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Honda Australia says it has drawn a line in the sand in 2012 as it embarks on an ambitious rebuilding process to return the company to its former heights.

Speaking at the launch of the ninth-generation Honda Civic in Melbourne on Tuesday, Honda Australia director Stephen Collins says the embattled Japanese brand has set its sights on boosting sales by more than 30 per cent in 2012 as vehicle supply normalises and three core volume models hit showrooms.

“Today marks a new beginning for our recovery and our rebuilding for the future in the Australian market,” Collins said. “We see all-new Civic as our line in the sand. 2012 is a year of rebuilding for Honda, rebuilding with great products, value-for-money positioning to our customers, and also well-targeted communications.

He said Honda planned to sell 40,000 new cars in Australia in 2012 to get the company “back on track” and “back on shopping lists of new-car buyers in Australia”.

Last year was a low point for Honda Australia. Just 30,107 cars were sold, down more than 10,000 units from the previous year. The result was impacted significantly by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March and especially the Thailand floods, which forced months of production stoppages and consequently crippled Honda’s ability to deliver cars to customers.

But Honda’s slide down the sales charts started long before Mother Nature’s untimely interruption. Just five years ago in 2007, Honda sold 60,529 cars in Australia, making it the sixth-highest-selling brand in the country. Subsequent years saw it slip to 52,571 in 2008, then 41,443 in 2010. Last year, sales were more than 50 per cent down on 2007’s record, and Honda fell to 10th on the overall sales charts.

Collins says the brand’s first quarter has been “heavily impacted” by a lack of supply from Thailand, with the plant not set to return to full production until April.

With that in mind, Honda Australia has focused its attention on the Japan sourced Accord Euro and Odyssey so far this year, and both led their segments in terms of private sales in January. The Jazz Vibe – sourced from Japan until normal Thai Jazz production resumes – has attracted 900 orders since mid January, with deliveries taking place from this week.

The second quarter will see improved supply from Thailand. Honda expects to average 3500 sales a month throughout Q2 as the Civic sedan enters full swing.

Production of the Civic sedan is set to move back from Japan to Thailand around the middle of the year, and the shift will see satellite navigation become available in the range. Collins said other changes would be minimal, with prices and specifications set to remain largely unchanged.

The third quarter should see business return to normal for Honda. The all-new UK-source Civic hatchback will arrive in showrooms in July, promising a lower starting pricing in the mid-$20,000s and an expanded line-up, which Collins says will help it  “really take up the fight in the growing small hatch segment”. A 104kW 1.8-litre petrol engine will be offered initially, with an all-new, highly efficient 88kW/360Nm 1.6-litre diesel scheduled to join the range in the first quarter of 2013. Honda expects to sell 1000 Civic sedans and 500 hatches each month.

Fans of the Civic Type R will be disappointed, however, with Collins confirming he was aware of no plans for a successor to the hot hatch. While no replacement for the Type R, he described the standard Civic hatch as “inherently sporty”, and admitted the brand’s sports focus had shifted to other models.

“In terms of sportiness we’re certainly focusing at the moment on CR-Z … We really see that in the short term as more of a halo.

“Obviously in the US at Detroit the Acura NSX was shown in its concept form which is a pretty awesome thing, so that would be pretty high on our wish list in the long-term future.”

The third quarter will also see the third-generation CR-V officially enter run-out mode ahead of the launch of the new gen-four soft-roader in the final quarter of 2012.

For the first time, the new Honda CR-V will be available with a cheaper front-wheel-drive entry-level variant, sitting beneath the traditional all-wheel drive models. A petrol engine will be available initially, with a diesel engine slated to join the line-up later in 2013.

“[CR-V] has been a highly successful model for us, and we are in no doubt the all-new CR-V towards the end of the year will be absolutely no exception,” Collins said.

If all goes according to plan, Collins says Honda will be delivering 4000 cars per month by the end of the year. While it may sound like a hard ask, he describes the current situation – moving from recovery to rebuilding and into growth mode – as “a really exciting time for Honda”.

  • Greg Alexander

    So, at this stage the diesel CRV will arrive end of 2013. Don’t rush, why not wait another year or two just to be sure?

    • Type R Driver

       “No, money down!” … Greg I read that sentence as:

      New CR-V launching in 2012 with a petrol engine, then later on, at some time in 2013, a diesel variant will join.

  • Car Bore

    All sounds promising. Satellite Navigation for the Civic will be good and hopefully one day we will see the NSX in Australian showrooms.

  • PS

    Honda Australia still have a lot to learn about brand image….. They are really making COTY Car of The Year award for CR-Z worth every drop of penny… but it isn’t enough. They need something that people talk about to even make them think of Honda.

    • Type R Driver

       You’re right, here we all are talking about Toyota.

  • SadHondaOwner

    Owned mainly Hondas in the past 10 years and the new line up still doesn’t excite me…

  • Ozzydaniel

    there is a misconecption on the cost of honda servicing and this is holding me back from buying a honda odyssey if it had fixed price i would be there it is important on a fixed income to know what the expenses are

    • SP20

      Save money on fix price servicing or Pay less for the car.
      You won’t get both.
      Fix Price servicing is subsidized in the purchase price

    • Sydlocal

       You don’t have to go to the dealer for servicing to keep the warranty…

      • Guest

        ultratune should suffice! LOL

  • Pops

    Sadly Honda will never return to their 2007 figures & former glory with their current plans.
    2007 was a bumper year for them due to the just-then-released previous generations of Civic & CRV.
    Both of these releases were quite fresh designs at the time & a significant improvement from their previous iterations.

    The new Civic however is a cheap reskin of a now 6 year old design which is banking on price reductions to move sales. Their CRV redesign was a more concerted effort but an even uglier duckling than its double grilled previous version. With no diesel & its awkward looks it will struggle in an already ultra-competitive market segment.

    Honda’s line up, even with these new additions, is still uninspiring in comparison to their previous equals Mazda & even against their poorer cousin Nissan.

    prelude / crx replacement (& no, the wheezy crz does not count!);
    medium/large SUV (reintroduce the MDX);
    decent turbocharged hot hatch;
    & a ridiculously priced Legend (which is the same size as their Accord sedan which costs 30k less for the same specification)

    I have owned 4 Hondas in the past & would love to see them do well, i.e. I am not a Honda basher.
    They need to rethink what position they are gunning for in the marketplace because  they cant push their “power of dreams”, i.e. sporty tag any more…. or even their “pseudo premium” tag which at least they’ve acknowledged in the revised pricing…. on some models.

    • Realtor

      Here, here! They also need to dump the grey interior of the Civic for a black interior. Otherwise they will never sell to thier target market or the younger demographic.

  • Andrew

    Their Australian Rally Championship campaign sure sparks my interest!

  • ABCD

    Reduce the price and the servicing costs.

    • Hehe

      Servicing costs is OK for my civic is quite reasonable compared my mates corolla and Mazda. 
      Price is definitely a factor. On paper they look good but the dealers are unwilling to give much discounts, making them very expensive compared to their competitors

      They also REALLY need to retrain their sales rep. All of them I’ve encountered have attitude problems. The mitsu dealer treated me like a king (unfortunately that wasn’t enough to convince me to buy the lancer)

      • Speedy

        why do they need to improve their sales rep, as you have just proved, it doesnt matter how you were treated, you still bought the honda over others!

        as long as they sell car ( thanks to the likes of you ) then honda wont care about the attitudes of the salesman, its the old ‘dont care how you do it, just sell them’

        • Hehe

          Speedy – your view is short sighted. Although it didnt’ stop me from buying the car it did stop others. Why else would the sale slipped so much?? 

          And yes – it did stop me from buying a second honda now that their rivals are catching up.

    • Mighty Boy

      I like my car, so I don’t mind paying for a service. Honda service centre is good!

  • http://twitter.com/Sprae Benson

    No Type R, no NSX, no brand.

    • Hehe

      And how they want to make the NSX concept a hybrid.. urgghhhhh. 
      Gotta pull management’s brains out of their a$s

  • Monk

    Honda started to slide when they progressively dropped their interesting models – Prelude VTi-R, Integra Type R, CR-X, S2000, NSX. 

    Their engine range provokes driver fatigue it is so boring. 

    If they want to draw a line in the sand and improve their position, they need cars that people want to buy and drive.  Reducing manufacturing costs seems to be their only business plan.  That, and designing cars that seem to invite you to wear cardigans…

    • Rocket

      Hopefully Honda will introduce some affordable performance models again like Toyota is doing with the FT-86 to attract a younger audience like they used to.

    • somebody who knows nothing

      How true. Honda built it’s name on having diferent vehicles with a sporting bias… it was the person who bought an Integra or Prelude that then bought an Accord when the marital status changed..
      Or it was the older person who remembers the original (70’s small hatch) Civic that was priced cheaply and yet proved reliable that were buying Civic’s again now that the family was off their hands..
      Honda today has nothing to offer those customers… their current range is over priced and lacking in little, but key, areas. Seat trim that pills very quickly in Civic’s does not give a feeling of longevity. Blue Tooth controls that not only look like, but are an after thought. Motors that are high reving do not suit the average Australian driver who likes to change gears at 3000rpm…these motors were better suited in the affore mentioned sports styled models.. 

  • Barrybanks

    The attitude of their Sales Reps is half the problem. When my wife wanted to change her five year old Golf we looked at an Accord Euro .They offered $9 k for the Golf which was immaculate and had only 18k on the clock. They took no interest so we ended up with the latest ford focus and a trade in of $17k.  The Dealer sold the Golf within two days for $21k.
    I will never enter a Honda Dealer again

    • Car Bore

      The thing you forget is largely it isn’t the salesperson that you spoke to who makes the decision on how much your trade in is worth. The is true in particular for dealers with more than one franchise. If you had of walked into a Ford dealer that was part of the same group(hence getting the same trade in price) would you never walk into a Ford dealer again?

    • Mighty Boy

      You get more money from a private car sales.

    • Edward

      I had a similar experience. Got offered $13k for trading in my civic at honda dealer, but as i was not interested in being ripped off i sold it myself for $17k

      • Birty_B

        Don’t know what you’re civic was, and if you sold it for $17k then $13 may have been a little low, but I wouldn’t say they were ripping you off. You’ll never find a sales person tell you that you’ll get more money by trading a car in. 

  • gacho

    Doesn’t honda realize that people want Japanese manufactured Honda cars not Thailand built ones. My parents have driven Honda cars for more than 30 years in which they are currently driving the thai built CRV. I too have bought the Thailand built honda civic sports. I can say the quality which honda was known for has disappointingly dropped a lot. I can clearly say my next car which I am going to buy at the end of the year is NOT going to be a honda.

    • Car Bore

      The new Japanese built Jazz is no different in quality to the Thai built one. Yes I have been in both back to back.

      • gacho

         If the quality is the same then there goes all hope in me buying a honda again. Its a pity because deep inside I do want to buy a honda but as it is now. NO.

        • Car Bore

          The quality of the Thai built Honda are still very very good. I’ve never seen a problem with any of the cars we have and most of them are out of Thailand

        • somebody who knows nothing

          So, by your statement you are somewhat racist??
          Pity cause Thai people have very high work ethics and strive hard to make their cars the best…

          • Edward

            i read his comment 20 seconds ago and im not sure how you saw that as racist

          • MisterZed

            I can’t believe Honda used to actually brag about their cars coming from Thailand.  This is taken directly from their site:
            “All 1999 Accords are imported from Honda’s new state-of-the-art plant in Thailand, giving Honda Australia greater stock ordering flexibility, shorter supply lines compared with the previous American source and more parts export opportunities.”

    • Shak

      My parents’ Honda Accord has pretty damned good quality. Its very close in fact to that of my Lexus. Honestly the cars which we get out of Thailand seem to be just as reliable and good quality as ones made in Japan.

  • Henry Toussaint

    I don’t mind the new civic hatch! 

    • Edward

      Im on the same boat, and also on the fence about buying one of these when it arrives. Seeing as my current car is an 07 civic type r, its safe to say im only interested in Hondas that are made and developed in the UK.

      The UK 5 door civic hatch currently on Australian roads looks very good for a design that came out in 2006…

  • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

    I think Honda will be drawing lots of lines in the sand. It’s about product stupid! The new Civic sedan and the CRV look really dull and the facelifted Jazz with all those vents on the bumpers is just hideous. Honda need to do better with their product and give the public what they want not what the Thialand factory makes for Nth America.

    • Car Bore

      Most of the American Honda’s are actually built in America. Actually they might all be built there for the U.S market.

  • MisterZed

    Honda Australia can never meet their goals.  A few years ago they stated that they were aiming at 100,000 sales per year in Australia.  By the way, I’m not sure what the article means when it says the CR-V run-out will begin in third quarter of this year.  The CR-V is already in run-out – the new model is out overseas already.

  • Blair Waldorf.

    I’ve never owned a Honda, and im by now means a Honda fanboy, but they do sound amazing as they hit VTEC. Their current range is way too vanilla, they need to go back to their 90’s glory days. The CR-Z is the only car that comes close to those days…

    • MisterZed

      Honda were amazing in the old days.  The Legend sedan and especially 2-door coupe were way ahead of their time.  The ’87 Legend coupe was one of the best looking cars in it’s time, with a smooth 2.7L V6 and all the creature comforts – leather, electric sunroof, electric seats, auto climate control, ABS brakes.  It made the stuff that Toyota was building at the time look prehistoric.

    • Edward

      Its nice to see someone who isnt a honda fan make an observation like that. Unfortunately ive noticed a lot of honda ‘fanboys’ still see honda as it was in the past, which doesnt help them stay competitive. Last time i sat in an office at a honda dealer they had posters of the NSX and integra on their wall. Cars from the 90’s…

      Honda’s at the moment look and feel like appliances, and with no feelings towards their products it makes no sense to buy them unless theyre good value. I only own a honda because i adore the looks of the civic type R. If the next civic hatch doesnt get me that excited ill be getting something that does, probably a Hyundai Veloster. I saw one last night and fell in love and i will gladly pay the price for it

  • Scatman

    Drove a Jazz the other day, they feel a bit tinny and the noise inside is a bit much, roomy but feels very coarse

  • Sicherheit

    “In terms of sportiness we’re certainly focusing at the moment on CR-Z … We really see that in the short term as more of a halo.”

    This is the problem. The CR-Z is not exciting, but a coma-inducing combination of existing hybrid tech with a fairly outdated aesthetic. 
    If Honda had some actual ‘halo’ cars, like a modern iteration of Type R models and cars with some innovative new engine tech, then they could begin to restore brand image and sales. Right now, they seem to be in a death spiral.

    • Brad Cherrie

      Ya da ya da ya da. Just as coma inducing as your arrogant comments!.

  • Nada

    Didn’t bother reading the article, the headline says it all on how they are designing consumer vehicles… get the NSX out here and at a decent price damn it!

  • RespectForHonda

    Ahh, here we go with the Honda bashing comments yet again! I don’t understand the issues people on this site seem to have with Honda for no apparent reason or with no actual experience or evidence. Think a model is ugly? Good, don’t buy one! But there’s no denying Honda’s are still quality, safe and reliable vehicles with excellent resale value. They also still carry a certain amount of badge prestige over their copycat korean rivals. 

    The new civic sedan looks good, especially in the Sports model, just because it’s not bold or in your face doesn’t mean it’s not a nice looking car. It’s much less likely to date than something like Hyundai’s ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ over designed grills and panels. 

    A friend of mine has seen the new Civic Hatch in person when he was in the UK, took some pictures which look great, but assured me that it was even better looking in person. In the press images it looks a little odd but most definitely has a ‘look at me’ design. 

    The new CRV has a great looking front-end, better than the current by far in my opinion. The rear really isn’t that different from the current gen and definitely shares a bit of a volvo-esque design, but it’s classy yet striking and won’t date. 

    And the CR-Z! Gosh it gets bashed on here! It’s not all about what’s written on the paper, kW aren’t everything! If you take that car for what it is, and what it’s intended to be, which ISN’T a hot hatch, then it’s really quite brilliant. It won Wheels car of the year for god sake! 

    Stop bashing Honda! Decent marketing efforts are necessary to return them to former glory in Australia, and yes, as is a constant stream of new models with excellent pricing. These days everything so similar in features and price that there’s little to differentiate a brand!

    Does anyone remember the ‘impossible dream’ ad from the mid-late 2000’s? The first time I saw it I was amazed at the history of innovation from this company. Come a few years later and they updated it to include newer products. (see link) 


    If you haven’t watched the video before, do it. Turn it up, watch closely, and tell me you don’t feel a sense of respect for the brand.

    When I think of Honda, I think of the company that makes Asimo, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, or the HondaJet which promises significantly better economy and environmental benefits, or the NSX that redefined the way the world saw Japanese Car Manufacturers and encouraged european exotic manufacturers to improve, or the FCX Clarity that runs on hydrogen fuel cell and emits only water vapours, or the VTEC engine, the very first variable-valve timing engine, a technology which is used throughout vehicles today.  I see this, and much more, of a company that has spent it’s history innovating, in order to better itself, it’s products, and provide safer, cleaner and greener forms of transport. Did you ever stop to think, that Honda seems to have slowed down only because the others have finally caught up?

    That’s my two cents, i’m sure some of you will have a problem with it, but you can’t argue with history. 

    • Birty_B

      That’s the thing though, the reason that probably 95% of people are commenting on this is because they want Honda to succeed. They all (myself included) have great respect for their history and cars of yesteryear. 

      The problem is as you said, Honda stopped and everyone else caught up. They don’t offer that extra technology or innovation anymore. Honda still make a good product, no doubt or questioning that. But now they’re playing catch up, they’re operating on the back of their past glories and they need to start developing and innovating cars that people want to drive. They’re so caught up in their whole green car thing and what they think people need and want rather than looking at what people are buying or asking what they want. 

      The fact Honda Australia have finally admitted there is an issue is a start. Now hopefully Honda as a company will see this also and start looking and what thing need to be developing, designing and innovating. 

      And that’s my two cents.

    • Wayne

      How are the Koreans copying Honda?  The korean designs are fresh and the diesel technology is so far ahead of Honda’s it isn’t funny.  I should know, I traded up my CRV for an IX-35.  Actually wanted a Sportage but the demand was too great.  

      • RespectForHonda

        The Koreans have been copying the likes of Honda and Toyota for YEARS. Thats how they’ve gotten where they are today! The opinion of design is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but in my opinion Hyundai’s ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ design language is over-designed, overly fussy and will date really quickly. 
        I’d be interested for you to tell me how exactly the diesel technology is ‘so far ahead of Honda’s, it isn’t funny’ ?? That’s a mighty bold statement with no evidence to back it up!

        • Wayne

          You believe Honda’s diesel (e.g. current european CRV diesel) is equal or better to the Koreans R-Type Diesel?….Really?

          Wow, Good luck to you if that’s what you believe.  I’d suggest you delusional or Honda’s number 1 fan-boy.  No disrespect – everyone deserves to have their opinion, but I feel sorry for you if your not being paid to have these strong emotions.

          Like I said, I had a CRV and it DOES_NOT_COMPARE to the Koreans.

          • RespectForHonda

            I’m sorry, did I say I think the Honda i-DTEC is an equal or better Diesel engine than the Koreans? No, I actually didn’t. For me to make such a comment I would take the time to back it up with fact  and perhaps offer a comparison. If you re-read, you’ll see I asked for you to tell me how it’s “so far ahead” of the Honda, yet you didn’t/couldn’t actually do that, which says a lot. 

            I’d also be interested in knowing what year & model CR-V you had before you “upgraded” to the ix-35?

            Also, saying “no disrespect” doesn’t make being rude & ignorant any more acceptable!

  • DaveP06

    There are a lot of people out there, who appear to want to knock the brand, however, in my opinion, Honda are one of the very best of engineering companies and completely sincere, with their ethical stance, regarding the Industry.

    Obviously, you are going to run into local issues with dealerships, which people forget, are not run by Honda, but private organisations, who are in it to make money.  Whilst Honda can dicatate how the premises should look to reflect the ‘brand’ the in-house dealers are only as good as the people they employ and the business is notoriously cut-throat and suffers from high staff turn-over.

    The VTEC engine is the most successful and reliable engine that has ever been built – period…

    The new Civic is a great looking car and whilst some may not like the rear, it’s a move forward from the previous model, which don’t forget was a total change to the earlier version and has proved itself to be a great seller, world-wide.

    I was surprised to see that Collins stated that there was nothing ‘in the pipeline’ regarding the Type R, which is totally untrue, as they have a launch date in the UK, set for 2013 and in a break from tradition, it will almost certainly be turbo or supercharged, based around the work that Honda have carried out alongside the guys at Mugen and JAS and where the current BTCC/WTCC Civics and the Rally Honda Jazz have been developed.  Final details are not out yet, but they are aware at Honda, that they have a racing pedigree that they need to uphold.

    The CRZ is now available with a Mugen option, which makes it a totally different vehicle altogether.

    Honda are a great Company – please give them some credit and don’t listen to the motoring press, who quite honestly, don’t know their front from back, unless someone else tells them so.

    Attached are a couple of shots of the current Civic BTCC car which is a 2L Turbo, the Jazz Rally and the CRZ Mugen etc.

    • Speedy

      i think this pic says it all about honda in its current form……

    • Car Bore

      People are bashing the brand because they think Honda does not introduce new tech fast enough or have stopped innovating but in reality they are still working on future technology. 
      When you look at the scheme of things Honda’s engines are still very good in all of there classes. Take the Civic it is one of the few that still use a 1.8 litre in its class but is still very close to the performance of the bigger 2 litres from Mazda and Mitsubishi and the like. Fuel economy for the Civic is class leading even when compared to the Elantra with its Direct Injection and 6 speed Auto which it beats by nearly half a litre. Honda don’t need to rush with their direct injection as their cars are still ultra competitive without it.

      People say that Honda’s are boring but there aren’t really any cars that are more exciting coming out of their competitors. The Veloster is probably the only one at the moment and that goes up against the CR-Z which if you have driven it you will understand is a fantastic little car that isn’t trying to be out and out fast but is fun when you find a twisty road. 

      Another thing people forget is how well equipped the Hondas are. Take the Jazz Vibe at the moment with standard Climate and Cruise Control across the range. Add other things like Alloy Wheels, USB, Bluetooth and a 5 star safety rating and it probably even beats Hyundai for the Value. Once again with the Civic you get more features for the money when you look at the Mazda 3 or even Elantra. 
      Then you have the Accord Euro which was the highest selling medium sized car in January. 

      Honda is still competetive and relevant and when they bring out their new range of engines and gearboxes they will once again have a lead to what the other Japanese manufacturers are doing.

    • TJ

       I too have heard rumblings of a Type-R successor.  When the new 2012 Civic was announced one of the first things i read in an interview from a senior member of Honda was that a ‘hot’ version was being worked on.  He fell short of calling it a Type-R but its only logical that it be one if not its equivilant rebranded into something else.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what their going to do with it.  With new competition like the Megane 250 cup trophee and the new Citeron range they’ll have to remain competitive.  Threats like the BRZ/FT-86 are looming too, meaning price will have to be equally competitive.

      I also hope the NSX successor falls around GT-R pricing :) Its a huge call but who woudl have thought Nissan could do what they did with that car yet make it similarly priced to an M3 with a bucketload of technology to go with it!!!!

  • GrKTcB

    Thailand built expensive and ugly cars isn’t going to get them back to their former glory :/

  • davie

    Good luck to Honda.

    I have no doubt they build nice cars with an increasingly “green” awareness. Guess what, so do a lot of their competitors, except the compeditors do two things:

    1 – believe there is more to a car than 5 speed auto’s and VTEC
    2 – don’t pursue the green technology in exclusion of other features customers want, to the point it makes the car unsaleable

  • Hkir

    The civic looks nice

  • Jimmy James

    No Type R image leaders
    No Accord Euro Wagon
    No Diesel for Accord Euro
    No Affordable sports car (a niche that is being revived with the introduction of the GT86 and BRZ)
    No diesel for CRV until ‘sometime in 2013′
    No Honda Element

    And they wonder why they’re struggling.

    Every model in the range (excluding SUVs) should have a Type R variant to inject some excitement – sharp chassis, manual gearbox, and TURBOCHARGED so the engine has some TORQUE…you know TORQUE? Remember that?

    The Euro Wagon should be a top priority, available in petrol, diesel AND TYPE R.

    Revive the Integra nameplate with a rear drive affordable sports car in the gt86/brz mould.

    Bring the Honda Element here.

    Launch the petrol and diesel CR-V simultaneously and UNDERCUT the Mazda CX-5 on price.

    Develop the NSX to perform like the Nissan GT-R, and price it 10% cheaper.

    Black interiors on all civics.

    iPod integration as standard on all models

    5 Year / 120,000km warranty

    Fixed price servicing

    Driveaway pricing on every model.

    Do as much of this ASAP and the rest as soon as is practical and you’ll return to the halcion days before you can say VTEC!

    • MisterZed

      You’re joking, right?  The Honda Element was discontinued last year.  It was a 10-year-old design dating back to 2002.  It was basically a 2nd gen CR-V with different sheetmetal. 

    • theillestlife

       I dont know about you, but id buy a NSX over a GTR or any other car in the world (other than mclaren f1) regardless of the price if i could afford it at the time im buying.

      that said, i hope the new one isnt priced in excess of 300,000, under 250,000 will be perfect. may even add an extra loan to the house to buy one so i can park it in my garage alongside my 1993 NSX 😀

  • Giz

    It took them 5 years to realize there is a problem with their sales. In fact it is the price premium they trying charge from the customers. Hopefully they have got this now and I can smell some positive move from 2012 models.

  • Shak

    I think the quickest way that Honda can fix sales in Australia is firstly to market the hell out of the new Civic and CR-V. Even though many of us on here think they are too vanilla, Honda need to let their target markets know that these cars exist. Then if sales start to rise, Honda should think about introducing more niche models, such as a diesel Euro, or a diesel Jazz. please Honda go back to your glory days, because im almost certain that most people on this website have experienced on of your fun products in the past. Most would be happy to put down money today if you built something fun, affordable, quality, and cheap.

  • Ian

    Honda Australia will never recover while it is run by accountants frightened to advertise and unable to embrace sports car logic. They have no relationship with the buying public, they don’t own cars themselves and they import boring models aimed at retirees who don’t spend.
    They deserve to wallow in the mud of their own stupidity.

  • klowik

    Japan’s automotive industry is dying, there is no doubt that. Aging population and increasing young unemployed population, where can they find more inspiring people and ideas?
    The same can be said to the electronic industry which is slowly dying and replaced by the Koreans…look at Panasonic, Hitachi and Sony…we don’t see much great products from them as much as 20 years ago.

    • Luke Brinsmead

      True “klowik”, but Sharp and Sony still produce the best LCD TVs, it’s just that Samsung and LG are marketed and sold everywhere and are marginaly cheaper.

      • MisterZed

        Sony make LCDs?!  I thought they just re-branded panels made by other manufacturers? 

        • mitch

          Sony no longer make their own LCD panel, sourcing them from either Sharp, a joint venture with Samsung (which I believe is over now) and now increasingly from Chinese manufacturers. Their TV’s are still ok, but in my opinion over priced for what they are. Sharp make the best LED/LCD hands down!

  • Luke Brinsmead

    The civic hatch would quadruple it’s Australian sales if it were to be priced from the mid 20s. The diesel engine would provide near hybrid economy, so you won’t need to buy the insight.

  • Antmindel

    I most certainly AM a Honda fan,as I have a new Accord Euro,which is my 7th brand new car,first Honda product,and best car of all ,as the quality,finish,and reliability have been excellent.

    Very diffirent to my previous VW  Jetta and Holden Astra experiences……………..

    However,the Euro is probably their best global car,but Honda could do so much more with it…

    As others have said,where is the very good looking wagon ???

    Where are the diesel engines ???

    Wven South Africa has these models,which I recently saw .

    And where is the V6 ???
    This is offered in the US,in their identical Acura TSX. 

  • Dan-Dan

    Watched an advertisment/documentary on japanese TV today on the “kei car wars”, in particular the ‘Honda N-Box’.

    Honda Japan was shocked to discover their ‘kei car’ dealerships were empty — so much so, the doco shows the Honda dealer crossing the road to the Daihatsu dealership to buy a car! 

    There’s no actual cars inside the Daihatsu dealership — its the “Daihatsu coffee shop”, complete with sofas, sweets and toys for the kids.  (ie. the documentary followed how Honda realised they need to play catch up to Daihatsu, to target the female demographic.)

    My take-away from that is, dealerships have to reinvent themselves, look to Ikea, to get bums on seats ^_^

    “Now? Are selling minicar” Why not just grab the woman ‘s ability … surprising fuel economy of the strategy … (Secret)

    Program content
    But the domestic automobile market continues peaked, mini vehicles are gaining popularity to reverse it. In addition to economic efficiency, such as low taxes and low fuel consumption, the car itself to evolve, it is one of three mini-cars to new cars already. Under these circumstances, all at once began to put the power to each light vehicle manufacturers as the main battlefield. Specialized manufacturers such as Suzuki and Daihatsu light is, of course, begin treatment, such as Toyota did not enter the light until now, the situation was all the domestic manufacturers to enter the light. But the dawn of “mini Wars” exactly. Here is that the relative merits of the terms of the domestic market is no doubt survive.

  • Kennyboye

    Used to be edgy and desirable….now tacky and boring. Owned 2 preludes and loved them but I see nothing currently affordable or desireable in the lineup for the 50k range that is truly sporty (i.e. Kw/torque) and not embarrassing to be seen driving. Oh well….

  • themenz

    I think Honda’s biggest problem us that once upon a time they stood out as the more luxurious Jap brand, but they has dissipated with Lexus and they once made some truely good looking cars, NSX, the 90’s civics, integra, prelude s2000. And then they started listening to Acura and the to be honest it has been downhill ever since.

    Except for the Euro and (possibly the new NSX) there is just nothing there to love. I think they will need to hit rock bottom before they really understand the problem.

  • Sdhe

    bring the civic type r sedan to australia and most teens and early 20 will want one and save hard for it. As for hondas current line up seriously F**k You. still driving my 89 prelude because of your half assed.

  • My_next_car_a_Honda?

     We owned the first CRV and the current CRV and we are fundamentally satisfied – it suits our needs, has good interior space in cabin and boot and functionality it what we want. Great cars but I agree with people in that Honda is lagging and not leading. They still produce reliable, durable and quality cars . I used to wonder if people just didn’t value the quality aspects and instead are interested in gizmos but look at things like the warranty 3 vs 5 for Koreans. Look at the fuel consumption which is MUCH higher than others – Look at what Mazda have done with their new petrol engines – Honda (claimed to be the biggest engine manufacturer in the world) have announced new engines over the next 3 years. I have been following the new CRV since launch in USA last year and I am underwhelmed. I still think they make greater cars but they are not leading.  I believe GFC hit them but I think they are suffering more than that, I think they have lost imagination and spark. They have got with the program and reduced price to be competitive and I think that says something about the product. I hope they get back their spark.

  • Howard_cashman

    Have just driven from perth to melbourne in a new honda CRV 2000cc manual

    Am rapped how car performed got average 8.6 Ltr  per 100kl  AND WAS

    From experience just gathed let me say the following

    you all talk about technology well my  average speed of 100KL
    could not hear engine It was supper smooth and where the
    hills out of adelaide came up was able to site on 80kl
    and  went back to fourth  gear.Checked oil in tassie
    and not a drop used.

    They have worked on the suspension settings and it shows
    I could not fault the soft but controlled handling

    THIS SUV was also so quiet to drive yes really

    The only letdown for me was the dash did not have enough
    silver highlights