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  • m1n1s1n

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    May I present to you…. The Australian Answer to NASCAR….. V8 Supercars!

    First they Tell us that the Car Restriction will change from Production Ready Cars to Space frame (NASCAR)

    Now they are entering a Car that was originally FF Tranverse 6 to Longitudinal FR 8?
    Which clearly will be again, Cosmetic Exterior resembling the original?

    Wasnt half the Fun 30 years ago (before my time) seeing the GTHO up against the GTS with your heros behind the wheel which made you want to go out and by one?


    • Symo

      How many times to we have to explain to ^^^^^ you people (the dumb ones) that the cars you have been loving and so passionately and think you are defending are already space frame chassis. They aren’t even the same length or width as the road car, they are purpose built race chassis that start in a workshop. The Production factory that makes the road cars has nothing to do with it. Not even the manufacturers have a say, it’s all V8SC and only certain race teams that actually build these cars.


      The best thing to come from COTF is the dumb ass supporters like this guy will all leave and go watch something else. What a wet blanket, honestly.

      • Robj

        Gee really, I dont think we need you to explain….

      • AAA


  • Robj

    Hope it sparks some interest in the category..will watch it.

    • schah7

      Robj — just pleased to see 4 LESS COMMODORES on the race track next year.!
      No matter which brand joins in.
      Thanks to the “Kelly Boys” for replacing your 4 S…..s for those NISSANS.!

  • Dave S

    Not a Nissan fan, but I hope the kelly team do well, and i am sure this can only be goodd for the sport. This news, although not new surprises me Nissan did not use this opportunity (Replacement of the maxima) to start importing the Skyline model. The Skyline, is RWD, family size and also has a 2 door model. Australia, is familiar with the name Skyline – never heard of Altima? I would have thought the Skyline would have more potential in Australia.

  • Shak

    Nissan have timed this announcement really well to coincide with reports that they have surpassed Hyundai and Ford in sales last month. It seems as if the Nissan brand will go from strength to strength. It is esepcially good news for the Altima as it will gain a much wider potential audience than the ‘lounge on wheels’ Maxima ever did.

  • save it for the track

    Perhaps if Altima gets some market share they may consider Skyline in a couple of years.

    • Lindsay

      I believe Skyline’s coming later this year as an Infiniti G (as it is in the USA)

  • AAFordMan

    So, whose car of the future is this going to be? Wont be mine, I wont be able to buy one the same at the dealers! (No one will). What about ditching this formula and going back to standard road cars with beefed up safety and suspension as the only changes. Class them not by engine size, but by dollar value (Yes, if a V8 and a 4 cyl are the same price, the V8 would probably be faster, but that is life!), and put them all in the same race together. Remember when the big cars were faster on the straight, but would be passed by the little screamers on the bends? That was real racing! And get rid of any computer control from outside the car – let the driver drive it, not some bloke playing with his joystick in a dark room! Please Mr Skaife, make it more real…………..

    • falcodore

      Moron, they already have this type of racing. Nobody, including you it seems, watches it, henceforth we have V8 Supercars, which people, including me, do watch. : )

      • AAFordMan

        Falcodore, maybe they will also introduce oval tracks so you can see it all from one place without spilling your beer or hurting your neck (that would be your RED neck wouldn’t it!) Be as rude as you like (the best response you could produce was moron????? Does having a name like falcodore make you a bit bi……or is that the name you chose because that in reality is what you will be cheering on the track?). The racing was much, much better in the seventies. Get a DVD out, see what real racing was. Count the manufacturers involved in say the 76 bathurst race, compare it with how many are even interested today. Sometimes things dont evolve for the better (such as you), and you need to capture more of the essence of the old days to bring it alive. Make it the main game and people will watch it – they always did!

        • falcodore

          Oval tracks! Hell no! Thats the reason i don’t watch NASCAR. I have watched races (mostly Bathurst) from the 70′s and 80′s and i actually agree it was great viewing. I especially remember the battles Brocky and Moffat used to have at the mountain. Brock charging up mountain straight in his Commodore, then Moffat catching and passing him in his RX-7 over the top. Then brock repassing him down conrod, it was great racing. But it got to the point where just one car was winning all the time (nissans), which is why V8SC exists today.

          You showed yourself to be not that smart with your original comment and you attack me for pointing it out? Well done sir, you’re a true internet hero. I’m just sick of uninformed  people posting on websites complaining that V8SC have nothing in common with the road car and wanting to see production based car racing when it already exists! Get informed and you can avoid this situation.

          P.S. I’m not bi so don’t even think about asking, and i work night shift so my neck does’nt get sunburnt, but thanks for your concern. : )

  • 440 R/T Charger

    Australian Nascar Nationwide Series…excellent!

  • Springvale Boi

    Nissan will dominate the Supercars Championship. It’s unfair for Ford and Holden because the mid size body Altima has less air drag than the full size Falcon/Commodore.

    • 440 R/T Charger

      I believe the advantage would be minial….just like the current Aussie car racing series, all cars are race under the same rule (height, weight, power output etc)

      • Springvale Boi

        But no rules to dictate body size (frontal area). To calculate the air drag, multiply the frontal area with the drag coeff (CD).

    • Mad Max

      No, the Altima will be stretched in both width and length making it the same size as the Falcon and Commodore. The current Falcon and Commodore race cars are shorter than the road cars. This is a hang over (from the start of whats now V8 Supercars) from the VN/VP Vs EB/ED where the Commodoe road car was shorter so the Falcon race car was shortened to match. When the VE was introduced the shorter bodies were maintained so as to keep costs down and to maintain the existing aero parity. The COTF chassis are a control design for any car being raced so as to keep the wheelbase standard and any new body style being introduced has to be a 4 door and the body panels altered to fit the control chassis.
      Hope this explains it.

      • Springvale Boi

        They may stretch the wheel arch to wheel arch width of the Altima to match the width of the Falcon/Commodore. But I bet the windscreen area and the area at the very front of the Altima is smaller.

    • Lindsay

      That’s what aerodynamic parity is for.

      • Mad Max

        I bet your right. It will be a matter of increasing the drag of the front spoiler. This is part of what Todd Kelly keeps referring to with his comments about the aero homologation. The days of one manufacturer having a big edge over another are long gone. I’m sure that I’ve also heard Mark Skaife saying that if they find the Nissan has an edge over the Falcon and Commodore then they have a clause in the new COTF allowing an in season adjustment to be made.

    • Me likey the ricey…

      Car of the future means they all run the same chassis YOU IDIOT! Sorry….but seriously…your a moron.

      • What_Tha

         or you’re. Speaking of morons.

  • 440 R/T Charger

    Queensland Race Way i think is suitable to modify as the oval track….

    • Nick2012

      Just of interest; Australia did have two NASCAR events at “Calder Park Raceway” “Thunderdome” in 1988. And there was also the AUSCAR series which finished up in 2001.  

  • TonyN

    its a shame that all you guys are complaining about this…. however i bet youa re all F1 fans…. tried buying one of those at a dealer??

      What about DTM……. most people like DTM but there nothing like there road car cousins?! and lets be honest….. i bet there are very few of you on this that drive a Australian built falcon or commodore…… at the end of the day i think its great that other manufacturers are getting behind the sport…… and rather than worrying about if the left hand wheel stud is the same as the road car…. we should just enjoy the racing!!

  • Been There Done That

    Hmmm I have made a few comments on this Topic in the past and I would firmly put myself with the supporters of get back to the core value of our premier category being something close to the showroom floor.

    I get V8 Supercars and what they are doing and the business model strategy does make some sense.

    But what gets up my button is that they try and sell it off as a Ford vs Holden..Nissan battle like the past when it has no brand relevance AT ALL.

    With diminishing T.V ratings and the Gold Coast 600 numbers down on the previous event..I think the punters are starting to struggle to be as strongly engaged.

    As for some of the Strong personal comments here from V8 Supercar Fanboys….well what a quality audience this category now attracts.

    Your Parents would be proud.

    • Me likey the ricey…

      Well the probs with that is production mass produced aussie sedans are….well…. pretty slow. If the series was between stripped out near stock models like GT3 class elsewhere in the world then it would make sense, but Falc-odores aren’t supercars no matter how much HP you squeeze out of em!

      • horsie

        I agree with Been. I am a Holden fan and drive a V8 Holden. however as much as i try to enjoy v8 supercar racing. i struggle to get into it any more. I simply find myself not caring who wins or loses. And i use to be a huge fan in the 90′s when the cars were actual commodores and falcons.
        I agree that production cars are not as fast but i would still rather watch them over the current V8 series.
        Back to the problem with nissan turbo cars beating holden and ford. Who cares. This just means that holden need to lift their game and bring out a car that can be competative. Be it a commodore or any other car. This is what happend in the past (torana)

        • Mad Max

          Horsie, I do agree with some of what you say. Being over 50 and having worked for a number of racing teams during the Group C and Group A days I also enjoy the historic race meeting. Hell I even own a 68 Camaro! But having lived and worked in those times I can tell you we will NEVER go back to proddie racing as a mainstream series. The problem with Group C and Group A is that they are just too expensive. Production based cars cannot stand the punishment of racing in a standard form. The gearboxes, diffs, brakes suspension, you name it and it breaks. Take a Group C Commodore or Falcon and look at what was homologated by Holden and Ford to make the cars last 1000kms at Bathurst or 500kms at Sandown. The list was endless and somebody has to pay for the development and testing and then build 500 cars to make it legal. Group A was no different. Then you have the problem of making the cars safe to race. NOBODY in their right mind would allow those cars to race with such primitive roll cages now. So the issue you have is how far to you go to modify a car to race it at a price that the competitors can afford. One of the other issues is that manufacturers don’t like seeing their cars fail in such a public way. Ask most people about XC Falcons and SLR5000′s and when they think back they think of exhaust smoke follwed by bit of metal bouncing off the track as conrods shook hands with valves and so on.
          So I guess we are stuck with what used to known as sports sedans. Space fram silhouette cars with rear transaxles and big wings. The only difference is the engines are still in front of the driver and not next to them…

          • Been There Done That

            Valid points you raise Mad Max..but the formula that can work and does work for endurance would be what was used for the Bathurst 12 hour prior to 2011.

            Complication would probably be the lack of manufacture support in such a proposal and yes they don’t want to see a near showroom car break down and display their shortcomings.

            But that is why I believe punters such as Horsie and I and diminishing crowds don’t really care anymore.

            Lets not forget that the primary reason the catergory grew from its infancy in the 60′s to something so popular was the comparison of mechanical reliability and design off the factory floor along with the  who made the best winning car.

            The last few years that’s now disappeared and slowly but surely so are the crowds.

  • Mannmanly

    I actually thought it would be the Nissan Fuga if not Godzilla which they will race in V8s. That car is sold as the Infiniti M series in America, and it’s RWD with a V8. It competes with the likes of 5 Series, so it makes it about the same size as the Falcodores.

    Anyway, it would be nice if the production Altima will get here; the Thai-based Maxima is so bland and boring.

  • (daryl) fish

    go kelly boys its great for racing and tv viewing times are a changing  no good keeping the same   i am a rev headh from the sixtys beechy moffat clem smith were good in there day   motor sport as we known is going to change if we like or not  i agree some fans are going to upset cost to build cars are time comsuming when damaged frames of cars can be repaired a lot quicker all body panels can remove now by just pulling pins or unbolted

  • Whohaa

    Ahhhh the v8 supertaxis!!!! expect a repeat of 20 years ago??? Who knows, they might get the sh*ts  and kick them out, again.

  • JCS

    Just going to make Motor racing even more boring. Loved the old group C and group A racing, If you werent fast enough , then develop the car. If your car kept breaking, develope the car, But what you saw on the track was what you or I could drive on the road. You didnt find Ford 9inch diffs on every car, You didnt find every bit of suspension on all the cars exactly the same, weights were different, wheelbase and track were different, current formula is dull and boring like the guys that run it, I find TCM far more interesting.

  • Tranny

    It is about time they try to compete in Nascar with the Toyotas

  • failure

    only coming in front wheel drive never ever buy one bring them in rear wheel drive more success. rip off