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  • Mick

    Nice styling, shame about the driving experience.
    Also that 2.0TQ model does not meet Audi’s performance claims, 0-100 in about 7.3 not 6.6.

    • Amlohac

      Maybe their test was downhill ;-)

    • Prumm

      Did you miss a gear bro? My Q5 does low 7′s (7.2-7.4).

  • Amlohac

    The lane detection warning “Guidance” (gives slight steering inputs to keep you in your lane) is not available in Oz though is it? Its not available on the A6 and the A8 here but it is everywhere else (typical…)

  • Robj

    I drove the previous S5 V8. Great car and engine noise. Want one now..

    • nickdl

      Well unfortunately you can only get the supercharged V6 now…

  • Jazrod

    CA, you didn’t mention the power and torque levels of the 3.0TFSI. Also, is the 3.0TDI the same as the outgoing model? 

  • Robj

    1.8 TFSI A5, what are they thinking?? Who would buy that? That engine is only suitable for the A3..

    • Blair Waldorf.

       I’d buy it, judging by overseas reviews, it’s a sweat spot in the range – it (apparently) rides well, doesnt feel nose heavy and is very refined.

  • Kampfer

    Are the A5 Sportbacks still 4 seater only?

    • Oliver Cromwell

      I know in the UK they have added a 5th seat option. However I am unsure about whether or not that has come here.

      • Prumm

        The first batch of cars are 4 seats only. A 5th seatbelt will be added later in the year according to an Audi rep.

        Seems like a silly idea to miss out on that feature at launch.


    beautiful cars. stunning. shame about no improvement on the *numb* steering..

  • bob

    Hmm.  $67k base without onroads for 125kWs and 0-100 in 7.9s?  Am I the only one missing something here?

    It’s not like this is a Maserati, which is underpowered and slower to 100 yes, but who cares because of how it looks.  This thing isn’t going to make me turn my head!

    • Oliver Cromwell

      looks are subjective Bob, you dont have to buy it, but plenty of other people might. Also, the A5 generally takes a premium over the A4.

    • MisterZed

      Er, what?!  Maseratis come with 4.2L or 4.7L V8s.  Their 0-100 time is usually between 5-6 seconds.  How is this underpowered and slower than a 125 kW 7.9 second A5?!

  • somebody who knows nothing

    Once again Audi show the world how to do DTRL’s……

    • tonyW

      While I agree Audi are the pacesetter in the development of the bar-type DRLs, no matter how hard they try they still can’t come close the simple but classy BMW “angel-eyes” DRLs.

  • kennyboye

    I have the older (2009) sportsback and I can attest to the fidgetty ride and steering woes.  Driving this car is like dating a frigid supermodel; expensive and everybody thinks you are having a much better time than you actually are…..

    • Mick

      Agree on the ride – My back was sore after a test drive on the non s-line. Chiropractors must be the biggest investors in VW/Audi.

      Agree on the steering – I remember having more of an idea what the car was doing in Daytona USA than the A5.

  • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

    Still, no rear wiper on the coupe and I’d hazard a guess that the reliability and cost of ownership is way behind Lexus. Still, a great looking car and worth buying if you want something different and plan to sell it at the end of its warranty.

    • Imo

      That’s a stupid & ignorant comment tarquin.

      • Tarquin, Hair Artiste


        No it’s a well informed comment and not at all stupid, as an ex-Audi owner. Are you some kind of Audi fanboy then?

      • Prumm

        I love my Q5, but the gearbox was replaced after 3,000km (bought new), taken in for firmware reflash to fix the car accelerating by itself, rear seats stopped folding down, car ‘forgot’ it’s keys and couldn’t be started, gear selector wouldn’t go into park properly and therefore wouldn’t release the keys, etc.

        Stereotypes wouldn’t be stereotypes if they didn’t happen so often.

  • Guest3

    Is the $80,000 version faster than any Aurion?

    • Imo

      oh…so it’s all about fast is it ?
      Grow up !!!

      • Estiff95

         fair question i reckon. lets keep it respectful.

  • Andrew Cowley

    For the money the petrol 4′s are hopelessly underpowered. And that’s not to mention the extreme price blow out that occurs once you pick a few options. Makes a 135i great value in comparison.

    • Dominique Vøn Hütch

      I think the manual 2.0T’s are the pick – they’re quick.

  • Guest47

    **Numb Steering** hmmmm, yes, I think an Aurion would probably be a better driving experience.  Who wants to pay that sort of money  for a device that doesn’t have the “feel” on road of a lowly Toyota????

    • Imo

      Don’t just take one persons word for it.
      If you’re seriously in the market for it then you’ll test it for yourself…..otherwise it’s just drivel.

    • camaro

      I have a audi A4 1.8 for my wife. Mate, i gotta tell you steering feel just terrible in term of luxury car. Too light at low speed, too heavy on high way and i make you go sleep because i hasnt got road feedback at all.

    • Devil666

      He said the steering is ‘numb’, not ‘nautical’ like every Toyota I’ve driven.


      • ThatGuy

        The A5 steering feel is worse than the previous gen corolla and miles worse than the current gen corolla. It is worse still than the FT86 (and AE86 obviously, and AE82, AE92). It’s about on par with a current gen Camry , the A5 is a bit chunkier to swing yet with no more feel. The suspension (on S-line) is plain harsh (harsher than my weekend car with coilovers) over square edge bumps/holes but does deliver decent response. Using the responsive suspension (turn-in, mid-corner adjustability) is a gamble when the steering is completely numb. The comparison to the Daytona arcade game was accurate.

        The S-tronic (DSG) box is also pretty jerky/shuddering at low speeds and especially tight carparks and ramps.

  • Andrew Cowlet

    In the market, but I’m afraid $90k+ for a 155kw engine simply doesn’t wash with me. And of course you know that this is just a function of the Audi bean counters when the same engine is capable of so much more in cars like the Golf R. What a joke. Makes the A5 almost a hairdressers car imo.

  • Hkir

    Aurion will smoke this..

    Aurion presara has more luxury amenities than this..

    • Dominique Vøn Hütch


  • MisterZed

    Hmm, $4500 for the ability to choose any custom colour from the factory… for that price you could just get the car resprayed by a body shop?

    • Golfschwein

      Eww, but would you? I’d let the factory do it every time.

    • FUCKMiz

       LOL I don’t want to repaint my car in a body shop. quality is not way not as good as the audi paint.

  • Rage

    I looked at the A5 sportback when it was first released but the cost is just not worth it IMHO.
    Love the car but I decided to go for an VW R36 with every option in the book thrown at it for $77k drive away.
    3.6lt 0-100kph in 5.5sec
    Sat Nav
    Adaptive suspension
    Adaptive cruise control
    Lane assist
    Cornering lights
    By comparision an A5 2.0T optioned to match this would cost $120k +++
    No wonder Audi can afford fancy new showrooms.
    And yes the R36 will smoke any Aurion :-)

    • Robj

      You can get most of that in Liberty GT, HSV or FPV for less than $60k..

      • Gordon

        no you dont. I’ve had both the Liberty 3.0 RB and the R36 and the R36 drop kicks the lowly Liberty out of the ball park in every respect bar service costs ( which weren’t bad n the R36 anyway)

  • JCSS

    Audi A5 in coupe, convertible and hatchback are all a 2+2 platform. If you want to seat 5 then buy the A4. For the steering whingers, dont trust factory wheel alignment… go and get it re-done at a specialist. VW’s R36 and Audi’s A5 are significantly different vehicles….. check your suspension components for starters, VW’s are steel, Audi’s alloy. Lower unsprung weight = better handling, and so it goes….VW’s DSG vs Audi’s (7 speed) S-tronic.= VW fail again.. I have owned both. In summary, why wear cotton when you can afford velvet.

  • OzGU

    I think the A5 Sportback is good. If you don’t have the money, go buy cheaper brand. Chanel sell their hand bag for $5000, you can say it doesn’t worth it but many people buying it, there is a reason, not because they are stupid, its because you are so poor and can not afford it.  You can not compare Audi, BMW, Benz with Toyota in terms of price. Who cares when one has too much money to spend? and 6.6 seconds 0-100Km, good enough for daily drive, Ok, let say its 7.5 seconds, big deal, still faster than most of the car on the road.

  • Matthew

    Our metallic black 2012 a5 Quattro 7sp 5 door just arrived, first one delivered I am told, looks even better in the metal, has a deceptively wide street presence, we optioned it with a 5th seatbelt so it can be done :)