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2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
by Karl Peskett

2008 Holden Sportwagon SS review & road test

Model Tested:

  • 2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS Automatic – $ 48,290 (RRP)


  • Overhead rear seat DVD player – $1290
  • Full size spare alloy wheel – $250
  • Leather inserts – $2500
  • Metallic Paint (Voodoo) – $400

Stylish, Spacious, Comfortable, Drivetrain, Practical

Brakes a bit weak, Fuel consumption

CarAdvice Rating: (3.5/5)

– Review by Karl Peskett – Photography by Tom Jakovljevic

2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review

So, the family needs a bit of urge. What do you buy? You could go out and buy another SUV, use it on the blacktop and never let its transmission work out what off-roading feels like.

I feel for those poor Haldex-style systems. Waiting to be used, and never realising their full potential. Rather than waste fuel lugging around pieces of the car which don’t ever get worked, why not dispense with the madness and just buy a stationwagon.

“A wagon?” I hear you cry. Well, it’s not an iPhone-esque yuppie chew toy like the faux-four-wheelies we see everywhere these days. However it’s spacious, practical, more wieldy, and just as safe.

These days, too, it’s also a design you’d be happy to be seen in. In the instance of the Holden Commodore Sportwagon it no longer looks like a rep’s car, either, and it doesn’t look like a hearse. In SS form, the Sportwagon, in this testers eyes at least, is quite an attractive vehicle.

2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review

The way that the rear slopes downwards certainly eats into the cargo space, but that’s the price you pay for not having a bloated backside that dominates the rest of the design. It also keeps the centre of gravity down, too, which means that the car handles fairly well.

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The handling is still not to the sedan’s standards – having that much metal up top, it never would be – but it’s not bad at all. Probably the car’s biggest failing is that the rear suspension doesn’t quite match the front.

2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review

Going over speed bumps, or evenly spaced undulations, you can feel the back end heaving and wallowing a bit. It seems the damping is not up to par. Even when cornering, it’s the rear that rolls a bit more.

It’s not exactly dangerous, however it is a bit disconcerting. It’s also one of two real issues with this car, the other is the brakes.

Given that this has 6.0-litres of swept displacement, putting out 270kW and 530Nm, it’s capable of reaching some serious speed, and reasonably quickly, too. So why is it, then, that Holden chooses to fit its SS cars with brakes that are underdone?

In normal, day to day, stop start traffic they’re fine. Pedal feel is pretty good, progression is alright, except there’s not a lot of grab up front. You need to push a bit to get any result. However, one or two hard stops at freeway or highway speed and you can feel them fading off pretty quickly. A simple change of pad compound would probably help here, especially when the weight of this car is getting close to 1.9-tonnes.

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2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review

Other than that, it’s a pretty good package, especially for a home-grown vehicle. Finally, too, the automatic has been fiddled with, until it shifts decently. It will still hesitate on kickdown occasionally, but there’s little clunk as was apparent in early versions of the six-speed.

Given the amount of torque available, too, it makes for a nice, smooth shift. Compared to the clunky manual, it would be worth ticking the auto box every time, considering you also get a tiptronic-style function with which you can change gears yourself.

As far as other control surfaces go, the steering is typical VE. Enough weight without being overbearing and nice feedback, although it doesn’t have the sharpness on turn-in of the SS-V with its 19-inch wheels and tyres. The larger alloys seem to endow the V with crisper feel, too, and unfortunately the SS also misses out on the V’s shapely wheel.

2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review

It’s not quite as chuckable, therefore, but it is still a family car. Having said that, the handling isn’t bad for a car of this size and weight. The VE Sportwagon also comes with one of the best stability programs available, too, giving you an excellent safety net.

Certainly on long sweeping country roads, the SS Sportwagon holds its own quite well. High speed stability is very good, too, which is reassuring if you’re hauling the wife and kids across the outback.

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If you are going on a long haul, you’ll appreciate that the VE Sportwagon is one of the most spacious cars for the price around. Front seat room is excellent, but it’s the back seat that really impresses. Adults can stretch out with a minimum of fuss, and with the optional overhead DVD player, you can keep the back-half of the car entertained.

2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review

Even the boot, although not as big as previous wagons, is still very useable. There’s plenty of depth and width, it’s just the height that loses out. If you’re just wanting space, then the Falcon wagon’s got it covered. Drive a Falcon BFIII back to back with the VE Sportwagon and suddenly you’ve come out of the cave, stood erect and started using tools and building things.

Sadly the interior is getting left behind these days. The masses of dark grey are not lifted by the occasional alloy-look trim, and the centre console plastic is starting to feel very cheap.

The seats bound in leather are very comfortable though, and with the bolstering, are quite nice in comparison to other wagon’s lower down in the range. We must also make mention of the Bluetooth.

Jumping in and out of press cars every week, you get to see how long it takes to hook up your Bluetooth. In some cars you end up giving up – the Volvo V70 is a good example – and in others it takes a good five minutes to pair, enter the codes and wait for the system to realise the phone is there.

2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review

Not so, the SS Sportwagon. There’s no need to switch the Bluetooth on in the car – it’s permanently activated. So, hop in, ask your phone to find the device, enter the code, and you’re done. It took us all of about 15 seconds. It’s also very clear.

If you’ve got a budget for fuel (as this motor can be VERY thirsty with an enthusiastic right hoof – think 18’s and above), the SS Sportwagon is a nice package. It’s not perfect – no Australian car ever is – but there are things you can be fond of.

The engine makes such a good, deep, rumbly V8 noise that it’s hard not to take an instant liking to it. It gets up and goes for such a heavy car. It’s smooth, comfortable, spacious, rides quite well on 18s, and handles reasonably, too.

Here’s what the SS Sportwagon boils down to: If the family’s got the urge to feel a surge, then you’re going to have to splurge.

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Engine: 5967cc V8
Power: 270kW @ 5700rpm
Torque: 530Nm @ 4400rpm
Induction: Naturally aspirated, multipoint injection
Transmission: Six-speed automatic
Top Speed: 250km/h (electronically limited)
0-100km/h: 6.0 seconds
0-400m: 14.4 seconds
Driven Wheels: Rear
Weight: 1875kg
Fuel Type: 91-98RON petrol

2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review
2008 Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS review

Fuel Tank Capacity: 73 litres
Fuel Consumption: 13.8 litres per 100km (Combined – Holden’s figure)
Safety: ESC with TCS, front, side & curtain airbags
Spare Wheel: Space saver
Turning Circle: 11.4 metres
Warranty: 3 years/unlimited kms



    I like this vehicle, just needs to have a factory injected LPG system and disp. on demand fitted



  • Reckless1

    These look great in the flesh, but really for the same money you can have a Passat wagon with brakes that aren’t weak, and fuel economy that’s excellent, and you can opt for a diesel if that floats your boat.

    As for hauling the family across the outback, that’s not viable in this car – 19″ wheels and no spare, it’s a ridiculous suggestion.

    The opening paragraphs criticize 4wds with Haldex systems due to their weight, but let’s get real – this thing is 1900kg (without a spare wheel), which is a paltry 50kg lighter than my Jackaroo (which has a full sized spare. The Jackaroo has a transfer case, and is a proper 4WD.

    Much as I like the style, it’s not the car that is going to save Holden.

    • Zeek

      Lol you can have your passat wagon… ill take one of these! :)

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Karl Peskett

    Reckless, perhaps you’d like to read through the review again.

    There was definitely a spare in the test car, and they are 18″ wheels, not 19.

    Your Jackaroo has a transfer case – that’s certainly not a Haldex, soft-road proposition. My point is, unless it’s used off road, what’s the point?

    Your comment about the Passat is very valid, though.


    Rather a quality made Japanese CX7

    Now that they have reduced the price by $2500, makes it evem better V.F.M.

    Not as fast or as powerful as a SS Wagonoid but its all wheel drive, see better out the front, safer and better built



  • Frenchie

    With three kids and a wife that likes shopping this is my next car.

    Maybe Holdens should look at a bigger brake option for there V8’s like they use to do on the VS SS.

  • Reckless1

    Oops, my bad. Let’s do a trip down the Birdsville track, you can take the Sportwagon with the 18s and a spare, and I’ll take my Jackaroo :)

    Your paragraph “Rather than waste fuel lugging around pieces of the car which don’t ever get worked, why not dispense with the madness and just buy a stationwagon.” doesn’t make any sense when the car in question weighs more than most soft roaders, and the same as some proper 4WDs.

    My point is, weight is weight, whether it comes from a Haldex, a real transfer case, or just a big 2WD wagon. Especially when the thing drinks like a sailor in port and would never get 80,000 from a set of tyres.

    If I have to lug around 1900kg and fuel it, I’d rather take the proper 4WD which can do dual duties. And its footprint is no bigger than the Sportwagon, either.

    As I said, I love the style, it looks really good in the flesh, but it makes no sense to own.

  • Richo

    it gets two 4 out of 5’s and one 3.5 out of 5 and that makes it 3.5 overall? It seemed like a reasonably fabourable review so I thought it might have got a better rating then that but anyway.

    Also compared to it’s direct rivals, ie mid-sized SUV’s, i would have thought it would “go” better then 4 out of 5, reletive to that opposition ofcourse. It would go alot harder, handle alot better and generally be a much more enjoyable drive, certainly compared to territory’s and klugers and the like

  • Tom

    I honestly don’t think the criticisms of the slightly undercooked brakes (which barely anyone will ever use/notice) and fuel consumption (from a 1800kg v8) are enough to give it a 3.5 star rating.

    The positives well outweigh the negatives, what did you give the bland and boring BFII wagon the other month? This is twice the car that is.

  • Frontman

    The biggest laugh I had about these Commodore hatchbacks was the other Sunday morning when that Australian of all Australians, Macca (from the ABC radio) complained that he could no longer fit all his gear int the Commodore wagon. He didn’t know what to do as he only wants to drive Australian. (how daft as the BF111 wagon and Territory are definatley Australian!)
    That’s the area that is hurting them the most is that people wanting a wagon want carry space without loading above the window line all the time.
    Will be intersting to do comparison between the VE sportswagon (sounds like a Lantra of the 90’s {joke}) a BF111, a Territory TX RWD and a Kluger KX-R RWD. The kind of no frills models that are the biggest sellers.
    Given that Territory was to be the Death nell of Falcon Wagon, yet the wagon still soldiers on in the working class fleet world, I will be most interested to see how these fair once the “new kid on the block” novelty sales are out of the way.

  • Falcodore

    $400 for metallic paint! What’s it got finely crushed diamonds in it or something? Sick of these car companies that charge extra for metallic paint, its a joke in this day ‘n’ age.
    Like the car though, its one of the better looking wagons around today.

  • Bret

    The Kluger 2WD is a FRONT WD not RWD.

    And if it handles anything like the 4WD then it shouldn’t be included in the test – understeering, truck like handling is a real eye opener.

    Anyone who thinks that a Kluger is an everyday car to compete with Commodore/Falcon/Territory wagons either doesn’t drive much or is extremely tollerant of poor dynamics.

    However the KX-R is well specced, hardley no frills, but the 7 seater is really only a 6 1/2 seater with the second row captains chairs and little “fold down armrest” middle seat.



    did you say $400?.there goes inflation again.try$500 now…

  • Falcodore

    J&H, at the top of the first page under options it says metallic paint $400, but if what you say is correct there damn well better be diamond dust in the paint!:)


    its november,EVERYTHING’S (rrp)has gone up at g.m,and if you want that full size spare,try $350 now

  • Devil666

    Well there’s no need to bash poverty pack interior, we all know the story (go the V spec), which now apparently comes standard with reversing camera. Interesting that wasn’t mentioned but I suppose it wasn’t relevant to the model tested. Interesting note about the handling (big booty), and the lack of the V spec’s incredible steering wheel. Love a good honest review, if I were to buy I’d probably upgrade the brakes meself. Thanks for the car advice :)

  • Andrew M

    you are taking it a bit too far to suggest this is a waste of time because you cant take it off road.

    not everyone wants a 4WD, and not everyone wants a low slung wagon.
    if everyone wanted the same thing, then there would only be one class on offer.

    sure you may be able to take a 4WD people mover/Wagon off road, but thats about all the Pros there is too it.

    the commodore wagon has many more Pros to it than that.
    Try these pros for the commy wagon,
    better handling
    far more comfortable
    far more fun to drive
    more power for fun and overtaking abilities
    Quieter ride
    better styling
    roof rack arent so high……. etc etc etc.

    sure, we can do your comparo run around Australia/the outback, and then at the end we will see which passengers need to see the chiropractor once they return home…..

  • Bavarian Missile

    Great story Karl,where did we take the pics boys? I bet it wasn’t too early if Tom took them,hehehe

    Must say Ill take a V70 still over this maybe not for the performance but finish and space is far superior,then again as far as great looking wagons saw the new Mazda 6 Wagon yesterday,N……I…….C………E !

  • Andrew M

    OK BM,
    fair point.
    throw a Volvo interior in this and it would be a beaut car

    the biggest let down with the commodore range is the well below par interiors.
    It shows they spend more time and money just getting the sporty looks right.

    oh, and then you would have to throw a straight 6 in it to top it off

  • Frontman

    Yes brett should have read 2WD (my bad it is Monday after all). But you gget the picture. Test All wagons aiming at this area, Family cart-all weekday work trucks.

  • Bavarian Missile

    I totally agree Andrew ,then again its in a class of its own with the Australian manufacturing side of things,its it ! Got to say well done to Holden for that.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    And Ford shows they spend more time and money just getting the interior looking right. They should spend more on getting the outside right!

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Karl Peskett

    BM, pics were taken on the same day as the GT-R review.

    It’s around the Canning Dam area. And yes, it was in the afternoon 😉

  • http://deleted Alex

    I don’t think this is a bad car but:

    1) I seriously doubt the long term reliability considering that I see previous generation commodores all the time not starting the first time or stalling or not starting at all.

    2) Would you really get this over a Passat R36? Thats a proper performance wagon, not just a muscle car. It will also hold it’s value considerably better. It also (I think) looks much better and I think it has all wheel drive. The Mazda CX-7 is also a good alternative, though wouldn’t take nearly as much gear and isn’t as fast.

    3) The SS is a 6.0 V8 no? Get with the times Holden. Nobody is using naturally aspirated engines for performance cars anymore and the turbo lag is literally non existent on a lot of them. Or of course they could always make it better again by keeping the 6.0 V8 and adding the turbocharger/supercharger/both and making it absolutely epic.

    4) I really don’t think the body kit looks any good. Looks tacky for one thing but also, why are the lower front grill and foglight holes rectangular when the rest of the car is actually pretty rounded? Doesn’t fit.

    I think Holden really need to work on their weight with the next commodore because then they can fit smaller turbo engines such as the turbo 1.8 four in the Insignia. They could probably lower the price and for all the Commodores that only get used for school runs and going to the shops, it would do just fine. I think if I wanted a fast station wagon, I would get a Turbo Volvo V70. If I wanted well priced performance, I would get a Passat R36.

  • http://www.myspace.com/tjantilag Tom Jakovljevic

    Ill have you know i love my iPhone Karl!!

    To those who knock this car, perhaps you should spent some time in one.

    I am notoriously pro-Japanese performance car, but this does a very good job at what it has to do.

    Youll fit 5 large adults in it, cover distance with ease, and have room to put your luggage in the back.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Quote “I am notoriously pro-Japanese performance car, but this does a very good job at what it has to do.

    mmmmmmmmm ya think ! What else could you be being a mate of Jeffs!hahaha

  • Andrew M

    That could be said too.
    The sports wagon certainly looks the goods.

    its not just the interior ford spends their money on but also suspension, decent donks and gearboxes, top notch safety, and they actully put more thought into the functionality/ergonomics of the vehicle.
    At the end of the day a nicely proportioned front spoiler counts for not much when only the guy in front of you gets to see it in his mirror.

    Honest to God, i went right through the SS and SV6, and yep they do look good, but jumping inside is a big let down. Inside you are met with flimsy glove boxes and handbrakes, instruments you cant read with out the lights on, and a massive amount of poor visibility especially in the ute.
    sure it might seem cool at the start, but I would get pretty short with having to lift my self out of the seat and having to turn 180 degrees just to make sure im not going to merge over on someone.

    The sports wagon certainly looks the goods though

    • hoodlum

      holden still build better cars then ford and that will never change
      everything you were describing about holden sounds more like ford
      everything on fords fall of

  • http://www.infotrucker.com William

    This sports wagon looks ultimately great to run and enjoy a fully compatible wagon car. Love it

  • Dlr1

    On value for money terms its not that bad. For those that consider the V70 T6 and R36 Passat to be better alternatives, consider that they cost about 20K more than the SS Sportswagon. And its fuel consumption is really no worse than most Prado/Pajero sized V6 wagons. So it does make a good alternative for those buyers who don’t go off road. And it would no doubt eat up stretches of highway with ease and comfort. Sure its not the be all and end all of wagons but still a worthy option.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    CRIKEY…….whatever your saying there William it seems good. I guess. LOL

    ANDREW M…….well thats open to interpretation. People like the Commodore as it looks sweet, nicely shaped and well designed. I like its look and yet I also like the VE as nicely done. Looks count and whats inside is not massive high on wishlist which is testament to sales success. Gotta remember the VE is older and still selling in massive numbers. So why would Holden beancounters attend to an old car when will happen in due course. At least Holden wont be like Ford and resist change like Territory and Falcon wagon (which dont massively sell in numbers).

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Bit like being single and going out for a mingle and meet a lass…….what do people go for. FIRSTLY…..looks. SECONDLY…..shape. THIRDLY…..whats inside. Maybe one day Ford will get it correct….and thats happening with Ford’s model range (slowly and regimentally).

  • jon

    Isn`t it funny how when the VE won Wheels coty it was highly praised for its interior, actually Sally Dominguez compared the interior to that of an Audi. At the time I thought she wasn`t real bright and I guess time has proven she isn`t.

  • Andrew M

    Did you miss the part where i said it looks great??

    Dlr sums it up perfectly when he says its certainly a worthy option.

    I can understand Ford not changing the Falcon wagon as it sells something like 95% fleets, and it would with or with out an update.
    But by not already having updated the territory???
    They have shot themselves in the foot by sitting on a winner for too long.

    the EF and BA shape will go down as classic shapes likewise with the VT and VE shape. the VY was a slight miss for mine but at least it wasnt a big of a miss as the AU

    You do get my point though dont you??
    sure most might take first look at the better looking single when they mingle to your Jingle, but how frustrating do you think it is to take home that single you met whilst doing the mingle to a jingle, only to find your self very frustrated to have to live with it??
    or you get home and realise you were under the blue lights of the salesmans speil where everything looks great??

  • Andrew M

    and to your last line that i missed,

    I agree that ford have an awesome line up ready to be released on OZ, but they really need to pull their finger out if they want to discover a bit more market share.

    I mean ford hit a real winner to recover from AU with the BA, but what did they do???
    they sat on it for 6 years which was probably 18 months too long
    then they had a real winner with the territory, and what do they do?? they let everyone catch and then overtake their class leading sales position and wave goodbye to sales in the rearview mirror. That should have been upgraded 12 months ago.

    then there is the Escape……
    the Kuga is there, why dont they replace the overdone mazda clone. even mazda dont use it anymore.
    the new fiesta is on ford OZ’s website now so thats good to see,
    but Kuga and updated territory would enhance their sales if they were serious.

  • Cupid Stunt aka No Name

    Nobody In there right mind would want to drive a car that does 18’s/100km. Seriously if GM had say a 3.5 diesel it might be 1 second slower to 100 but the ingear time would be alarmingly similar and it would do 7’s per 100.

    Yep that interior would fail to satisfy in the real world. The quality looks V Japanese, even my Vectra is better built admittedly not as nice to look at.

    Given comment about brakes and sloppy handling its a second rate car in reality.

    Oh by the way Wagons are having a resurgence of interest in Europe due to the fact that 4wds are uncomfortable to drive and expensive to run on smooth roads compared to the better handling wagons.

    • hoodlum

      i think you need some toilet paper cause your dribbling s@#t

  • Richo

    you say that cupid, but there are still a hell of alot of people out there buying V8’s, so your clearly wrong! Sorry mate, but just because your cheap and can’t afford to fill up your car doesn’t mean everyone else is too!

  • Bret

    Andrew M,
    Expect a new Kuga styled Territory 1st qtr 2009. Kuga won’t be far behind.

    BTW Territory sales are still chugging along at about 1000/month, only down about 250/month from 2 years ago. And if you look at where they have lost sales, it’s to the smaller Forrestor and cheaper Koreans.
    The Kluger sales are severley proped up by hire car fleets but still generally trail Territory.
    The top selling “medium SUV” is Prado, which is mostly made up of Landcruiser buyers downsizing.

    • matt

      lol i love reading old comments, so new territory 1st 1/4 of 09 hey.. hmm its may 2010… still waiting XD

  • Richo

    and ofcourse a territory uses as much fuel as a V8 sportswagon, so all of these anti-V8 fuel economy sooking comments are largely irrelivant

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    RICHO….not so much Territory is a guzzler. These SUV’s and big cars that are not really a 4WD are gas guzzlers!

    ANDREW M…..I always have said Ford are hopeless at hard yards to really take upgrades by the scruff of the neck and renew stylishly there model range. There range will be good…..but gotta price it mega keen and stop being in denial by saying dollar here makes it hard for Mondeo to compete but rather to rational marketting and workforce thereby reducing overheads and go in real hard on price. Since Mondeo released, not a huge success rate which means $$$ need a trimming. And I would not say the Ford is a quantum leap ahead internally over the VE, but rather better as in newer where VE looks like it was when released (i.e. some 2yrs old). That does not mean Holden should spend more on internal design, but rather they will address that cyclic…..MUCH MORE CYCLIC THEN FORD!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Ford does appear to have learnt finally from Mazda design…. there frontal view is all looking same nearly across all Ford models just as Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 are extremely closely the same looking!

    Ford is on right cue on design format….. just cannot believe how long it has taken to get there as tediously slow and very constraint driven from Dearborn. And all that stubborness from Mullaly and Co have made Ford lose ground and others overtake and widened gap to Toyota. Toyota are not mega smart…. more so Ford is no smart!

  • Andrew M

    new terry at the start of next year Bret??
    I hope for fords sake you are right. i also havent heard Kuga is here at same time either. once again lets hope so.

    the only one confirmed on fords OZ’s site at the moment is the new fiesta.

    you are right on terry sales. its not really that the territory has lost sales, its more that the Kluger has picked up a bucket load from somewhere

    i dont think its price so much.
    i mean the falcon is cheaper than the commodore,
    the focus is selling at a bloody good price, and the mondeo is on par with its competition
    what do i think a lot of it is……..
    hopeless marketing and hopeless salespeople.

    the territory only drinks a litre or two more than the falcon. this wagon reported 18L wasnt it?

    I do agree though that a few extra litres consumption is worth a better drive.
    who would want a corolla over a commy or falcon for the sake of saving a couple of litres/100k??
    i mean is a few hundred a year worth having to drive around in something that is merely a car. nothing special, nothing enjoyable, nothing comfortable, JUST A CAR

    there is more money to be saved by reviewing your insurance policy and ensuring you have the better deal, or even by shopping around for a better home phone deal, or even a better finance rate on your new purchase.

  • Cupid Stunt aka No Name

    Richo I was expressing an opinion i’m entitled to.
    Thank god people do buy these cars as they contribute lots of tax for the Gov.

  • Frontman

    A few answers (observations) if I may.
    Richo, the Territory’s fuel consumption is anly “bad” when compared to smaller vehicles. Same as the sports wagon.
    I know of a few Territories that have been used as grey nomad van towers, and have been returning 17.8l/100km over 28,000km (with a 17’6″ Jayco on its bum) and 18.4l/100km over 32,000km (with a 19′ Regent) so again not bad consumption. I’d also wager that the sportswagon not on road test would return better.
    Alex, (and everyone else) I wouldn’t be putting $$$ on a “NEW” Terri in the new year, as to do that would require the new EEC4 compliance and Ford wont have that till the V6. Under the rules, I believe they can’t even change the trans to 5 speed (so I have been informed). But I have been told they are putting in a lot of effort into the face lift.
    Correct on Territory numbers though, they were allowed to build it if they could sell 1000/month, and (under the guidance of the yank CEO’s) they could see no reason to update what was selling. Even the diesel that was almost ready for ’06 release was back burnered!
    Mondeo is selling pretty much what it can as they were only allocated 400/mth. Focus is steady etc.
    No news on Kuga, I would love to see it first Qtr but reckon it’d be third qtr before anything. They’ve got Fiesta (Jan-Feb) Territory (late 1st early 2nd) and probable LT Focus already next year.

    • matt

      they can keep their 5 speed… in heavy explorers they are know for failure… the 5 speeder was short lived in the FG too

  • CB

    jon Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 9:54 pm
    “Isn`t it funny how when the VE won Wheels coty it was highly praised for its interior, actually Sally Dominguez compared the interior to that of an Audi. At the time I thought she wasn`t real bright and I guess time has proven she isn`t.”

    What about the comparo between the E500, 550i and Calais V… and Wheels said the Calais V interior was nicer than the 550i… wonder how many of the Holden faithful lapped that up?

    I don’t think Sally Dominguez has ever sat in an Audi.

  • Andrew M

    when does EEC4 kick in??
    if they arent allowed to spend money to make the current donk complient, then perhaps the territory will see the V6 next year???
    it wouldnt be the first time the territory got advancements/features to be seen later in the falcon.

    surely they could tweek it minor and add a 6 speed auto to get it under the target…..

  • Wayne

    I am getting a bit pissed off at how Australian motoring writers are constantly bagging the aussie product, the references in this article about “no Australian car is ever perfect” How many cars of any make are perfect and at what price??
    Oz manufacturers have a far smaller market in which to recoup the development costs for the cars they produce and I believe the value and quality of the local product is excellent. If anyone can show me a car produced in a market this small that is better I’d like to see it!!!
    Come on guys how about talking the locals up instead of bagging them. The public is starting to believe your rubbish and are shying away from the locals. Be Aussie and be proud of it !!!

  • http://www.auto1.com.au/holden.html Holden

    I see Wayne’s point – up to a point. Perhaps its a bit of familiarity breeds contempt.

    While Wayne implies there are some bloody good Aussie cars that don’t get full credit, he misses the fact that there are also some bloody good Aussie motoring writers who don’t get full credit. Generally speaking, generalisations suck!

  • mark

    test drove ss liked it bought it, look guys isnt buying a car up to 1, personal taste 2, need 3,finance , we wanted a larger car that had performance and had a muscle car look i am not a rev head as this is my first v8 but for a car that has this much room and when you drive into a corner you dont feel it is going to roll over its a gem , also its aussie made so im supporting australian workers it also was 40k drive away

  • Christian

    People bag and bag Holdens out like no tomorrow. I agree that there are alot of bogans and reckless p platers out there with big “unit” stickers on the back window but we arent all like that.

    Sole reason I bought a VY Commodore wagon is because it is HUGE! I am a tradie. Parts are cheap and plentiful, and yet everyone tried to talk me out of buying one saying they are so unreliable and etc etc.

    Guess what. Had mine a year and never had an issue. Ok it has annoying things with it, but where can you buy a car this big for the money?

    People support home grown.

    Lastly, someone should shoot the BF Falcon wagon desginer. I would have bought one if it werent so damn nasty looking!

  • lawman

    holdens are a value for money parts are cheap and built for aussie conditions and style comfort and thay are ruggered