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A higher-riding version of the Subaru Liberty sedan will join the Australian line-up later this year, adding extra versatility to the all-wheel-drive mid-sized range.

The new Liberty variant sits 60mm higher than the standard sedan and is 70mm higher at the hip point. Its minimum ground clearance of 210mm makes it just 3mm lower than the Outback and 10mm lower than the Forester and XV.

Subaru Australia managing director Nick Senior said our market and China would be the only two regions in the world to get the high-riding model, a decision influenced by the two countries’ unique road conditions.

“It is still an enlightening statistic that around 60 per cent of our roads are unsealed,” Senior said.

“We see its main market to be in rural areas, but it will also be ideal for those with tricky driveways, those who travel with trailers and caravans, or just those who want a sedan where you can sit a bit higher.”

The high-riding Liberty will be available as a sedan only. It will be offered with the choice of Subaru’s 2.5- and 3.6-litre petrol engines.

The new variant is currently on display at the Beijing motor show, at the same time revealing the 2013 model year upgrades that will be applied across the range.

The 2013 Subaru Liberty on display sports a new grille and front bumper, side skirts with chrome highlights, exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels and a black-metal centre console. The electric park brake and SI-Drive switches have also been relocated for easier use.

While Subaru Australia is yet to finalise pricing and timing for the high-riding variant, it is expected to become available following the launch of the 2013 model year updates, which will arrive in local showrooms in the third quarter of 2012.

  • 440 R/T Charger

    “Subaru Australia managing director Nick Senior said our market and China
    would be the only two regions in the world to get the high-riding
    model, a decision influenced by the two countries’ unique road
    conditions.” So….are we getting the long wheel base version in the future? like the BMW 320Li in China?

  • teslakite

    Which leaves the new Impreza as Subaru’s lowest riding car at only 12.3 metres off the ground. 

  • IfItAintARotorItAintAMotor

    I’d imagine this would be quite popular with older people as well.  Higher ride height=better swivel point for getting in and out

  • Tom

    Ummm…. 3.6 Diesel?

  • TG

    Great for the ever-increasing number of potholes. 

  • Pops

    As if those ridiculously large wheel arches need too look any more awkward!
    You’ll probably be able to fit your head through the wheel clearance….. Only “medium sized” passenger car I’ve seen to date that manages to make 18″ wheels still look small.

  • Quivive

    GT (Turbo) dropped in other markets – will the same happen her?

  • Westie

    The answer to a question nobody cares about!

  • Shak

    I really dont see the point of this when they have the Outback. Most people who live in a rural area or with dodgy driveways wont want a sedan anyway. They will most likely go the Outback simply due the added versatility of a wagon.

  • nugsdad

    60% of roads unsealed – 99.99% of driving on sealed roads.

  • Captain

    Would make a good rural police car

  • Tocs

    Hmmm..an even uglier Liberty, and I didn’t think it was possible… Just goes to show, you can always be proven wrong.

  • Hauptman

    How bad is this all wheel drive turd… do you get a grey cardigan and a homburg hat to go with the car or maybe a blindfold so you don’t have to look at it?  As a current Liberty owner I can  assure Mr Senior that I will not be buying another Liberty while they look this dire.  Also, Subaru buyers beware of the Subaru warranty, it does not cover squeaks and rattles.  I had to pay to get my squeaks and rattles fixed after 18 months of ownership another reason that Subaru ownership has left me with a sour taste in my mouth… and now sore eyes.

  • Greenroom

    so fugly again you drongos. give up subaru!

  • Able

    The last generation Outback (probably the best Subaru made) had a saloon in the US but my understanding is that it didn’t last long. I have two questions but: why not brand this an Outback saloon and why bother at all? Silly Subaru. 

  • Goodjjp

    Why they dont bother change
    front design for that money?..instead of … hight spring off outback or whatever

  • Greg

    The mid-life refresh makes it more attractive.. still can’t see the point of a sedan cross-over…

  • James

    This isn’t a new concept by Subaru. Up until a few years ago, Subaru North America sold a ‘high riding’ Liberty/Legacy for many years, over two generations of the Liberty/Legacy in fact. 

    What surprises me, is why now have Subaru decided to add this model to the Australian lineup for the first time and have ditched it for the North American market??

  • Johnny Harry Blunden

    well if you turn on your brains and realize that most cars haft to be taken down a driveway on an angle. but with this new subi there will  be no more going on an angle 
    plus for all the soccer mums that like to go kerb mounting in there posh German barges you can do it in ur nice subi. 
    But just as long if it cheaper than the Low Low Low ride’n model than it is worth the Price Tag  

  • Mr McKenzie

    I think this and other recent “new” models is Subaru trying to be innovative like bygone days.
    You know the company that had boxer engines just like Porsche-kinda , convinced everyone they should have all wheel drive and built cars as tough as nails. 
    Subaru has lost its mojo and does not know how to get it back
    Very sad really

  • DJ Perth


    My 2008 GT B spec gearbox (6 speed manual) just snapped its mainshaft!!!!!!!!!