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  • Birty_B

    Looks good, but there’s no room in the back of an A4, so how much room will you have in an A3 ?

    • Amlohac

      No room where? Boot or back seat?

      This will compete with the 1 series coupe, and those really arent for carting round passengers lol

    • FanBoi

      Looks like an colour A4 that has been washed @ 90°C.

  • gt86.com.au

    Looks amazing.. but what is the point.. it would only be marginally smaller than an A4..I thought the whole idea of the A3 was the fact that it was a hatchback.
    but typical audi.. lets just add another model, it will sell..

  • Kampfer

    Almost looks like this car is aim directly at Market in China where VW group have a big market share.

    It does look nice.

    • Tony

      except in China, for saloons, space for the rear passengers is key – hence Audi making a long wheelbase A6″L” for China – doubt this would be a goer for China.

      This is Audi quickly filling every possible niche in the market (and trying to create a few as well).  So much overlap in the range, will be interesting to see what models Audi Australia decide to stock.

      • Amlohac

        They make “L” series everything for them its crazy! a4L… just weird its basically and a6 haha

  • AvidF1fan

    that is one nice lookin car! would like to see an RS3 version of that!

  • sublime

    Looks better than the hatch.

    • Oliver Cromwell

      This is the prototype, the real thing will look like the hatch

      • Sdkvhslkbcvdvhlscfdcdfhblb

        Audi is generally pretty faithful to its concepts and this has much better proportions than the three door.

      • Birty_B

        The only things I would say will change are the lights, front and back, the mirrors and the door handles. Might make some slight changes to the front and rear bumpers but I would say it will be pretty much as you see. 

      • J22C

         Actually the US President of Audi said that it will not share a single panel of the hatch..it’s a completely new design based off the concept/prototype…something close to 90% of what you see above.

  • XFS302

    I like it, but someone really needs to tell Audi to stop. Really is this that different from an A4? Audi wont be happy until it has a thousand models.

    • zej

      No way, they’re on a roll here! Next they’ll need an A4 hatchback, an A4 coupe, an A5 sedan, an A6 coupe, an A7 sedan, an A8 hatch…..

  • Showtime

    Please Audi, make a RS3 Coupé version of the sedan. It would be a like a luxury WRX!

  • Ttt

    Bring it on!!!!

  • C Milz

    The car looks really good I would really consider it. It’s pretty much a better Jetta. I think it will not compete with the A4 because they would probably be aimed at different target markets, like the Passat & Jetta which are very close in size but have different markets.

    Would love to see a coupe version of this car!

  • T123

    Nice styling. competition between the BMW 1 series sedan if they do make one.

  • 440 R/T Charger

    Good! Cheaper and lighter….Even just put in a 1.8 liter Turbo engine it can fly….

  • Monteboi

    Hopefully this sedan can compete with the likes of a Mazda 3/Ford Focus/Mitsubishi Lancer and price wise as well.

  • badge

    forget about the price its an audi and we live in australia. 105% price increase without a doubt. very good looking vehicle nonetheless. would kill to see an rs5 coupe version, not a fan of european car (prices)…….. but would definitely buy it if it keeps the concept look.