• Nath746

    “you won’t here a single complaint from anyone here.”
    you won’t HEAR a single complaint…

    If only finding the money wasn’t an issue…

  • John

    its so loud you won’t hear a single complaint

  • Roadtard

    It’s no V8 Supercar…

  • Springvale Boi

    I am sure it’s fast. But with that rear spoiler, it looks rice looooool

  • Tom


    • Daniel D


  • Daniel D

    Thats a lot of coin to make your Merc look like a HSV Clubsport

  • gt86.com.au

    i bet its half that in Europe.. It would be brilliant if it were available here for its real euro or usa price.. :) 245 is a lot of coin for ANY car but the veyron!

    • theillestlife

      agreed but there are way more expensive cars than the veyron like the Mclaren F1/GTR/LM/GT and Ferrari 250GTO, both more expensive, rarer and the Mclaren F1(all forms) greater than the veyron.

  • JamesB

    Doohan is not a MotoGP star. That series replaced the 500cc category and he retired before that.

    • Anthony

      From Mick Doohan’s own website:  Michael Doohan – Best known in Australia and around the world as five
      times Moto GP World Champion 1994 to 1998, and holding four world
      records in 1997 for his outstanding racing achievements.

  • Seth

    F*#K ME!

  • bob

    All good for me except for that spoiler.  Needed understood.  But looks way to racer boy for me.

  • Prospector

    New nissan GTR cheaper, faster.

    • Talkscheap

      yeah and the GTR has ZERO cachet and with 87 sold in 2011 , the GTR is an awesome car but its really the triumph of technology over a cruddy badge, lets see what its worth in a few years time vs a C63 Black

      • Roadtard

        GT-R is a badge in itself – and what a badge it is!

  • Mrquickfix

    is that roadtard or retard lol its an amg merc not a nissan cheap jap car it is full of the old german qaulity and technology other than the nissan goes fast the amg they go fast in true style shall i keep going no offence but really  amg 

  • Black Series Man

    It’s is actually 265,000  after all expenses on road costs etc. So that bumps the price up, getting in Porches and Masearati range.