It’s 51 years since the first production series Jaguar E-Type rolled out of Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory in Coventry, England, and yet still designers today are motivated by a modern interpretation of the car that Enzo Ferrari called “The most beautiful car ever made”.

One such attempt entitled The Jaguar E-Type Concept is by Laszio Varga, a student at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, in Hungary.

Certainly the concept features those classic E-Type style points including the small oval grille, bonnet bulge and rear glass panel with smooth surfaces.

“My goal […] was to bring this icon back to the modern world, and with it, the feeling and the atmosphere in a style that fits the modern car design expectations and the heritage of the Jaguar brand.”

Jaguar is also keen to bring a proper two-seat sports car back into their current line up and revealed their C-X16 electric hybrid concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Insiders have told CarAdvice that Jaguar will show something special at this year’s Paris Motor Show, and many in the industry are predicting that car will be the rightful successor to the original Jaguar E-Type.

There has even been discussion within Jaguar itself about the possibility of using the E-Type nameplate for the new sports car, although some consider that badge to be sacrosanct and not for re-use. Perhaps F-Type is acceptable, as that concept car was never actually produced as a production series model.

Whatever Ian Callum and his design team come up with as a final production car will need to fill some very big shoes if it is to be considered in the same light as the iconic Jaguar E-Type.

  • bb01

    nice rear, not too sure about the front I think it lacks character, but a great try from a student

    • Gwilym

      I was just thinking exactly that. They have captured the orininal E type beauty in the back (as far as we can see in such a dark picture) but the front has no real style, certainly not compared to the orininal.

  • Shak

    Have to agree with bb01. Maybe if the student made the grille slightly larger and integrated it a bit more with the bonnet, but otherwise the car has class and elegance as a Jaguar should.

  • JHP

    looks like car from TVR

  • Springvale Boi

    Tata wants a new E-Typre?

  • Robj

    needs some driving lights in the grill..