by Jez Spinks

The 2012 Holden Colorado ute range will start at a lower price point than its predecessor as the local car maker aims to make a bigger play in the commercial field against the market-leading Toyota HiLux and Nissan Navara.

Holden’s new-generation Colorado will cost from $26,990 when it arrives in June – $1500 cheaper than the previous 4X2 cab chassis that currently kicks off the range.

The company announced the pricing at the Colorado’s international launch in Thailand, which CarAdvice is currently attending.

The early declaration is part of a strategy to keep the new Colorado in the spotlight after horrendous floods last year in Thailand caused delays at the ute’s production source.

The entry-level Colorado is the only model in the comprehensive line-up powered by the smaller of two new General Motors turbo diesel four-cylinders that will see the end to the locally built 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine previously offered.

The 2.5-litre diesel comes only with a five-speed manual and offers 110kW of power and 350Nm of torque.

A new 2.8-litre turbo diesel is employed in the other 25 Colorado variants, which comprise cab chassis, space cab and dual cab (‘crew cab’ in Holden-speak) body styles, and four trim levels – DX, LX, LT and LTZ.

The 2.8 diesel produces 132kW of power and up to 470Nm of torque if buyers choose the $2000 optional six-speed auto over the standard five-speed manual that is restricted to a maximum pulling power of 440Nm.

The torque output is significantly higher than the 360Nm of the Isuzu 3.0-litre diesel used in the outgoing Colorado, and matches the best-in-class pulling power produced by the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 twins.

Parent company General Motors says fuel figures are still not available for the model that will be known as the Chevrolet Colorado in the vast majority of markets. However, it claims the results will “put it at the top of the list”.

Colorados with the bigger-capacity diesel have a class-leading towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes, with a still-competitive 3000kg for the 2.5-litre diesel, while a payload of more than one tonne is consistent across the range.

Holden has confirmed expectations that the 4×2 space cab variant will be discontinued with the arrival of the new Colorado.

Prices both increase or decrease throughout the range depending on model.

The Colorado 4×4 space cab now starts $2000 cheaper at $40,490, while the Colorado 4×4 dual-cab chassis will begin $1800 lower at $42,990. Both entry points are LX trims.

There’s no change for the $34,990 4×4 DX single-cab chassis, but the Colorado LX 4×2 dual-cab now starts at $35,490 rather than $33,990 and the LX 4×4 version rises by $1000 to $44,490.

Holden’s new range-topping Colorado – the LTZ 4×4 dual-cab – will cost $51,990, starting $3300 higher than the current flagship.

As with all models except the base model Colorado, the LTZ can have a six-speed automatic gearbox mated to the 2.8-litre diesel for a $2000 premium over the standard five-speed manual.

4WD variants feature a new two-speed part-time transfer case that drivers can switch between low range and high range on the move.

The 2012 Holden Colorado will include electronic stability control, dual front and side curtain airbags as standard, bringing it in line with the active and passive safety levels now expected in the class but only introduced in recent times by the likes of the Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50.

Parking sensors will be offered on local Colorados but Holden says it is still working on making a reverse-view camera available some time after the vehicle has launched.

More car-like features will also be evident in the new Colorado, reflecting the dual roles that utes now play in Australia – especially the dual-cab versions that are workhorses during the week but family cars and lifestyle vehicles on weekends.

Bluetooth, USB and iPod connectivity, for example, will form part of a features list, while satellite navigation will also be available.

The Colorado range will also expand with the 2012 model. A new seven-seater SUV called the Colorado 7 is based on the ute’s underpinnings and will be sold in various markets including Australia.

Both the Colorado ute range and Colorado 7 SUV were designed by GM’s operations in Brazil.

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  • Springvale Boi

    The 2.8 diesel produces 132kW of power and up to 470Nm of torque if buyers choose the $2000 optional six-speed auto over the standard five-speed manual that is restricted to a maximum pulling power of 440Nm.”

    Another case of the company restricting the 470Nm torque to 440Nm on the auto because that’s the max. amount of torque that 6 spd auto transmission could handle. So please don’t go and “chip” it (change the firmware by changing the chip where the firmware resides) to increase the torque. Else the auto transmission could be damaged.

    • Winxx1944

      It actually says its restricted on the manual not the auto

      • Springvale Boi

        OK so i’ve got it the other way around. It’s the manual they picked which can only take 440Nm max. Thanks :)

    • Symo

      Interesting comment, but chipping is less popular these days as modern diesels have so much torque and power that wanting more is pretty rare. Once you go over 400nm you’ll never feel like you need more.

      Of course there’ll be people wanting more for their own reasons, but gone are the days of gutless diesels.

  • Matthew Werner

    Seeing its at launch stage, surely they can provide some real photos instead of CG stuff.
    (And they all seem to be doing it, not just Holden…)

  • Rickeyeversen

    what about back seats more room ,seats not so up and down can it be lean back a little because ive been always wanting one but the seats dont lean back for comfort all have to do is add a little more cab length and tiltable seat family comfit im talking about

  • Heeler

    What a awful HVAC unit !  Styling for the sake of it and not to make it more user friendly at all…

    • Kd

      Have you tried using it?

  • Bert

    Had a salesperson tell me fuel consumption would be in the low 7l/100 like to see that,dont know what to buy been quoted a BT50 xl manual double cab with tray and tow bar for $45500,a Ranger for $45000 xt double cab with tow bar and style side,Colarado lx double cab manual with style side and tow bar for $44500 might wait to see what the dmax is like in july,See what competition does to the prices,?

    • Andrew M

      So you have 45K to spend and you are going to make your decision based on who is $500 cheaper?
      Shop for a vehicle first, then decide if one is worth more than the other.

      If one was 35K and the other 45K then yes you have to factor $’s but they all seem to be within a shot of each other including the Hilux.

      If you want cheap, go and look at the Triton. They do good deals on it and its still got a decent drivetrain

      Benchmark at the moment though is the Ranger

      • bert

        No not going to make my decision based on who is $500 cheaper,I have a budget and just want to get the best ute for my money that includes resale also.I was just making the point they all seem to be around the same price,we seem to be spoilt for choice at the moment.Thanks

    • Acorncom

       Seems we are doing the same research.
      I read the new D-max will be using the old donk, so no improvement really,
      They are all overpriced so I’m having a hard time going for older cheap models like Hilux or D-max which won’t match the new torquier donks. Mitsubishi lokks good value but has a noisy motor but about 4oo nm of torque.( good price and options though)

      • bert

        I like the look of the D-max, I think the old engine is going to produce !32kw,so you would think it would be ok.I think I might wait untill all the new models are out.You know the Hilux will be revamped in a couple of years,they will have to, just to keep up.The size of these things is a bit off putting,I think there is plenty of room in my 07 Rodeo and it tows my excavator with attachments just fine,with 80000km on the clock the 3l is just getting better,maybe I will keep it.

  • Annette

    What is wrong with the idiot at Holden who made the decision to discontinue petrol models especially the V6? All you are doing is forcing long term Holden owners to change to Toyota. How is that going to increase your sales? I wouldn’t drive a crap diesel if it was free let alone pay for one.

    • jekyl & hyde

      To shiek annette themad,

      you’ve no idea really,have you ?…

      • Annette

        So no name what exactly do I have no idea about? I’ve driven over a million km’s in the 32yrs I’ve had a licence & the only bad drving experiences I’ve had have been driving rubbish, overpriced, gutless diesel vehicles including a brand new V12 Dodge. Would rather my first car, a 1970 beetle to any diesel vehicle I’ve ever driven or been a passenger in.

  • V6 ute owner

    Dear Holden I’ve bought 4 new V6 utes from you in the last 12yrs – 3 Rodeos & 1 Colorado & I now have to buy Toyota because you now only want to make diesel rubbish. Not impressed. I don’t care about economy or towing capacity, I just want a petrol V6 or V8 would be even better. Why is that so hard to do?

    • mr_xpression

       Holden have made a business decision. In another article they said 93% of sales were the diesel models in the last model. Why would they bother?

  • joe blow

    I am looking for a ute, prefer a V6 why buy diesel 1) cost more innitially,2) more mpg.but pump

    price higher  3) higher repair bills ok lower maintenance,4) petrol motors go further between oil

    changes.what do you all think?

  • Uncle.

    Complain, Complain, petrol v’s Diesel, Holden v’s Ford and the rest, There’s only one thing to complain about ALL these vehicles and that is the price, get on the net and see how much you pay in the US, Europe, Asia for one of these vehicles and then you will finally have something to complain about, in the US top of range Colorado sells for about US$30,000, think about it, what do we pay here and why, doesn’t take genius to work it out.

  • sick of being ripped off

    Everything in this country is a rip off. It’s not just cars.

  • Skuxxx

    Can’t bloody wait this is my first car I already preorder it.

  • Skuxxx

    V6 owner shut up diesel is better then petrol because it last longer 

    • V6 ute owner

      I need a noisy diesel ute because it lasts longer. I have no interest in driving old utes so I buy a new ute every 5yrs & all previous utes were still going well after that amount of time & at least 300,000ks on them.

  • V6 ute owner

    supposed to say I DON”T NEED a diesel ute

  • V6 ute owner

    & I wouldn’t drive one if diesel was free

  • kneebone

    I have had a 2001 4×2 crew cab V6 a 2007 V6 4×2 cab chasis and now I have the 2011 4×4 diesel cab chasis. and I have to say the 2011 diesel walks all over the other utes. and only uses 8.2l/100


    I have test driven every top of the range diesel ute on the market & I would rather go back to driving a sedan than own one of these noisy, horrible utes. I don’t care about fuel consumption, I just have no interest in driving something that sounds like a lawnmower.

  • Darylmcdonald

    Drive a 2006 V6 Rodeo dual cab and a 2011 Hilux dual cab diesel the Rodeo makes the Hilux.look like it has a lawn mower engine., towing is just a joke with the Hilux.

    • V6 ute owner

      So glad I’m not the only one who prefers a V6 to noisy, useless diesel rubbish. If I start an online petiton to try & get a car maker to provide V6 utes is there anyone interested in signing it.

  • guest

    I took one of these for a drive and found the diesel motor to be reasonably good. They need the torque to come on stronger from 1500rpm onwards rather than 2000rpm. Interior felt cheap and the asthetics are non-existent. The ride was a little bumpy for my liking, but you can live with the suspension.

    However the price is ridculous. I am fed up with the ridiculous prices they make us pay for vehicles in Australia. You can get the same pickup in the states starting at around the 18k mark. How long will you continue to slug us with these ridiculous prices?