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by George Skentzos

The controversial new generation Impreza has returned for 2008 with a more recognisable profile.

Subaru has now officially released the sedan variant of its all-wheel drive Impreza range – carrying a price tag identical to that of the equivalent model hatch.

 2008 Subaru Impreza sedan launched

Buyers of the Impreza R, RX and RS variants now have the option between either a hatch or sedan without having to take into consideration any price premium.

The sedan model still boasts a five-star crashworthiness rating for occupant safety from ANCAP with Subaru’s Vehicle Dynamics Control stability system standard on all models.

 2008 Subaru Impreza sedan launched

The new generation Impreza has averaged more than 1000 sales per month with year-to-date sales up 12.5 percent – and that’s without a sedan model, until now.

“Impreza is one of Australia’s fastest-growing models of 2008. We can only see that improving with the addition of the naturally aspirated sedan versions.”

The Impreza sedan is 35mm higher with a wheelbase 95mm longer than the previous model which provides extra head and leg room.

 2008 Subaru Impreza sedan launched

The boot space has also increased by 45mm with more useable space thanks to the double wishbone rear suspension, with a split/fold rear seat included for the first time for even greater cargo carrying flexibility.

All naturally aspirated variants offer the choice of five speed manual and four speed SPORTSHIFT automatic transmissions.

2008 Subaru Impreza sedan launched

The turbocharged Impreza WRX sedan is set to make its Australian debut in December along with a new list of options for the RX and RS variants.

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  • pg

    its like a Kia, only more expensive!…wait


    Sorry but still ugly, that rear bumper looks just like a photoshopped rear of a liberty. have to admit looks better than the hatch, which about the only thing it has going!!

  • jojo

    At least Kia is improving. Subaru is going backwards…

  • http://deleted Alex

    It does look an awful lot like the Kia Rio Sedan. Except actually worse.

  • RoFlmaTiC

    The “vents” in the rear bumper…


  • Edd

    At least looks better than the Hatch….
    well done Subaru RIO…..^xx^

  • Genie

    Well at least this won’t be threatening the resale values on my liberty anytime soon. I love subaru heaps but its like watching a good mate fall into the wrong crowd. Please Subaru, stop looking up to those dodgy Korean* guys, you’re so much better than them.

    * No racism intended

  • http://navelcontemplation.blogspot.com/ SuperCujo

    At least it doesn’t have the stupid ‘ricer’ tail lights that are present on the hatch…

  • http://. Naughtyius Maxiumus

    Lense colour looks like shtye

  • http://. Naughtyius Maxiumus

    rear tailights that is…………looks cheap Kia Rio or worse

  • Autogyro

    Like the front, hate the rear. As the others have said, it does resemble a Kia. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment for Kia or a gripe about Subaru. I think I’ll go with Subaru making a poor design choice here.

  • Chucky

    What the hell were they thinking?? I thought the hatch looked bad, then they come out with this Kiabaru sedan? Nothing beats the pre facelift Tribeca for shock value though. The Liberty looks half decent but it is long overdue for an update and is falling behind.

    I think they want to lose sales.

  • Flying High

    relatively old news really. as are the same tired comments made about the sedan. and in case you are wondering subaru tecnica international will not be making a version of it – other than a ‘Tuned by STI’ WRX sometime next year to bolster sales. Better get used to this face of Subaru for the next couple of years.

  • binladen

    Lest we forget SUBARU. Crying…

  • jamison

    and thats why they should stick with the hatch.

    The hatch atleast looks like a japanese car.. the sedan looks korean made.

    How could someone like the styling of the rear…. and rear 3/4.

    The hatch is much better looking and shaped.

  • o

    subaru lost its way when it got rid of the frameless windows. That rear looks so korena the taillights have that flick lke the genesis cuope but that coupe looks hot

  • http://Lancia Hugh Jass

    I saw a lot of these around the USA last month. Very ugly car indeed. Just embarrassing. How Subaru could sign off on something like this is beyond me.

    No doubt Caradvice will love it though. It has AWD (yawn)

  • Fenno

    pillaged by an Epica!

  • si1982

    That is one confused car!

    The vents on the rear bumper – which by the way do not serve any purpose apart from looking “sporty” – are the most askward styling cue that Subaru could have used after the reviews of the Subi Liberty GT models had that!

  • WVB

    Where the bugeye sedan (and its upgrades) had its sales bolstered through WRC & ARC successes back at the time when it was hailed down by the world media, this latest offering may not enjoy the same as subaru’s program is committed to a hatch in order to compete with Ford & Citroen. I hope the sedan can be a worthy successor to the previous but believe Subaru are now conforming to a boring market sector led by others.
    I remember the way the bugeye made everyone angry/confused by standing out and smacking convention like subarus should do and have done in the past. Fingers crossed, they don’t mess up the 03’ liberty’s still fantastic original looks too much with the new one. It’s their last straw!!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice The Salesman

    I would have loved to be in the room when some one said “Hay fellas, look at this design, lets mass produce it”. Some one will have to take a bullet for this as i think even the die hard Subaru fans will find this hard to swallow. Chery take note as this design will be on sale to you soon.

  • Bollinger


    anti spam word = Daewoo

    ’nuff said…

  • Ivan

    Like i said before, Subaru CEO should fire the chap who authorised the design for the impreza, and all the designers below him.

  • Tom

    How can the same company that can come up with the classy, understated liberty, make this?

    I mean, its not ugly, there is nothing ugly about it. Generic, bland, would be my descriptions. It just looks like a design mess, with no proper flow or distinction too its lines. And unlike models like the MY01, which all it needed was a simple headlight redesign, there is almost nothing that i would choose to keep on this.

  • Tom

    Actually, on further inspection the front end isn’t actually all that bad. Its just the actually lines of the car, the doorlines, the roof, the width, the placement of the tiny boot and tail lines.

    The thing is, females will probably like this car, the MY05 WRX was masculine looking and aggressive, this is the opposite. And that may be what they were going for.

  • icejagans

    just needs an increidbly huge rear spoiler and TA DA!
    all is good

  • Myke

    It (like the hatch) will probably look better in the flesh, especially in RS form. But still the design looks very mismatched

  • Bret

    Looked at one last Friday at the Adelaide show, and I can tell you all this negative stuff is just empty bagging.
    It does look great in the metal.

    If you want to see missmatched, thats just down the aisle on the Toyota stand (strangely right next to Ssangyong).

  • dazza76

    I agree with Bret. As with the hatch, the New Impreza doesn’t do it justice in pics, like the Ford FG series, these cars look awsome and more ‘chunky’ in the Flesh. Im just waiting for the new 196kw WRX at the end of the year.

  • wayne

    the rear sucks big time!!!


    “”The new generation Impreza has averaged more than 1000 sales per month with year-to-date sales up 12.5 percent – and that’s without a sedan model, until now””

    Where the Hell did the guys from Subaru Australia get those figures from………I’ve only seen a hand full of new Impreza’s on Sydney roads since it’s introduction. Those 1000 sales per month were either cars sold on the West Coast of Australia, or they’re lying through their teeth. Somehow I don’t think many people have taken to the new Impreza, and now they have an even better reason to steer away from it altogether.


    Like everyone on this Post mentions the Impreza Sedan looks like a KIA Rio, at least KIA ditched that First-Generation Rio design awhile back and then got on with program. Sorry Subaru, you’re alittle too late to offer us that Sh!t.

  • Myke

    RallyX, I’ve seen quite a lot of new gen Imprezas in Melbourne, I think we’re the ones buying the new one 😛

  • Twilight

    all i have to say: ‘Bleh’

    although, if my parents baught me an RS Sedan in black for my first car, i wouldn’t complain… actually, i probs would coz they coulda gotten the hatch for the same price!

  • MatthewM


    Wish this was around when I was on the market for a new car, the boot in the impreza hatch was too small, I would’ve gotten it otherwise — ended up going for a Mazda 3 sedan.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Subarus are supposed to have a style language of their own, but since they got rid of the Greek idiot who put the female-genitals front end on the Tribeca and then the Impreza they seem to be too scared to do anything but emulate the most boring stuff that Korea can come up with. They’ll have to do something pretty quick, or they’re dog tucker. This abomination is their worst effort yet.

  • BFG

    The length of the new Impreza sedan is 4580mm, thats not much different to my MY03 Liberty RX 4605mm, even the current Liberty sedan is 4665mm. I assume the next generation Liberty will grow in all dimensions.

  • Iz

    OH LOOK! The new Kia Ri… oh.

    I dont overly mind the way it looks actually, only because I actually dont mind the look of the Kia Rio 😛 Except whats -with- those holes in the rear bumper?

    Betting the designer was sitting there with his drawing all impressed, then he saw a Kia Rio drive by and he’s like “Crap.”

    So he’s gone at it with a pair of Stanley knives and we end up with the holes (‘vents’) in the rear bumper 😛

  • Peter

    Sadly, this makes the hatch appear much more attractive. The profile is similar to the second-generation Impreza sedan, but the rear looks so ugly. The rear of the hatch was never ugly, just bland. The STI hatch is a very aggressive looking machine.

    Interesting that Mitsubishi have the ugly looking hatchback (Lancer) and Subaru have the ugly looking sedan (Impreza).

  • Bobby

    Ha! since saab took over saabs gone up and subaru down, i still think subaru messed up with the bug eyes and aero grille. now this? although there is nothing much wrong with the car it is no longer a subaru but a … kia-saab-mazda3 thing. look at the new saab 4wd drive sedan, apart from the grill it looks like a subaru … you will see that saab will get into wrc soon, you’ll see.

  • Genie

    RallyX, they get them from same source as all other manufacturers, from VFACTS which tracks what new cars are registered every month. So unless there is a mountain of registered impreza’s in a subaru carpark somewhere, then people must be buying them. There is quite a few around newcastle, with the majority being driven by women, so it probably has more appeal than previous models.

    Although it looks Korean, you can’t fault subaru engineers, it is a good car. The designers should be shot, but the 5 star safety, 4WD grip and reliability of subaru’s will for many people outweigh the looks.

  • http://caradvice.com.au OSU811

    Yes the rear does look a bit awkward and a little korean In The std models!. But the RS with the spoiler and bodykit looks great, much better than the hatch! Cant wait to see the WRX sedan, it will sell very well.. If you bought a std model you would have to option the rear spoiler, then it would look good!!!

  • Stevo the Devo

    With a boot you could stick on a much bigger spoiler – something around the same size as a surfboard. Oh and you can fit bigger subs in the boot.

  • Aleksandar

    This is sad, it doesnt look that bad in all honestly but I wouldn’t pay what it is going to cost (assumed around the same as the hatch) for it. AND WTF is with the vents at the back, its not a liberty so why try to make it into one. This car will be successfull if it sells the top model (not including the wrx of course) under 25K and I doubt it will.

    I feel sad because subaru is my favorite company.

  • Fenno

    Actually, it could be that Toyota (part owners of Subaru) approved this one.

  • mick

    blame it on ” bangleism” , all the japs have lost the plot
    honda euro lost , its euro look , now another bloated camry look a like . mazda 6 ditto . i weep for the next liberty .

    they caught the bangle disease and they just over style every new model that pops up .

    back to europe for style , the germans are blowing them out of the water on looks

  • PutitinDrive

    ‘Mazda6 Ditto….’


    Actually, the new 6 is getting good praises in terms of style, espeically in Europe – as good as the Germans. I think Mazda is blowing the Germans away in terms on styling (just look at their concept cars) and is to date the only Japanese manufactuer to do so far successfully. Lexus is also on the right path as well.

    But in general, Japanese cars are bland and sometimes weird in styling.

    The Impreza would take the gold medal.

  • rex_nut

    I can’t believe it. I’m sure the new car is brilliantly engineered, safer and amazing to drive in typical Subaru tradition, but It’s looks simply don’t cut it. It looks tacky.

    The original GC8 Impreza was a typical bland early 1990’s styled Japanese car. Subaru struck success with the WRX variant by simply tarting it up with a bodykit and go fast parts. It worked.

    Now, it seems they are simply trying too hard for the sake of giving us something new. I would be happier looking at facelifts of the MY01-07 for the next few years than this.

  • http://www.ihatemycar.com.au ihatemycardotcomdotau

    WHAT A POS !!!

  • Duck

    Sure the front’s better looking than the rear, but it’s just all wrong!

  • Kenny

    Being a big Impreza fan myself. i reckon that subaru has gone the wrong way about this car. Sure the chassis is better than it was and the numbers have improved, but styling doesn’t appeal to me.

    They’ve gone with cheap details and the rear looks like a kia rio sedan. your not getting anywhere with that kind of styling on a great car.

    But i can’t wait til the STi version comes out!! hopefully the styling will look fantastic. (as they’ve done with the hatch)

  • Daniel

    My first thought, without reading the comments, was:

    “Hideous – Hyundai”.

    It looks nothing like what a Subaru should. No way would you catch me looking at one of these when I go to buy a new car! How sad Subaru!

  • David

    Never been a fan of Subarus really – however now have the RS Sedan in black and, whilst there are better cars on the market, this car provides all you need in a family car. I dont think it looks at all bad, much better in reality than it seems to be given credit for, and provides a 5 star safety rating…for a wife and baby to drive around in you couldnt ask for more. Depends on what you want I guess?

  • bob

    reminds me of a Camry, any one else?

  • mayhem

    hatch and sedan look disgusting. Bet ya all mothers think its “cute” pfftttt……. and die hard fans will be trying 2 justify it. What the hell were they thinkin? throw a match on it and start again.