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    Here we go the Return of the Daewoo.

    • Sydlocal

      Can’t be Ian as it is not South Korea. They will now be building Ladas and Great Walls because they are building cars in Russia and China respectively. That way we can keep in line with Robin’s theory of “manufacturing by association” with the country of origin. TIC ;-)

    • Guest

      I know. It’s great news isn’t it? Daewoo is on the up and up. I’m glad I’m not the only one excited about it…

  • Guest

    car looks nice in that photo

  • davie

     I wasn’t aware that a company with that name currently exists.

  • Bob Brown Lite

    Yup Show us how much you care about our enviroment… Why build in these countries? Lower wages costs, higher government backing (particularly if are generous with your christmas gifts), no enviromental concerns and the intelligence of countries like our that will import your goods duty free because of level playing fields… Just like building in South Africa used to be advantageous, these countries will be either raped or soon be buying out the Great American….. 

  • Sumpguard

    I love how they are being attacked for building a product where it is cheaper to build it. 

       That’s sound business management !

         Oh and Ian I suggest you get yourself up to date with Daewoo regarding the building of passenger cars. You clearly do not have a clue!!

  • atd

    What is the car pictured? It looks alright.

    • Sumpguard


  • Laurie

    Most likely imported for the photo shoot

  • Robj

    Actually, Australia has a competitive advantage of creative development and R&D. We have great testing environments, highly skilled engineers and devise vendor base to develop cars here. Volume production is best done where it is cheapest. All manufacturers are doing this. Best we focus upon we are good at not not try to complete at the low cost end. Govenment should be encouring further high tech and educations to keep this in Australia.