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The wraps have finally come off the all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class ahead of its official unveiling at the Geneva motor show.

The first ever traditionally styled hatchback from Mercedes is squarely aimed at the BMW 1-Series and Audi A3, as the German manufacturer filters its design, technology and powertrain expertise down into its entry-level car.

The 4.3m hatch goes on sale in Europe from September, and is set to reach Australian showrooms in the first quarter of 2013.

Three petrol engines and three diesels will be offered from launch. With displacements of 1.6 to 2.0 litres, the petrol options include the 90kW A180, the 115kW A200 and the Volkswagen Golf GTI-rivalling 155kW A250.

The diesel range comprises the 80kW/250Nm A180 CDI, the 100kW/300Nm A200 CDI, and the flagship 2.2-litre 125kW/350Nm A220 CDI. Mercedes-Benz promises CO2 emissions as low as 99g/km from the most frugal diesel model, translating to combined cycle fuel consumption of approximately 3.7 litres per 100km.

All engines incorporate stop-start technology, and offer a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission as an option to the standard six-speed manual shifter.

In a strategy taken straight from the 1-Series’ playbook, A-Class customers will be able to personalise their cars with a selection of design and equipment lines, in this case called ‘Urban’, ‘Style’ and ‘AMG Sport’.

Additionally, A220 CDI and A250 buyers can add more heat to their hatches with the A-Class Sport ‘engineered by AMG’ package. A-Class Sport models score 18-inch five-spoke high-gloss black alloy wheels, the unique ‘diamond grille’, red brake calipers and front and rear apron elements, an AMG-developed front axle and suspension set-up, and a number of interior enhancements.

The A-Class Sport ‘engineered by AMG’ should temporarily sate the appetites of serious hot hatch fans waiting for the promised – but not yet realised – A25 AMG, which will launch further down the line.

The new A-Class has inherited a number of driver assist features from the larger Mercedes-Benz models to make it one of the most advanced small cars on the market. Standard is Attention Assist drowsiness detection system, brake hold function, hill-start assist, and Collision Prevention Assist, which warns distracted drivers of impending rear-end collisions and prepares the car for emergency braking.

Other available features include Distronic Plus adaptive cruise control, adaptive high beam assist, blind spot and lane-keeping assist, speed limit sign recognition, active parking assist, Linguatronic voice recognition system, and a reversing camera.

As detailed last month, the A-Class will also include an innovative iPhone integration system incorporating all the functions of the 4S model’s Siri personal assistant, giving drivers an unprecedented level of social connectivity.

Full specification and pricing details will be revealed closer to its European launch in September, while local specifications will emerge in the lead-up to the Australian launch in Q1 2013. Like the BMW 1-Series, the new A-Class is expected to start from under $40,000 when it launches in Australia.

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  • Birty_B

    I’m assuming it’s front wheel drive ? 

  • Alz23

    Finally an A-Class that you would want to buy

    • Doctor

      Yeah, doesn’t look like a van that hit a moose like the 1st generation.

  • marc

    they said in other article is FWD – but looking at VW scirroco –  the electronics helped it drive good – so we should be expecting quality ride – but no RWD

  • bob

    Interesting.  I’m liking.  Very nice interior, that’s for sure.

    Here’s hoping they make an AMG version of this with AWD!  That would be hawt……

    • bob

      I should have read the article completely first.  Sorry all…just noticed A25 AMG =)

  • GTI_80

    Looks like the A250 will be on my short list in 2013. :)

  • Steven

    I’m impressed.

  • MisterZed

    lol at the in car Google.  Most people I’ve seen driving A-Classes are 70+.  I don’t think they know what Google is.

    • K20A

       True. It should be Altavista or Lycos instead..

  • KC

    Doesnt look that impressive from the sides as compared to the front and the back angles, but looks good. Hope they price it keeping in mind the compact size.

  • KC

    Can anyone explain me why does MB or BMW or Audi always have their cars(even the smallest hatchbacks) thousands of dollars more expensive than say a Mazda 3 or Corolla or Focus. Most of these cars are not made in Germany (which is expensive labour or assuming higher quality standards) then why are they so expensive. I can understand if they are say a 5k more expensive than the normal class but 40k + for a car that is more or less the same size as the corollas or mazda 3’s, seems to me like unreasonable.  Just curious to find out. 

    • john

      if you look beyond skin deep you will find major differences between say, a Mercedes c63 amg compared to a FPV GT. Im not having a go at the FPV, its a great car for the money they are asking, but in relative terms, something like a c63 or bmw m3 is far more technical (as you would expect because of the price difference!) These changes can be seen in suspension, safety, construction/materials used, engine/drivetrain, interior quality and mostly areas where general consumers don’t really look unless you know what you’re doing. Mercedes,  bmw etc can justify why they have higher average prices compared to mazda on a simple engineering basis (although some companies are known to rip Australians off in comparison to overseas markets cough*cough)

    • slap_KC

      youre an idiot!

    • K20

      You can’t always justify it logically. It’s not called ‘premium’ brands for no reason. If you try to disect the difference in price objectively or quantitatively, it won’t make sense. There are many tangible and intangible reasons on why one would purchase a premium car.. I won’t go into the tangible ones cos they’re boring and obvious.. the intangible, like any other consumer products we consume, projects an image unto yourself.. on how you want to be perceived.

      If you like cars, don’t see it as a mere A to B device, treat it as an extension of your personality, values ‘premium’ and (most importantly) can afford it, why not?

      However, if you don’t have unlimited funds, then a Mazda 3 is a perfectly good car. Heck, I’d probably get one of those i30 on $19,990 driveaway.

    • Guest00

      Good point. Especially when MB or BMW are much less reliable than say a Mazda 3 or Corolla or Focus.

  • Nada

    I like it, but don’t think it will rival the other competitors… should be compared based on the most upgrade/options that people would want.

  • Marcuspetraska

    i would buy a midrange diesel with the 7speed automatic – would be a great car for me. fingers crossed for a 4wd version – other than amg hotrod – but im not going to hold my breath…

  • gt86.com.au

    Great work from Merc! finally a car for the younger people!
    She sure is a looker.. This or the new A3 :)

    • Guest

      The new A3? you’ve got to be kidding!

  • Valet Dabess

    doesn’t look that great anymore

  • OX

    The people’s Benz

  • nphung01

    that crease line is weird

  • Sicherheit

    With the new BMW 1-series hatch looking a tad awkward, perhaps a little ugly, the new Mercedes A-class should sell quite well. This is a seriously attractive Mercedes-Benz. 

  • Shak

    Very Impressed M-B, finally you make a good looking and seemingly competitive small car. 

  • Sicherheit

    Props to Mercedes-Benz for dropping the mini MPV form factor as well (although not for more mature B-class). Now it finally has a chance to appeal to people below 40.

  • klowik

    It should sell quite well provided they keep the top spec price under 50k.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=688632503 Ben Chablis

    Awesome Merc! The second car nice car to come out of their new design team. SLS is OMG now the A – Class is from an Awesome Class

  • Estiff95

    Huge move Benz…like it

  • nugsdad

    Does it pass the Moose test?

    • MisterZed

      Yes, Rocky and Bullwinkle approve.

  • Jimmy

    Well done MB! Best looking car they’ve released for years. Good engines too…

  • Altezza

    A decent Mercedes Benz finally! Love the interior and exterior.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    This, the new 1 series and the new A3 makes the Golf seem like a simple budget hatchback, which suits me fine, but if I had the extra I’d probably pick this.

    • Stevo

      err, & how old is the golf now ?

  • GIG

    Sorry…but where is the shift knob??

  • Channy

    geez ugly like the bmw 1 series frog face…if that had a hyundai badge…i would love to see the “lovely” reactions this MB got…

  • 440 R/T Charger

    The car itself looks great!  Wish they offer the sedan and 2-door hatch version.

  • Busang

    A Merc hatch? Hmmm… we live in interesting times indeed. A decent car though. I always wondered why the motoring industry has so many holy cows. 

  • Bachman Turner Overdrive

    I think the tourtured tin on the sides looks ugly. Another German ‘premium’ product that won’t come close to Toyota reliability. I have had a string of German cars and they all have had sub standard reliability and high running costs.