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  • Able

    I really, really like the CX-5 but the unavailability of a manual other than the base petrol is a big drawback for me, especially when the petrol engine leaves a lot to be desired in terms of performance. I was really hoping for a GT diesel manual but that’s not going to happen anytime soon… Mazda Australia, rectify this at once! 

    • falcodore

      It would have been nice for them to offer a manual in the upper-spec models but it looks like you can shift the auto manually. And it looks like it’s ergonomically correct too. (forward for down shifts, back for up shifts)

      • Able

        I know the auto has a manual mode (just like most autos for the last 5 years) but it still doesn’t compare to a rear manual unfortunately. I thought a manual would be a great match to the SkyActiv diesel, especially as it’s been claimed the auto is slow.

        • Phil

          Autos in the 1960s had manual modes – as did all in the 70s 80s 90s. Below “D” you will find they all have individual number selections….put the gearlever in there and it will shift into that gear.

          • Birty_B

            That’s not as much an Manual mode as it is a limiter. An old school L/2/D box just meant in L it would only use 1st, if you selected 2 it would use 1 and 2 and would give you all gears. 

    • Ozmazda

      totally agree and I asked this question on Mazda Aus facebook page and when u read between the lines all they want is steerers for their CX5’s not drivers

  • Bill

    I hope the Bose system isn’t really 231Kw – my eardrums wouldn’t take that too well!!

    • Greg Alexander

      Mazda have added a never before feature. A volume control.
      Your worries are over.

      • Robert

        LOL – but there is a difference between Kw and watt! Me thinks 231,000 watts might be overkill.

  • Ttr2

    How has Mazda managed to become so popular in Australia?

    • Sydlocal

       Probably because all of their cars across the range actually handle quite well and are actually fun to drive. Something pretty much all other mainstream brands can’t match. A good combination of price, quality, reliability and resale help.

      • Ozmazda

        thats true but they have missed the mark not offering a diesel manual….

        • Sydlocal

           This is Australia, where like the US the majority of people want and prefer automatics. I find it interesting that for years Mazda was slammed for not offering a diesel auto because nobody buys manuals (look how many CX7 diesels are sold). Now they are offering an auto to satisfy the majority and the “public outcry” for an automatic they are now being slammed for not supplying a manual. They can’t win! Don’t forget this is an SUV and not a sports car.
          Don’t get me wrong though, I would prefer a manual if they had the option as it would provide a more cohesive driving experience, but you don’t hear me crying to anyone who would or wouldn’t listen how the sky is falling because they aren’t offering a manual diesel which as a small, almost broke company, is all they can risk. Mazda have only given the majority of the public what they want. Considering the majority of these will be purchased by city dwellers, I can understand why they only want automatics…

          As the saying goes, you can never satisfy all the people all of the time.

          • Kat

             I do feel sorry for car manufacturers, they can’t seem to win with the auto/manual story.  Personally, I do a lot of long drives (8+hours), I much prefer a manual for this, but am willing to give the diesel auto a go.  Will be test driving one when they come to Australia.

          • Ozmazda

            Mazda never offered an auto in the diesel 3, 6 or CX7 because they didn’t have a box that could cope with the torque and didn’t want to hobble it like they did with the auto RX8 and detuned it….crying no, asking for choice, yes…..they promote the CX5 in cojunction with a cheetah so in my eyes thats a sporty SUV….they have a manual diesel in the range for other markets but like always Australia doesn’t get want some of us would like…..satisfy people with options is one way of solving the issue.

    • Able

      Because their cars have a spirit that no other car maker can match. I bought a 94 323 Astina SP for my son for his P’s and it’s a fantastic little car! It handles very well, it goes surprisingly alright (for 92kW’s sake), everything still works well and it has a high level of equipment, even by today’s standards (a sunroof for example). They’re an attractive, characterful Toyota in my opinion. 

      • somebody who knows nothing

        Because Australians are easily fooled…

        • Sydlocal

           You are right there because they buy heaps more Toyotas, Holdens and Fords… 😉

          • Guest

            Don’t forget VW’s.

      • Phil

        Actually Able, you’d find the same “spirit” in a 94 Ford Laser.

        • SP20

          And the the SAME SAME Laser can be bought for less, due to thier bad resale.

          How dose that work??

          • Sydlocal

             Because the Laser in 94 was made in Australia! 😉

    • Marx

      Quality, Good Looking, Great Handling, Fuel Efficient, Value for money Vehicles. Go Mazda!

    • JoeR_AUS

      Something to do with
      1 that the Mazda 3 is bigger than the first generation Commodore
      2 The cost of living means more people will buy a 20-30k car
      3 Mazda finally started to fit a engine that could do the job in a bigger car with a load
      4 Excellent marketing, the runup for the CX-5 has been going for over a year by the press

  • MisterZed

    Ew yuck, 3rd party GPS.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YEQLF3STKY3IAMSKI32XQNPWCQ sven

      Why yuck..actually pretty much ALL gps is developed by third party companies for car manufacturers. It just that TomTom is a name you recognise. Names such as Becker Desno, Panasonic, Continential are what are behind most gps systems. It is often a combination of software and hardware manufactuers.

      At least you will get a map update sooner, and more of them (potentially)….though at an inflated price.

  • Guest

    following the same trand as the Kia Sportage, where the entry diesel in the range is massively more expensive than the entry petrol.

    These prices are a touch worrying for NZ – pointing to the range being NZD$40-62k (about $5k more across the range than the dealer I talked to indicated).

    Although perhaps because we are much poorer,  Mazda wont fleece us as much as you aussies.

  • Martin

    Is it just me or is this interior out of sync with the rest of the range? Looks dated already and it’s a shame because the exterior is handsome.

  • Antmindel

    I think the CX7 was more aggressive looking,and overall looked better ???

    • Adelaide_john

      The concept vehicle looked better, this new look on this model doesnt get for me, not that I was a fan of the CX7

      • Adelaide_john

        oops typo – doesnt GEL, not get

  • Jxx

    Seriously, I’m no biased at all, but I would much rather get the top of the line Aurion Presara over this..

    Much more comfortable
    Looks better

    2GR-FE has big potential.. Tell anyone who has even sound knowledge about motor engines

    • Des

      I’m not sure what your point is.
      There are many cars that are “Faster, Quieter, Smoother, Much more comfortable and MUCH better looking”, but they are also in a totally different class and type of car, just like the very ordinary Aurion.

    • John

       An Aurion is large sedan. A CX-5 is an SUV..

    • MisterZed

      Aurion is for boring 9-5 white collar clerks.  Have a look at rush hour in the afternoon in the CBD – every other car is an Aurion (company owned, of course).  Boring drones heading home to the microwavable lasagna for one and then a night in front of the junky made in China LCD. Why would you want to be exactly like everyone else?

  • matt

    MANUAL 114kw 200nm SP20 3 please mazda

    • JoeR_AUS

      It would be nice if the Japanese discovered LPT, my Saab has 130kw and 250nm and is 9 years old…..

    • MrDucati

      Don’t forget their aim is to save fuel -_- Geez

  • Robj

    It wont go off road so how can it take on Forester and X-Trail? RAV4 easily better…

    • Kat

       I was hoping someone would do a proper off road test on this car.  Hopefully they will do one soon.  While I won’t be doing major off roading, I will be doing some – will be looking for comparisons between this and the Forester.

    • Ozedude

      Exactly, can’t but think.  What is its purpose.  What does it do that the other hatches in the range won’t? What a wasted opportunity to put the “utility” into SUV.

  • MB-82

    To buy or not to buy ?…that is the question my friend.
    Was looking at buying Xtrail entry level AWD with all the offers going around.
    OK ….seriously CX5 or X traill….budget close to 30 k. Please advise . I like X trail for the space and not so bad reviews on forums , on the other hand I like CX5 because of claimed fuel efficiency and newer technology.

    • SP20

      The X-Trail is more off road than the CX5. But old shape with old tech.

  • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

    Mazda your sales ambitions are just that ambitious at the asking prices… No thanks, I can get similar drivetrains and efficiency from the Koreans, better warranty and $$$ cheaper. Good product, shame about the price.

    • Amlohac

      You wont get quality from anything Korean. Yeah sure you get more warranty but you’ll be spending a lot of time using that warranty.

      • Thargor

         Have you actually owned a Korean car. I have had Kia 4wds. First traded at 10 years after only replacing a couple of batteries and the second still going at eight with only battery changes.

    • Sydlocal

       But the Mazda has something the Korean cars don’t. Good steering feel/feedback and superior handling. I haven’t driven a Korean car yet that has what you would call a good steering feel ie balance between weighting, feel and feedback. By the sound of it from many reviews so far it also has a ride quality that an ix35 for example can only dream of. That is where the extra money goes into, on top of the rather strong yen that is!

      • Ozedude

        Exactly, can’t but think.  What is its purpose.  What does it do that the other hatches in the range won’t? What a wasted opportunity to put the “utility” into SUV.

    • Viv R

      Currently looking at 3 cars to replace the MY09 Forester XS auto: the CX-5 (probably GT turbo diesel), Tiguan Pacific (132KW petro 6sp auto) and Sportage (Platinum diesel).  The Kia is far cheaper but it feels it.  Nice design, great sunroof and 5th alloy wheel are valued but the Kia is outclassed just about everywhere else by the other two.  The CX-5 sunroof is crap and the design is Hyundai-ish but everything else is cutting edge.  The worst thing about buying a Kia though are the crappy Kia dealerships – if I’m going to spend $40K+ I expect better treatment than a slimey salesman, no stock and filthy surroundings.

  • JoeR_AUS

    Oh Well. On “the motor report”  it states the petrol engine is “tad underpowered”. So will have to pay the extra $3000 for the diesel or $6000 more than the FWD.

  • Amlohac

    Having driven the petrol GT model, its actually quite supprising. I expected it to be underpowered, a bit of a slug. But it actually was not that bad, the handling is amazing.

    The Diesel model will be a total rocket.

  • gt86.com.au

    May as well just have a diesel model.. the torque on the petrol is a joke for a car like this.. why not do what everyone else is, and force induce a smaller petrol engine for greater gains in fuel economy and power.. Skyactive 1.6-1.8 liter with a turbo would be worth talking about..
    Go the Diesel!! not too shabby otherwise at all.

    • Amlohac

      They did turbo charge the 2.3 in the old one. 170kw 330nm, drank more fuel than the AWD CX9!

      • JoeR_AUS

        That’s true but if you take a AWD drive Volvo with a 2.5L Turbo its not bad on fuel compared to a CX-7.
        Mazda with Skyactiv have backed them selves into a corner, they have gone for lighter weight vehicle and high compression non Diesel engines. They won’t be able to add a Light Pressure Turbo and the cost to make their cars lighter would be prohibitive, this gives Mazda no where to go in the future.

        As soon as a single Japanese manufacturer gets LPT, maybe Mitsubishi they will all have to use it.

  • Ga

    Read and side look very similar to IX35

  • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

    I am sorry to all the haters out there, but, these will sell in droves.

    I sell cars for a living and before you start no the company i work for does not have a mazda franchise but i compete in direct competition.

    Aussies are a fickle bunch, we want a sports manual in a funky colour with massive weels awseome stereo and more bells and whistles than you can poke a stick at. we all say we would buy anything if it met these criteria, but, the reality is is this.

    What looks inoffensive, won’t be too flashy, neighbor/friends wont laugh at the brand, and has enough fancy features over the older car we trade, we will buy, in grey/silver/black/white.

    Its not hard to see why this will sell, massive torque on the diesel will get people through the doors and they will buy the base model (or one spec up) in petrol as it has all the features listed above.

    Oh, and Mazda does NOT handle much better than the koreans in their standard cars they are just more predictable in everyday driving. push them into the corner and they understeer just the same as a toyota. It is designed in. Check the verticle rear wheel angle to prove my point. they know how to make a car handle MX-5 etc but not mainstream cars.

    • http://viddesign.com.au/ Vid_Ghost

       So true. This car will sell in droves!… people will be able to upgrad from a small car to an SUV without having to double the fuel usage, its a real winner!

      • JoeR_AUS

        Thats True,

        However, if you drive either a Scout, Forester XT or Diesel, Outback, Yeti TDI, Tiguan there is nothing new here!

        • Sydlocal

           No, there is nothing new in the one package here at all as I am sure every single one of the other vehicles you mentioned all have stop-start, reversing camera, Bluetooth
          with audio streaming, keyless engine start, climate control, hill-start assist etc as standard fitment across their entire range.

          • Sydlocal

             Oh, BTW, that was said TIC! 😉

          • JoeR_AUS

            Take the Scout with 17-inch alloy wheels, body protection around the wheel arches plus the front and rear bumpers, under body engine protection, front fog lights, hill hold control, stability control, plus six airbags, ABS and EBD.
            Comfort and convenience features for the entry-level Skoda Scouts comprise satellite navigation, with an intuitive touch screen setup, a 30Gb hard drive, and eight-speaker CD/tuner. There’s dual-zone automatic climate control, rain-sensing wipers, heated front seats, and reverse parking sensors, too.

          • JoeR_AUS

            Yeti at $26,290. It features 16-inch alloy wheels, black roof rails, interior leather package (steering wheel, gearstick, handbrake), height-adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support, manual air conditioner, cruise control, multi-function trip computer, and an eight-speaker audio system with single CD player, auxiliary input, and Bluetooth phone connectivity and audio streaming.The standard safety package includes seven airbags and electronic stability control with ABS, EBD, traction control and Hill Hold Control

          • Sydlocal

             Do the Scout and Yeti also include tyre pressure monitors and reversing camera as standard across the entire range? ie not an option like so many things in the Euros! 😉

    • Devil’s Advocate

      If they don’t handle much better than the Korean cars then why do the Mazdas constantly end up the pointy end in tests like Wheels Active Safety Program, which is basically all about dynamic safety ie handling, with the Koreans finishing midfield or lower? Both the mainstream Mazda3 and Mazda6 have won this award over various years, including having a mid spec Mazda6 classic pull higher G forces and faster slalom/lane change speeds, wet and dry, than even the reference BMW 330Ci they had on test, let alone the RWD Falcon XR6 and Commodore they had there as well? Also by saying that you obviously haven’t driven a Mazda3 near it’s limit considering they are known to have a “lively” rear end where it is quite easy to provoke some “lift off oversteer”. Hardly something you get in a Toyota/Korean car. Virtually every single review on any mainstream Mazda you read about mentions that the handling is at or near the top of their respective classes, closely followed by how they have gone for handling at the expense of ride quality. This is usually the reverse to the majority of Korean car/Toyota reviews you read.

      You are right that they have understeer designed into them, but you will find pretty much every car regardless of if it is a sports car or not has understeer built into it as it is deemed safer for the “average” driver. It is just the point where it happens differs and in most cases this happens in a Mazda at a much higher speed than the Koreans/Toyotas.

  • Mattando

    hey guys jeep grand cherokee limited not much more expensive and has way higher spec.ive seen them on here from about 56k or even the laredo is about same price as cx5 gt  and about all it misses is leather.very classy and another size up too with much better towing ability and heaps more power with the diesel not using much more juice. another level up in street cred and off road ability aswell.

    • Ozedude

      …and the GC can go off road.  HOWEVER, check out the ridiculous service costs of the GC.  Its what turned me away.

  • bBay Bogan

    Really like it, but damn shame that yet again we’re getting stiffed to extra for diesel. Mazda is really missing a trick here. I don’t want 4WD and am 50/50 over auto/manual. Why not create a paradigm shift in this category and let me have a FWD manual diesel for say 1K more than the petrol? THen you’d shift some cars.

  • Jennifer Sheriff

    I have tried to enter competition to win this car to no avail??

  • brucewilliams

    my toyota land criuser is manual l wish it was auto but the mazda is auto l need a small car and the mazda would fit in my needs

  • Kat

    Took the diesel out for a test.  Not a bad drive, but you can’t take it offroad.  Have shopped around looking for tyres so if I get this car I can change them.  Haven’t been able to find a tyre place that stocks tyres for the Grand Touring version of this car.  Spare tyre is a temporary space saver – no good for any sort of offroading.  Temp on the GT is only 17 inch, I don’t want the spare to be a different size to my other tyres.  I only wanted it for fire trails and minor offroading, no real bush bashing or rocks – looks like I will be getting the Kia Sorento Platinum diesel.  It will cost me a bit more, but……service intervals are 12 months, much better than Mazda’s 6 months.  In the long run, adding up everything, I will miss out on tyre pressure monitoring and that is about it.  Cost of running for three years, Kia comes out better than the Mazda.