The special edition Toyota LandCruiser Prado Altitude has been released to sit above the current LandCruiser Prado GXL.

Prices start at $68,490 for the LandCruiser Prado Altitude V6 petrol model and $69,490 for the diesel. This puts it between the Prado GXL diesel at $61,990 and the Prado VX diesel at $78,490.

The LandCruiser Prado Altitude is available with the same 202kW/381Nm 4.0-litre quad cam V6 petrol and 127kW/410Nm 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engines currently available in the Prado.

The extra coin sees the seven-seat Prado Altitude gain satellite navigation, tilt-and-slide moonroof, leather-accented seat trim, privacy glass and a seven-inch touch-screen display.

The touch-screen up front can also operate the rear-seat entertainment system that comes with the package and includes a nine-inch monitor mounted from the ceiling, a DVD player, 5.1-channel surround sound and three wireless headphones.

The sound system in the Prado Altitude has also been upgraded from the six-speaker unit in the Prado GXL to a 14-speaker six-disc in-dash CD/DVD changer with remote control.

A back-guide monitor provides guidance for the reverse camera, and front parking sensors have been added to give assistance at the other end.

The special edition Prado Altitude will be produced until the end of April.


    5 Speed Auto slow with the diesel option or thirsty with the petrol engine… No thanks there are far better choices out there.

    • Paul

      Could not have said it better my self

    • Tomas79

      Better choices, such as?
      This car is more practical and reliable then a discovery, and a Pajero!


    Altitude for its High Price?
    At least the name rings true ha ha

  • tdg66

    Gee that expensive nearly 70K for the base model

  • Crikey

    Better choices then a Prado … such as ?

  • True 4WD’er..

    It will sell it’s tits off, there is a reason this is the best selling forby in the country the only better one comes from the same manufacturer but it (too) costs alot of $$$… But there is obviously enough of a value story with rock solid reliability, capability, features and importantly the back up of the largest dealer network in the country to make parts and service accessibility easier in remote areas where these vehicles are sometimes taken… So to the people critical of this car looking at euro or other brand alternatives alternatives, be prepared to have half the ownership experience (and resale..) that this car offers.. Ofcourse if you are not a true user of this car (toorak tractor, north shore explorers…) then you have different reasons for not neading the Toyotas…

    • Daniel Streek

      Absolutely agree the prado is the best 4wd I have owned, growing up with patrols and going on to own a Navara d40 petrol we will be sticking with them. Have had our 150 series GXL for over 12 months. Jealous of the mother in law, she is about to order an altitude

  • Sam

    That is a lot of money just to drive to the school or the coffee shop.

    • Springvale Boi

      Or McDonald’s.

    • I-snake

      Just what we need, more hero mums in 4wd’s raping the road and it’s fellow users! Get a territory if your that concerned lol

  • Territory tough

    Having owned Prados since 1996 (first release) and driven over 500,000km in them I feel qualified to comment on them. Having just ordered an Altitude, I probably will get the negative comments about cost, but when the yearly depreciation of owning one is around $2,800, I will be the one laughing with no repair costs and people fighting to get to it at trade in time. Show me the evidence of other brands with such a resale value.
    By the way my 1996 Prado GXL, I sold to a mate, now has over 400,000km on it and is still towing a two tonne boat around on roads that need to be seen to be believed and is running like a clock. 

    • Darwinsam

      cannot agree with you more. I use to own a Jeep, never ever will i make that mistake again. I have ordered the Altitude. The issues that come with owning a car like the Jeep are not worth the time or money. Cannot wait for my new Altitude to arrive

    • Desley Weinert

       Wouldn’t buy anything but a Prado.Have also had Prado’s  since they were first released just waiting for a new one to arrive.

      • Edn

        As a current 5 year old BMW owner, I off to get the new Altitude. Getting tired of countless repairs and money thown at the European “high tech” vehicle.

    • vgeorge

      Yep, just ordered the Altitude as well. Looking forward to it. Prado have a great resale value

  • brittany

    we have one.. its the nicest car i have ever driven

  • Vis



    Cuál es el costo en Bolivia de un TOYOTA PRADO LAND CRUISER 2012

  • Citydweller

    Ordered a Prado…can’t wait to pick it up!  it’ll be my first one :-)

  • M4tro78

    i have just ordered my 2nd prado and apart from writing the frist one off and all my falmily came out unscaved from the crash i would never look at any other 4wd the safety in this vehicle is amazing. cant wait to get into my altitude

  • Maree

    About to purchase 3rd new Prado, the only reason it has taken me this long to upgrade from the last one is because i absolutely love my 2004 vx . It has done not far off 190 000kms and apart from brakes tyres etc have never touched it  :( going to be sad but about to head to the altitude.

  • Jim Wilson

    Well as a cashed up Business owner once i purchased new a Jeep renegade then after using oil after only 3 mths old i traded it in on the larger Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 160 kw Mercedes motor what a motor it flew, it flew for over 12mths then the problems started at over 70k new i struggled to get 40 k for it luckily i found a clown like me and we parted.
    The moral of the story is once bitten twice shy twice bitten TOYOTA TIME!!!!!
    As a Prado owner since 2007 AND NOW TRADING IT IN FOR $5000.00 LESS THAN WHAT I PAID FOR IT 5 yrs ago  on a new Altitude i say to any potential buyer get in to your Toyota dealer before they run out….
    Like a previous Territory Tough too right bud…

  • remington

    i <3 my Prado and it spends most of its time off road and dirty …and yes i am a soccer mum !!!! there's nothing to tough for my Prado to handle …. wouldn't drive anything else  now 

  • Mansoordr

    hi Prado lovers. i have one in kuwait since its new model 2010. rest is fine its brake became spongy soon after and i contacted the dealer who gave me lolly pop,saying its normal with all toyota 4wds. hows yours brakes in there. 

  • Jeanscar

    brakes spongy on altitude petrol as well toyota say everythings fine its just the power assisted discs

  • Jeanscar

    i cant fault altitude petrol apart from slight whine at 120k/hr no other speed toyota cant find dont know why no other complaints 

  • Jeanscar

    Toyota  after sales service CMI has been second to none  bent over backwards to help re questions on the Altitude