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  • Bruzzer

    WOW, look at this looks like a Mazda Cx-5 ute.
    just change the badge.

  • Henry Toussaint

    Dosen’t seem bad!

  • Gary

    I used to have a musso ute. while ugly it did the job and heaps of off road stuff. only two issues that Ssangyong need to address 1: need the ground clearance a little higher. 2: the alternator needs to be put somewhere else being at the bottom of the engine means water crossings are fought with danger!!! 

  • Glenn

    This is a disappointment, Ssangyong really had a chance to shed it’s ugly duckling rep and address some of it’s major crticisms like safety and interior design. This is just a mediocre facelift with some sheetmetal and headlight changes and a tweaked engine. They are only competing against the likes of Great Wall and other soon to be released Chinese brands instead of capitalising on their credentials of tough engines and running gear and taking it to Ford and Mazda with contemporary interior designs and much needed side and curtain airbag safety. Unfortunately Ssangyong continue to make just so so vehicles…… 

    • Clintlee

      Competing against great wall??? You gotta be kidding! I’m a trained ssangyong technician and I can tell you they are giving the Japanese brands a run for their money. They are built and finished better than any Australian built car for starters, and the new front end end has come off a treat. It looks great, was the first on the scene with common rail technology and has a great 4×4 system! I think they are very underrated and all our customers love them. They are more likely to end up like their Korean friends Hyundai. A fantastic vehicle since the ” I ” series came out. Definitely a brand to watch in near future for huge growth.

      • Glenn

        I have owned a Kyron up until recently so I do know a thing or two about the Ssangyongs from a customers point of view. The point I was making was that anybody can bolt on attractive sheet metal panels such as the Chinese. I know Ssangyongs chassis and drive trains are good however they need to move with the times and keep ahead of the game in the safety stakes, like I said before Ford and Mazda have set the benchmark in utes with passenger car like safety and handling. I think had Ssangyong even offered these safety systems as options it would have gone a long way to getting ahead of Ford and Mazda on pricing alone by matching thier offerings then letting the engines and drivetrains speak for themselves. Just because people drive utes doesn’t make them any less important than other vehicle drivers and even tradies are expecting and demanding better safety equipment because of these vehicles dual purposes as family vehicles as well as work. I agree they are a brand to watch in the future however I still think they missed a huge opportunity here to guzzump all its ute competitors.

  • JHP

    wow, after just one plastic surgery in the front, it suddenly looks so charming and desirable.
    i wouldn’t mind getting one of those, heck, i’d choose one of those over hilux.

  • ?????????

    Hmm looks more macular and work ready than the new ‘Curvy” BT50…….
    having driven the old one, price would be the only reason one could use to by the smaller, less powerful, less economical Great Wall..

  • Wayne

    looks good  i have a 2008 ssangyong dual cab ute been around australia towing a caravan did everything i needed it to do very comfortable good fuel economy great car the only negitive needed
    a change of springs for height would definetly buy another especially with the new front

  • Tim

    I am certainly looking for Twin Cab Ute and have been going over all reviews. I mostly like what everyone is saying, and the extra bit of power the new model gives is also a bonus. The only questionable thing is the Alternator position. Will this be a problem for general water crossings, not talking about needing a snorkle.
    Cheers T

    • jim binns

      Hi I have a 1996 musso, been travelling for over two years towing a caravan would not trade it for any thing else, thinking of retiring the old musso 2015, going for this vehicle

  • Markosity1973

    I hope to see more of these on the roads. Ssangyong is one of the markets truly underrated brands.

    I am on my second I Ssangyong now, and the earlier comments about safety have me puzzled. I bought  a new Kyron SPR in Nov and it comes with 8 airbags, ABS, electronic stability control, active rollover protection, hill descent control and reversing sensors. If that isn’t a complete safety package, I don’t know what is.

    • Glenn

      As stated previously I too owned a Kyron that had 6 airbags, my point was why is Ssangyong only including these safety packages in utes as well; seeing they are so popular with tradies and families alike. Does nobody actually read what I am saying? Until they lift their safety packages across their range they are still just competing against the Chinese with their inferior ute offerings…for this reason I have decided NOT to buy a new Actyon ute!

  • Luke Canberra

    I am going to buy one. I plan to get a red 4×4 SX. I am getting the SX because it has ABS, EBD, active rollover protection and hill descent control. I am very disappointed that it does not have side curtain airbags and sincerely hope that by the time I buy one early next year Ssangyong have addressed the issue. I want this as a family car that I can use to do work on my property. After test driving one I am thoroughly impressed in every other way.

  • Brian

    I have bought the larest one with automatic.It replaced a Toyota Prado Grande diesel.
    The ride is supurb, Driveng and handling is good. Great power and the economy is terifick.
    I took the earlier model for a test drive and the latest model leaves the predecessor for ded in all ways.

  • Pcraig8100

    I own a 2008 SPR it does everything the Hilux etc can do but it needs a lift kit. I like the old look as it is different not trying tolooklike the rest.

  • Rob

    2nd service $850 ….

    • Luke Canberra

      Why?? What did they do?