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  • F1h


    This is a sports sedan, not a bus..

    • Phil

      So why is this ‘sports sedan” slower than the BMW 535D “bus”….?

      • F1h

        Not slower.. Has less torque, but then again the Honda S2000 had no torque, yet that thing flies

        • Phil

          535D does 0-100kmh in 5.5 secs, GS350 takes 6.0 secs…..

          • Blueberry

            Phil. The GS350 doesnt compete with the 535D. The GS450H will instead. Not sure as yet whether its faster or not but that is Lexus’s equivalent of the sporty diesel. The only thing I think that would make the 535D sportier is its transmission as the GS450H uses a CVT. CVT is not really designed to be sporty. There more about efficiency.

          • Phil

            Of course the 535d doesn’t compete with the GS350 you idiot. The 535D is a bus remember? Get with the times….

          • Jon

            The GS350 is a 5-second car with full tank and trac control on

            In the right conditions where looking at sub-5 sec

            Dude rav4 v6 does the job in 7 seconds, do you really think a sports car with better engine and everything to be only 1secobd faster?

            Btw Toyota does understate the performance of their cars

          • Phil

            Oh dam, the GS350 is a sub 5 sec car? Something is seriously wrong with the Lexus ISF I just bought then… barely manages a sub 5 sec time to 100kmh yet it’s smaller and has considerably more power, now where is all that power going? Must be time for another recall then – the GS has had 4 recalls in just the last 18 months.

          • Peterharvey73

            Phil, the Turbo-diesel has more bottom end torque, at the expense of top end torque.
            The 535D out accelerates the GS350 to 100, however beyond that, the GS350 will gradually catch and overtake the 535D.
            Diesels have certain advantages and disadvantages.
            Eg advantages include bottom end torque, mileage, and engine longevity.
            Disadvantages include poor noise vibration and harshness, poor top end torque, poor pollution quality, more frequent servicing required, greater servicing costs, and greater initial purchase costs.
            In 2015, Europe requires diesels to clean up their act, and Australia is adopting the same European regulations by 2017.
            These new cleaner diesels will have huge initial purchase prices, their power will fall, and their mileage will deteriorate.
            This will be the end of diesels as we know it.
            So we all must cherish diesels while we can…

        • Damian

          Your line of reasoning is fundamentally flawed. The GS doesn’t have a 6-speed manual, nor can it venture anywhere near 9500rpm…

    • Guest

      I’m waiting for this place to review the BMW and Merc and say the negatives is a lack of Hybrid.

  • Lucii Pooky

    The GS has never really caught on with the Euros, mainly because it was never was that good. 

    IMO, this generation changes that. Its engines may not be a frugal as the Euros, but as a package I wouldn’t criticise it like the previous generations because from what I’ve been reading it really is a good package overall. Cant wait to sit in a F-Sport model! 

  • Kevok

    I would seriously choose this over over the others

  • Ecaxt

    Gimme a GS350..

    I’ve seen IS350′s go and thy go pretty good.. I would imagine this is much nicer

    • JT

      driving experience is much better on IS350 than GS350, you can try.

  • PPP

    This just shows that Germans/Europeans need Turbo’s etc to compete with Japanese..

    • Dudeface


      I don’t think the Germans really feel the need to ‘compete’ with the Japanese…

      Look how much more expensive the Germans are here, and they still outsell Lexus many times over…

      • Bg

         Let’s not forget the German’s have big discounts on their cars..

        Where as these guys don’t..

        • tw

           Most ridiculous thing i’ve heard this year

          • Blueberry

            TW I was wondering what was ridiculous about Bg’s comment. Its absolutely true about the massive discounts the Germans give for their cars.

            Recently I was looking at the Merc C250 with several options. The salesman tried to sell it to me for $93,000 on the road. I pretty much laughed at him and walked. A day later he called me and offered it for $77,000 on the road. I dunno but that looks like a massive discount to me. That price was hugely better but the thing that turned me off was that they couldn’t provide me with a factory extended warranty.

            The same day I went to Lexus and looked at their IS350 Sports Lux and it was offered at $89,000 on the road. Little out of price range. Salesman called me couple of days later and offered it at $86,000 on the road. Not a very large discount at all. The one thing in the Lexus’s favour though is that they offer an extended factory warranty and reading the fine print of this warranty they cover everything, even the light globes. Much better piece of mind with the Lexus.

          • Guest

            Best price I could get on the Merc C250 (current 2012 built model) was $72,000 (total on the road costs).

          • Noel

            It is very well known in the industry at the moment the Mercedes current C class is a pig for resale.  These are fantastic buys in the used car market if you don’t mind the highish servicing costs.  Just make sure you get one that isn’t an old stocker (over about 120 days in stock) the dealer probably paid way too much for it and he’ll try and pass that on to you.

          • ?????????

            Minor, but pertinent point in your example. The germans have had the high price for a while and with the current exchange rate could drop their prices quite easily. However they also have a very large existing car park of customer cars under 4 years old that would suffer extreme devaluations if the advertised price droped. Instead, there are discounts, low rate finance packages and special demonstrator deals available for the asking. It is this kind of market balancing act that gets them the happy customer base. As to waiting till you left and thought about it before offering a discount, there is nothing wrong in trying for a proffit, proffit is not a dirty word!. 
            Just for the record, Lexus has been doing exactly the same marketing all year in Brisbane. Actually they started the low rate prestige finance marketing here this time round. With the current exchange rate Lexus can offer the same style of discount if not greater.

          • Realist

            Discount?!  Are you blind??  We are ‘raped’ in this country for over-priced germans… we simply just bend over and take it.

            Thank goodness for cars like Lexus and some new up and comers like Infiniti and believe Opel are going to come in with some aggressive pricing as well.

            This will keep the others honest.  If your Merc dealer gutted nearly $20K from the price, then you know he has more to go…

          • gary

            Its widely known that a C class Mercedes is a pig, period.

        • Peterharvey73

          Actually, Lexus GS and Audi A6 discount just as much as the BMW 5 Series. Only Benz E Class discounts less…

          • JT

            how much % discount on GS we can get?

      • Blueberry

        Its funny how you say that about competition as the germans have levelled their prices considerably and are throwing in a lot more kit.

        If they were not worried about the Lexus they wouldnt be doing this. Granted there is a still a considerable gap in price but as each new generation is released the Germans close the gap.

        Now that Lexus has injected a lot more emotion into their designs and driving experience the Germans will no longer to be able to sit behind their badge cred.

        The other important fact is the more engaging the drive and the greater emotional connection drivers have with their Lexus the greater the separation Lexus will have from Toyota. No one now can sit here and compare the GS to Toyota anymore and all their other cars will follow suit.

      • Sherwin

        You should realise that half the time it’s because of their reputations as luxury cars that they outsell Lexus. Lexus is a very young brand mind you. Trust me, they are continually improving, and becoming more and more noticed. The Germans do need to compete with Lexus, after all, Toyota is one of the best brands in the world. They have been known to really excel at just about every aspect, especially reliability, which Lexus, statistically speaking, is no.1 whereas BMW, Audi are around bottom 15 and Mercedes is around 6 or 7, if I remember correctly. The new GS has the looks to draw in buyers, the driving dynamics now as well, draw in car enthusiasts. And essentially a tick of approval from many expert car reviewers. 

  • Soung

    I feel that this review is trying to say that the new Lexus GS is better then the 5-series.. But just not spitting it out.. 

  • Daniel

    I would take an XF over this, which is fine. I’m sure this is a very good car, I just like the XF. And there you have it, brand knockers; people liking particular cars is the main reason a car gets bought and everyone has different reasons. These Lexus-BMW-Mercedes-etc arguments need to stop, people buy what they want to buy and they’re all pretty good if not great so lets just leave it at that! Besides, whatever brand preference you hold, you wouldn’t want all of the cars on the road to be your favourite brand because then you could never feel superior :)

    • nickdl

      Exactly. Same here. I don’t care if the BMW is quicker, or the Lexus is better value for money, I’d have the XF simply because I prefer it over the others.

  • Charlie

     ”The Lexus GS350 is the one to go for if you have even the slightest bit
    of car enthusiast blood in you. It may be a tad slower than the
    equivalent 535i”


    THe GS350 F-sports has been compared to the 535i & the E350 sports &

    0-60 (0-100Km/h) GS350; 5.5sec, 535i; 5.5sec, E350; 6.5sec

    60-0 (braking) GS350; 106ft, 535i; 114ft, E350; 121ft

    1/4mile acceleration GS350; 14.0sec@100.9mph, 535i; 14.1sec@98.7, E350; 15.0sec @95:disqus .4mph

    So before spewing out nonsense, why not prove it with real world numbers? Like above?

    • Dudeface

      Any keyboard warrior can spew out ‘facts’ to support their argument. Where is your proof?

      • Guest

        Where was CarAdvice’s then?

        • Alborz Fallah

          I am quoting official 0-100km/h times from the manufacturers. 535i is faster than a GS350 (but not by much)

    • Blueberry

      Am I reading those stats wrong. They are making the GS350 look good. Arent you trying to discredit that the GS350 is a sports sedan? Or have I misunderstood your post?

      • Another guest

        misunderstood. Charlie is pointing out that in O/S tests, the Lexus performed
        better than the Beemer. He is not discrediting the GS in anyway, in fact quite
        the opposite.

        • Blueberry

          My mistake… Sorry :)

  • Hhilltop

    Why does Lexus underrate their performance of their own cars? So does Toyota

  • Psr

    That red color is perfect for it

  • Guest

    The New ES looks proportionally better than this and is a better size. can’t wait for the ES to arrive in Aus. Would make IS a lot cheaper! :-)

    • Another guest

      Think you’d
      be on your own wanting an ES over a GS. ES is front wheel drive, Camry based
      and still no plans to build it in right hand drive so it is unlikely to come
      here anytime soon. I’ll have a GS F-Sport in black thanks.

  • JD

    i will rather buy a poverty pack Lexus rather than a poverty pack BMW or Merc equivalent

  • Jimt

    I drive a 2012 Lexus IS350 (F-sports) on a regular basis and I can tell you that it actually is very quick with no fuss.. You step on it and the car doesn’t hesitate.. the best I’ve doin with IS350 is 4.7 sec from 0-100Km/H and host was with full tank..

    Cruising is effortless and overtaking is a breeze..

    • Dudeface

      Haha yes I’m sure your IS350 is just as quick as the IS-F. Tool!

      • Jimt

        Did I say I own an IS350 D****head..?

        All m saying, that’s best 0-100Km/h I’ve achieved, normally you would do it in about 5.2 seconds

    • Phil

      4.7 secs…..was that acceleration achieved after you accidently drove it off a cliff?

      • JooberJCW

        Or down a steep hill lol

  • nugsdad

     When I hear the designer of this say we went back to the drawing board
    and compared the old model with a 5 series to see what we needed to
    change  …… My simple mind thinks  why bother if the BMW is the
    benchmark (after Lexus has been in the market 20 years) I’ll just go the

    • Foberty

      BMW may have been the benchmark for handling but not for comfort nor reliability or service costs. So Lexus benchmark against the best handler and want to beat it.That is smart. Lexus then bring their customer service, low service costs and superior comfort to the party and you have a winner

  • Chucky

    I think it would be fairer to compare the GS350 with the BMW 528i, which is about as quick and only costs $98k.

    • Foberty

      So how is the 2.0 litre 528 comparable with the 3.5 litre GS350. Not on engine size. Does it compare on power? No. Does it compare on speed? No. Does it have the smooth refined V6 or a small 4 banger pushing a large car around. Does it compare on warranty? No it comes up 12 months short there. Does it compare on practicality? No spare wheel and stupid run flat tyres, so No. It doesn’t compare on price since there are so many options.
      You want 12 Speakers to match the Lexus, add $1,300. You have the audacity to want metallic paint? Add $2,000. You want electric lumbar adjustment front seats like the Lexus, add $2,400. You want comfort access keyless entry like the Lexus add another $2,400. You want front seat ventilation like the Lexus? Add $1,500. Etc etc etc

      • Phil

        It’s 6.3 seconds 0-100kmh against 6.0, it’s a pretty close comparison.

        The BMW burns 30% less fuel.

        The BMW has peak torque flat from 1250 rpm through to 4800rpm which is far better than just the 4800 peak of the Lexus.

        The BMW has peak power flat from 5000 rpm though to 6500 which is far better than just a 6400 peak in the Lexus.

        The BMW is avaliable with FOUR more engines which offer additional performance over the 528i, Lexus does not offer a single one over the GS350.

        The BMW is avaliable with a manual gearbox which is non existant in any new V6 Toyota or Lexus sedan.

        The BMW comes with a 8 speed auto, Lexus is 6.

        The BMW is avaliable in a wagon which is far more practical than the sedan only Lexus.

        The sound quality of a sound system is not determined by a extreme number of speakers.

        • Foberty

          30% less fuel if driven like Miss Daisy. Drive normally and the turbo kicks in and your figures are gone.
          As far as engines go there are 3 in the Lexus GS250, GS350 and GS450h.
          Who wants a manual box?
          Resale on a manual 5 series? Saleproof.
          The BMW 8 speed auto can’t decide which gear it wants. Forums constantly criticise it for hunting . If 6 does the job why not 9 or 10 or put in a road ranger 32 speed. The reason they use eight is because with a  turbo it falls off the econ range so it needs a low first to get off the mark and a tall 8th so not to blow fuel consumption test on the highway.
          Ooohh. BMW 5 series wagon. How many do they sell? Seriously? If they were so go why do you never see one?
          Quality of the sound system isn’t determined by number of speakers alone, that is true. But a quality system with more speakers spreads the sound. 6 speaker standard offering is what you get in a Corolla my friend. And that is why BMW offer 3 improved stereos as options, because the quality of the stander one is woeful for a $98,000 plus on roads and options 4 banger.

          • Phil

            So why does Lexus use 8 speeds in some of their models if 8 is so bad?

            Who wants a manual? Me and others who prefer a more engaging driving experience.

            Torque peaks at 1250rpm in the BMW 528i, so how on earth could the turbo fall off the eco range? You say the fuel economy is ruined when the turbo kicks in… often do you think the auto gearbox will let the revs drop below 1250rpm?

            If your concerned about practicality, why would you diss the wagon?

            Who has more than 6 speakers in their home theatre setting?

          • focused

            Let me guess – your Phil De Groot

        • Jennifer

          I have a 2011 BMW. The fuel economy doesn’t get near the claimed figure. They use the stop start thingy on the test I am sure to get the figures they claim. In Summer, when the engine stops at lights your zircon stops. So you turn the stop start off or sweat your box off. Whne it comes to the cool months, the stop start shakes the car when it stops and starts, so when your friends are in the car you leave it turned on. Silly gimmick, used to get a claimed figure you won’t achieve in the real world.

          • Phil

            So Jennifer……it shakes in stop/start driving, uses heaps of fuel and has a service schedule which you said below is “pure fantasy for the gullable”…………yet you still went ahead and purchased it after a test drive?

          • Andi

            Yeah Jennifer is another lying lexus troll..
            the fact is that people with the money aren’t usually stupid..& they’re spending their hard earned dollars on German cars.

          • Hhilltop

             Andi, you think people who drive German cars are intelligent?

            The car one drives is by no means a reflection of their intelligence..

        • Jbbt

          Sorry Phil, but in reality that 3.5L V6 is silky smooth, it is much faster and will consume less fuel then the 4-banger when being pushed hard..

          The sound of the 528i sounds so cheap

          • Phil

            0.3 seconds is “much faster”?

            Independent testing clearly shows the BMW consumes far less fuel.

          • F1

            The BMW 335I can barely inch out the Aurion, let alone the GS350..

            You gonna tell me that a 2.0 turbo is as fast as the 2GR-FSE engine on the GS350 & IS350 ??

            Come on man, in theory maybe, but in reality the GS350 will have such a better driving experience..

            BMW should of stuck with making good naturally aspiateted Straight-six engines, they were very old (S54B32) tht was why I call an engine..

            But sadly BMW has then tje forced induction route.. Which isn’t very exciting or interesting.. Not to mentions cars with forced induction are also much less reliable..

          • Phil

            F1, the 335i doesn’t have a 2.0 turbo, it’s a 3.0 turbo. The 335i does 0-100kmh in 5.5 secs – since when can a Ewwrion do that? The 2.0 Turbo in the 328i does it in 6.1 which is still quicker than a Ewwrion and only 0.1 seconds behind the GS350.

            Do you think if you took the Turbos out of those BMW engines, they would suddenly become more interesting and more exciting? How exactly?
            Also how would removing the turbos suddenly make them much more reliable? Was there some sort of reliability problem in the S140 and S160 Lexus GS300s which were fitted with the TWIN turbocharged engines?

    • Foberty

      BMW 6 speakers, Lexus 12
      BMW 6 airbags, Lexus 10
      BMW first service free- No. Lexus Yes
      Spare wheel BMW No, Lexus Yes
      Voice recognition BMW $700, Lexus standard
      Sun Protection Glazing BMW $800 Lexus standard
      Rear Vision Camera BMW $1,100 Lexus standard
      could go on but getting bored with the BMW rip off

      • Phil

        The BMW comes with 8 airbags and the overall safety of a car is NOT determined by a extreme number of airbags (same with the number of speakers)

        BMW has service intervals that stretch up to 30 months, Lexus is a maximum 12 months, so comparatively every single second service is free in the BMW for the life of the car.

        • Jennifer

          Really Phil. Leaving rear occupants with no airbags is your argument? 
          You must be a BMW salesman. Might be the she on that told me my BMW would need a service for 2 years. The sales ppl forget to mention the safety check required at 12 months, which is not free. Then they strongly recommend an interim service. So the 30 month thing is pure fantasy for the gullible.

          • Phil

            There are airbags in the rear of all BMWs

            “Might be the she on that told me” …..Speak english please.

            BMW service books say nothing about a “strongly recommended interims service”. BMWs determine when a service is due depending on the usage. People who do around 10,000kms or less will get around 2 years or more without a service.

          • Jennifer

            Oh pick me up on the typing. Clutching at straws now. I suggested you were a BMW salesman and maybe the one who told me the two year service fairy tale. The BMW service department called me after a year reminding me about the interim safety check. The check revealed an oil change was recommended and the cabin filter needed changing. Cost nearly $600.
            On the test drive I wasn’t stuck in traffic so the stop start make the car jiggle thing didn’t happen.
            Now on the subjrct of airbags BMW list only six for the 5 series. That means front side , side curtain and front but no rear side and no knee. So thanks for insulting my skill in choosing the last car. I am now doing the research before hubby buys the next car and 5 series is out of he equation . The problem is Audi A6 has as many options as BMW and Benz isn’t far behind. Lexus is top of my spreadsheet at the moment.

          • Jennifer

            Count them Phil honey, just 6. From the BMW 5 series spec list:Airbags: driver and front passenger airbags, seat occupancy detector for front passenger airbag; head airbags in
            the front and rear; side airbags for driver and front passenger 

          • Phil

            Oh Jennifer.

            I can see why you would get conned by a car salesman.

            You can’t even count. Let me try to teach you:
            [your quotes by the way]
            “driver and front passenger airbag” = 2 airbags
            “head airbags in the front and rear” = 4 airbags
            “side airbags for driver and front passenger” = 2 airbags


          • Jennifer

            Phil, your hubris makes you a fool. The single curtain airbag on each side reaches front and rear. So your car has 4 airbags less than Lexus and 3 less than Mercedes. Go google a photo of the airbags in 5 series. If you are a man come back and apologise. However, I have you pegged as a stooge selling BMW.

          • Phil

            Even if thats true, it means that two airbags are doing the job of 4, which brings me to my original point that the number of airbags does not determine the overall safety of a car.
            Perhaps the ideal car for you is one with hundereds of little tiny airbags that have no real effect on safety…..but because there are so many on the spec sheet, the car must be safer that one with fewer, but larger airbags.

            Funnily enough, you claimed above that BMW left the rear occupants without any airbags yet now your saying the front airbags stretch down the side to protect the rear after all!

            Even more funny is that your whinging bitterly about the supposed lack of airbags in the 5 series, yet you apparently bought one. What, did it have more airbags when you bought it and it’s since lost a few?
            How much did you pay for this lack of airbags that you clearly know all about? $100,000? Well if I’m a BMW salesman “stooge”, I would sure be enjoying the commission for selling a apparently inferior product to such a smart woman.

          • Jennifer

            Attention all readers. Phil is a BMW salesman. Read all his posts. it’s obvious.
            Ans we now know he can’t count either.
            In a 5 series there are 6 airbags one each for driver and passenger frontal collision (2)
            One that covers the side windows on each side (2)
            One that protects the driver and front passenger abdomen- below the window (2) Makes 6 total.
            Mercedes and Audi and Lexus have the same plus more.
            While researching I learned that Merc have airbags for the side below the window for the rear passenger for abdominal protection. An extra 2. And they have drivers knee airbag. That is 9 total for Merc and much more protection than BMW. Lexus has the same as the E Class plus passenger knee airbag. Lexus wins this round with 10. Audi too has rear lower airbags missing on the BMW.

          • Phil

            If your so sure of all that, why did you still buy the BMW?

            Again, even if the side airbag does cover both rows of seats in one go and is only counted as one airbag, it still has the effectiveness of having two airbags for each row – which again brings me to the point that the overall airbag count does not determine the overall safety of a car. Why can’t you understand that?

            Also did you bother to check the crash test results of any of these cars?

            [Euroncap - higher score is better]

            The E class which is awash with airbags: 13.9 points for frontal impact, 8 for side wall impact, 6.7 for side pole impact, %77 for child protection, %59 pedestrian, %86 for safety assist, 2.5 points for whiplash.

            A6 which is awash with airbags: 14.9 for frontal impact, 7.5 for side wall impact, 7.0 for side pole impact, %83 for child protection, %41 for pedestrian safety, %86 for safety assist, 3.3 points for whiplash.

            BMW 5 series which is “lacking” airbags: 15.5 frontal impact, 8.0 side wall impact, 7.4 side pole impact, %83 child protection, %73 pedestrian safety, %100 for safety assist, 3.3 points for whiplash.

            Ah the irony, you bought the safest car in it’s class you idiot! The GS could change that as it hasn’t been tested yet. The Jaguar XF got the worst scores in the segment.

    • Foberty

      BMW 528 -6 speakers, Lexus 12
      BMW 6 airbags, Lexus 10
      BMW Sun Protection Glazing $800, Lexus standard
      BMW Elec folding, Dipping Antiglare Door Mirrors $700, Lexus stndard
      BMW gear shift paddles $500, Lexus Standard
      BMW voice recognition $700 Lexus standard 
      BMW rear vision camera $1,100 Lexus standard
      Could go on but getting bored with how much BMW rip you off

    • Noel

      I have to agree with @Forberty @5122dae5c96d337095a43f8bf14c3a0f:disqus  to say the 528i is $98k and competes with the GS350 seems a little naive.

  • Dominique Vøn Hütch

    You’d get the Lexus…more Tron ;-)

  • Zre

    BMW’s are inferior to Lexus

    • JooberJCW

      Its not more inferior but offers less value. BMW are notorious with their come with kit (perhaps other euros too Audi etc), alot of things you get standard in a lexus is an option on BMW. Typically with Lexus you get grades e.g. Prestige/Luxury/Fsport etc which bundles kits together offering a discount. BMW do not do so.

      BMW knows their market to be  audacious with their spending and would gladly tick alot of options. Though now BMW finance are having problems collecting repayments from this people who simply went above their means.

      • Wew

        Yeah that’s all true..

        But the Germans do certain dodgy practices to inflate their monthly numbers..

        Go to any German 3 and you’d see their dealers are packed to the roof..

        Where as Lexus Harley has any stock..and always lengthy waiting periods..

        • Matt

          Are you speaking from an informed experience or simply the impression you got driving past a couple of dealers ? 

  • Oundce

    If I was in a market, I would easily choose this over the others

  • Roke


  • Eqay

    I seriously want one! The GS350 not 250!

  • Gus

    Only $10k difference between the GS250 and the GS350 .. why would someone spending that much money go for the GS250??

  • Guest

    This improved series augurs well for the new IS250 due next year. If Lexus improves the IS250 with a bigger car, more power (say 175kW / 310 Nm), more standard equipment (sat. nav. and reverse camera included) and a price starting at $50,000 – it should raise market share.

    • F1MotoGP

      Your comment 2 days ago on B class Mercedes.
      “Just sold my C250 CDI couple after only 6 months – never again another MB!”
      Not just me but 4 people would like to know why?

  • Alexo

    Having test driven both the IS350 & C350 Mercedes, both having 3.5L V6′s.. The Lexus had a much nicer power delivery and response..

    Not to mention the Lexus engine was much smoother and quieter and gearing was superior (close ratio FTW!!)

  • Ernstfriedrich067

    Just doing a comparison as I am in the market
    between 4 Luxury cars, Audi A6, Merc E350 BMW 535i and GS350.

    GS 350 F Sport $99,900 + on roads

    535i Msport $129,600 + on roads + M Sport pack
    ($4,900)= $134,500

    E350 CGi Avant Garde AMG Sport Pack $132,635 +
    $$5,700 (AMG) = $138,335

    A6 3.0 Quattro + S Line pack $$121,500 + $6,950
    = $$128,450

    0-100 times

    GS250 6.0

    535i 6.1

    E350 6.3

    A6 5.5

    Audi wins but at $28 grand more.

    But wait.

    GS350 has Digital radio $900 option on 535,
    standard on E350, $3,130 on A6. Win to Lexus.

    GS350 has Alarm $1,050 option on 535i Standard
    on Merc $960 on A6. Win to Lexus.

    GS350 has 19In Wheels $3,300 on 535i, $4,100 on
    E350 and 20 Inch on Audi. Win to Audi.

    GS350 F/S has rear steering. $3,600 on 535i and
    not available on E350 or A6. Win to Lexus

    Adaptive Variable Suspension is standard on
    GS350 F Sport. $6,100 on BMW, n/a on the Merc, $4,150 on the Audi. Win to Lexus

    GS350 has hetee and ventilated front seats.
    $2,401 on BMW, $3,100 on the E250 and $8,850 on the A6 but that comes with seat

    Win to Lexus.

    And so on and so forth.

    By the end it seems that GS F sport is $99K
    plus on roads

    The 535i is $164K with the same level of kit

    The E350 is $157K

    And A6 is $158K

    Unless the GS is awful to drive, I cant imagine
    I will be taking this comparison much further. The numbers speak for

    • Guest

      If only everyone shopped for cars based entirely on price and inclusion of useless gadgets & trinkets, the GS would be a huge seller.

  • 3rdworldjunkie


    How much commission do you get per pro-BMW comments?

    I wish Lexus would offer me some for this kind of job. Do you read this Lexus?

  • Alexo

    Considering how the U.S Camry SE V6 does 0-100km/h in 5.8sec i have no doubt about the GS350 doing 0-100 in 4.8sec

  • Dimitar

    I live in a country in Europe and would like to say that Lexus and for example Infinity, never really caught on here. Not because they are not good enough, but because they don’t offer many different versions of the car. For your information maybe 70-80% of the  BMW 5 series or the E class or the A6 sold in Europe are the basic models with 2.0 liter diesels or 2.0 liter petrol engines and 170hp or so… very few people actually buy the 535i or the 550i or the E 350. the ones they actually can afford the more powerful and more expensive models, actually buy the diesel version because of the fuel saving ability and the great performance. This is where Lexus and Co. fall behind because they don’t offer a basic engine or a diesel, they just offer a very powerful and thirsty petrol engine, which with these fuel prices is not a logical choice. Other than that I think that  the GS is a fantastic car, and if I could afford it it would be definitely on the top of the list

    • Qui

      Well if you could afford a luxury car like this, then you can certainly afford to pay for 9.7L/100Km of unleaded gasoline

  • mrxandthexfactor

    @75f4869a1ac5b6d240c13d34dc0db084:disqus is the reason why I would never buy BMW. Just saying… And, I don’t get why people argue about all this. If you’ve got the time to argue, why not pop down to the nearest Lexus dealer and TEST THE RUDDY CAR OUT! Maybe you would surprise yourself. 

  • mrxandthexfactor

    Is it me or is the profile the only part that doesn’t look aggressive? I mean, the rear looks reeally good with the diffuser and giant exhaust outlets and the front is just pure angry. Some people say it’s too try hard but I’m not one of them. 

  • Rarav_7171

    I am so disappointed with Lexus. This new GS doesn’t have the style that we are use to getting from the GS, the looks. It looks more like an IS then a GS 

Lexus GS350 Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
378Nm @  4800rpm
Max. Power
233kW @  6400rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
9.9L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1600  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
235/45 R18
Rear Tyres
235/45 R18
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Auto Climate Control with Dual Temp Zones, Heated Front Seats, Power front seats
Control & Handling
18 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Hill Holder
Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Multi Function Steering Wheel, Parking Distance Control, Power Steering
Leather Upholstery, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, PreSafe
Optional Features
Enhancement Pack
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
48 months /  999,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin