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SsaangYong has lifted the lid on its latest concept car – the SsangYong XIV-2 – at the Geneva motor show in Switzerland.

Although the dramatic convertible crossover concept is playing second fiddle to the Range Rover Evoque Convertible concept at the show, the SsangYong XIV-2 is arguably the more important model as it previews a full family of upcoming SUVs from the resurgent Korean manufacturer.

SsangYong describes the XIV-2 (which stands for ‘eXciting user Interface Vehicle 2’) as its “strategic global model. The concept will spawn at least four production body styles, including a three-door, five-door, coupe and an extended body version.

Despite the concept’s urban styling and playful, open-top coupe design, SsangYong says the XIV-2 is underpinned by a dynamic and robust SUV platform.

SsangYong revealed technical data of two engines for the concept – one petrol and one diesel. Both 1.6-litre four-cylinder powerplants comply with Euro VI emissions regulations and incorporate stop-start technology for increased fuel efficiency.

The petrol engine produces 92kW of power and 158Nm of torque and emits as little as 121g/km CO2, translating to fuel consumption of approximately 5.1 litres per 100km. The diesel generates 96kW/300Nm, leading to emissions of 106g/km CO2 and hybrid-rivalling economy of just 4.0L/100km. Both can be teamed with either six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

SsangYong says the XIV-2 displays the brand’s “driving fun” design philosophy that will influence “all future concept vehicles” and upcoming production cars.

The XIV-2’s interior controls are integrated into a single central screen, while the Auto User Interface simplifies smartphone integration for all passengers.

Four individual seats create a spacious cabin, which is highlighted by carbon fibre and aluminium trim elements and sporting red dials and illumination.

SsangYong says the XIV-2 concept is designed to appeal to drivers in their 20s, with the future production car destined to create an entry point for new customers into the SUV brand. SsangYong has not revealed production timing for the new urban crossover at this stage.

  • Alz23

    I had to take a double take that it was a Ssang-Yong, I think it was a range rover for a sec!
    Slowly but surely, the vehicles from China and India will start stealing some market share from the bigger manufacturers. The manufacturing industry in Asia is ever-growing, however outside Asia it seems quite stagnate

  • Doc

    Why Ssang-Yong WHY dont you get a real designers and not somone whos just gone to rehab, get the designer crew from KIA and VW and let them show you how to make real cars that people want to buy and cars that will sell

    • Nasal Explorer

      Come on, be honest – this design is pretty good and does Ssang-Yong credit. I have seen far worse concepts from folk exactly like Kia and VW. Your comment is just trolling.

  • bd

    While I like the rear better than the front, overall a pretty nice CUV design.

    Much, much better than SsangYong’s past efforts.

  • Henry Toussaint

    SsangYong is slowly improving, and one day will be like KIA and Hyundai, but with worse history with their old designs. I don’t mind them but they aren’t that great to look at…

  • Tup

    Not a bad design from SsangRover ……

  • Come on

    You need your head read ! It’s bloody ugly !!

  • GGG

    I like it

  • SamM

    The rear looks a little Peugeot inspired and the front reminds me of some of Renault’s concepts, but overall a good effort! 

  • garl

    This is what the mitsubishi outlander should have looked like.

  • john

    I like it too. Put this up next too the Stavic and it is obvious they have been practising real car design in a real studio and not just on the Magnadoodle like they used too!

  • gt86.com.au

    Everytime I look at this car I think of transformers, and wait for it to turn into a Robot made of Legos.. At least its not as butt ugly as most Ssang-Yong monstrosities! Great improvement!

  • Ivan Simunye

    People don’t really know ssang yong. Excellent vehicle worth your every penny. How did hyundai become famous,they produce korean products as well.