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The 2012 Lexus LX570 has been launched in Australia with an updated exterior design, new features and a lower starting price.

Previously available as two distinct models – Sports and Sports Luxury – the 2012 range comprises a solitary LX570 model, which comes with the option of a $16,000 Enhancement Pack. At $140,900, the base model is $8600 cheaper than the old Sports model while the $156,900 is $8500 cheaper than the Sports Luxury.

Visually, the upgraded Lexus LX570 benefits from the brand’s signature spindle grille, 20-inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights, revised headlights and fog lights, redesigned front and rear bumpers, and a discreet tow hitch cover.

Headlining the new dynamic features is the off-road turn assist system, which tightens the car’s turning circle by increasing brake force to the inside rear wheel. The existing Crawl Control system has been upgraded from three pre-set speeds to five, giving drivers better off-road control.

The new multi-terrain select function further enhances off-road ability, giving drivers a choice from five programmed stability and traction control combinations – rock, rock and dirt, mogul, loose rock, and mud and sand – to optimise the car’s performance specific to the conditions.

The multi-terrain monitor is designed to aid both off-road and city driving, using four wide-angle cameras to zero in on blind spots and display real-time vision in the centre stack’s eight-inch LCD display screen.

A new multimedia screen in the instrument cluster now displays the front wheel angles, digital speed readout and satellite navigation instructions.

The driver’s seat and steering wheel retract when the ignition is turned off, aiding ingress and egress. Other updates across the eight-seat cabin include a cleaner centre console with fewer buttons, metallic finishes on the dashboard and a new dual rear-seat entertainment system.

Standard features include smart key with push-button start, four-zone climate control, 19-speaker Mark Levinson audio system and 10 airbags.

The Enhancement Pack adds Lexus’ pre-collision safety system, active cruise control, heated front and rear seats, steering wheel paddle shifters, and wood grain interior trim.

  • Daniel

    I’ve come to really like Lexus, but this car is just inferior to a Range Rover Vogue in every way (other than maybe in reliability, but that says more about just how bullet proof a Lexus is than it does about an RR being unreliable these days) and it’s so ugly! I know that different people have different opinions, but it’s such a cumbersome looking mess to me! And it’s so expensive with such little prestige. I would love to see Lexus come up with their own huge SUV that was unrelated in design and interior to the Land Cruiser. Then maybe they’d have some real competition. These things also lose value like nothing else. 

    • Oliver Cromwell

      reliability and price!

      • Daniel

        I suppose as far as RRP goes you are correct. And the Lexus would also come with more features on the base model, but a friend of mine bought a three month old Vogue Luxury (the one that has all the same feature the Lexus does, in fact I think a few more believe it or not) with 1500 kms on it for $148,000 drive away, so that’s a pretty good deal. Not to mention it has the fabulous diesel engine, which would use a lot less fuel than this. Yes, I am definitely a LR fanboy, but I like Lexus a lot too, I think I’m being factual here :)

        • FG

          I guess the Lexus isn’t the only one that loses value like nothing else…

          • Golfschwein

            No, the king of depreciation is the Kia Optima. With 39% retained value at the 3 year mark, it’s the worst in the land. Given the two, I’d still go the Optima.

          • Sumpguard

              The smart buyer will pick up the Optima Platinum for $18,000 in 3 years with two years factory warranty and a very good car into the dea packed with features.

               Get in quick because this won’t be the case in two years from now. Not too long ago Hyundai were in this position!

          • J.

             Is that projected retained value? I thought they only came out to Aus last year?

          • Daniel

            Haha, fair point. I won’t leave another really long comment, but RRs still lose value slower than this. And I know what I’d rather be seen in :)

  • aball

    that’s better, the last one was too classy!

  • F1MotoGP

    Checked Redbook and 2008 2008 Lexus LX570 Sports Luxury URJ201R (Apr) new $157287 today max trade in value is $78700 which is 15.9%pa. 2008 Mercedes-Benz ML500 Sports Luxury W164 (Sep) new $127500, max trade in $68100 14.5%pa. Not much worse than Mercedes!  ( Source: Redbook)

    • Oliver Cromwell

      i bet the lexus has a lot more options as standard than the comparitative MB, also would be better to compare the GL not the ML as this is a better comparison.

    • Simmo

      So it means Lexus loses about $ 80,000, Benz loses $ 60,000 off purchase price. The ML Benz diesels hold their value even better.
      Lexus Lx 570 is a massive lump of a car that I’d hate to have to find a park for in the city.
      I love wood grain in cars if done properly, but Lexus once again have murdered the concept with bad taste.

      • Oliver Cromwell

        you fail to understand what i mean, redbook lists the RRP without options, so once you take into account the options which most likely come standard with the Lexus against the ML500, the ML500’s price gets closer to $150,000. loss of 82k @ roughly 55%

  • gt86.com.au

    A lot of Money for A lot of Car.. At least you can feel like you got a good deal 😀

  • Golfschwein

    Vile looking thing. “Purse them lips a little more for me, honey!” 

    • Legnab

      Yes totally ugly , RR runs ring around it for looks , if you have the cash by pass this .

  • john

    Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron calling a Lexus LX570 either a “Sports” or “Sports Luxury” model? Great deal of car for the money but I don’t see anything sporty here!

    • Derp

      Yeah, it’s the same thing with SUV. How many are truly S-y?

  • kush

    Looks great.

  • ScottyC

    I usually have an open mind to most cars and like Lexus but this rebadged tarted up Landcruiser is quite revolting. So many bulbous curves in the exterior it looks enormous making the 20inch rims look like they are 15s! And the interior, i can’t think of an uglier one. The centre stack looks like a robots face

  • DfsdfS

    I bet this car is very comfortable.. 

  • Ivan

    Why would someone buy this over a specced up Land cruiser?
    Coz they’re SNOBS….pure n simple.
    Ugly  & over priced car with inferior road dynamics & performance.
    Don’t insult us Toyota.. 

    • Gaza

      jealousy is a curse Ivan

      Now go and get an education make some money and buy a car you like and stop being petty and jealous
      Pure and simple!

      • ScottyC

        Sounds like you are trying to justify your purchase of an ugly pig there Gaza. No need to go around abusing people because you have no taste in cars.

        • Gaza

          hey SC
          nope dont have one just dislike jealous ignorant morons
          and if you think thats abuse, go hide behind mummys apron scotty C

    • krzystoff

      so true — this is nothing more than a hideous land cruiser / land barge with 80s (un)styling and no remarkable features, aside from the huge cargo / troop-carrying capacity.  this is not for people for both taste and money, just for those who either need to lug their extended family up mountain passes encased in leather, or more commonly want to remain inconspicuous while throwing buckets of money away on a beastly, undriveable truck.  
      Toyota/Lexus make some great vehicles, history proves this will never be one of them. never mind the terrible resale value, there are far too many better options when you have $140-170k to spend on a car.

    • Lx man

      What a f wit comment !!!! I’ve had lx series vehicles for 10 years. Had cruisers, also had a merc gl 500. The LX is streets ahead. Clearly an uneducated comment from an uneducated moron

  • Predator

    If it bleeds we can kill it.

  • Gus

    Can’t wait for the new Patrol

  • Fairlane

    The Queen has a Range Rover wheras this is just a 140k Landcruiser. Ive got nothing against Landcruisers but this is a waste of time.

  • Sumpguard

       Wow Lexus have gone wayward in the styling department. I once read that the well healed had the worst taste. Here’s the proof!

    • gaza

      The well heeled also spell better.
      Hey maybe that is why they can afford what they want
      and you cannot!

  • Sherwin

    As a major Lexus fan, this car has only three things in it’s favour, reliability, value for money, and ride comfort. I don’t think Lexus has put much effort into the rest of the car. Those three factors before are typical Lexus, and I think they have just rebadged the Landcruiser, and given it loads of luxury. It’s like an afterthought.