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Even before the production car hits showrooms, the Toyota 86 TRD has been out on track proving its wares.

Not to be outdone by its tricked-up sister car the Subaru BRZ STI, the Toyota 86 TRD shows not only a direction for possible style modifications with its new body kit, side skirts, rear spoiler and black 18-inch alloy wheels but also sports the hardware underneath to match.

TRD has reworked the suspension to focus even more on handling with new front and rear anti-roll bars, a carbon front strut-brace, rear diffuser, additional bracing and a high-response exhaust system that you can hear in the video of the car in action.


While the TRD-spec 86 was first revealed in January at the 2012 Tokyo auto salon, the 147kW/205Nm 2.0-litre four-cylinder ‘boxer’ engined production car goes on sale in Australia in June with prices expected to start around the high-$30,000 mark.

  • Ima_Hogg

    So this is toyota’s Sti version? Because if it is the Sti looks better. Can’t wait to have a test drive in one.

    • JHP

      sti would be possible for us, but trd… i don’t think it’ll arrive in australia.
      its been quite a while since trd retreated from australia.
      but ohh well, doesn’t matter, they are both exact same models anyway

  • Symo

    Not power increase, no deal.

    • marc

      but you can stop faster, make more noise than a Lebanese P-plater and have rims of Bronx crack dealer… and all in smooth Japanese package – and no doubt you race Prius and Camry with ease

      • Jules

        haters gon’ hate

        • AJS

          ROTFL ^^^^^ 

    • Gus

      agree with you, ill keep my s15 spec r

  • Tctcal

    Ok now this is starting to look interesting..

  • marc

    …and i though that they finished Toy Story sequel long time ago…

    • MarkwithaK

      Why don’t you set an example and grow up yourself?

      • marc

        someone is getting a little edgy – i bet its that imagination of carving thru the roundabouts and spirited take off of the traffic lightsin new 86… taking on all the Hyundai Gets and Prius’… how is that for a grow up – I can say Prius 😛 can you???

        • MarkwithaK

          I’m sorry if I’m too edgy for you, but we can’t all be as tame as you, harping on about “Hyundai Gets” and “Prius'”…

  • MisterZed

    Ergh, pearl white … now you know this car is a Subaru.  White should be white.

    • Sonic

      What’s wrong with pearl white? You actually prefer looking at paint without depth?

      • MisterZed

        Depth doesn’t come from the effect, it comes from the shade, and the quality of the paint and the paint process used.  You can get ugly pearls and beautiful solid whites.  I have a solid white car which has great depth.

        • bobdevo

           White cars are for municipal code enforcers and sanitation workers …

          • MisterZed

            And black cars are for funerals and hearses (and the secret service).

    • Patrick

      I found pearl white rather appearing…

      • JamesB

        You mean ‘appealing’?

  • Dimka100

    Its a real shame an LPG taxi will destroy this thing of the lights, and before anyone says anything, nobody races in the corners anymore :(

    • qikturbo

      That may also be the case for other hot hatches/coupes in the same price bracket.
      The Falcon LPI LPG for example, would easily kick the more expensive  Megane’s RS  butt at the lights.

      • RSC200_Who_Else

        You two are pathetic!
        The Falcon LPI LPG is half the car the Toyota GT-86/ Subaru BRZ is not to mention the Megane RS 250, heck even the Clio RS 200 is by far a better car than the Falcon Turbo. You know why? Because they can corner!
        But untalented drivers take it on the strait line because they lack ability to handle a car on it’s maximum performance on the corners.
        But hey we can’t all be perfect, have fun driving your Auto’s!

      • Sydlocal

        So qikturbo, are you telling us that a Falcon LPi does the 0-100 in considerably less time than 6.1 seconds? That is the factory quoted 0-100 for a Megane RS250 and a time that is achievable for the average driver. 
        To “easily” beat the RS250’s like you say it would, the LPi would have to do the 0-100 in around 5 seconds. Now even a stock XR6T would be struggling to do that as it’s quoted 0-100 is around 5.6 seconds. Most sources say the LPi is good for around 7 seconds 0-100 (figure not quoted on Ford’s website). Now by my twisted maths, the 6.1 seconds of the RS250 is less and hence “easily” quicker than the 7 seconds required for the LPi.

        • Springvale Boi

          “6.1 seconds? That is the factory quoted 0-100 for a Megane RS250″.

          That’s done by a pr0/race driver under the best condition. 99.9% of the ppl can’t row the manual gears and work the clutch with exact timing to get that figure. Most would be lucky to get 7-ish or 8-ish seconds. The automatic Falcon on the other hand could get consistent 0-100 times.

          • SLB

            Well My Clio RS 200’s RS Monitor tells me that 0-100 in 7.0 seconds (factory 6.9s) so your telling me that the Megane RS 250 can only do 0-100s at 7 to 8 seconds with a pro driver?

            You’re a little Ignorant no?

          • Sydlocal

            Springvale boi, pro/expert/experienced drivers are getting 5.6-5.8 out of the RS250, so the “average” driver should be able to get at least 6.5 if not lower. Plus there would be no more than 2 gear changes to 100km/h anyway…

      • Ron

        Megane RS 0-100km 6.1 – 6.5 sec depending on how brutal you start.

        Even the stock clio sport will give your Falcon LPG a good run on straight. Remind you that the previous clio172/182 is faster than the 6 cyl base model gasoline Falcodore from 0 to 100km/hr. LPG has less power than gasoline and is slower.
        The less weight is the key to make a car fast, not necessarily power, i.e. Lotus or even a 250cc motorbike. A heavier car will need better brakes and then will be heavier and so on. The cycle will keep on and on. That is why 86/BRZ starts with low weight and less unnecessary reinforcement. Falcodore is too heavy, brake will fade quickly. The FPV supercharged one’s chassis cannot keep up with the power.

        Please keep in mind a Toyota Yaris can be quicker than the Falcodore in straight line if you disregard the existence of the boys in blue and have guts.

        I am sure a Toyota Yaris is faster than the falcodore down Macquarie Pass.

        Lap time/trap speed shows how competent the car is, not terminal speed.

        Power is nothing when you can’t put it on the road.
        You should know how to stop/brake before how you accelerate.

        • Robin_Graves

          Stick to pokemon if you think a yaris is quicker than a falcon in a straight line and a stock falcon will also outhandle a yaris.  One other error you made, the LPi falcon is faster than the petrol version.  Yes LPG has a lower calorific value than petrol – but – its RON is higher (more compression and aggressive spark advance) and its cold so it can increase charge density so the engine has slightly more available oxygen to burn.  Neither the falcon or yaris are designed to be sports cars but you need to get some facts straight before typing.

          • Sydlocal

            Robin is right Ron, the LPi is quicker to 100km/h (0.1-0.2 of a second IIRC) and even better with “roll on” acceleration due to a little more power and torque.

    • Got no clue…

      If you want to “race” you dont buy a Commodore or falcon or even a 86/brz. You buy an Evo IX and put a roll cage in it! Grow up Dimka!

  • Mike T

    TRD should work on a supercharger kit for the 86. It would definately haul with a bit more pep (although most purists will say that it doesn’t need it)

    Different strokes for different folks 😉

  • Springvale Boi

    In before the “TuRD” crowd lolx

  • Got no clue…

    Ha ha i love reading all the comments down here from the armchair warriors! They’ll soon have their mouths shut when the 86/brz have aftermarket turbos and rape their falcodores at the lights!

    • Robin_Graves

      With a big bad 205Nm its got a long way to go before it beats anything from the lights.  At the moment its nothing but a hairdresser mobile that sounds like a muffled VW beetle.  If they dont release a turbo version this will go down as the lamest sports car since the Paseo

      • Kaas

        You haven’t obviously seem the car in action. It is not a powerful car but it’s nimble, quick enough on daily roads and great handling… I have not seen one journo say it’s a hair dressers car… If anything they say it’s remarkable and only thing they wish is more power… Hair dressers car is cars that are purchased for looks only… Many are lining up for the 86 because it’ll be a great car to tune for the track, drive as a daily driver and have fun doing it 100% of the time… The haters credentials are nothing compared to the journos who’s had a try with it.

      • Igomi Watabi

        all the motoring journalists disagree with you. They point to the exceptional handling and sweet engine-gearbox combination. But then, motoring journalists have to give the cars back at the end of the day, so they have no need for pointless bragging rights.

      • Martyr_7

        mate do you research you got no idea.

        • Robin_Graves

          The fact remains that the car is grossly underpowered.  It could have been an absolute smash hit if only it had the power to match all its other attributes.  These cars will spend 99.9% of their time on the road and getting blown away by a rep in a 3.0lt dunnydore at the lights is not something I would want from a sports car.
          The fact that the price has ended up much lower than anticipated makes it a much sweeter deal but seriously, this could have been the car of the decade if only it had more power!  Hopefully the 200SX rumours are true and Nissan learn from this gross mistake.

    • Smart Us

       the magic word is “aftermarket turbos” it would be more likely aftermarket superchargers – and most likely Raptors… once this systems are available then i might be interested… as the car is nice but the power is of a bicycle… i bet it has a hole in the floor for Flintstones style acceleration and braking 😉

  • Orrid

    Forget the 86/BRZ – It’s a cool car but way overrated. Why don’t you buy yourselves a decent bike like a Kawasaki ZX10, save yourself $25,000, and don’t worry about beating clio’s off the lights, concentrate on beating Lambo’s off the lights. Cheaper on fuel than a Yaris, easier to park than a Yaris – and no one will think you are a hairdresser.
    And you might say “yeah, but what about when it rains, or you want to go to the shops?” Well, get a 5yr old clio sport and have the best of both worlds, with a spare $15,000 to spend on beer!

    • Jauffre

      Because I can’t a bike license until next year :(

    • save it for the track

      More likely to end up in a coffin than a Yaris as well….

    • Igomi Watabi

      also, even a car like  an 86 has some boot space and people use cars for more than fun.

  • MisterZed

    In the US there will be no Toyota 86, it will called the Scion FR-S.  So obviously they won’t be getting TRD…

  • gt86.com.au

    This car just continues to impress.. Car enthusiasts and tuning shops are going crazy!!
    give it 6months and there will be off the shelf parts that will let you do just about anything with this awesome beast!!
    Not enough power? Ha Ha There have already been V8 transplants!! :)

    • marc

      are you  a toy-ota car dealer??? this is a fun party – so go and sell to cardigans guys ok

      • Gazza

        What isnt your beige camira cardigan enough for you MARC? 

    • Bradley Ellison

      I believe so, seen a YouTube clip of one with a Lexus IS-F V8 in there!  Subi and Toyota have both confirmed they’re working on super/turbo versions.

      Very keen to pick one up – the only question is, go for the $38k bare-boned one and spend the extra $$’s on upgrades myself, or start with a $55k STi version and not touch it.

      I’m thinking if the TRD/STi versions have a $20k premium, people will be able to achieve far more for far less after market.

      • Kaas

        A 221kW STI version is not going to be 55K….
        If a hatch cost 70K… A coupe 2+2 will be more… A 221kW 1200kg RWD Coupe would demand 80+ K.. Judging by market appeal and performance.

        A 180KW Supercharge one I can see for 55-60K…. Toyota would make sure the 147kW is way cheaper to get buyers. Look at GTI and R….

        • Bradley Ellison

          The STi version is in the current Wheels or Motor mag stating $55k-$60k (expected).  They’d have a hard time trying to get a $35k car sold for $80k+ regardless of performance!

  • qikturbo

    I’m sure that the Toyota/BRZ ‘s track prowess will blow the overrated pipsqueak RS Clio into the weeds and definately give the Megane RS 250 a run for the money.
    When the respective more powerful versions come out they will also dispatch the Megane RS 250.

  • Lindsay

    What on earth is a “high response” exhaust system?

  • Muzza P

    I was suprised to read no mention of a supercharger or turbo option for the TRD variant. But given that it has a subaru boxer in it, there will be the ability to swap the n/a donkey for a turbocharged wrx powerplant, hopefully without too much modding to get it in.

    I also heard someone say to me that only 2000 of the 86 units will come to Australia and that only 10% will be TRD, but this i think is just speculation and rumour.