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by George Skentzos

Another two race bred MINI’s have arrived in Australia for 2008 straight from the John Cooper Works production line at Plant Oxford in the UK.


Both the Cooper and Clubman models have been given the JCW overhaul, raising their performance in line with the 2008 MINI CHALLENGE race cars.

 2008 MINI John Cooper Works range

Under the bonnet, the 1.6-litre twin-scroll turbocharged direct petrol injection engine has been coaxed into producing 155kW of power with maximum torque of 260Nm – which jumps to 280Nm during Overboost.

“The MINI John Cooper Works brand continues to reinforce MINI’s authenticity, providing enthusiastic sports drivers with the very fastest road going models available, powered by the very same engine that is used in the MINI CHALLENGE race series.”

2008 MINI John Cooper Works rangeThis added horsepower has been extracted strictly with racing in mind, gaining new pistons, valves, turbochargers, intake and exhaust system while at the same time complying with the yet to be introduced EU5 emission standard.

The brakes, gearbox, suspension and exhaust manifolds have all been modified along with a recalibrated Dynamic Stability Control system and a unique Electronic Differential Lock Control which is activated when the DSC is turned off.

The interior has been appropriately upgraded to match the performance, now featuring a leather-wrapped steering wheel, Anthracite finish roof lining and glossy Piano Black surfaces.

2008 MINI John Cooper Works range

A final sentimental addition is the new 260 km/h John Cooper Works speedo which dates back to the 120 mph speedo of the Classic MINI Cooper S.

2008 MINI John Cooper Works range

Available in MINI Garages around Australia from September, the MINI John Cooper Works is priced from $48,800 while the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman carries a price tag of $51,300.