Lexus will unveil the 2013 Lexus ES at this year’s New York auto show on April 4, with the Japanese luxury car maker releasing a teaser image of the car.

Details remain sketchy on the sixth-generation Lexus ES, which is based on the Toyota Camry platform, but the image confirms the ES gets the Lexus signature spindle grille in line with the all-new Lexus GS. The ES is also said to offer an enhanced driving experience, also a feature of the new Lexus GS.

Despite the official teaser image, Chinese auto site photographed the entry-level ES250 in China, without camouflage.

Lexus Australia’s Peter Evans told CarAdvice: “We are actively studying the ES and would strongly support a business case to bring the model to Australia, if and when it is produced as a right-hand-drive vehicle.”

Currently, the Lexus ES is only produced in left-hand-drive, but if the car were produced as a right-hander, then markets such as Japan, the UK and India, would also most likely consider the model.

It’s certainly more edgy than the previous generation ES models that were sold in Australia, but against the new GS, its looks are still conservative, especially at the rear.

If Lexus does introduce the all-new ES in Australia, it would sit between the IS and GS models.

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  • Hjalle

    I hope they do introduce it to Australia, I really like the look of it compared to the old one.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    The old ES looked ok, albeit not sporty at all, but this combines elegance and some sporting capabilities. I think Lexus’s market is changing from a retiree’s ideal luxury car to a left of field professional’s car of choice.

  • Noddy

    I don’t know if it is the right fit in Australia, with the IS and GS, as well as Camry Ateva/Grande and Aurion Presara. They’re all too similar in size, but I suppoose the price of the GS here will tell.

  • O123

    this is FWD remember, so I would hope it would be priced under the IS not above.

    It looks good but the design hasn’t moved on since the current gen IS. Interior looks cheap though most likely as its pre production

    • mrxandthexfactor

      I completely agree with you about the interior. They’ve tried to imitate the new GS interior but it just doesn’t look as good. A cheapish, inelegant look.

      • Up1u

        Well the GS is a more expensive car, you don’t expect this to have a better interior then GS

    • Jck1

      Cheaper then IS350 but more expensive en IS250.. At least that’s how it is in USA

  • JHP

    ohh boy, would you look at that?
    its toyota camry in fancy suit! such an interesting product.
    i would definitely consider buying one of those…. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Bringing the ES into Austalia would see adjustment in pricing for the IS and GS – it will be a good thing especially if IS prices are lowered to accommodate the ES. An ES will give Lexus more cars to sell…

  • Birty

    It must say something if the Japanese don’t even want it. 

  • Jinnzhang

    An Aurion is as good as a ES so why?

    • Birty

      You know what though, they’re completely different drives. I’m not a lexus fan, but there is quite a difference between a Lexus and a Toyota. It’s like saying a Kluger and an RX350 drive the same with the same equipment, they’re not. The quality of materials, the extra sound deadening, the suspension. It’s not until you drive them back to back you realise the difference. 

      Like I said I am not a lexus fan, could not see myself owning one, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but they quite different. 

  • ACD

    Bring it to Aus at A$55k, I am sold.

  • marc

    it looks like late Hyundai USA models – not sure if it doesnt look to “old man car” already… maybe it has some chance fighting C, A4 and 3 series… however IS is doing much better statement and job

  • Go to

    it still looks like an Ordinary – I mean Camry

  • R1eal

    China don’t get ES350

    Instead they get the same 2.5L found in Camries..

  • Smart Us

    that dash board looks like Ikea retro styled Communists Neo Modernism garbage… but since its good Chinese it must be good for Oz…