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  • john

    Wow is it just me or is the exterior styling a massive step backwards compared to the previous generation?

    • Type40

      I agree completely. Mitsu hit on a styling formula that works and looks aggressive and then they pull something like this that is pretty frumpy. This looks like the update of the original Outlander not the current one…

    • Symo

      An people think Subaru made ugly cars! Is it just me or does every new outlander try to copy the Forester…

  • Slick-slim87

    So fugly. i didnt even care to read the article

  • LancerOwner

    pretty ugly

  • WayneTSV

    Wow this new Territory facelift looks pretty good!

    Oh wait…

    • Oosh

      I agree with the first half of that sentence wholeheartedly!

      I’ve noticed a bunch of SUVs with (proportionally) small head/tail-lights, thin grills in the top half etc. I’m guessing it’s a styling effort to make them look less imposing but instead they appear to be squinting and draw attention to the acres of sheet-metal around them.

  • Pal

    As i am someone that has had a lot of Mitsubishi’s, which have been bullet proof over the years. I have become a fan of them.  Personally i and members of my family seem to have had a better experience then other makes.I am so disappointed in what i have seen so far of the future models. I  could not bring myself to buy one. Lets hope they don’t ruin the next Lancer as-well.


    Looks like the hired a designer from Great Wall…

  • Axelrhodd

    Looks old already. This type of styling would be OK 4 years ago…
    No way this gonna sell.

  • sublime

    The interior is a step forward though.

  • Pl

    I think they were probably going for something a little more, perhaps, safe design-wise that would have wider appeal.

  • Robbo

    They misspelt the name, it’s “Outdater” 😉 

  • Able

    Blah, blah, blah the styling isn’t as nice as the old one – it’s pretty hard to match the old one in styling, it was a very good looking car. But this one appears to be a step forward in every other direction, especially the interior, which looks a million times nicer than the current model. I’d love a high-spec diesel manual please Mitsubishi, I think it’d be a great car.

    Oh and bring back the Airtrek Turbo while you’re at it!

  • vrx26

    I think they should have made two versions – one for Hybrid models which is more fitted to this look because of it’s softer lines and one for petrol/diesel model with should have more aggressiveness like the second gen or improvement thereof. Interior though is a big leap forward compared to the current model except the dash which is a bit overdone due to combination of different materials and finishes. And why did they removed the split tailgate? It would probably appeal to new owners but 2nd gen owners (ZG to ZH) would think twice.

  • Bj

    Dash looks like it was taken straight out of a new kia optima

  • Nick

    Oh it’s nice! 

  • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man


    Snooze fest if I have ever seen one.

  • http://viddesign.com.au/ Vid_Ghost

    CX-5 makes this thing look like a box on wheels.

  • Milsie

    Slightly reminds me of the Hyundai Veracruz, which was released all the way back in 2006… Someone at Bits-a-missing needs to go to Specsavers!

  • AndyGF

    At 1st glace, you would think its a photoshopped Challenger?

  • marc

    its as nice as volume seller… Mits is going in the right direction – non polarizing design and bigger focus on driving quality… once sitting behind the wheel I cant care how the car looks from outside as long as I can enjoy the ride… 5 y warranty and diesels would be great…  hope the refinement will be good

  • Car Bore

    Middle seat leg room looks no good. Look how forward the front seats are compared to the centre console.

    • Jordan

      I think you can slide it forward for the 3rd row?

  • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

    this or the new (old) Ford Kuga?

  • Cam

    I hope the diesel/auto combo ends up in the mid-life ASX update.

    • Birty_B

      It is supposed be coming

  • hambo

    Two things I guarantee –

    1. No telescoping steering column
    2. Flat front seats

  • Altezza

    They should name it “Outstyled” due to its ugly styling.

  • Dan

    Ugly, boring and dated sums it up.

  • JHP

    yuck… goodbye mitsubishi… i guess they are in same fate as ssangyong or saab.
    they will fail miserably and end up either near or complete bankruptcy.

    • Birty_B

      Google Mitsubishi group, then try telling me they’ll go bankrupt. 

  • Biker

    how does one spell bland again?

  • nphung01

    interior is sooo below average

  • Tom

    It looks like a people mover…

  • GIG

    Interior look dated already… Hey It’s 2012 right now…

  • Ted

    Get rid of the CVT, and replace it with a DSG type gearbox.  it would be a better car to drive ..

  • Rocket

    Another boring mumsy SUV

  • MisterZed

    It could look good with a body kit.  Big improvement on the current Outlander.  Anyway, nice to finally have something fresh in the compact SUV segment – everything else is going very stale.

    • falcodore

      Umm, i think Mazda just released the CX-5 which is very fresh and looks a whole lot better than this monstrosity….and no doubt drives better too.

      • MisterZed

        Well, the CX-5 isn’t really a real competitor because you’re talking about a 2.0L petrol compared to a 2.4L.  It’s really one class below the Outlander.  Unless the CX-5 gets a larger petrol engine in future it’s not a serious competitor.

        • Darryl

          Read the article – it’s coming with a 110kW 195Nm 2.0L – both figures slightly less than the CX-5.

          • falcodore

            Yes, even their diesel can’t match the CX-5 for power or torque.

      • Birty_B

        The CX-5 looks like a pumped up Mazda 2. It will not age gracefully. 

        • falcodore

          Most 20yr old Mazdas still look good today, try saying that about ANY mitsubishi.

  • Gus

    Has some resemblance to the Lexus RX.. specially the rear soft curves

  • klowik

    I thought they’re gonna continue with their signature trapezoid grille. This just look weird. But it could attract those customers who need extra row of seat.

  • darkone

    I hated the styling of the last model with that big wide grille,but this looks a bit better apart from the blistered nose thing,looks like someone tried to glue the wrong parts on it.still wouldnt buy this brand,owned  a mitsu before and wouldnt waste my money.

  • Youi

    I don’t hate it… looks more refined than the current model. Has a certain understated look about it.. not bad not bad at all

  • O123

    why make such a nice design language then dump it for this.

  • T123

    dame edna will be jolly please with the headlights and grille which looks similar to her nanny specs.

  • Dave Mac 036

    Are Ford giving Mits a great deal on taillights?

  • Guest

    Is this going to be shared with Toyota?
    Its aggressively bland styling would suit Tojo. 

  • Neutralma

    Mitshu can borrow the Kia Sorento/ Hyundai santa fe Diesel Engine which produces 125 kw max power and 436 Nm Torque.
    I wonder why the Koreans have the best engine compared to even those europeans!!

  • Gav

    Ugh, looks so….american

  • wha

    Bland – no imagination.

  • K20A

    Tried as hard as I can.. but can’t see the ‘European influence creating a premium ambiance’.. In fact it’s very typical japanese (for American market) styling.

    The front is frumpy and I can see a double chin growing (though not as bad as CR-V’s). Tail light is fugly beyond recognition. Looks so out of place on a 2012 car.

    Interior styling is very very lazy too.. this car will have a hard time facing the likes of Koreans and Mazda..

  • Sumpguard

    Brain dead.

        They should have evolved the current outlander’s styling and moved away from the mess that is the current triton. Instead they have made that mess even messier. WTF is with the Japanese designers at the moment ? More to the point who signed it off? 

       At first glance it appears the suspension has collapsed.