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The first images of the Chery TX concept have been released ahead of the small SUV’s world premiere at next week’s 2012 Beijing motor show.

Although the TX concept is just a design study at this stage, it showcases a sleek styling direction that is expected to inspire an all-new production crossover from the rapidly evolving marque.

The flowing, purposeful and muscular lines of the TX concept are a world away from the Chinese brand’s small SUV offering in Australia, the boxy and dated Chery J11.

Chery’s future SUVs promise to be significantly more advanced than its previous creations. Last month, the brand confirmed a joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover, allowing it to leverage the Brits’ research and development, technological and manufacturing know-how.

The TX SUV will be joined in Beijing by another more futuristic concept that Chery calls the Ant concept (pictured above).

Little is known about the unique concept other than that multiple Ants can physically link together in an arrangement that reportedly increases the mechanical army’s fuel efficiency.

More details on both vehicles will be revealed when they debut at the Beijing motor show on April 23. CarAdvice will be reporting live from the show to bring you all the news.

Note: Images sourced from Autohome blog.

  • Noddy

    The linking Ant idea is fantastic, and that SUV looks boss.

  • Bo

    All I can say is that, let’s wait and see, only time will tell what all these Chinese automobile companies can do.

  • Robj

    I don’t believe these are Chinese designed…they hired someone..like Kia.

    • Bobhugh

       robj- you sound s like a product of mother/grandpa

    • Vandosk Geek

      sour grapes

  • Simo

    pretty sure ive seen those concepts before… from another maker… probably just another case of  copy and paste

    • omis

      pretty sure ive seen this comment before… from another commenter… probably just another case of  copy and paste

  • Poison_Eagle

     I’m impressed. I wonder if they’ll be the first to use that wheel style (Ant). Also, TX looks like it could bring Infiniti surface treatment to the masses.

  • Westie

    TX actually looks good, but will they be able to get it to production?
    Whatever, it dumps on the MG SUV…

  • Peanut

    Yay, cars that can copulate while you drive !!!!!!!!!!

  • TG

    Crash rating will improve by ¼ of a star.

  • xxSmall_Boi99xx

    They sold gazillions of Chinese cars in China (the world’s largest car market?), they can’t be that bad. OK McDonalds sold tons of burgers, which aren’t that good. But they aren’t that bad either :)

    • alameda

      Yeah, not that different from GM, Toyota, or VAG.

  • vx

    Yes, chery now has  James Hope on board, but I don’t think he could be involved in coming up with new concept that quick.

    • Jmshp4

      I heard it was done in 4 months…just a shell, but very nice.

  • MAX

    Beautiful cars

  • Stiven

    que tal carraZo este chery tx !

  • Keith Hutchins

    Can anyone imagine what it would be like to tour Australia in an Ant. I’m pickin’ it would cost a few chery’s.May-be chery TX2 may foot the bill though.