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  • Dan

    Nissans take on a Hyundai i45/Kia Optima? :-p

    • Noddy

      I think we’ve established that the horizontal style of taillights featured in the Hyundai i45 are the current trend. Congrats Hyundai for being the start of a wave (correct me if I’m wrong), but there are other cars that do it better.


    too much silver/chrome.. looks like it came out of the north pole..Hope it has heating ;)

  • Valet Dabess

    the seats look pretty cool

  • Sven

    Quick! It’s melting!

  • philthy

    That gearknob reminds me of a can toad for some reason.

  • Smart Us

    well its – Merc A-class from the front – i45 from the side and A4 from the back… Nissan is going stupid and washed out…