• Sonic

    It’s very annoying to hear that they’re not road-legal in Australia. I’d love to buy one, so I can drive to the racetrack, have a few laps, then drive home again.
    What is stopping the car from becoming road legal here… And why is it legal in the UK?

    • Devil’s Advocate

       Because our ADRs are more restrictive and “unique” than most other Design Rules ie Euro. That is one of the main reasons why we miss out on so many nice cars as it costs the company a lot of money to comply with our sometimes unique design rules.

  • gt86.com.au

    Good Question Sonic, would love to know what stops this car from being road legal, and is it a big modification to make it so..

  • ben

    The cars are so stiffly sprung and sydneys roads are so terrible that driving an sr3 on the public roads would not be enjoyable at all.

  • Symo

    The first and most obvious ADR rule is the ground clearance. Needs to be roughly high enough to clear a coke can (~100mm). FAIL. Then there is the lights, how high they are of the ground, the angle they can be viewed at etc. FAIL. Noise, FAIL. If it is not an import, then it has to have mandatory safety systems, so DSC standard, ABS standard, Airbags Standard. FAIL. Immobiliser FAIL. Does it use a key to start? If not, FAIL.

    Plenty more reasons why this will never pass ADR rules, ARS are not unique, just other countries have loop holes like we do for vintage cars.

  • MC

     No windscreen either. Another fail for the ADR.

  • Sonic

    Thanks to those for answering my question. Good points, but I find it strange how Motorcycles, Scooters, and vintage cars can get through these rules but the Radical can’t. I mean, I’d much rather have a crash in one of these than have the same accident in a Chery or Geely. Trackday cars should be exempt from the ADR rules, in my opinion. Or maybe a system can be introduced where you’re only allowed to drive the car to and from the racetrack. I can dream…

    • Anthony

       Good point; no seat belts or airbags on a bike, and far less crash protection. I do agree that perhaps these cars might be given clearance to drive to and from the track in a responsible manner. I see no problem with that.

    • Matthew Werner

      Completely agree. If Bernard Tomic could get exemptions to drive a M3 to and from training when on P plates, then a precedent for loopholes exists. Or maybe you just need to be rich and/or famous :(

  • Kjhkjh

    Bernard Tomic is a turd in a dress