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BMW is set to broaden the design of its ‘X’ family as shown by this rendering of the 2014 BMW X5 by German magazine Auto Zeitung.

Most prominent is the new grille, which is both larger and wider than the current design and similar to that seen on the latest generation 3-Series.

The headlights will use LED technology and the tail-light assembly will be redesigned using the layering concept as seen on BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics concept that allows for more depth to the surface.

There are more pronounced character lines that flow down the side panels, too, which enhance the vehicle’s masculine look.

The new BMW X5 is based on the F15 platform, which is a modular design that will allow the company to build multiple cars off the same platform and reduce overall production costs over the vehicle line-up.

Equipped with petrol and diesel powertrains, the 2014 BMW X5 will also get hybrid technology combining an electric motor with a 2.0-litre diesel engine. The 15kW electric motor adds support to the 152kW produced by the diesel unit.

The new BMW X5 is expected to make its world debut in late 2013.

Image render: Auto Zeitung

  • JamesB

    The current X5 is the best looking 4×4 in the world, so designing its successor can be quite tough. Don’t screw this one, BMW.

    • Sievester

      It’s not a 4X4 by any means of the imagination

      • Sumpguard

           Nor is it the best design to my eyes. 

           I wonder if this will be released on time or the dealers will be too busy handling the recall of over 1 million vehicles that I heard on the news thismorning?

      • Noddy

        You must have a small imagination then.

  • nick

    Lower production cost, does that mean it is going to be cheaper?

    • GA

      It is not really up to BMW right? more about tax

    • Devil’s Advocate

      You would have thought it would have gotten cheaper when the $AU strengthened so much against the $US and reached above parity. It just proves how much we are ripped off over here.

    • Yash

      Ya cheaper to build but you pay the same price or even more for those f,.?king packages.

  • Nick

    What an ugly rendering…

  • MisterZed

    Soccer mums rejoice!!

  • Kriss63

    Oh dear,looks like a very tired and outdated design already,trust me,when this comes to maket,it`ll make the others look futuristic,and i must say i`m a big fan of BMW and other euros…

    • Yash

      Wake up dude! Who buys X5 for looks? It is still one of the best driving SUV out there, until the latest Porsche cayenne appeared.

  • C Milz

    It could be just me, but this new X5 reminds me a lot of the 80’s Range Rovers… Not too sure this is a good thing.

  • Focused

    Both this and the new 3 series look unbalanced to my eye. BMW to me have lost their ability to style even handsome cars. This just looks like a stretched X1

    • Bob

      I own current 40d and see this next version as a backwards design step. At this rate I just can’t see myself sticking with BMW as their designs are heading down an ugly path. I guess the Chinese will buy anything euro regardless so it doesn’t really matter what I think in the long run.