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  • Smart Us

    nice job… i bet the 7 seater would have have success here… both model looking nice

  • Guest

    The 4th pic looks like a Mazda 5!….. I like it though.

  • Danen

    It’s an improvement on the current model…. starting to look rather dated.

  • Marcus of Hobart

    Nice, but what is it with a lot of car designers these days, they are hell bent on providing massive blind spots around the D & C pillars. 

  • Upyours

    Audi Copy. lol. 

    • Edn

      Audi copying Hyundai..

  • Bachman Turner Overdrive

    Fluidic and Tough 4WD go together like a wrestler and a TuTu.

  • Henry Toussaint

    I want the 2.2L Diesel and an AWD V6…

    • nickdl

      So you want two engines in your car? Interesting…

      • Henry Toussaint

        Haha, I’m confused though. Which one are we getting, the 1st and 3rd photo one, or the 2nd and 4th photo one????

        • nickdl

          1st and 3rd one looks smaller, so I’d say it would be that one.

          • Sumpguard

              Yeah it is. The one with the upswept rear side glass is ours.

          • Rick

            Sorry guys the one we are getting is in the 2nd and 4th one , not the one with the upswept window it is only available with 5 seats and is called the Santa fe sports the other one is the one with the 5+2 seating

        • craig

          We get the 1st and 3rd photos (the smaller model). The other one is bigger.

          • Rick

            But the according to the reports from the U.S the smaller one isn’t available with seven seats , and want be due to crash safety regs , so does ths mean that we aren’t getting the 7 seat model ?

          • craig

            We get the smaller 5 seat model (1st and 3rd photos) but with a +2 smallish seating arrangement in the 3rd row. The other model is longer and has a proper 3rd row because of the extra length, but is only left hand drive.

  • ichisaurus

    What’s the point of downsizing the 2.2? The car has grown in size but decreased in power. This makes no sense

    • Tangelo

      Current 2.2L R diesel won’t pass future Euro6 emission.
      So they made new Euro6 R2.0L engine.
      (Well, actually Bosch made new injector for them) and output would be around 110kW and 382.5Nm of torque…still not too bad.

  • auto

    the high rising rear doors and rear panel will be a dangerous blind spot.It’s a big boo boo.The lwb is the winner here but guess what,Australia miss out getting this one. We always get the c##p. Anoth er step backwards for Australia.

    • Adelaide

      and are a pain for the kids to see out of. Like our IX35, which my 5 year old HATES as he’s a short and can’t see out the window

  • nickdl

    So is the Santa Fe that we’re getting going to be smaller than the outgoing one? 

  • klowik

    They should bring the 7-seat here. At the moment there is no real competition to Toyota Kluger in the space of $40-60k range 7-seat SUV.

    • Dudeface

      Erm, except the best selling Territory?

    • Taranaki Dave

      Not forget the outstanding Kia Sorento.

    • Bayman

      The Captiva 7 is more competition than the fuel-guzzling Kluger can handle

      • Damian

        Notwithstanding all the problems that owners have been having with the electronics and airconditioning.

        • Troy

          and plumes of diesel smoke coming from them, have seen two now with the back covered in soot.

          no thanks!

  • Weatherbey

    I like the look of the new Santa Fe. But then I’m biased. It reminds me so much of my Q5 which I also like the look of.

  • MisterZed

    I don’t like the rear of the LWB 7-seater model.  It actually looks a lot like the old Veracruz!

    • James Smith


      • MisterZed

        Are you feeling alright?

  • Rick

    Hope it’s still got a manual gearbox available and preferably in the up spec models not just the base

  • Sumpguard

       I reckon Hyundai would sell the 7 seater if they brought it here. Anyway, another great looking car. Winner!!

  • Gus

    Nice departure from the current “Pajero” shape… hope rumours are correct regarding the release of the improved 165kW/500Nm 2.2L Turbo Diesel

  • Hemanth_mk2000

    I wonder when this gonna release in australia?

  • Des KSA

    As long as the price is right then I have found my next new car. I really like the SWB one, not so keen on the LWB anyway. At least the SWB will still have 7 seats, even if they are only for kids.

  • lazyboneslewis

    Nice designs, clearly they have tweaked the LWB model for the US Market. I don’t understand why the SWB version still can’t have the same 7 seat option the existing model has. Especially when you consider that its bigger. I guess I’ll be looking elsewhere when my Santa Fe comes to the end of its lease.

  • Des KSA

    It does have 7 seats.

    “As it does with the current model, Hyundai Australia will offer the new
    Santa Fe with a 5+2 seating configuration, which still gives owners the
    flexibility of seating seven people, although the two rear seats are
    essentially designed for children only.”

  • WayneTSV

    Stunning. Hyundai’s bid for the hearts and minds of consumers keeps getting stronger.

  • Nada

    KIA meets Subi Tirbeca. Nice none the less.

  • Entropy

    “The larger Santa Fe replaces the dated Hyundai Veracruz in left-hand drive markets. It will be rolled out through the US in January 2013 and across Europe in the second half of next year.As it does with the current model, Hyundai Australia will offer the new Santa Fe with a 5+2 seating configuration, which still gives owners the flexibility of seating seven people, although the two rear seats are essentially designed for children only.”Noooooooo!I wanted the extra boot space and real third row of the LWB.  I have the current santa, and its only shortcoming is not enough storage behind the third row (well, that and only 150 kg on the ball).  The LWB ticked the boxes for my next car.  What decent diesel with more car like handling is there with reasonable capacity behind the third row?  Territory? Or do I wait on the next CX90 and shell out the extra dollars?

    • Ben

      Ditto, I too have the current Diesel Santa Fe and have 4 children. I was VERY excited when I heard about the posibility of a Diesel LWB 7 seater as luggage space behind the 3rd row is limited. Now not very happy after reading this article!!!   I am waiting for info/specs about the new Nissan Pathfinder to surface. Either that or a thirsty CX-9. Kluger’s 40/20/40 2nd row seat config is a bad design for seating 3 people across. Territory’s solid 3rd row seat is a joke if you only want to put one child in the back!!!!!! I hope the manufacturer’s are reading these comments but I doubt it.

      • Btgil

        I think Mitsubishi Delica D5 will suit you, but unfortunately I haven’t seen it here yet. Only older model Delicas.

  • Sdlpoiter

    well i hope they have worked out the awd setup up on the new model i got out of my vw jetta as it was too low on unsealed roads and thought the FE would be great on the dirt but i have found the vw front steerer handled the dirt a hell of a lot better than the supposed awd sante fe

  • m2m

    Saw a test-mule today, was production ready but fully camouflaged! looked great from what i saw!

  • Parma&Pot….

    Best looking Hyundai ever…..

  • ME like da kimchee

    Now hyundai just needs to enter V8 supercars and their street cred might slowly creep up….and release a v8 sports car might help aswell!

  • Sarakoth

    So anyone seen possible release dates yet?

  • Mjtschumps

    Looks just like the 2012 Kia Sportage which I just bought. If only the new Santa Fe was out now and I had another 10 k ……..

    I need a pay rise.

Hyundai Santa Fe Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
247Nm @  4000rpm
Max. Power
132kW @  6000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
11L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:998  Unbrake:499
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
225/70 R16
Rear Tyres
225/70 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Alloy Wheels
Power Steering
Engine & Transmission
Limited Slip Differential
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Power Mirrors, Roof Racks
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Airbag Driver, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft, Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Airbag Passenger, Anti-lock Braking
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
60 months /  130,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin