• Birty_B

    Be really interested to see this on the track. 

  • Golfschwein


  • Overtaker

    Imagine how hard it would be overtake this on the race track.

  • The_undertaker

    I’d rather undertake it

  • Overtaker

    Too bad the streak ends soon

  • The_undertaker

    Are you referring to my Wrestlemania title against Triple H? I wouldn’t be surprised if Shawn Micheals screws me over.

  • Billy_bob_119

    da na na na na BATMAN… i mean NISSAN!!!!

  • grum

    With all the weight over the rear, I would imagine they would have to be careful with the aero to make sure the front does not lift over a rise in a slipstream ala Webber in the Merc.

  • Gamer

    How the hell does it take a corner?

  • Altezza

    The driver would be B.Wayne or D.Knight.

  • Chris MC

    front wheelbase will be the biggest problem i think

  • Nissan_testdriver

    I just test drove this yesterday. Its actually a lot heavier at the front hence the rear lifted off the ground.