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Four design concepts based on the all-new Volkswagen Up! have been previewed ahead of their unveiling at this week’s Geneva motor show.

First up is the Swiss Up! concept. A tribute to the motor show’s host country, Volkswagen says the Up! is as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. Reflecting the colours of the Swiss flag, the concept sports red paint with contrasting white mirror caps and a white dashboard. The front seatbacks are finished with a leather band, provided for storing a pocket knife if the driver so desires.

Next is the Winter Up!, a concept designed for the ski slopes. Based on the Cross Up! concept from last year’s Frankfurt motor show, the Winter Up! features a raised ride height, underbody protection and electronic stability control with electronic differential lock to increase its ability in slippery conditions. The Winter Up! is finished in white and blue paint, and is fitted with snowboards on the roof.

Third is the X Up!, a light car designed for late-night expeditions. Again based on the Cross Up!, the X Up! is equipped with a roof box with integrated searchlights. The burnt orange exterior is complemented on the inside with two tone trim inserts and hand-stitched logos.

Finally there’s the Cargo Up! concept, a delivery van based on the three-door variant of the city car. With the rear seat removed the Cargo Up! offers a 1400-litre load space and a 426kg payload. The ride-height is boosted and underbody protection is included to increase its capability around pot-holed streets. Plexiglass separates the driver from the cargo, while painted rear windows keep the cargo discreet.

The four new Volkswagen Up! concepts will debut alongside the five-door Up! production car in Geneva on Wednesday. The three- and five-door Up! variants will go on sale in Australia late in 2012.

Also headed for Geneva is the latest version of the Volkswagen Cross Coupe concept. First unveiled at last year’s Tokyo motor show with a petrol-electric plug-in powertrain, the updated concept teams a diesel engine with two electric motors. The result is a total power output of 225kW, a top speed of 220km/h, and a staggeringly low combined cycle fuel consumption rating of just 1.8 litres per 100km.

The Cross Coupe concept previews the new face of Volkswagen’s SUVs, which is set to emerge in 2014 with launch of the all-new Tiguan.

  • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

    There should be another concept… A Baseball themed Up… Brown stitched leather seats and a giant softball bolted to the roof… They could call that one the Throw Up.

    I really like VWs design… So much nicer than the design dross that Toyota serves up… Too bad as a long suffering owner of 2 Golfs… I wont be going back for another VW too damn unreliable and expensive to fix. A shame really, I wish VW made more reliable cars.

    • Golfschwein

      Different for me. After ‘rescuing’ my father’s  Falcon from its ‘low mileage one-owner special $12,990′ fate as a dealer trade-in (with 100% mark-up – ha!! ‘Mark Up!) and subsequently watching bits fall off the inside, getting a dealer service done that confirms my belief that this costs five hundred regardless of make and, amid all that, shaking my head in disbelief at how cheap the finishes are and that such a large car can offer so little room and be so difficult to get in and out of….(phew!)….I’ll buy another Golf in a heartbeat.

      Anyway, getting back to it, I like the Winter Up! in particular, but it will never sell here.

      • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

        I’m glad you have had a better run with your VWs… The finish on them is exceptional, so much nicer than local or Japanese cars.

      • Scatman

        Why would you have swapped a golf for a falcon in the first place

      • Hung Low

        Your really balanced! comparing the materials fit and finish of a decade old Falcon to today’s standards!
        Their are plenty of Mk 5 Golfs with widows falling into the door cavities too!
        At least the original decade old engine in the Ford has not exploded like the plethora of modern 118tsi VW engines!As for your rant of so little room, its called a sedan! Go have a look at any decade old sedan, the low roof profile is a design objective unlike the modern trend to increase roof height to create the feel of spaciousness!Ps: This Noddy car would suit you to a tea, make sure to fit a giant cupcake to the roof as well!

        • Golfschwein

          Would you please just stop stalking my comments, Mr Exclamation Mark Man? Trust me, I don’t hold the same fascination for you. For ‘balance’, the MkV Golf and BA Falcon went through the design and development mill at around the same time. One was designed smart. The other was designed dumb, and I don’t care how good its freakin’ high beams are. For the record, it’s time for me to stop chancing my luck with the front passenger leccy window. Next time it groans down, it may not groan up again, and with all of 44,000 kays on the clock. My sincere apologies that this did not happen with the Golf, even though you desperately wanted it to.

          I’ll give you this, once only: I’d love to see a widow fall into the door cavity of a Golf. Poor luv. As if losing a husband wasn’t awful enough in the first place.

          Respond if you feel the need, as you no doubt will. I’m over and out.

          • Scatman

            Why are you driving a falcon instead of a golf now, did you loose you job at the flower shop, or were you living beyond your means all along

    • Frank

      Or maybe they could call it the Balls Up!

  • Ima_Hogg

    Next V Dub beetle anyone?

  • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

    Other concepts could include a version that you can personalise called Up Yours. Another concept could be one with integrated baby seats, tissue and wipes holders called the Up the Duff. I’m sure the list is endless… VW can give the mini a run for its money.

    • Golfschwein

      Oh, very good :)

    • Birty_B

      I believe the next one is a collaboration with a popular fashion label. FCUK UP

      • Xavier, Style Messiah

        I like that one!  Lets keep them coming.  How about a tall version of the up designed for 9 passengers… standing, called the Up Standing.

    • Barry

      Vw”s are reliable in Europe.Thats not the case in Australia and the USA.My view is that Volkswagen send all there junk to Australia.

      • Golfschwein

        Yes, extremely plausible. I must think this one through some more…if I stop laughing.

        • Barry

          Have a think about my statement Golfschwein,stop acting like a moron.
          Its commen to recieve inferior made products in Austraila from overseas.

          • Golfschwein

            odearodearodearieme. I’ve had the teensiest weensiest think about it, which is all that was warranted, and I think you should put up some industry figures and proof to support your hilariously flaky conspiracy theory. But maybe you should stop right here. You’re doing yourself damage.

      • Xavier, Style Messiah

        Barry, I don’t know, all I know that I have had more issues with my 2 Golfs than with the Toyotas I had before.  As I said I really like VWs design, the quality finish and expensive looking interiors… however, I have found the obvious external quality not to extend to mechanical and electrical reliability in the cars I have owned.

        • Barry

          Tarquin,your not the only VW buyer confused with your reliability issues.Motor journolists claim VW is the best thing since sliced bread.
          As a VW owner,you know that there the biggest pieces of junk on the road.

  • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

    Yes, it makes sense.

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    • Xavier, Style Messiah

      I feel a cosmic connectedness that transcends both space and time.

  • Leningrad

    They’re releasing a longer wheelbase version which will allow you to carry more STUFF. Care to guess what they call it?