• Coreygolfr

    nice about time

  • Smart Us


  • Golfschwein

    Looks really good. Like all good and realistic looking design studies, now please, not in 3 years time!

  • klowik

    This is what I want, Audi-esq design, a longer body, similar size to RAV4, hopefully it has a 7 seat version like the Nissan dualis plus and priced cheaper than Audi Q5.

  • Antmindel

    Much better looking than the current boring model.

  • F1

    Hahaaa they copied Infiniti SUV design

  • C Milz

    Looks nice and chunky. This could be the missing element for the Tiguan. Here’s hoping they increase the boot slightly to ensure we can actually carry some luggage when travelling.

  • Rick

    I love everything Volkswagen – but looking to trade my Golf for a Q3 considering the Tiguan is not a viable option for any luggage space.

    So disappointing really! 

    • JGS

      Really, check your dimensions, Q3 is smaller than Tiguan inside and the rear seats dont slide back/forward or even fold flat. In fact Tiguan is deceiving, load capacity with seats down is larger than latest Forester. Check Q5 if you need more room much bigger.

  • klowik

    X1 might have bigger boot space than Q3 since Q3 has more slanted back side.

  • Mike

    Haha not even the same car in the two pics – roof rails, C column, rims all differ. This likely has nothing to do with the real design. 

    • Trevor Bartlett

      Read the article again, Two new body styles, note the word TWO and NEW

  • hambo

    I hope the longer wheelbase version can be optioned with 5 seats. I’d rather have the deeper boot to be honest.

  • Nada

    i wonder if the front is a clue to the next golf.

  • Lu

    you guys aware that the latest wheels magazine features an article about the next MQB based GTI?

  • Shawnmac53

    I have the current Tiguan and it’s perfect in all aspects for my purposes. Any major changes beyond styling would send me to another make to more closely duplicate what I have now. I believe with the current Tiguan sales numbers as high as they are, that I am not alone in that thought. Attempts to make it bigger would just make it a Tourag. 

    • JGS

      I agree I find it strange that comments around Tiguan load space being small by journalist is strange when it has overall larger capacity that the New Forester at 405/1457 VS Tiguan 395/1510 and the Tiguan has the ability to move the rear seat forward & back 250mm to increase the luggage area and still carry rear passengers.

  • Jetson

    How about a VW suv that has similar shape to audi q5? Tiguan is too small/narrow and needs a good 3litre tdi!!!!

  • Rob Grieveson

    Looks much better than the current shape. VW styling of late not really very good, missing the man who went to Kia?

    • Golfschwein

      The man who went to KIA was Audi’s fella.

      • BMW_sucks

        Walta deSilva helped pen the MK6 Golf

  • lbrinsmead

    A 500 litre boot feels about right for this new Tiguan…it has to be able to easily store the basics like prams.