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  • Martin

    So to keep consumers interest BMW are charging more and adding extras that most people aren’t all that interested in paying for anyway like high beam assist and anti-dazzle side mirrors. Granted Sat-nav and Harmon/Kardon sound system are tempting but the rest seem superfluous and you’re being charged for them by the prices going up. Hope it works for them but standard convention is to add more kit and lower the price to keep buyers tempted in a car shape ready to be replaced.

    • Robbo

      I guess it’s a matter of opinion [on options], however I’ve never understood why there needs to be 8 million variants of the same car.  I mean, who wants to spend big money on a euro coupe/convertible then pull back and say “I’ll take the 4cyl diesel cause I’m saving money on fuel and helping the environment, yet I play with grotty bowsers that truckies also use”.  It’s just stupid to say you can afford a BMW convertible but can’t afford the top model, maybe buyers should rethink why they’re there in the showroom in the first place [affordability].
      I’ll shut up now or I’ll go on and on and on… 😉

    • channy

      yeeep, i’d pay half and get the top spec KIA OPTIMA, infinity sound system and all,

      • Golfschwein

        Perhaps time to read some road tests, channy. The Optima looks and feels fantastic but the shine fades the moment the wheels start turning. Apparently.

  • Drac

    Nice car but stupid expensive

  • Daniel

    I will never understand why a car with two less doors on the same platform as the saloon needs to cost $10,000 more.

  • nugsdad

    NO -The real reason is keep sales going now photos of the 4 series are on The Sydney Morning Herald site and other places. Interesting the SMH has a photo of the 4 series today without diguise and  CA has a photo on the 3 series coupe and vert. Time to pick up your game lads…..

    • Daniel

      The SMH images are nothing more than mock ups, why should CA be publishing the impressions of artists from other publications?

      • Federer

        Because 80% of everything published on this site is from other publications, read Autoblog early in the morning to see what CA is going to publish

  • Guest99

    $$$ Oh no not again $$$

  • Noel

    It’s amusing, BMW is adding “extra value” based on their already overpriced options….good work.

  • Chucky

    BMW are really arrogant if they think they can increase prices on an overpriced car that is due to be replaced soon.

    With that sort of “generous” pricing, Mercedes will be laughing all the way to the bank. Why pay $84,000 for an old model 325i coupe when you can get a new model C250 coupe (petrol or diesel) with superior performance for $70,000?