not fix up the current version instead, like standard blu tooth, reverse camera, parking sensors etc – stuff that the cx-5 has almost standard. Then maybe sales would increase!

    • Noddy

      The car is 7 years old. Dynamics cannot be improved with Bluetooth.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1510756734 Barney Fudpucker

      Accessories may appeal to some but give me a solid well made car first and I will stick accessories in it as needed.

    • Elchriss0859

      The current version dates back to 2006.  The mazda CX-5 is half the size so is the wrong car to compare with…the mazda CX-7 is the equivalent and that costs more money and has limited boot space compared to the rav4 and has less model choices available.  Besides, once you add bluetooth and reverse camera or get a higher model like the Cruiser, then it still costs less than the Mazda CX-7. Therefore your argument is invalid

  • Henry Toussaint

    But the V6 was the only thing that made the car less boring than it already is :(

    • Boi

      Yeah today i drove the Aurion, which has the same engine as the Rav4 V6 (2GR-FE) and seriously the Aurion has serious go..

      What amazed me was just how relaxed the engine was at even RPM above 4000, so relaxed and unruffled and also the Aurion engine has a very smooth and silky note to it.. Compared to the Facoone and Crummer, the Aurion is much better car every way you look at it.. 

      Falcon is a dinosaur which sounds as if it is about to explode when you rev it above 2000RPM

      SV6 sounds very harsh like a Cacophonous racket..  

      the Omega is a gutless POS

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LAJMAUKUQZYQWDVUH375WBL5VQ Juice

    I actually own a V6 Rav4. Mostly the wife drives it and we have 2 kids under 4. There probably is too much power on tap for the chasis. If I floor it there is an incredible amount of torque steer but overtaking and hills are a breeze. My dad has an Aurion and the engine is a real standout. Fuel economy could be better but for the power it’s not bad. It runs on E10 compared to premium for petrol turbos and diesel and had a 5-speed auto instead of the 4. And it also depends on how you drive it. Stop-start driving definitely puts the fuel economy out the window and the accerator is really touchy and you’re tempted to burn people at the lights in the city. But since we live in the country most driving is freeway and no traffic lights so we get better than 9L/100km on average. You can also feel a big difference in weight and hence body roll with the heavier engine. I’m one of those suckers for V6, 200kW and 0-100 in 7s but I have no regret getting the V6. Think the current model looks pretty good. Hope Toyota doesn’t butcher the new one.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1510756734 Barney Fudpucker

      Same here Juice. 
      I suppose the 4 cyl turbo diesels are ok but having a nice lazy V6 under the bonnet makes that special difference. 
      I have a Kluger with the 3.5 V6 and would not swap it for any 4 cylinder straining it’s heart out to move all that metal.
      I am surprised at the economy of my 2wd Kluger… for the weight it has to move, the size of the vechicle and the power it provides it is tops in my book.   Definitely not a gas guzzler.
      It may cost a little more in fuel but it’s worth every damn cent to hear that V6 lazy purrrrrrr!  :-)

      • Sakhuas

        Try Holden’s/GM V6.. They’re Absolutley rubbish

        It’s just that Toyota’s V6 are very good 2GR-FE is very good engine

  • Richie

    Would that 2.0 litre turbo diesel be the one they are getting from BMW?

    • craig

      I was wondering that too. The BMW 2.0L in the 3 series has 135kw/380Nm – very nice.

  • Josh

    Im told the chassis of the RAV4 couldnt really cope with the V6, if thats the case, this diesel should work well.

    • Boi

      Yeah it is the case..

      Even the Aurion , when you step on it you feel there is resistance coming from the steering wheel (torque steer)

      Their V6 is just very responsive and too much power for a FF chassis..

  • HL

    I love my 2010 V6 4WD. It is fast and can easily tow a 17 foot boat. I am puzzled why would Toyota want to drop this nice engine. They should at least offer it as an option. If at all, they should turbocharge this engine and increase the power to 300hp+ I don’t have a large family so I could care less about the third row seat and roomy cargo area. A powerful sporty RAV4 is all I need.

  • Markjl

    Put the 3.0 twin turbo diesel in from the BMW X3 in a RAV. 190kw/560nm and with an 8 speed auto it get around 6.5 l/100km and 0 -100 in 6.3 secs. Makes the Prado 3.0 TD putting out 127kw and a 5 speed auto look old & slow. Put a decent TD in the Kluger & RAV and Toyota will sell bucket loads.

    • ray

      yeah and combine BMW and Toyota too