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  • Westie

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t share the Accord/Euro relationship i.e. bearing no resemblance to its US cousin.
    Still fat b*mmed and ugly.
    Really, Honda, what’s going on???

  • kazuo

    Honda is repeat to what Mazda was doing during mid 90s to early naughties

  • GGGG

    Why would anyone in their right mind choose this over an IX35 or a Sportage?

    What’s next?!?

    • Mighty Boy

      Why would you buy a Korean car? Save more money and buy Japanese or European made car.(Better resale value)

      • Sumpguard

           Why would you flap your gums without having driven a Korean car?

                 I test drove the lot and the Sportage ix35 and Tiguan were at the top of the heap (No Japs there). Now that Hyundai have fixed the ride in the ix35 it would certainly rank with the Sportage as it was its single biggest issue (on bad roads).  I’d buy another in a heart beat.

           The Tiguan had no room behind the rear seats so calling it an S “U” V was a bit rude as it cerainly isn’t “utilitarian”.  Then there’s the ownership (read reliabilty) issue.  The ride however was excellent. The options costs were anything but excellent though.

           On a value for money basis alone the Koreans simply annihilate the Japanese even after their price increase and the 5 year warranty made it a no-brainer. 

              I’d expect to have better resale on a Japanese vehicle as you are paying more up front.


        Ignorance isn’t always bliss Mighty Boy.

           As for the Honda the front on view works best. After that it is ill conceived.

        • Guest

          mate, the build quality of the ix35 is crap. i dont know if you have class, the ugly cheap looking plastics on the ix35 is HORRIBLE. but certainly the japs have a good SOLID build quality. cant wait to see the new honda crv interior in person

          • Sumpguard

               That is absolute rot!  My ix35 was immaculately put together.

                I suggest you go and look inside a liberty before commenting on cheap plastics.  

          • Scatman

            Absolute rot I say!!! I challenge you to a duel sir!!!

          • Sumpguard

               I have to like your comment Scatman. You made me chuckle! Kudos to you old chap!

        • Mighty Boy

          I’m driving a 2007 Hyunday Elantra and is a good car but my wife’s civic is a better car. I apologise if I have offended your pride and joy :)

        • kazuo

          Have u already driven the soon to b released crv yet? I think its better to drive it then makss comments about it.

    • Ferris

      I looked at the ix35 on the weekend and the cheap plastic fitout is crap. 2 things were broken or missing on the new car! The seats have no lateral support.
      Great warranty but I think you would have a list of things to fix every time you had it service. No sat nav!
      The Honda is conservative but I know which car I would prefer to do a long journey in.
      Plus ferris Bueller drives one! He’s my hero.

      • Henry Toussaint

         what was missing, this seems interesting?

        • Sumpguard

             Only his honesty.

  • Shak

    I actually really like the whole design of this car. I might be in the minority here but to me it looks more refined and classy than the random slashes of the ix35.

    • Mad Max

      I´m with you Shak. I like it. I like it a lot more than the current CRV and my guess is it will look better in the metal than in the pictures.

  • MisterZed

    The Australian market CR-V actually shares more in common with the US model than the European one, especially the last (well, current) generation.  For example, in Europe, the CR-V had HID lights, full panoramic moonroof, 18″ alloys (with 19″ optional), with full body-colouring around the wheel arches and bottom of the door trims.  The European model also has a 2.0L petrol while we get the 2.4L US market engine.

    • Guest

      our crv shares strong similarities with the ASEAN model. not us model. 

  • NoDieselNoHonda.

    I like it. With the diesel engine I reckon it’ll be good. I’d buy this if I needed a family truckster. I’d never look at the Hyundai or Sportage (average dynamics and cheap plastics) and the Tiguan is too small. We also need the Accord Euro Diesel wagon here but Honda Oz just won’t listen to reason on that point.

    • Henry Toussaint

       have you touched the new soft touch plastics in the Koreans? I know they have average Dynamics, but the plastics are quite good and i don’t doubt the soft touch plastics in the CR-V would be good, But would not buy a car just because of the type of plastic? I wouldn’t  and i don’t even have a car…

  • Greg Alexander

    Are we actually getting the diesel? Or are they just “considering” it?

    • MisterZed

      As long as our model comes from Thailand then there will be no diesel.

  • Hillyb

    I don see how anyone could call it uly?

    Looks better then ix35.. Sportage is ugly, with it’s puffed up pieces and awkward shapes..

    • Henry Toussaint

      you must be slightly blind…but everyone has their opinions anyway!

      • Sumpguard


  • Guest

    I dont care about the looks (eye of beholder etc).  What I do care about is Honda serving the same drivetrain with minor tweaks.  Smacks of Honda treating it’s customers as idiots – ‘just chuck a new body on it, make it use 0.1L/100km less fuel, and call it “all new”, the customers wont care’.

    I remember the days when Honda led the world with it’s technology and innovation – now it’s just a poor facsimile of Toyota…

  • Silverline

    Cheap plastics in the Korean SUV’s?  Are you guys on crack or blind or just talking out your back side without having ever seen one one in the flesh.

    Probably the same guy posting as different users.  Pathetic.

    • Guest

      yea cheap plastics in the ix35 etc. its just cheap looking… 

    • Sumpguard

      You’ve hit the nail on the head Silverline.

          My ix35 didn’t have a thing go wrong with it in the year I had it . Not a mark on that “cheap plastic” despite my two dogs clawing it to look out the window.

          …and certainlt no broken bits or “mssing” bits as someone claimed above. You’ll soon learn who the trolls are in the thread. Most post as “guest”.

  • Jimmy James

    It’s just my opinion Silverline. You don’t have to agree with it. And you better be careful of accusing me of something without proof. 

    For the record I usually post on here as Jimmy James. I invite you to look back through the archives at my posts and see if I have been bashing the Koreans. You will see that I have not.

    In fact the company I have been most critical of is Honda. Because they wont deliver the product we know exists overseas, they not longer lead in innovation and yet they scratch their heads and wonder why sales are down.

    The only reason I posted as NodieselNoHonda was to send a message to Honda.

    The Koreans have moved forwards in leaps and bounds, no doubt, but their driving dynamics are still not up to scratch and, when viewing the cars at the Melbourne Motor Show last year, I was thoroughly unimpressed with the interiors.

    Again my opinion, which I am free to express.

    And if you can’t deal with that, you’re the one who’s pathetic.


    • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

      You are entitled to express your views as long as they agree with mine. BTW, well said… I agree with your views on Honda and the Korean cars. The only problem with any diesel car is that the DPF is totally at the owners risk. A DPF will cost between $2,500 in the case of Ford or Holden and up to $7,000 for a Huyndai. I was keen on Diesel too untill I uncovered this nasty fact.

    • Ramjet

      Diesels are more expensive to buy and repair. Also very boring to drive, but hey I can save $10 dollars a week in petrol. Woopee Doooo!!!

  • K20A

    Ack! I can see a hint of Actyon on the rear three quarters. If there’s one thing the design has achieved is that it has successfully embodied the “soft” in Soft Roader… it looks ‘soft’ (in both bad and good ways). Soft ride, refined, comfortable… soft handling, soft offroading capability and ‘soft’ styling (does not offense nor please anyone considerably).

    The sides are too slab sided and overall the design lack the lithe but muscular lines compact SUV are supposed to have (CX-5, X1, etc.) It it was a girl, the CR-V needs to suck her tummy all the time to look good in her expensive designer dress.

    But hey, it’s just styling and is purely subjective.. so long as the car is 50% better than the current one, it should sell..

  • Antmindel

    I thin k the new CRV looks classy,and from some angles,looks very much like a far more expensive Volvo…expecially the rear.

  • Steven

    The ix35 and Tiguan are too small. The CR-V could be a bit bigger inside without moving up to the Kluger or Santa Fe.

  • Ga

    EEveryone else are getting brand new exterior designs, even Hyundai is getting its own signature look, so Honda’s modified, bolder CRV new look is just not good enough.

  • Andrew_diablo

    Five speed automatic ? it is turn off ! 

  • Dad

    CRV is lacking in terms of technology compare to it’s competitors

    • MisterZed

      Yeah right.  RAV4, Forester, and Grand Vitara all have 4-speed autos compared to CR-V’s 5.  Also, RAV4 and Outlander both only have 2 standard airbags, compared to CR-V’s 6.

  • theillestlife

    Looks good from the front up until the back doors.
    but being honda, im obliged to buy one over a kia or hyundai, although i wouldn’t go as far as saying id buy one over a tiguan. euro all the way, everyday.

  • Don Quay

    Apart from the window profile at the rear, I think it looks pretty good and certainly better than the US version. The rear lights theme is an obvious pinch from Volvo, but they’re not the first to do that. Some things are certain, it will be well made and comfortable, it will certainly be a better drive than an ix35 or Sportage, as Honda do know how to make a car steer, ride and handle and it will be roomier than a Tiguan. People love the CRV and I’m sure Honda will sell as many as the can import. Sure it may not have any great innovations, but you could also say they are not messing with a proven formula.

    I’m not fussed about whether it has a diesel or not. Sure the fuel consumption with diesel is better in terms of L/100km, but with the price of diesel is usually a lot more than ULP91 and with the purchase price of diesels much more, you will never come out ahead financially. Judging by the decline in diesel passenger car sales over the last year, the market has come to realise this. Low blow turbo petrol engines are the way to go in the future. Compared to diesels, they are cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and have comparable torque and fuel consumption to diesels. It’s a no brainer.

  • Kent

    DI motor? 6-spd auto?