• Lucii Pooky

    No doubt its much better than its main rival, the Veloster! This would be a brilliant first car

  • Shak

    CA whats up with you guys banging on about the looks of this car being apparently hard to distinguish form the base car? It looks very very different to the basic car, you’d have to be legally blind to not notice the difference between a basic Swift and the Sport.

  • O123

    Don’t all swifts have blacked out A pillars ?

  • Mighty Boy

    I was hoping for the three door version but this will do.

    • Robjh1

      Swift Sports for Australia are sourced from Japan, I believe the factory there is not tooled up for 3 door models, the 3 door models are made in Hungary for the Euro market.

      The cost of shipping the 3 door model from Europe would push the price of this car
      significantly up, hence why we only get the 5 door.

      Agreed, a 3 door would be nice, they look amazing in the pics … but personally I would rather a Japanese made one as well, even if it has a couple of extra doors, I’ll live with that.

  • Guest2

    The base model Mazda3 Neo (it comes with 6spd manual as standard and not auto since it’s a base model) has similar performance and good equipment level like standard cruise control, alloys, 6 speaker audio, steering wheel audio control, full suite of airbags, dsc, etc. All for $20,990 drive away no more to pay. But I wouldn’t buy one coz it’s a bit too noisy, thirsty and the servicing is too expensive. I don’t have shares in Mazda BTW but I wish I have :)

    • Showtime

      There was an article a few weeks ago saying Mazda posted massive losses and that they may need to be taken over/merge with another manufacturer. Since they made losses there would be no dividend and the share price would have probably plummeted :(

      • smokin’R32

        Not to mention theyve just announced plans to issue another round of shares that would dilute current share values by 38%. Too much product manufactured in Japan, getting hammered by the high Yen, you definitely dont want shares in Mazda right now

    • Ima_Hogg

      Why would you buy a Mazda 3 when you can have this sporty standout amazing car?

      • Frank Sadow

        Because others may be more practicable- I currently own an older sport -this one however has rear seats that don’t fold or lie down to make a usable surface like the older versions-a step backwards for Suzuki-no longer on my to buy list.

        • BSuz

          Actually you can fold down the seats in the New Swift Sport to have a bootspace larger than the previous model. That’s why it actually pays to visit the showroom to see the car in the flesh.

          • Frank Sadow

            I did that of cause-however the seats fold into a ‘flat’ configuration which is actually shallower than the previous system of folding seats where they sort of  folded up against the front seats-this gave a much better loading space.

    • Car Bore

      And what relevance does that have to this article? All you spoke about was a Mazda and didn’t even mention Suzuki in the comment. And then finish off you pointless comment saying you wouldn’t buy the Mazda anyway.

      • Guest2

        has similar performance”.

        • Ima_Hogg

          So this car is lighter smaller and better looking.

        • Car Bore

          your basing your opinion on performance only. You have to look at the fact with the Mazda you are getting a base model car and with the Suzuki it is the top of the range. I think items such as leather seats, Smart key, Climate Control and a much more exciting drive are well worth the extra that this car costs.

          • Guest2

            The Zook Sport has it’s place and it’s customers. I am sure on certain days and certain occasions I would drive the Zook than any other car. But technically speaking …

            Leather seats: It’s a personal preference. 

            Smart key: It’s good to have I reckon. Expensive to replace though.

            Climate control: I would prefer manual air con on/off and manual fan. I don’t like the air con to have a mind of it’s own or when you’re dragging an out of tune WRX with a nob driver then the air con turns on by itself sapping the power as you are about to overtake.

            Red stitching: It looks 100mph fast at 0mph  :)

            I don’t see it as base model or top of the range model. I look at the amount of equipment. Furthermore, the profit margins on the base models are way lower than the profit margins on the high equipment models. It’s not only the government that have the LCT, the car manufacturers have their share of the pie in the form of LCT in the luxury high equipment models too :)

          • Car Bore

            Well you could get the Sport discounted a bit more then by your reckoning. that would make the price gap even less. I am intrigued by you bringing the Mazda 3 up in the first place especially when you said you wouldn’t buy it. If you were in the market for a car like these what would be your preference? 

          • Sydlocal

             Obviously then Guest2 with that comment you have never driven a car with climate control. Just like manual A/C you still have the option of selecting the O.F.F position when you drag that out of tune WRX. They don’t automatically engage/disengage the compressor clutch to control temperature. Just like manual A/C it is either on or off and the driver can also choose if they want it on or off. It controls the temp by adding or removing more “warm air” from the heat exchanger, not by turning the A/C on or off. Plus even if the A/C part of the climate control was on, many of them are sophisticated enough to automatically disengage the clutch when you “floor” the throttle so you have “as much power as possible”. Also with all climate controls I have used you can still over-ride the fan speed to what ever you wish, just like manual air-con with the added benefit of having more fan speeds to choose from. You can either use it like a manual A/C with more precise control over fan speed and temperature or just press one button and let it do it’s thing, you have the choice…

        • Robjh1

           Yea .. if they are both standing still .. LOL

    • Guest

      Mazda is only successful in Australia whereas around the world it’s not as popular. Suzuki’s in Japan is the 3rd Biggest manufacturer of automobiles so it says a lot about how popular the car is.

  • Guest

    What’s with the 30km/h increments on the speedo? Given majority of cars go up in steps of 20, it would be a thing to get used to.

    • Car Bore

      I agree here. Especially in Australia where the majority of people sit on 100 – 110 and neither of these are marked on the speedo. The only speed limit that Australia uses and this car has marked is 60 and every now and then 90.

    • Labryz

      Good point. Just realised that.

      That would really bug me after awhile.
      I drive from the South Coast to Sydney a fair bit and a lot of that is 100 – 110km/h.

      • Joshua

        im sure there would be a digital speed display in the middle screen.

        • Loki556

          Unfortunately, unless this is different from the standard GA, GL and GLX versions, it is not a speed display.

          This bugs me quite a lot on all versions of the car, as that speedo is not very user friendly.

          • Hungryb4dinner

             I’ve gotten use to it. There is a bigger indicator for 100km… not too bad

  • MK

    Did you smile when you drove it?

  • Estiff95

    could we finally have a modern day 205gti?

  • Valet Dabess

    you sure 0 to 100 is 8.1? i’ve been hearing 8.7

  • Smart Boi

    If you get 9.3 in one direction. Then quickly turn around and do it again immediately, you should get 8.1.

  • Jerrycan

    I really like the package and price on offer.
    Good (but not ridiculous) performance, enjoyable handling, excellent safety, should be easy to park and  relatively low running costs.
    That economy figure after 100 laps of enthusiastic driving is quite incredible and all done without any turbo.
    Anthony, I take it you have not driven it on road to be able to comment on how well it treats real potholes, bumps, and course bituman of the real world?

    • Anthony

       Yes Jerry, drove about 50kms on road and very pliant suspension on the bumpy stuff.

  • Showtime

    What is Suzuki’s reliability like? My GF is in the market for a new car at the moment and she’s currently leaning toward a 90TSI Golf, but I’ve heard their reliability is terrible. We weren’t a fan of the Mazda 3 or Ford Focus, so maybe the sporty Swift is what she needs?

    • Car Bore

      Like most Japanese brands the Suzuki is pretty good.

    • Guest2

      Very good no doubt. But I can’t comment on the Jatco CVT in the automatic.

    • Phil

      Suzuki’s reliability is poor, similar to VWs – pop over to CA Article “Toyota blitzes JD Power dependability survey” Feb 16th. Suzuki is near the bottom as they always are.

      • Sydlocal

         Once again Phil can’t help himself when it comes to Suzuki bashing. Not all Suzukis are unreliable…

      • Hung Low

        Anyone in the real world who thinks Suzuki are as unreliable as VW need to up their medication dose. How many ml would you like Phil?

        • Phil

          As usual Hung Low resorts to personal slurs whilst avoiding the facts.

          Year after year, Suzuki owners hand in survey data showing their Suzuki is unreliable.
          Go read the article – well I bet you already did, you just ignore the placings of your beloved brands. But here they are anyway:

          24th – Suzuki 167 faults per 100 cars
          25th – VW/Kia 169 faults per 100 cars   (aren’t you a Kia/Hyundai fan too?)

          Look at the trend for previous years. VW and Suzuki are like best freinds!

          2010 results:

          28th – Suzuki 190 faults per 100 cars
          29th – VW 191 faults per 100 cars

          2010 results:

          34th – VW 225 faults per 100 cars
          35th –  Suzuki 253 faults per 100 cars (!)

          • Guest2

            28th – Suzuki 190 faults per 100 cars29th – VW 191 faults per 100 cars 

            A fault with a squeaky rubber wiper blade is not the same as a fault with a blown engine or blown/rough transmission.

          • Adam

            That refers to the United States where Suzuki re-badged Daewoo’s. I am not fibbing either. Suzuki actually had a meeting with GM to address these issues. Google it and you will see. Suzuki have one of the highest reliability ratings in the business. They have since stopped re-badging Daewoo’s. BTW why are you referencing reliability for a brand on a US consumer advocacy site?

          • Phil

            Yep and with Chevolet (and Daewoo back in the day) both being better performers in the consumer surveys, these rebadged Daewoos would’ve actually HELPED Suzuki’s score.

          • Hung Low

            Ffs Phil! We have been down this path before numerous times. 1. The GM built Suzukis were sold till 2010, the latest survey is for the 2009 models. 2. A fault could be as small as a rattle to a blown 118tsi engine. 3. Jd surveys are for car noobs. I am just regurgitating what these other posters and myself has told you before but your ignorance to devulge outsite a Jd survey is getting tiring.

          • Phil

            It’s you (and Adam) who is being ignorant.

            As I kept telling you previously, Chevolet was and still is  selling rebadged Daewoos and look at their result:
            13th with 135 faults – well ahead of Suzuki in 24th and in previous years, Chevolet has consistantly outranked Suzuki.
            Also in older surveys where Daewoo themselves were included, they beat Suzuki anyway.
            The reality is that any rebadged Daewoos that Suzuki sold, they actually would’ve helped Suzuki lift their score.

            The lack of distinguishment between the severity of faults recorded by JD Power applys equally to every brand.

          • Martin Clarke

            We’ve had 2 previous gen swifts and never ever had a problem in 5 years. Trading in for a bigger car because of a baby bump. I’m not disputing what you’ve said but coming from actual experience we found them to be very reliable, and that’s not just a statistic found online.

          • mr S

            take it from someone who has worked in warranty roles for many manufacturers here in Australia, suzuki are one of the most reliable cars available here. 

          • Hung Low

            Phil does not get it! Refer to my point 3 in a previous post! He cannot see past the JD survey where the skew data is flawed and not exempt from variables. Maybe Phil can explain how Hyundai/Kia is down low on the US survey, and tops the German one?? Why Chevolet does better in US surveys than any other market in the world?

      • Golfschwein

        Not a good result for Suzuki. I see Mazda, KIA, VW and Infiniti all keeping each other company there.

        • Phil

          At least VW does reasonably well in the Euro/UK surveys where no one buys DSGs and they don’t sell any cheap Mexican made models like they do for the US market.
          Suzuki continues their poor results in the Euro/UK surveys fighting for bottom place with Alfa Romeo and Land rover.

          • BG

            Its obvious Phil would not own, drive, park near or even look at a Suzuki, so really his comments are not worth anything anyway. As I have owned 3 Swifts, 1 Jimny, 4 Grand Vitara’s and now a Kizashi Sport over the last 7 years, i think i am in a better position to comment on the reliability of a Suzuki, and it is brilliant. Out of all my Suzuki’s i have never had any major issues. I have already signed up and take delivery of the new Swift Sport next week when it arrives in WA (the first to be delivered to a customer in WA)
            By the way Phil, I live in Australia, so vehicle surveys on relaibility in Europe, UK, USA really dont interest me. The proof is in the pudding and i would have  Suzuki for my bowl of sweets anyday !! Cheers BG

          • Phil

            Gone through NINE Suzukis in just 7 years? Now that’s longevity.

          • Sydlocal

            I’ve had one Suzuki for 12 years to get me to and from work every working day etc and not a single thing has gone wrong with it. It has never let me down once, which is more than I can say for other brands I have owned…

          • BG

            Bteween 4 people Lucky Phil. Nayway out of interest what car do you own and drive. Not sure how many carsd you have owned and driven, but with having owned over 120 cars in my lifetime, of all different brands & models my comments are genuine with reliability for Suzuki vehicles.
            Currently i own 2 x holdens (pre 69) when cars were real cars, Landcruiser 80 series GXL and 2 x Suzukis.
            But really i would be interested in your daily drive. I have my own pre determined guesses but will wait for your response. Cheers BG

          • Guest

            phil drives a vw !

          • BG

            That will explain Phil, a VW driver mmmmmm!!!!!!!! probably has a Skoda as well !!

      • Frederick Flintstone

        Australian Suzuki’s are made in Japan by non-exploied workers who are proud of their work.
        American ones are made in Mexico.
        European ones are made in Hungary.
        And yes, Golfs have been woeful since they stopped making them in Germany years ago, they are put together by cheap labour in South Africa these days and it shows.

      • Thompsonpam

        Had my Suzuki for 8 years without any problems at all. My daughter has had her Swift for 5 years with the same experience so I think your generalized statement is not terribly accurate.

  • Loki556

    Really wish Suzuki would bring the 2 door version down under. And how cool would it be to have the option to customize the colours, like on a Mini.

    Other than that, it would benefit with just a little bit more oomph.

  • horsie

    does this new Sport require premium unleaded like the previous  one ?

    • Anthony

       95 RON recommended

  • KC

    Have owned a suzuki sx4 for 2 years and it’s reliability is superb! Been driving to work everyday and have fun offroad on weekends, fuel consumption and service cost is low which means I can have longer playing time. The sx4 was built in Japan and so as the swift sport, so I definitely think it would have top build quality!


    if the engine had a little turbo on it and direct injection it would be a nice car..
    no mention of bluetooth, ipod or gps connectivity?
    hyundai veloster looks more fun

    • Jerrycan

      May look more fun and have more gadgets but I’d try both before putting your money down.
      From this report Suzuki seem to have got a reasonable balance of features and driving fun.

    • Thompsonpam

      Bluetooth & iPod connectivity standard. GPS optional.

  • nugsdad

    What makes me laugh is that bi-xenon headlamps are included in the price of this $24000 car yet is an option on a $75000 BMW. But BMW prices are more expensive in Australia because of their higher level of spec – yea right…………

    • James Cortez

      Not really. Aussie get ripped off because BMW knows they can really rip you off and people still buy their products. S****d buyers I say.

      • Jerrycan

        You are absolutely right, and BMW are not the only ones.
        Hyundai will charge $350 for replacement remote key fob that can be obtained for $100 in the US.
        Asics retail running shoes in the US at half the price of the Aussie equivalent, and they forbid many US internet sellers from exporting to Australia.

        Free market my foot!

        • James Cortez

          Sounds more like a socialist country. Perhaps not much different than the former Soviet Union under Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev

  • Chucky

    My first Suzuki was the previous previous Swift Sport and it has been nothing but fun,fun,fun. Oh yeah it is as reliable as my bloody 10 year old avalon. it is smooth and just keeps going,going, and going. It is hard for me to let this car go as it just doesn’t break.

    • Gus

      and its not going to either, not with forged internals as standard on post 2008 swift sports

  • Graeme Leach

    what about a spare wheel – come on suzuki for the sake of 30 or 50 bucks on your part you could include a spare wheel
    this is *Australia* after all… we have a lot of distance between places, heaven forbid you have a blowout or ruptured sidewall, tyre goo aint gonna do much to fix that

    • Sydlocal

       Suzuki are no worse than some of the local manufacturers who should know better. It is a joke that some Australian manufacturers supply only a space saver as standard (even though there is enough space for a full size spare) or in some models no spare at all. If you want a spare for the models without one or a full size you have to pay extra for it. And no, this isn’t for a small car like the Suzuki where space is at a premium…

    • Hung Low

      The rear floor pan of the Sport differs from the standard spec Swift. The wheel well cannot accommodate a full size spare because of its reduced dept from the Sports exhaust system.

      • Hung Low


  • Henry Toussaint

    I like this, it’s great!

  • crappie111

    2012 Suzuki Swift Sport is a 
    smooth and just keeps going,going, and going. also 
    the 2 door version down under.

  • Steve_jr1

    I took one for a test drive this morning, mostly around inner city Adelaide. We are in the market for a small car – as a second vehicle for short trips around town.
    This is the first time I have driven the Suzuki and came away quite impressed. and is certainly at the top of the list.

    -Good solid feel inside and out.
    -Dash layout simple and classy.
    -Seats felt great (look nice as well).
    -Very quiet and compliant ride.
    -The handling is much more capable than my level of skill I am sure, although there wasnt alot of opportunity to try this through the city, but left handers and the odd round-about were fun. Would love to take it to through the hills.
    -It was 36 degree’s when driving (according to the dash anyway) and the a/c seemed to be coping well.
    -It doesnt have a left foot rest. I like the comfort these provide.
    -I have 2 small children and the overall lack of space maybe the only deal breaker. This is more of an issue for me rather than the car as I am probably wanting the best of both worlds.

    Does anyone know if Suzuki dealers in general like to haggle. Driveaway price for this was quoted at $27K – just asking ‘how much’.

    • Scatman

      Im sure you will get a good trade in for your VN Vactioner, all the farmers unions swilling filth love em in radelaide

      • Steve_jr1

        Nah mate, the Vacationer is on its way to being a deadset classic, thats why its in hthe front yard on blocks – being stored safe and sound. And those farmers union cartons are worth 10cents you know! They are stored nicely on the back seat, just in case I am short of cash.

        • Scatman

          I like your style, cruising to the Angle Park dogs in theVN, drinking coopers sparkling and beating the mrs, not a bad weekend

  • ScottRock79

    I also reckon it should have custom colours as there are SO MANY Swifts on the road, especially on the G.C. 

  • Philthy

    Not one mention of the polo GTI? Surely that is this car’s most logical competitor. Would be interesting to see a head to head. 

    • Guest

      could a magazine even get a Polo Gti for the comparison.  Ive been waiting for a new batch to arrive in the country just to get a test drive (so far over 12 months since I made initial enquiry)

  • Gianni

    I love the old one and I love this new one even more! It’s nice that they touched up on a few refinement issues. 8.1 seconds? Very quick for the engine.

  • save it for the track

    A polo gti?? 5k or so more (depending on 3 or 5 door). I think the reviewer was trying to say that for the money it’s best in class. Otherwise they’ve never driven a Clio RS. I guess though weighing close to 1300kg the Clio may not qualify as a ‘light car’. Until this car is driven back to back in a multi-car, like for like comparo on the same day in the same conditions, it’s a big call to call it best in the light car class.

    • Philthy

      $27,990 for 3 door auto or $28,990 for 5 door auto polo GTI vs $25,990 for auto swift. 2 or 3k, not 5. 

  • Al

    This car may look “hot” to a middle-aged, conservative wannabe cool…Or even a younger one who is on the same path…However it’s not HOT to someone with a fresh mind + STYLE.

    • Barrie W

      you are quite correct re middle aged wannabe Al. I am 67 and have had my 2012 sport for 5/6 weeks now. For me, it is a rocket. Anything over 100kph is pretty exciting for me now.

  • Gurukenoz

    With $ 28 000, I have to think twice although this car is appealing.

  • Braedz

    Took one of these for a test drive in Adelaide today. I was quite impressed. Being 6’4, I was worried about it being a bit cramped, but it wasn’t to bad. Engine had plenty of go, but I didn’t open it up too much. Handling is top notch, would love to take this through some of the Adelaide classic rally stages. Seats were very comfy. My only concern is that is looks a slightly feminine.

  • blistering_barnacles

    For someone who doesn’t know a lot about cars (but has been driving a long time), can someone knowledgeable please give an opinion about the new Swift Sport versus the Mini Cooper S? I know Mini are supposed to be a much more upmarket badge, and that there is a big price difference and some minis have extras like leather and GPS etc if you pay the big bucks, but fundamentally would I be better off buying a brand new Swift Sport or a second hand Mini Cooper?
    I realise it depends somewhat on my priorities, and actually built in GPS would be nice as it’s annoying having to hide the portable one every time you park, but it isn’t essential. Likewise heated leather seats are nice but not essential and it sounds like the Swift seats are quite nice in the badged cloth. (Not sure if seat warming is an option in Cooper S either.)
    I know it’s a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ kind of question, but hoping someone may have a strong opinion like, “Minis are overpriced rubbish”, or “Depends whether you want to pay half as much for servicing and repairs for the next 10 years”, or “Utterly different in every way. Mini Coopers are the duck’s guts, while Swifts are plebean runabouts.”
    Any opinions and guidance appreciated.
    PS. I like the good fuel economy figures, but have never tried a diesel. Is it relevant that Swift offers good fuel economy in a petrol engine? Or should I just be looking at diesels and not bothering with economical petrol engined cars? You get very different views on the desirability or otherwise of diesels.

    • Brad

      Ok everyone, from the horses mouth I have just taken delivery today of the first Swift Sport 2012 in WA to be delivered to a customer in WA (me)!!
      This vehicle is a fantastic package inside & out. When you drive this vehicle is when you really can appreciate the handling, braking and performance.
      I am very impressed and would challenge anyone to match this vehicle for the price.
      VERY HAPPY with my purchase & boy do you get some looks driving, the champion yellow colour is fantastic.
      Cheers BG

      • GM

        how the heck did you manage that? i signed for one about 3 weeks ago after the dealer only juuuuust  got one on the floor, (he got it the night before i got there) Mine is still on the boat, Gets here this week sometime.. Not that it matters to me but apparently i was like the 1st or 2nd customer in w.a. to put the money down haha and I got a nice month wait for my troubles sooo i’m not doubting you, Just wondering how you got it haha

        • Brad

          Hi GM, The dealer had to get special permission from Suzuki Australia for this to happen, and as I have bought many new Suzuki’s from this dealer and have met Tony Devers from Suzuki Australia a few times, they made an exception for me. They knew that i needed a car within a week so they looked after me, on the condition that if any customers needed to view or test the vehicle that i would make this available for them, which was no probs by me.
          I have travelled about 2500kms now and it is a better vehicle to drive now it has done a few kms.
          You will love yours when you get it i think. Cheers BG

          • GM

             ah ok, fair enough. We’ve had ours for about 3 weeks now.. its a good car, done about 3000km’s so far. My wife drives alot!

      • Lee

        I too have the first Swift Sport 2012 in Tasmania, picked it up in march this year. WOW WOW WOW is all I can say, drives & handles beautiful, fuel consumption is great and services are just the same as for other motor vehicles. I had a 2009 model and the new sports runs rings around previous swift models. Glorious and smart car inside and out.
        My husband and sons are all over 6 foot and they have plenty of head and leg room, my grandson and all his gear fit into the car with no trouble at all.
        This car is fun to drive and you just never get sick of driving it, handles very tight in all weather and feels safe and stable.
        I would recommend this little beauty to anyone, price is good and you do get what you pay for.

        Like BG my car is champion yellow and it does turn heads. just a beautiful car all round.

    • BSuz

      There was a comparison by a UK motor show (Not Top Gear) where they compared the old Swift Sport with a Mini Cooper. The Swift Sport offered more fun and raw joy, where as the Mini Cooper performed perfectly on every aspect. On paper the Mini Cooper wins, however when it comes to the drive it becomes a personal preference.

      The Mini Cooper S is a completely different story where it’s performance and handling is top notch. The only real downfall is the ride as it has really stiff suspension and a much lower ride than the Swift Sport.

      Overall for price and the options I think it’s a no brainer that the New Swift Sport wins hands down. You wouldn’t want to buy a 10 year old car and hope that it will last another 10 years. Unless you do your due diligence on a used car, New Cars will offer better peace of mind.

  • JB

    What is Suzuki’s servicing cost like?

  • Yajable1

    phil has no idear suzukis are great cars what paitent phil doesnt get is that when you pay good dollar for a car you are inclined to take the car back for the slightest thing even if you may have been the cause just because you paid high for it diffent range of consumer,phil probably buying sangyong or kia wont take it back for things he caused differnt consumer.He slurs suzuki then says dont slur me i say more mils for phil. 

  • Sandra

    hi i’m looking at buying the swift in a couple of weeks. they’ve told me the new sports model is approx $28K. Can someone please tell me what a realistic but good price is for this car?

    • GM

       for the swift sport, a realistic but good price would be well above 30k, 28k is nothing when you look at what it offers you.. mine was 28k on the road.. still to be delivered though..

    • Barrie W

      Hi Sandra. 5 weeks ago I paid NZ$26000 for a new cvt swift sport. You will note that the NZ dollar is weaker than the AUD$

  • guest

    This forum is quite funny, so many comments regarding anything and everything.  I wanted to add my 20cents worth regarding reliability.  I have a 1992 swift GTi and am the original owner.  Have about 250,000 km on it and up till now it shows every sign of being bullet proof.  Whilst the 2012 Swift sport looks nice (air con in particular) I don’t think I can trade.  I’m inclined to wait until the GTi bites the dust but it really doesn’t look like it’s going to happenn soon.

  • guest

    For those of you who have purchased the new Sport, what drive away  prices have you negotiated?
    Helps the rest of us who are interested

    • Barrie W

      I paid $26000NZ for my new sport one month ago. This was drive away price.

      • Barrie W

        Forgot to include that I went for the cvt model.

        • Barrie W

          My sport has contisport contact3 tyres. Does anyone have an opinion on these tyres.

      • Dave Jackson

         Can you please tell me which dealer that was from? Im in NZ too and looking at getting one Esp at that price

  • Guest

    Mine cost 25.5 to drive away.
    It is an AUTO, Tinted windows, comes with Spare wheel. 
    Bought through a lease company.

    • Fupay

      Which lease company do u use?

      I’m thinking of doing this too

    • Brad

      Doesnt sound like a Sport model to me unless it is the previous model? What year in the manufacture on the above mentioned car?

      • Guest

        na, it is the current model made in 2012 Jan.

        • Brad

          Fair enough, sounds like a good deal to me. Mine was $26k Drive away for manual. I suppose it depends on what state you live in with duty / taxes / rego, etc. Cheers

          • GM

            Mine was 28k drive away, Premium Silver? Manual.. I’m not one to negotiate.. never really have been. Just walked in and bought it *shrug*

          • Robjh1

             Mine was 27.5k, White, Manual ..picking it up next week.

    • Paul

      Hey Guest, how did you get a spare wheel as the exhaust in the Sport eats up the boot space. Is it a space saver and what size is it?

      • Guest

        The std swift space saver fits ok. You will lose lower part of the boot space tho.

    • Guest

      The price was purely courtesy of leasing co’s buying power.
      Bought a few cars through them over the years, have never paid more than rrp.

  • GM

    To give ppl some idea, I’ve owned my ’12 swift sport for 3 weeks now, Ive only driven it about 4 times as I work away and have just flown back in the other day. My wife drives it.. Alot! so far about 3000km’s on it..

    -First drive was at night, Tried to find the window switch to open window, Couldnt find the switch, fumbling around the door trim for it. The drivers window has an illuminated Auto label on it but its red and couldnt find it easy..
    -No spare only “foam”.. Thought it would be ok, pulled it out to have a look, Comes with compressor etc, Not looking forward to the phone call from my wife about how to use it when the time comes.. I would have glady lost some boot space for a rim but nevermind..
    -The front head rests we found were uncomfortable as they were pushing our heads forward so we turned them around and are now alot better.
    -Still revs a little high at 100km/h even in 6th gear
    -Speedo is in increments of 30’s, found it very easy to be over the speed limit by just glancing at it.. Would get used to it after a while though
    -Steering wheel is leather but feels more plastic

    -Great headlights, High beam is the best ive seen in a long time.
    -Excellent performance from the 1.6ltr.
    -Getting about 600km’s from the tank using 98ron fuel
    -Seats hold very well around corners
    -Thrown it into a few corners expecting understeer and it just didnt happen.. at all.
    -Plenty of room for my kids in the rear (6 & 3yrs old) and stroller in boot
    -Cruise control is very easy to use..
    -Awsome torque from engine, Loaded with the kids, my wife, the shopping had no problem taking hills in 4th and 5th, Didnt labour at all.
    -Very good looking car, Gets alot of compliments, Especially the silver paint.
    – Has ample kids seat/baby seat anchor points.

    I think I will be holding onto this car for a while to come, Seems to be very solid and very capable car. I would definately recommend this car to anyone. My greatest dislike to this car would have to be the plastic feel of the inside, but it seems thats how the new cars are going so I’ll get used to it.

    This car will be everybit a cult car as the old Gti’s..

  • AutoHug

    This is a Good Car I like design …. OH I want One!

  • Hungryb4dinner

    Hi everyone. Thinking of getting one… anyone in QLD managed to haggle a good driveaway price?

    • Robjh1

       I traded in my 4 week old 2012 Honda Civic Sport on a new 2012 White, Manual Swift Sport last week, paid 27.5k for the Swift, got $26k trade for the Civic = 1.5k changeover.

      Obviously not the best deal to be had because I had the Civic to trade in :((

      • Hungryb4dinner

         I traded in my old hyundai getz that has done more then 220K… paid and got the black one swift sport for 24k or so… :)

        • Robjh1

          You did well .. effectively 3.5k for the old Getz .. nice one.

          • Hungryb4dinner

             so you find it better then the Civic? Why you change to the swift?

          • Robjh1

            Wanted another small go-kart like manual car like the XR4 I owned for the past 4 years … the auto Civic just wasn’t doing it for me, just couldn’t “click” with the car .. I think the Swift Sport will be more my thing. The Civic is a beautifully built car though, top quality throughout.

  • Stroller

    Price starting at 29.480 for the Black auto, not competitive at all, might just go VW, with a bit of haggling, you could be driving away a 103TDI DSG Golf.

  • alv

    Currently driving a Swift Sport Manual 2009 model from Japan. Absolutely love this car! With the ability to speed on roads where i come from…it’s really an enjoyable drive. Managed to test out the top speed which topped at 197km/h with roof bike racks on (no bikes)…its crazy considering what you can cook out of a 1.6 NA engine. Felt really good on long distance twisty roads too. A real deal driver’s car.
    Now I’m looking at the new 2012 Sport. I must say Suzuki has gotten all the improvements spot on. Its exactly where I’d wish improvements were made as I was driving my current Sport. It’s now got more power, less weight, wider track, slightly longer & hopefully better interior space, buckets, 6 gears, 17″rims, beefier front bearings, USB, bluetooth, bi-xenon lights…
    I’m thinking damn I’ve got to get me one of these when I come to the shores of Oz. Was highly considering getting the new Honda Jazz with better interior space, reliable & all, but now…

  • elderlyfox

    At 15,000 miles, just outside the 3 yeart guarantee BOTH crankshaft sensors failed, Engine Warning light on. Engine runs very rough, stalling all the time. had to drive home otherwise freeze to death in minus 15Deg C Austrian countryside. Garage said, lucky you made it, could have destroyed the engine. Why, they dunno, just screamed pay-up 300 Euro, its out of guarantee. 3 letters to Siuzuki Austria top dogs went unanswered.29,000 miles, central door lock fails. All locks clicking nonstop, not locking, 250euro to fix. I just pulled the fuse and made it manual.Lower front and back bodywork brittle plastc. Slightest knock and it shatters. Super glue and screws do the trick unless you wanna be milked.After 12,000 miles drivers seat fabric wearing out.Korean cars give 7 year warranty.This heap of junk needs that too.You wanna buy a Suzy Swift, you go buy one, its a free world.

  • Living in France

    Just bought a 2013 Suzuki Swift Sport. Drives, handles and covers turns as a sports car should. Doesn’t have the overpowered poor all conditions handling engine of the more overpriced competitors – thank you Suzuki. Years of engineering and refinement have created this wonderful model. Had a different Suzuki model for 4 years with zero maintenance or quality issues. One of the best cars I have owned, sports and otherwise.

Suzuki Swift Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
160Nm @  4400rpm
Max. Power
100kW @  6900rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
6.5L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1000  Unbrake:400
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
195/45 R17
Rear Tyres
195/45 R17
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
17 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program
Adjustable Steering Wheel - Tilt & Telescopic, Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Mobile Phone Connectivity, Power Steering
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Body Kit, Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors, Rear Spoiler
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Side Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin