by Jez Spinks

You go better with Holden according to the adverts, but soon you’ll go further with Ford.

Ford and Holden will be engaged in a battle of similar slogans later this year when Ford Australia introduces the blue oval’s new global ad slogan ‘Go further‘.

The ‘Go further’ pitch replaces the ‘Drive one’ tag used in markets such as the US and ‘Feel the difference’, which has been used in the likes of Europe and Australia.

The new slogan has the potential to clash with Holden’s ‘Go better’, though Holden says it is currently not planning any action to prevent Ford from using its new line.

“From our own point of view, our Go Better campaign has worked well over the years,” says Holden spokeswoman Kate Lonsdale.

“It resonates well with consumers. We’re confident in our marketing strategy, but we’ll watch with interest what Ford does. We have no real concerns.”

Ford Australia is set to launch the new ‘Go further’ slogan about mid-year, though is still working on exact timing.

“We’re still a while away from rolling it out here,” Ford Australia spokeswoman Sinead Phipps says. “It is a global brand promise. It will come here and we’re working out how we make it fit with everything else we’re doing … and what’s the right time this year to launch it.

“It makes more sense to launch it with a vehicle.

“It’s really more than just an advertising slogan for us. It’s about you having to be able to live up to it. It’s not just cars, its service … and all our employees do two days of volunteering a year on company time, and it’s seeing if we can incorporate that into it.”

Asked if Ford was expecting a call from Holden, Phipps said, “We’ll deal with that if we do.”

While the new ‘Go further’ slogan is also aimed at Ford’s own employees, Ford’s ‘Drive one’ and ‘Feel the difference’ campaigns were targeting directly at consumers – challenging them to drive its products and compare directly with competitors.

Ford Australia ran commercials, with models such as the Focus, pointing out their advantages over direct segment rivals.

Ford is hoping the new ‘Go further’ slogan can resonate globally with consumers with the same kind of success as McDonald’s ‘I’m loving it’ and Nike’s ‘Just do it’.

The ‘Go further’ campaign doesn’t replace the company’s ‘One Ford’ motto, which was introduced by president and CEO Alan Mulally not long after he arrived from Boeing in 2006.

The ‘One Ford’ motto reflects the company’s product strategy to save costs and improve efficiencies by building a single vehicle for each segment worldwide rather than its old approach where it would have different models in different markets.

It’s the ‘One Ford’ strategy that will see the demise of the Falcon as a locally built large car. The current model is only guaranteed until 2016, when it is expected to be replaced by a model based on, or identical to, the next-generation US market front-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive Ford Taurus.

  • 440 R/T Charger

    And VW “Goes nowhere except services center”

    • Ezz

       I was slightly bemused when, in the torrential rain the other morning, a car had broken down in peak hour traffic. It was a brand new Passat.

      • Geo

        Yeah those cars have so many problems.. The most obvious being thir electrical, so many new VW have their lights burned out

        • Symo

          I would normally scoff at comments like that but the new VW in my parents garage has been back THREE times and is only 6 months old. All three times it has been undrivable after a small part has failed. Worse than a Ford, they are going to earn the same reputation.

    • Peter Pebbles Stone

      Thats funny I didnt see anything about VW in this News item…..

      • AndyGF

        When you secretly love something, it provokes a strong emotion… same reason people get addicted to chilli, it hurts but that’s nice.

        What is read is;
        “I wish I could take my car to services center…”, ” I was slightly bemused when I noticed VW’s parked at the side of the road in business parking lots, while I was driving my ice cream van…”, and “Yeah those cars have so many advanced electronic features, something I cant understand, so I choose to view it with suspicion, at least until i can afford one anyway…”

      • Golfschwein

        There doesn’t have to be. VW are number 8, from nowhere 10 years ago, and the haters are hopping mad. They’re furious, in fact, and this is how it manifests itself. They’re always the first to turn a story around to make it somehow relevant to cobble up some spin and nonsense about VW, all while the poor old Falcon’s limping along at 1700 a month. 

        • Sumpguard

             From the owners that I have spoken to it is the VW’s that do the limping!

          • Peter Pebbles Stone

            My golf far from limps… It hammers along using minimal fuel 😀

          • Sumpguard

               A client’s golf GTi recently travelled 650km’s without using a single drop of fuel.

                The tray truck it sat on used a lot though!

    • Noel

      LMAO 440R/T Charger…..truly great work.

    • Barry

      Lol thats a beauty Charger.

      • Golfschwein

        Oh yair, feckin hilarious, I nearly choked on my KFC, fnar fnar fnar.

        • Scatman

          Is your boyfriend the Colonel?

          • Sumpguard

              Choked on the neck and the giblets? That will teach you for listening to Guy Sebastian!

                VW “Go Bitter”  (Just like a real lemon!)

        • Barry

          I once owned a VW Golf which was nicknamed the Rolf.
          It had a twincharger engine painted in the colour of lemon.
          The DSG transmission exploded,VW must think that im loaded.
          The speaker fell out of the door and just lied on the floor.
          The seat belt broke out of the holster,repaired it with hammer and bolster.
          The spoiler fell on the floor,then i had to repair the door.
          Barry can tell a good story,great fiction with lots of glory.

  • Type40

    The 2nd paragraph should read… (engaged in a battle of similar bogans).

  • Leighh

    why keep banging on about the demise of the Falcon? How about equal time given to the demise of the Commodore, its future is the same as the Falcon as GM Australia hasnt made a profit without Gov assistance for years and years. 

                                              HOLDEN  “GO AWAY”

    • Hh

      Crummer sells twice as much in Australia and has a small amount of exports. It’s future is the same, but it will probably last a bit longer than Falcoone.

      • Andrew M

        its not about volume, its about profit per unit and last time I checked the Falcon had it up on the Commodore.

        The best selling brand in the US actually comes in as 4th biggest profit…….

        Commodore exports arent a money spinner, its just a program that justifies Gov money.

        The Falcon and Terry share major development costs so when their volume is combined justification of australian manufacture is equal with the Commodore.

        They both arent looking good, holdens exports and higher volume is just a facade hiding losses.

        The only ones actually threatening to pack up are Toyota and Holden but somehow people think the Falcon is at most risk.

        • MisterZed

          The Falcon is beyond being in the “at risk” phase.  It’s already extinct. “At risk” would imply that there is some chance of it being saved.

          • Andrew M

            Im saying the commodore is no better off cause other seem to think it is.
            So far the Commodore is the only one confirmed as extinct in the future yet people think its safer than the Falcon??

            Techniclly speaking if its extinct that would mean it doesnt exist today as we type.
            At risk means it is destined to be extinct.

            “At risk” is a more accurate description

    • Michaeljd Robertson2

      All governments around the world support automotive industries unlike most people the greater good is at hand hear we make awesome vehicles something more than just a car. Buy Australian and buy yourself a job.      

  • Leighh

    The ‘One Ford’ motto reflects the company’s product strategy to save costs and improve efficiencies by building a single vehicle for each segment worldwide rather than its old approach where it would have different models in different markets. 

    But isnt the Mustang made virtually for America? It is rear wheel drive where everything else is FWD or AWD. So does that mean that the future Mustang will be based on Taurus and FWDAWD? If it is going to be still RWD why dont they just tophat the Mustang onto the fantastic Falcon platform so then they could keep both? Or even make a slightly smaller platform for both Falcon and Mustang. Makes sense to me…….

    • Des

      Mustang/Falcon: Watch this space ……….

    • Hhh

      That doesn’t make sense.

      They can just ship Taurus’ here as the car is already designed, made and has a factory fully tooled.
      Why would they bother fiddling around trying to get Falcoone to fit with the much shorter Mustang? It’s not worth it when Falcoone is selling less than 1500 a month (and declining) with massive discounts on each one.

      • Andrew M

        The mustang rumour is just that for the reason you stated.

        The one thats always been in the shaddow is the Falcon and Lincoln sharing.
        Ford Aus has been working on the bid, it just depends on if they can sweet talk the yanks

        • Phil

          Even if that happens, the Australian factory would still shut down and we’d just be getting rebadged lincolns from the USA. Sharing a platform will just save on design costs, it won’t fix the Australian factory operating at unviable production levels.
          With a imported Falcoone the government would stop the subsidys and it would score a higher price tag. Some hardcore Falcoone fans wouldnt buy it as it’s not Australian. Fleets with Australian made policys won’t buy it and other fleets will look elsewhere due to the higher price.

          Falcoone is dead either way.

          • Ramjet

            Watch this space in regards to future RWD platforms for Lincoln, Mustang and Falcon. Hopefully Ford Australia is involved.

          • Andrew M

            I dont like to seem like Im clutching at straws, but Ford Aus is bidding for RWD rights on the next global car.

            Lets say hypotheticlly speaking we do effectivly get a Lincoln, whats to stop them being knocked up here from kit pretty much like the Cruze and Camry which get awarded Gov money??

            And I dont get why if its made elsewhere why it would be dearer.
            Aust’s expensive labour rates are what makes it hard for them to compete already

          • Sydlocal

             Andrew M, the Camry is not really “knocked up from a kit” to the extent the Cruze is. TBH it actually has more Australian made/manufactured content than even a Commodore, well it used to up until a year or two ago… 😉

          • Des

            In fact the Camry does have the most local content, followed by Falcon/Territory, then V6 Camry (Aurion), then daylight, followed by Commodore, followed by more daylight then finally, Cruze.
            Not sure where the Hybrid Camry fits, but probably just after the V6.

  • DaThomster

    Ahh yes Jez, just delete my comment without acknowledgement, and quietly fix the mistake.  Happy to do your job for you.

  • DaThomster

    Paragraph starting “Asked if Ford was expecting a call from Holden” initially read “Asked if Ford was expecting a call from Ford”.

  • MustangGT-for-me

    Ford can have all the slogans in the world but it won’t ‘Go further’ if it does not improve its sales. Where is the XR8 with Coyote V8?, where is the falcon station wagon, where is the G8E? where is the 4×4 territory, why can’t they bring the mustang or F150 here in CKD form convert it in B/meadows and sell it to us at reasonable prices (ie below LCT)? 

  • loft

    I prefer the slogan that ford use to use ” Built Tough ”

    • Andrew M

      Yes, that and “Have you driven a Ford Lately” were slogans used when they were shifting big numbers.

      Ironiclly Have you driven a Ford lately would actually fit with in their aim in proving they now have a top notch range

  • Daniel D

    I’m sure many former Ford owners “go further” around the corner to the Mazda dealership these days, so the slogan reflects the reality well.
    Maybe Ford need to go further and sort out their woeful dealer network and lack of recalls to fix their cars properly.

  • Ramjet

    “ONE FORD” . So when do we get the F150 and Mustang and at the same price level as in the States? Looks like I still have to “Go Further” to get them.

  • MisterZed

    Um, what’s wrong with “Have you driven a Ford, lately?” ?

  • Falcongt4me

    maybe ford need to monitor the Australian Ford Forums and see the problems being reported with the new Territory’s ICC…Dont think the ‘go further’ slogan will really fit well with the number of angry frustrated owners who have these ongoing issues…And ‘have you driven a Ford lately?’ would probably get a negative response!

  • Tonyn

    Could ford stop worrying about slogans and get a decent marketing campaign? It’s rubbish……. No wonder they can’t sell cars….

    As a die hard ford enthuiast it pains me to see such garbage being churned out….. Sack the marketing dept for ford and put some at enthuiasts in with a passion for fords….. Not some woman with a marketing degree!!

  • BK

    cant wait for the new slogans. BYE BYE FALCON. BYE BYE COMMODORE

    • Sebastian

      Hello VW service center.

  • Shak

    As someone who doesnt want to see local manufacturing disappear from either the Red or Blue camps, it is tragic really that just as Ford is getting some good product into the dealerships they are failing to market it. I have still only seen one TV ad for the Eco LPi Falcon, and dont even get me started on the EcoBoost.

    Holden on the other hand are already advertising the Volt just to let people know that its coming. Yes i am a Holden fan but i also enjoy seeing Ford do well, because competition is good for everyone. Ford on the other hand either dont want Falcon to do well or simply have that bad of a marketing department.

    • Sydlocal

       Don’t forget local manufacturing from Toyota as well. They are no less Australian than Ford or Holden… :-)

      • Shak

        I know but i like to overlook that fact. Funnily enough though they are probably in the best position out of all three locals, however the high dollar is really hurting them in the short term.

      • Andrew M

        Um yes, Toyota are less Australian in the vehicles they make.
        Ford and Holden currently design and engineer vehicles unique to this country whereas Toyota doesnt.

        But as far as taking Gov money to run a factory in this country, yes they are just as Australian

        It depends whether you are atlking about the operations or the orientation of the product they produce

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  • Leighh

    Hhh you have a spelling problem mate. The correct spelling is  FALCON   got it??  Is that why your name is all the letter………you cant spell your real name either…….lol

  • Leighh

    all the one letter…….

  • Yesu

    Aurion tears apart the falcon and SV6.. The new SIDI SV6 is a gimmick.. Lexus has a direct injection version of the 3.5L engine producing 233Kw

    • Phil

      SIDI has far better economy than Ewwrion or IS350 – and the people looking for a entry level large car (fleet buyers) are after economy not performance.

      Ford has a 310Kw version of it’s Falcoone 6 producing 310KW….whats your point?

    • jekyl & hyde

      troll alert…

  • Pete

    I prefer ‘Drive One’ than ‘Go Further’ but who cares it’s just a slogan.

  • save it for the track

    Fords own advert recently seems to take ‘shots’ at large cars.  “small hugs the road, but doesn’t hog it”  (or similar)  Basically the advert highlights Fiesta, Focus and the benefits of small vehicles. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Falcon Tv commercial.  Even the print and other adverts are thin on the ground for Falcon.

  • Blitzkrieg

    I havn’t seen a falcon for ages either and not once have i seen any add or promotion of their new LPi engine.

  • Holdens the vest!

    Ford is the worst car i have ever seen and everybody has seen. Like they say, HOLDEN GOES BETTER!

  • HoldenRocks!!

    Ford is the worst car i have ever seen and everybody has ever seen. Like they say, HOLDENS GOES BETTER!!!

  • Scatman

    I don’t think you will remember, too much time with your hand on pedro by the sounds