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  • gt86.com.au

    with that camoflauge it reminds me of an american police car from the 80s :)
    Somehow I don’t think many of these will see any high speed chases! what a shame ūüėČ

  • OX

    Dictators around the world rejoice, you new car will here soon.

  • theillestlife

    from the outlines of the back, looks as though the taillights resemble a comination of c-class mixed with e-class lights.

    either way, 7-series/A8 killer

  • Bachman Turner Overdrive

    I hope it’s not as ugly as the current S Class.

    • Me

      The current S-Class is stunning!

      • MisterZed


      • Sv6

        The current S-class is hideous with its commodore inspired over flared tyre barge…

        • Matthew

          You mean wheel arch? I think that is what makes the S Class beautiful! And I can tell you now that Mercedes Benz never would take inspiration from an Australian company! They take inspiration from their heritage! Holden is a disgusting company and Mercedes would know better to copy the designs of a hideous company!  

  • MisterZed

    “reportedly be followed by a long-wheelbase variant” – oh wow, a long wheelbase S-Class??¬† This is meant to be news?!¬† Every S-Class ever made has had short and long wheelbase versions.

  • Jim Xu

    Aha, proof that the next generation s class will feature an automatic drive mode. ¬†In the first photo, the black are above the “c” and “a”, there are three white parts for the camera/detector thingy. ¬†In today’s s class there are only 2 white parts.

    • MisterZed

      What’s automatic drive mode?¬†