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  • O123

    It needs a proper sat nav style screen, even if no sat nav is available, it looks terrible inside without it

    • CRS200

      Needs a proper engine in my opinion.

  • Altezza

    The interior looks nice, only let down by puny screen with large fascia. It just looks out of place.

    • TJ

      My thoughts exactly, seems like a waste of space with all that surrounding plastic.
      Wonder how well these will be recieved by the Australian car buying public..

  • elliyeti73

    I love my Citroen (C4 vts coupe) but I’m not that excited by the DS4

    • Tttanks

      Hi I also had a C4 VTS, I really loved it too, I now drive the DS3 and I tell you the car is amazing, but still have a soft spot for the VTS.

  • Blair Waldorf.

    It’s certainly very pretty, although the interior is a let down, the shifter for the automated manual is on the left hand side along with the labeling for the gears, surely it wouldnt have cost that mucht o swap this around for RHD cars? And the plastic around the navigation screen is hideous. It’s also stupid that the car does not have opening rear windows…

    I’d rather a Giulietta at this price.

    • Xavier, Style Guru

      Don’t forget the fusebox in the glovebox and the wrong sweep of the wipers and the door lock on the passenger side. RHD engineering is an afterthought by PSA. Add the horrid EGS transmission, mix and you have… a lame duck. Citroen, you need to do much better than this.

      • Patsy

        The fuse box is still an issue. The other two you mention are not.

        • Xavier, Style Guru

          Thanks for the correction.

        • Bruce

          And like you would constantly need to be accessing the fusebox!

  • Estiff95

    These prices for typical French quality ?? No thanks. The French have to take the risk out of there pricing and build up brand loyalty through years of trouble free motoring and then slowly increase their price to a premium level…not the other way round.

    • Xavier, Style Guru

      Well said! Look how Hyundai and Kia are doing it… They are earning sales success.

      • Estiff95

         agree, i have owned both French and Korean in the last decade, the korean car was miles ahead on most aspects.

  • Tttanks

    Listen all dont diss it till you have scene it, I saw this car at the Geneva motorshow last year and it was the highlight, trust me this car is really beautiful in the flesh, the quality is fantastic compared to a Kia and Hyundai quite luxurious. Well done Citroen the DS range is looking fantastic and will look forward to checking out the DS5 in Geneva in 3 weeks ;-).

  • Day Walker

    I was wondering how the Audi Q7 rear might look on a light hatch. Actually, no I wasn’t.

  • filippo

    I applaud Citroen for their originality, however I don’t think I could ever get past the fact that the rear windows don’t open. Quite a design oversight in my opinion.

  • Ima_Hogg

    Saw one on the road yesterday. Stood out but did not scream European.

  • Fgilliga

    For this level one would want electrically operated front seats