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  • Daniel

    Okay now I’m starting to get angry. 

    • FanBoi

      I love the new mini on steroid!


    What they need to do is bring in the Cooper SD in the Hatch and Clubman… 

  • gt86.com.au

    How many more versions of the same car. They are all tiny and offer little practical space. Adding 10% more space still makes it a tiny cute impractical car for women and hair dressesers. I think the marketing team at Mini is just confused.. They need some engineers with common sense and logic.

    • Flash

      If practicality is what your seeking, MINI never has and never will meet your requirements. If you think their cars are for women and hairdressers, you clearly haven’t driven a JCW lol!

    • MINI_CS

      The marketing departments only wish they had the marketing power of the Mini brand. Brands like Toyota for instance only survive on past marketing hype. They have nothing fresh or new.  

  • D Is For Drive

    The Mini Elf or the Mini Hornet doesnt have the same ring….

  • sublime

    I actually think a MINI sedan might actually be kind of interesting. At least more so than the ginormous Paceman and Countryman.

  • Shak

    Yeah now it isnt funny anymore. Fix the coupe, make the Countryman a proper off road wagon type of vehicle. Get rid of the Clubman and then give them all a new design. That’s where they should be heading, not a gazillion variants.

  • 440 R/T Charger

    So later they will offer us Mini pick-up, Mini Bus, Mini one tonner, Mini super sport, Mini soft roader…..

  • Dman

    I think they need a refresh on what the word “Mini” means.

  • Justjamie72

    “Dear Mini,
    You used to be such an iconic car. How does it feel to be raped by BMW?”

  • marc

    well all they doing is getting more market space… they look at the cost of creating sedan and projected sales and if there is business case why not… there are much more pointless car on the market… Kia Rio – 3 and 5 doors Great – 4 doors sedan, hmhm!?!!? if this made sense to Kia much more sense to Mini

  • Dominique Vøn Hütch

    I would actually consider a Clubvan.

  • Rocket

    Could someone bring back the “real” mini. Tiny, unreliable, unsafe but a ton of fun.

  • Biffwellington

    Why all the hate for these new variants? The Mini idea is “fun”. They are a niche vehicle and always will be! If you want a boring small econo box with boot space buy a Yaris or Mazda 2 etc. Mini is for people who have the money and want a bit more style and a fun driving experience, boot space isn’t really a concern for them! You buy a Mini with your heart, maybe not your head :)

  • Biffwellington

    Also think of all the Mini variants that were available back in the 60’s / 70’s. Mini, Moke, Van, Wagon, Ute, Sedan (Riley Elf & Wolsley Hornet), Gem (2 door coupe) and probably more that I can’t remember. Why can’t BMW replay history? They have the rights to these vehicles, let them go for it!

  • Be.Gen. Obvious

    Think about it… a “BIG MINI”… oxymoron much.