The whole BMW versus Mercedes thing is much like a case of sibling rivalry, except these two haven’t grown out of it. Everything fitted to the BMW in a model refresh is then fitted to the Mercedes in its next model refresh and vice versa.

So when it comes to equipment, these two are nearly identical. The difference though exists in all other aspects of their operation. As I found out, these two vehicles handle differently, steer differently and feel different from each other.

With Diesel engines slowly becoming popular in Australia, I decided to hit up BMW and Mercedes Benz for their leading Diesel luxury large sedan models. Mercedes provided the E280 CDI, whilst BMW hit back with their equivalent 530d.

It’s no secret, the E-class has had its basic shape for quite some time now and it’s slowly becoming dated. The 5-series’ looks are also quite cumbersome and not everybody’s cup of tea. With many pros and cons stacked up against each vehicle, I set off to find out which model reigned supreme in the large luxury sedan segment.

On the outset, an Audi A6 equivalent wasn’t available for comparison during the time frame of this test.

BMW vs MercedesBMW vs Mercedes

The inner –

The E280 CDI and 530d couldn’t be any more different when it comes to their interiors. Our Mercedes test vehicle featured an elegant wood-grain design, whilst the 530d carried a dark brushed wood design. Where BMW would work on a minimalist approach with its controls (i-Drive), Mercedes would cover the interior with buttons.

One thing became obvious after driving people around in each respective vehicle. Older folk seemed to prefer the Mercedes’ interior, whilst youngsters were in tune with BMW’s offering. According to older passengers, the Mercedes’ interior had an elegant feel to it, whilst the BMW catered toward tech-savvy drivers.

Merc Interior

I found the BMW’s interior more relaxing and enjoyable. Once I had a chance to fiddle with BMW’s i-Drive, I was able to master radio, satellite navigation and climate controls with little fuss. There was an obvious gap between the complexity of BMW’s i-Drive in comparison to Mercedes’ COMAND system. i-Drive required far less concentration, which is ideal for situations where you need things done in a hurry whilst watching the road.

The driver’s seat in both vehicles was totally electrically adjustable, even the headrest was adjusted with the touch of a button. Both vehicles had no driver or passenger seat memory (as standard equipment), whilst the Mercedes didn’t offer forward and backward electric adjustment for passengers.

Merc InteriorMerc Interior

The 530d was dominant when it came to rear leg room. There was more room on offer for rear seat passengers to get comfortable, which was often missing in the E-class. The Mercedes was optioned with foldable rear seats. Upon the flick of a switch in the boot, the respective seat would fold down, also automatically shifting the front seat if it was in the way.

i-Drive was certainly nowhere near as confusing or difficult as some people – and other motoring journalists – portray it to be. In fact, at the end of my week with the car, I was able to confidently navigate the i-Drive system and do anything I desired. It’s certainly quite confronting at first, but with a bit of time to play with the system and master it, there were no issues. The i-Drive system also catered for DVD playback.

COMAND didn’t feel as capable or satisfying as i-Drive. The COMAND system was simply an LCD screen with a set of buttons around it. To change vehicle information, the driver had to circumnavigate a set of menus that were visible via the speedo/tacho cluster. It was slightly confusing and didn’t flow as coherently as the i-Drive system. The COMAND system offered the ability to play DVDs on-screen and could also be optioned with an analog/digital TV tuner.

Both vehicles being test driven had satellite navigation. Although neither vehicle impressed overly in terms of quality of graphics being displayed on-screen – Lexus still seem to be leading this field – the BMW was certainly the standout. Both vehicles offered decent accuracy and direction; the Mercedes simply took far too long to calculate a route. On top of the wait for calculation, the position of the Mercedes’ screen meant that the driver had to glance down to the centre console to view the street directions. The BMW’s system circumvented this by using both the screen molded into the dashboard, along with the Heads Up Display (HUD).

BMW Interior

The BMW’s ingenious Heads Up Display system displays the vehicle’s speed, cruise control information and satellite navigation information upon request. The set of mirrors at the front of the dashboard gave the impression that the image was being projected onto the front of the bonnet. This meant that the driver never needed to take their eyes off the road as the HUD information was always available in their peripheral vision.

The optional BMW Professional Package incorporates an 8.8” colour display screen that can be split into two sections, accommodating for a continuous satellite navigation display, along with anything else that is chosen. This included the analog/digital television that was selected via i-Drive. The tuner automatically chooses a digital signal if there is enough strength and switches back to analog when the digital signal dies down. The Professional Package also included the comfort access system. The driver simply keeps the key in their pocket and grasps the door handle to enter the vehicle and hits the starter button to start the vehicle, the key never needs to leave the pocket. This package also includes the voice recognition. Hit the button near the gear lever and you can splurge out commands for the i-Drive system. It works…sometimes…and is one of those things that require patience.


Our Mercedes test vehicle was also optioned with the Logic7 Harman/Kardon sound system. The sound system is nothing short of extraordinary. The constant level of bass and clarity was spectacular. Even at unreasonable levels, the sound system retained composure and faltered in no way.

In conclusion, the two vehicle’s interiors were a great place to be. With build quality being some of the best I have ever witnessed, there is no shortage of pleasure sitting inside the cabin. But, as I mentioned earlier, older folk preferred the Mercedes’ interior. They said it had an element of elegance and luxury that the BMW simply couldn’t replicate. The BMW’s minimalist approach didn’t warm to the elderly…err I mean ‘older’ folk.

BMW Interior

The outer –


Both of these vehicles look elegant and certainly stand out on the road. The Mercedes is slightly more discreet than the BMW. The BMW has rather adventurous styling that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

The Mercedes’ optional 17” alloy wheels and sport suspension gave it a sportier stance over the standard E280 CDI. The chrome door handles and side highlights further emanate the E-class’ prestigious definition. The E-class is getting quite dated though, the latest update from Mercedes only featured minor styling changes. A new E-class is expected in the near future and should re-establish the fight between BMW and Mercedes.

Merc Exterior

If anything, the 530d doesn’t look as prestigious as the Mercedes. The 530d portrays a sportier image, opposed to one of dedicated luxury. The 5-series misses out on chrome door handles and chrome highlights around the front and rear (to the extent of the E-class). I preferred this somewhat deceptive image though; it certainly kept potential traffic light GP contenders at bay. Looking at the BMW from front on emanates the BMW slogan – “The ultimate driving machine.” The swept back look about the headlights and bonnet make the car look like it’s moving and ready to propel at any moment.

BMW Exterior

Out of the two, I preferred the BMW’s slightly more sophisticated and outlandish looks, I found that older folks, again, preferred the minimalist approach that the Mercedes held.

On the road –

Driving the Mercedes and BMW back to back unearths many individual character traits. The Mercedes – weighing in at 1715kg – is the heaviest of the two by 125kg, coupled with 40Nm less torque; it’s also the slowest during a dash from naught to one-hundred. The BMW achieving the feat in 7.2-seconds, whilst the Mercedes gets there in around 8.6-seconds.


As most motoring enthusiasts will understand, rating a car’s performance isn’t entirely limited to 0-100 performance. Factors such as the vehicle’s cornering ability, weight transfer and braking ability come into play. With that in mind, I threw these two through a few bends to figure out if the German folk could build a luxury tourer that doesn’t mind getting down and dirty through a few mountainous roads.

First thing’s first. Throughout my week with the Mercedes I never appreciated the ‘parameter steering’. In essence, the parameter steering program makes steering during low-speed maneuvers easy and comfortable, whilst adding more weight as speed increases to make the drive more relaxing. The steering felt far too electronic and didn’t do things that regular steering does – such as kick back into the straight-ahead position after turning into a street for example. Some people may enjoy this kind of assistance, but I personally couldn’t stand it.

Merc ExteriorMerc Exterior

The BMW’s steering felt heavier and more ‘realistic’ – so to speak. With that in mind, it still had a few faults that irked me. The steering wheel felt too big and cumbersome when trying to switch directions in a hurry, this can be circumvented with the option of a sports steering wheel that fills the hands nicely and offers a better driving arrangement.

The Mercedes test vehicle was fitted with the optional sports suspension ($1375 option). The optional suspension package made the ride slightly firmer but assisted the Merc through corners. On turn-in to the corner, the vehicle would remain flat and seemingly didn’t exhibit any body roll. You could push the car through a corner with abnormal pace and still be on top of things when exiting the corner; its ability to stay true, even after abnormal expectations was quite commendable. The optional ($2,150) 17” ‘Light Alloy Wheels’ helped this situation with 245/45 rubber front and rear.

Throwing the BMW through the same set of bends produced varying results. Due to the incredible amount of grip at the rear, it wasn’t uncommon to see the 5-series under-steering slightly when pushed out of a corner. There was also a considerable amount of body roll in comparison to the Mercedes – which was expected due to the optional suspension featured in the Merc. The BMW’s steering held the upper hand though, communicating every aspect of the front wheels through to the driver, the steering also carried considerable weight through a corner, allowing progressive and aggressive driving.

BMW ExteriorBMW Exterior

Both vehicles were on par with each other when it came to slamming down the anchors. A full emergency stop literally had the ability to tear up shreds of road. The brakes in each vehicle had fantastic feel through the pedal and had an astonishing ability to pull the vehicle up in phenomenal pace – which makes me wonder how insane the brakes would be on the M5 or E63 AMG. In emergency braking situations, the BMW activates an extra brake light at the rear to alert other drivers of the imminent amount of braking.


A 6-speed and 7-speed gearbox feature in the BMW and Mercedes respectively. The 6-speed ZF gearbox in the BMW carries worldwide recognition as one of the smoothest and most seductive gearboxes on the market – behind the VW Dual-Clutch DSG gearbox of course!

Merc Exterior

Although the BMW ‘box is smooth and efficient, the Mercedes’ gearbox is even smoother. Unless you are meticulously watching the tachometer, it’s hard to spot the 7-speed automatic’s shift points. The gearbox is certainly one of the smoothest I have ever tried. The response is quite rapid and thorough, providing both comfort and sporting ability. The BMW’s gearbox delivers power far quicker though, the Mercedes’ gearbox is almost too smooth for sporty driving, always shifting early. The ZF gearbox is the best compromise between comfort and sporting ability. The ZF allocates points depending on the driver’s driving habit. If the driver is giving the throttle a pounding, the gearbox alters shift patters and will even hold gears if necessary.

For example; during the trip through the mountains, there was quite a bit of full throttle application, along with hard braking and aggressive driving. As I would approach a corner in third gear, the gearbox would drop down high into second gear during braking to maximize the power out of a corner. During sweeping bends, the gearbox would remain in second the entire time, despite exceeding the regular shift point. As I mentioned earlier, short of the DSG gearbox, the ZF has to be one of the best on the market. It’s always one step ahead of the driver and always knows exactly what’s going on. Both vehicles offered a manual sequential shift program.

BMW Exterior

Under the hood –

Mercedes Benz E280 CDI:

Under the hood lies a 3.0-litre, turbocharged V6 Diesel engine. The engine produces 140kW of power and a considerable 440Nm of torque. Power is sent through a 7-speed automatic gearbox.

Merc Engine

BMW 530d:

The BMW also features a 3.0-litre, turbocharged, 6-cylinder Diesel engine. At 4000RPM, the Beemer produces 160kW, whilst between 1750-2750RPM it lays down a hearty 480Nm of torque.

BMW Engine

Fuel consumption is a trump card that both of these vehicles boast. They both sip 7.5l/100km. This figure is quite realistic too. During testing, both vehicles happily returned sub 8l/100km fuel efficiency figures.

Price, safety and options –

Although these vehicles compete against each other, there’s a discerning price difference. The Mercedes E280 CDI is available from $101,500, whilst the BMW retails for $115,000.

The Mercedes comes standard with: Cruise control (with speed limiter); central locking; halogen projector headlights; electric windows; 16” alloy wheels; front and rear fog lights; 6-disc CD-player with MP3 compatibility; rain sensor; speed sensitive parameter steering; ARTICO (man made leather); front and rear parking sensors; auto dimming rear vision and driver side mirror; leather steering wheel and gear shift lever; automatic climate control and full size spare steel wheel.


The BMW on the other hand comes standard with: Cruise control; central locking; electric windows; front and rear parking sensors; run-flat tyres; Datadot technology; 17” alloy wheels; front fog lights; automatic rain sensors with auto headlights; metallic paint; 6.5” colour display with radio navigation; Bluetooth phone capability; in-dash CD-player with 6-disc in glovebox; Hi-fi 10-speaker sound system; automatic climate control; auto dimming interior and exterior side mirrors; leather steering wheel; leather upholstery and electric driver seat adjustment with memory.

Merc Interior

Standard safety features in the E280 CDI are: Driver and passenger airbags; driver and passenger side airbags; rear side airbags; full length curtain airbags; ABS brakes; Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD); Brake Assist (BA) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

Standard safety features in the 530d include: Driver and passenger airbags; driver and passenger side airbags; rear side airbags; full length curtain airbags; ABS brakes; Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD); Brake Assist (BA); Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and run flat tyre indicators.

Both of the test vehicles had several options attached.

The BMW 530d being tested included: Electric sunroof – glass ($3,300); Bi-Xenon headlights with headlight washing system ($2,110); Adaptive headlights ($860); Alarm system with remote control ($975) and Professional package – includes comfort access, head up display, 8.8” colour monitor, with professional navigation with TV and voice recognition ($2,500). The addition of these options took the RRP from $115,000 to $124,745.

The Mercedes E280 CDI being test also included a few extras: Metallic paint ($2,400); Integrated child seats ($790); Driver seat electrically adjustable with memory ($2,500); Folding rear seat ($1,390); Glass electric sunroof with lifter ($3,300); Sports suspension ($1,375); COMAND system – incorporating DVD navigation and DVD player, AM/FM radio, CD player, telephone functionality and TV (optional extra) ($7,950); 17” Light alloy wheels ($2,150) and Harman/Kardon Logic7 Surround Sound System ($2,100). This took the RRP of $101,500 to $123,455.

Conclusion –

After spending two weeks in these vehicles, I grew quite fond of them. It was clear that the E280 CDI was marketed toward a mature audience, whilst the 530d was catered toward the middle-aged executive after some cred’ in the work car park. With that said, it’s hard to say that one’s better than the other.

The Mercedes was superior when it came to pegging through corners, whilst the BMW’s ZF gearbox read the mind of the driver and anticipated every movement. With that said, the BMW’s engine produced more torque and power, resulting in quicker 0-100 times and more pace out of corners. That certainly doesn’t mean that the E280’s torque wouldn’t suffice, it would be plenty.

BMW Exterior

Even though the Mercedes was cheaper, it became obvious that the BMW was cheaper to option up with desirable features. As noted above, when the Mercedes was optioned up to the BMW’s level, it became more expensive.

If I had the option of owning either of these two marvellous machines, I’d have to go with the BMW. The only reason I’d go for the BMW is simply because of the styling, as styling is a subjective trait, it most certainly won’t apply to everyone reading this report.

So, you’re probably no closer to a firm decision. Here’s your best bet; if you like playing with gadgets and don’t mind learning new things, check out the BMW. If you want to be driven around in the utmost of luxury, head for the Mercedes. Either way, if you’re planning on buying this type of vehicle, test drive both as their engines and fuel efficiency figures are simply astounding and make either of these models a sound purchase choice.

Keep one thing in mind though if you buy the BMW, don’t get on the voice recognition lady’s bad side…she hates it when you leave the toilet seat up.

– Paul Maric

  • Myke

    I think both vehicles look uniquely different on the outside, but both look good for various reasons. But I would probably get the Merc before I would get the Beemer. The Beemer’s interior (dash mostly) looks rather cheap and too simple for an expensive car.

  • Jason

    I would buy the BMW,
    I don’t think Merc have really picked up their game, thier cars are still ugly, and I don’t know how the worlds oldest car maker can make such hideous cars!

  • Jens Lipponer

    BMW = good but Benz is better. BMW always had a bit of a second rate reputation against Benz, this going back over 20 years. I find that modern styled cars leave much to be desired in both marques and also the durability of components have gone down hill. Basically all I am saying is that I will stick with my 1978 W123 300D, possibly the best car ever made ( and I have driven many different cars including a lot of late models and nothing comes close).

  • Mike Francis

    Because of 20 years experience with the BMW 5 series I wouldn’t touch anything else!! In fact still have my first 535IS stored in the shed.
    Also run an X5 diesel with very similar 3 litre motor as you tested and it returns V8 style performance with 8 to 9 L per 100 km economy.
    Excellent vehicles! and now that we are getting used to the new look other vehicles seem very bland.

  • mauricio

    i owe an e320 cdi mercedes benz and let me tell you it is an excellent car. its much better than the bmw 5 series definetely!! both are great cars but bmw is one or two steps behind mb currently, i think the experience of driving a mb is unique

  • Jack

    What would you have out of the Merc E320Cdi and the BMW 530d because i think that is a more realistic comparison. I feel the comparisons should be:

    MB E220cdi – BMW 520d
    MB E280cdi – BMW 525d
    MB E320cdi – BMW 530d

    Write back

  • Paul Maric

    Now that’s a different story Jack.

    If you were to compare the E320 CDI and BMW 530d, for the engine alone I’d go with the Merc.

    Unfortunately, the E320 CDI isn’t available in Australia – only the E280 CDI is. The 320 CDI motor is brilliant and really does haul.

  • Josh. A

    I just want to say that I worked for BMW for 5 years in Germany and UK and most of the execs and so on didn’t drive Beemers. Nostly VW’s and Mercs. Beemers can be a bit unreliable.

  • Rory

    Pity we are not getting the 535d twin turbo out here- or “weep” the 335cd coupe what an animal.

    There both fine cars- both have there own audiences so theres no comparisom.
    Id have the Bmw but not this one- it should have been the m-sport kitted one to make it fair.

    I think all diesel cars should be tested with a “Diesel tuning box” fitted now, i always fit one no matter how new the car,30% safe power increase for a couple of hundred and 10mins fitting!
    it would have transformed both of these cars.

  • Rory

    Both cars also need decent wheels,Its a joke to get dirty oul 17s if your spending this sort of money and on such a big car.
    They may as well supply steel get u home wheels and give you money back for a decent set of 19″ BBS/AMG !?

  • Jack

    Rory –

    “Id have the Bmw but not this one- it should have been the m-sport kitted one to make it fair.”

    I personally feel the test was fair enough (based on spec) As stated earlier, the 525d should have been tested against the E280cdi – not the 530d

    I feel the m-sport should be compared with the E-class sport – not the ‘aimed at an older person’ Elegance model.

    Does anybody feel the same, or is it just me?

    Write back

  • Chris

    Geez in that article we couldnt tell the guy hated Mercedes.. NOT! By the way, you can get directions for the COMAND system in the dash between the speedo…. Its at eye level and far easier to use than BMW. That should have been mentioned.

  • Shehzad Mir

    I recently drove both the BMW 530d and the MB 280CDI. MB looks and feels a bit senior & dwarfy on the road whereas the Beemer is indeed a head-turner. After much thought process I have decided to buy the 2008 BMW 530d just because it is fast, mean-looking, and simple to operate inside for all those laptop addicted folks like us. The MB is good enough but like my wife said when she saw the interior that it resembles a cockpit of perhaps a Eurojet!! All in all, MB is going to change the shape of the E-Class in 2009 so whats the use of keeping an old shaped mdel for just a few years. That is simply what the Benz is not about! Oh yeah just for the sake of it, I am 40 years old with 3 kids and am n avid squash player (so much for those ”marketing type” MBA folks to define the customer type).

  • Toby

    Save your hard earned cash and buy a Volvo s80 D5 for $71,000!!

  • Duck

    I like the Mercedes-Benz over all but BMW front lights are a nicer touch and so is the the i-drive!

  • Pam

    I grew up in a Mercedes loving household. Ever since I was born in 1980 my parents have always owned at least one Mercedes at any given time. My first car, which I continue to drive to this day is a 1990 E260. I love this almost 18 y.o. car and in 11 years it has not let me down once. And you know what? The dash on the BMW 530d as pictured above actually looks quite similar to that on my 18 y.o. Mercedes. Just remove the LCD screen of course. Older people may prefer the interior of the Mercedes but the dash on the BMW despite the technology looks old. Personally I don’t know how the reviewer could find the BMW’s interior to be more relaxing. I find it dull, harsh and dated. The interior of the Mercedes is much more inviting and far easier on the eye if you ask me.

    As for the exteriors…well you say the 5 series exterior is, “quite cumbersome and not everybody’s cup of tea”. In fact the 5 series exterior is hideous and if it is anyones “cup of tea” then those people simply have bad taste. The Mercedes may be a bit conservative, but some things, like a good Brioni suit never go out of style. The Mercedes looks like a confident, charming, strong, bright eyed, handsom gentleman. The BMW on the other hand just looks wrong. Like a 65 y.o. women that has obviously undergone at least $70,000 worth of cometic surgery wearing a triangle bikini.

    Anyway I’m looking at upgrading my old E280 possibly to the new Mercedes C320 CDI but I was lured to this page. lol.

  • Pam

    edit: last sentence E260 not 280

  • Mark W

    My next vehicle purchase will be a Benz or BMW diesel.

    I’ve owned both BMW 5 series & E Class Benzes before. I’ve switched between the 2 at replacement time depending on what met my needs & whims at the time.

    It’s really personal choice between these 2 vehicles. Both offer a great drive.

    My only gripe with the current 5 series is lack of internal storage space. When the designers came up with the ‘avant garde ‘ interior styling of the dash & interior…they must have forgotten about ‘usable’ storage space.

    Try looking for somewhere to put a street directory, house keys , mobile phone ….you’ll be looking a damn long time.

  • 5 Series Owner

    “Try looking for somewhere to put a street directory, house keys , mobile phone ….you’ll be looking a damn long time.”

    You can put them where the i-drive monitor is.

    Both cars are suited to different tastes. I am a techno junkie and must say. I do find using i-drive a joy. I am obsessed with the Bangle styling and design of the 5 series and I haven’t driven the latest E-Class, but handling and driver enjoyment have always been a BMW strength.

    These cars have been designed and built to handle autobahn speeds you do notice the engineering input and refinement even when you drive them at our conservative freeway speeds.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Old people drive Mercs..

  • http://n/a Dillon

    bmw is 10 times better than mercs.. i mean come on mercs.. is maid by crysler ;[ so how good can it realy be.

  • No Name

    Dillon making comments like that you are opening yourself to abuse. Mercedes are not made (check the spelling of made not maid, maid is a literary term for women) by Chrysler. Mercedes were co-owned? by Chrysler group, indeed Chrysler used mercedes engines in their cars mostly diesels, namely the Voyager.

    They may be driven by older clientele in Aus but in Europe they have a foothold in the younger generations market. Take the new C Class sport, punches right at Mercs 3 series remarkably well.

  • JO JO

    litsen quite frankly i will not lie i have owned every single bmw 3 series there is..well that is since i have had my liscence. and the mercedes cannot compare to the sporty stylish and carismatic look the beemer has…end of argument

  • PDG

    I am in the market for a diesel midsize and I had to choose between E320 CDI and 530d.

    Since i’m young (20’s), i’d go with 530d.

    Merc is good if you will be driven around.

    BMW is good if you will be the one driving.

    I love driving by the way.

  • Sid

    I was planning on buying the 525d and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on which options are useful. I have seen a list of options available, but wanted to know which ones actually worth it. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

    • Raj

      go for 520d, im happy with it. ull love the pleasure while driving. audi A6 will give u mixed things of merc n bmw. Congrats in advance

  • Mohammed

    Currently, I am driving a C180 Kompressor, and I am thinking of changing it to either the E200 Kompressor or the BMW 523. So, I took the decision to rent the BMW to test drive it where every weekend I drive back to my family 400 Kilometers away from were I currently work.

    With my C180, I drive on average 200 km/h, and the car is stable in turns, smooth, comfortable and quiet. But when I drove the BMW 520 the way I drive my C180, I have noticed that the C180 is more stable in the rode than the BMW 520. So, how would be the driving experince if I am driving the E200.

    I am a Mercedes lover and would prefer it at any day over any car. But, this time I will be basing my decision on the car stability on high speeds while taking turns. So, the question is, which is a more stable car on high speeds while taking turns, the E200 or the BMW 520?

    After asking around, almost 60% of the people I’ve asked are stating that the BMW is more stable in the rode while going in high speeds. But still I am not convinced with this conclusion.

    Awaiting for your comments.

  • http://google Willie

    forget the Mercedes Benz and treat your self to the BMW. The ride is smooth, stable and steering perfect at any speed. I have owned both Mercedes and BMWs and driving them hard in the highlands of Scotland is how I found out which car delivers the performance that tics all my boxes. After all it is not called “the ultimate driving machine” without good reason!


  • Marc

    What car is the best i want to buy one!.Thank you very much for everyones help.

  • Dlr1

    Haven’t you heard the saying “people who think they are successful buy a BMW, people who know they are buy the Merecedes.”

  • Marc

    I have always favoured Merc’s and i have always wondered should i get the E class amg or the S class thank you

  • Shehzad Mir

    I have just bought an all options BMW 530d and to simply put the experience in a few words…..

    ITS JUST AWSOME TO DRIVE A BEAMER 5-SERIES! Nothing even comes close not even a Merc or even a 7-series with Bangle’s Butt!

  • Jason

    I’ve been a mercedes fan ever since I liked cars and I dare say that BMW are not even close to Merc. Bmw only offers sport unlike merc that gives sportiness and luxury.It makes sense doesn’t it, merc are the oldest car manufacturers. They have more experience and reliability than BMW’s.

  • Mathew

    BMW I Drive is one of the worst interface systems I’ve used! Then having driven both the 5 and the E the interior of the e leave the BMW miles behind and no I’m not senior I’m 34 and the Mercedes makes you feel special wheen inside the BMW doesn’t. Both are good cars but the Mercedes is the one I would go for any day, especially as my mates BMW has spent more time in the workshop than it has on the road.

    • BMW

      Hey Mathew!!!!
      I don’t think that the merc is better than the BMW..I think the merc is the worst one.My relatives owned the BMW Pakistan (Karachi) and i think you are wrong to say that merc is better…I think the cars of Merc are the worsts I have ever seen…I Owned BMW M5 and BMW 530i…They Are the BEST!!!!Merc makes Worst designs, Worst interiors,Worst engine and everything that merc makes… is WORST.Even i HATE! Mercedes…
      BMW was the best, Is the Best and will be more best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And don’t you ever write anything wrong about BMW!!!

      • ffewefwwef gfefewefw

        Can you please remove yourself from the gene pool? Preferably in the most painful and agonizing way possible? Retard

        Can you please remove yourself from the gene pool? Prefearbly by getting crushed to death in a
        garbage compactor, by getting your face cut to ribbons with a
        pocketknife, your head cracked open with a baseball bat, your stomach
        sliced open and your entrails spilled out, and your eyeballs ripped
        out of their sockets.

        I really hope that you get curb-stomped. It’d be hilarious to see you
        begging for help, and then someone stomps on the back of your head,
        leaving you to die in horrible, agonizing pain.

        STFU, before you get your face bashed in and cut
        to ribbons, and your throat slit.

  • TDo

    Mercs have a certain classy style to them, a more refined proper and gentlemanly type. Prissy and prime.
    Beemers seem more trendy, well polished, the type that wears a suit with sunnies on. Could be well mannered but also not afraid to have fun or get in trouble.

    I wouldn’t purchase either one, I would rather something that isn’t so commonly wanted.
    An exotic or some fancy Jap etc. Something that I could make my own.

  • Salahabu

    out of my experience with Mac, it should never be an option to pay, I have an E280 2006 model since last Sep 2008 until today Aug 2009 the car went to the agent 3 times and I paid around 3000 $ before they admit that it has a manufacture defect in the engine.
    The car was having a strong shaking in the engine with a n engine alarm on, and the excuse was because of the low mileage where the car makes 17,000 KM only.

    then they change the engine last Fep 2009 and until today the car is not working properly. the Mac don’t want to replace the car nether giving me what I have paid for the old engine for nothing.
    the car still in the workshop of the agent in Qatar since that time until today.
    I did contact all who I can to solve this mater even the mother company in Germany,
    of curse no need to tell you about the lies and the fake promises I did receive. I still have all the bills and emails copies for who ever need an approve.

    I use to have BMW, truly there is no comparison, there for I think is the time for Mac to leave the place of Luxury cars and step down, they just cont compute with other any more, nether in quality nor scurvies.

  • Nick

    Between these two I would buy the Merc, but ideally I would buy the Lexus GS300 for $100,000. It is more comfortable than these 2 and it looks better, it also drives fantastically and will last forever. if you buy a BMW it will only work well for 4 years before things start to go wrong. Also look at the Jag XF (more expensive – $110,000).

    • IBM

      What an idiotic comment …………..4 years and your BMW will start going wrong ,pfffttt ! Based on that, your US Lexus will have a problem straight up if you look at the current recall of floor mats ! KIDS !!!!!!!!!!

  • Seamus

    I have an e280 cdi sports 07, the 3.0 v6 diesel engine is just so much fun, I do a fair bit of travelling (in Ireland where the roads are slowly improving!!) and the car never disapoints, comfort handling mpg the car has it all. I have had some fun recently with a joker in a big heavy (nice looking though) beemer 730 left him for dead!! Have had an Audi before and a beemer briefly but nothing matches the merc for me!!whadda you think!!

  • Stephen


    Could you please remove the 2 comments dated 24 March 2010? These are offensive.


  • Raj

    hey plz dont show ur sadistic attitude here…

  • Raj

    i support stephen

  • masoud

    quastion ????

  • masoud

    why ???

    • masoud

      why car starting the image of monitoring stoping ???

  • Stephen


    I think that you are eligible for a Darwin Award. Well done!

  • wi

    Great review !!!
    will be choosing between these two legends shortly
    new addition to the family

  • benz lover

    mercedes, the magic car
    your eyes can not see any thing after being fascinated bu the magic of benz………………..

    see s-class… fantastic

  • benz lover

    the interior of mercedes looks soft, quite and relaxing on other hand BMW interior is harsh, full of hard, heavy and aggressive lines..something irritant

  • Shaun

    three or four years on I think the Merc has stood the test of time. I am biased, as a an E280 owner, but there seems no comparison in class between the two. BMW have thrown off their conservative image but remain a very credible second – if only Mercedes had continued their early millennium decline … And then they could only rival Jaguar (I have no pleasure in saying that!).