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  • TG

    Ah nanny state-ism, don’t ya just love it!

    • FanBoi

       NOT nanny state-ism mate! don’t you understand, this a Suzuki ad campaign to get more attention and notice. And it obviously works!

  • Braedz

    Bloody hell…what is this country coming to! While they are at it, they may as well ban the Toyota Camry ad because of the guy jumping off the cliff into the ocean…geez! Society is wrapped up in cotton wool these days.

    • falcodore

      And that Camry ad is more realistic because like him, most people, when they sobered up and realised they bought a Camry, would probably jump off a cliff too!… I know i would.

      He must’ve bought it on a dare from his dear old nan : )

      I’m going to start complaining about religious ads. They are the most offensive ads on TV, they keep assuming i’m not intelligent enough to realise there’s no such thing as imaginary friends. Stop shoving that s#!t down my throat you god-bothering boofheads! I don’t need to believe in something that doesn’t exist to make me feel better about myself!

      #rant over, have a nice day : )

  • Daniel D

    I don’t think her breasts are going anywhere. They are held in place by lots of silicon from the look of it. 

    But really, there is nothing at all wrong with this ad and really its time that the fun police were told to go away and stop complaining about everything.

  • save it for the track

    what about the Suzuki advert where the female driver ‘races’ the bloke doing parkour to get coffee. That includes several incidents of trespassing by the bloke, and the driving seems a bit reckless given the back lanes the driver seems to be rushing through. With this advert with the yellow car and the enhanced model could’t they simply ad a disclaimer of “filmed under controlled conditions”? Seems as though the passenger isn’t at any risk either given the extra airbags available on that side of the car….

  • Bigbird

    What the hell is wrong with that ad? Seriously, what’s happening here? Are we all still in primary school?
    Heaven forbid they let slip the big secret on how to propel a car forward. Get rid of tacho’s, they turn people into hoons. Start fining women for showing a bit too much boob coz women NEVER show cleavage or fan their face when hot. Give me/us a break.

  • Legnab

    Political correctness gone mad , some tree hugging left wing pinko green complained , one is all you need to grind the wheels to a stop .

    • Blair Waldorf

       I dont care for either side of Australian politics. But seriously? you’d think it’s the conservative right that would be complaining about this and not the less conservative left… awkward for you.

    • Blitzkrieg

       like the one person who complained about our live cattle exports to Indonesia so the govt has a knee jerk reaction,bans it and ruins it.

  • Ben Chablis

    This is ridiculous, What a joke! Nanny State yes we are! 

  • MisterZed

    The ad getting pulled doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  Suzukis are rubbish anyway.

    • Tony

       dont feed the troll

    • Zuki

      is that because you drive a proton…

      • MisterZed

         Wtf?  My car was nearly $40k new.

  • Dimka100

    Anyone who thinks this add should be pulled because it suggests hoonish behavior should probably go quickly and retire themselves in a retirement village … FFS this country is turning into the dumbest country of this century …

    • Shak

      One Word. ‘Murica.

  • Nathan Merritt

    man this is just silly.. well the ads have been playing on youtube for yonks.. it’s only when they come to national tv stuff starts to happen, Go figure! 

  • HSRboy

    What about the Veloster ad where they have a burnout? 

    • Monk

      My thoughts every time I see that ad – and then I remember the power/torque figures for the Veloster and realise it is all just make believe so it is ok…

  • Captain Nemo

    Blame Harold Scruby

    Sruby is the CEO of the Pedestrian council of Australia. He (Scruby) complains about most if not all car adverts on TV.        IIRC he complained about the Holden Adventra ad a few years back because it was being driven on a beach only to be shot down in flames because the beach used was one of those public road beaches.

  • john

    We’re being run by a bunch of wowsers in this country. I know who the real culprit is here. PM Gillard. She’s been blamed for everything else might as well throw this one on the pile too!

    • Blair Waldorf

       LOL, somehow i dont think she has any effect on stuff like this…

      • Legnab

        More like the bob brown brigade

    • JuliaAbbottSaysNo

      If anything, we should join her in blaming Tony Abbott! Surely he said no to this ad too?

  • Marque16

    Where do these morons that complain come from?

  • Matt

    Seriously ? The sped up footage is clearly sped up for artistic purposes rather than trying to simulate speed, the female appears to be laughing at the fact the sprinklers are going off behind them then as opposed to the near orgasmic state the picture above and the complainant would have you believe. The only possible issue I could see is the fact the car does a hand brake stop and slide for about three inches and an enjoyable if not maybe unnecessary boob shot mid way through. 

    Three words to the complainant, “GET A LIFE” It’s probably the same half wit that got the BMW Z4 ad banned cause they were making a painting with a car. Clearly something we were all going to go out and do on public roads had this ad been allowed on air any longer. 

  • Dave S

    I thought it was bad enough years ago when they stopped Holden driving their utes in circles away from the road in a padock, while playing ACDC. Now all Holden, seem allowed to do is show a static ute and play some backbroup ACDC.

  • 42 = The Answer!

    Lets just ban TV ads full stop because they’re a bad influence :D

    • Just Sayin’

      Let’s just ban life, as life has been shown to be the leading cause of death.

      Seriously tho, the real issue is – who has the “power” to have their view of life imposed on others.  At the end of the day anything can be banned, such as women showing their face in public as occurs in some contexts.  At issue is not only the claim that this is in fact the right thing to do, but also the power of those behind it to enforce it as the right thing to do. What is the basis of their power …?

  • Superbee_440

    thank God for YouTube….

  • Knin

    That’s crazy

  • MisterZed

    Who cares about the ad getting pulled??  It’s a SWIFT for g-d’s sake.  It’s a good thing the ads gone.

    • zuki

      you still driving that proton..

  • Devil’s Advocate

    What a load of rubbish. I can’t understand how a car company isn’t allowed to show this, yet it is fine for a flavoured milk company to show a ute reversing at high speed, after smoking up the back wheels, behind a truck on a “public road” so someone can jump from the tray onto the trailer. While all of this is happening the passenger has her head and shoulders hanging backwards out of the side window watching the guy in the tray jump. It is ok because they are selling flavoured milk and not a car. What the… 
    It is like that Mazda ad they banned many years ago (incidently one of the first commercials to be banned in Australia for “encouraging hooning”) because the seatbelt reminder light on the dash was raising it’s arms in enjoyment when the car was going around corners etc.I also wouldn’t be surprised that the “numerous complaints” added up to less than 10. Some people really need a serious dose of cement powder!

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