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  • Labryz

    I know it’s been said many times before but a diesel Dualis will really make a difference especially if they bring it out in both auto and manual. 

    • Vid_Ghost

       Nissans are ugly cars….

      The reason mazda 3 is the number 1 selling car in Australia is price, looks and driving dynamics

      • Pg

        Their not gonna be ugly when their next generation of cars arrive soon.

      • Labryz

        That’s a matter of opinion. I have think the Mazda 3 hasn’t looked good for a few years now. Personally in it’s segment I think the Dualis looks good.

        And the Micra is fine for what it is.Nissan does have a way to come though but it looks like they know that and are building themselves up.

        • Sumpguard

          Micra’s cheap entry price is the reason it sells well. Navara is still a good looking ute which will help it sell but why anyone still buys the dated x-trail has me stumped.

      • Papousek

        Looks are subjective and to me also depend on the chosen colour. For me mazda 3 is ugly and X-Trail pretty (dark blue or grey I like..). On the other hand mazda 6 wagon is a beauty to my eyes… especially in black. Also Dualis +2 in white looks good to me.

  • jekyl & hyde

    good result for nissan although i suspect there was more than just a few “demo’s” involved…

    • Thomas

      Or maybe the fact that Renault and Nissan had similar finance offers for the last two months.

  • Fail

    I work for a automotive sector and struggle to understand how Mazda can sell Mazda3 for $21,990 driveaway given the current exchange rates….. it appears to be more of Mazda trying to protect market share as Australia has to be the only market Mazda is in top 5 position

    • Vid_Ghost

      $21,990 is for the MANUAL version and $23,990 is for the AUTO ( Sale price )

      I just got myself a 2012 Mazda 3, AUTOMATIC Neo, hatch, Tint, Rear Sensors & Mats for $22,800 drive away ( NSW ) with VERY Little haggling!!! others on ozmazdaclub and whirlpool forums have got the neo in Auto for $21,500 drive away.. for the price you can see why the Mazda 3 is number 1 selling car in Australia, nothing can come close to it for value.

      Drives better then any other car in its price range comes with alloys, full set of air bags. cruise control, built as solid as a rock with soft touch plastics, and the resale value is better then any other model. It feels like a up market car for a small car price.

      Oh and the stated 8.2L/100k fuel usage isn’t a problem as my Mazda 3′s trip computer currently states 7.6L/100k that puts it inline with the weaker 1.8L 4 speed auto Carola

      • coolbeans

        You’re a bit a Mazda fanboi aren’t you?

      • ABCDEFG

        I’ve got a months old Mazda3 auto. The trip computer says 8.7L per 100km over a few months. But the speedometer is about 4% optimistic. So it’s about 9.05L per 100km in real life. BTW that’s for 50% freeways and 50% suburbs driving.

    • MisterZed

      As pointed out below, the $21,990 is for the manual, and Mazda probably make less profit on that and make it up with more profit on the auto, which sells in far greater numbers.  The $2,000 extra they charge is probably where a lot of their profit margin comes from.  I know it doesn’t cost them nearly $2k extra for the auto.

  • M.

    Nissans are just so boring and ugly!

  • Paulo

    Fantastic result by Nissan, having owned a T30 2003 Xtrail Ti Luxury and stupidly buying a VW Tiguan last year, I now see the real value of the Nissan brand. May not be world class engineering in their passenger vehicles but my Xtrail had zero problems, brakes were done at 60k and no other repairs necessary aside from the scheduled servicing. I had it up until 140k on the clock and it hadn’t even blown a bulb. Comparing to my Tiguan (with just under 20k on the clock), faulty drivers side and rear passenger electric window motor, high oil consumption, and more concerning a DSG transmission that need a “service” at 10,000 k’s and then the ECU or megatronic unit replaced (thankfully under warranty) at 15,000 k’s. Now I am seeing irregular wear on the front tyres (need a camber adjustment) and after rotating the wheels its chewing out the newer set that were on the back. Add to that a strange interior rattle in the dash (left front vent) that dispute being pulled apart by VW they still can’t fix the problem. Reading a lot of owners forums, I would also be concerned with small capacity “twincharged” motors and their reliability close or past 100 k’s on the clock (that’s if your DSG box will actually get you there). I’m looking at selling the Tiguan now and getting into a T31 Xtrail Ti or similar, don’t know why I was even tempted away I must admit I got suckered in by the badge.

    • Vid_Ghost

      I dont care what people say, VW still makes the most unreliable POS cars around,

      Go a Japanese/Korean car if you want trouble free motoring, GET a Euro car if you like taking your car into the workshop once a month to fix a problem… its the same old same…

      • Phil

        Not thinking about the Nissan ZD30 engine failures are you?

        What about the gearbox/clutch problems in the Nissan D22 which Nissan kindly carried over in the D40?

        Trouble free motoring?

        • Sumpguard

             I had a D22 and NEVER had an issue with it and it was a manual and trust me when I say I towed over the recommended linit. The car was fantastic.

              My D40 sadly had the issues you have mentioned and many others.

          • GGG

            My previous car was a Kia Sorento Diesel.  Never had an issue with it in 5 years.  My brothers VW EOS (same age) has been in the workshop half a dozen times for a number of different issues. VW’s really are unreliable vehicles.  

    • Randall

      Had a T30 series X-Trail too (ST, 2005). Also had nil problems. The only thing it needed was the scheduled servicing and new tyres. I foolishly sold it and regreted it – I bought a Toyota instead!! Now, after just one year I got myself MY11 T31 ST-L as a replacement. It is even better car, corners better and feels very comfortable (better driving position). It’s a keeper!

  • Poindexter

    cmon Nissan bring in the Leaf, and make a production Leaf RC

  • Koulby

    Hmmmm, Dualis is suspect when it comes to reliability. The CVT is one concern and the Renault sourced diesel will be another when that variant is released.

    • Objection


    • Batsosi Busang Motsepeng

      Baseless and unproven allegation.

    • RN1

      dualis. no parts for ABS module…would take 3 months to  bring it here because it is sourced from UK.

  • Btgil

    Micra was doing quite well considering with a little bit more money you can buy a much better car like Kia Rio. That 1.9% interest deal could be the reason. Imagine if they use similar strategy on all models.

    • Matthew Werner

      All those Micra buyers must’ve left their glasses at home and couldn’t see the ugly-on-wheels they signed up for

    • MisterZed

      Yes, but most Micras sold are the base model 1.2L 3-cylinder variant.  Nobody’s buying the 1.5L.

  • Wrxsti