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  • Smooth & quiet V6 diesel; 7-speed auto; ride & handling; noise insulation; roomy cabin; steering.
  • Spongy brakes; throttle mapping.

8 / 10

2013 Nissan Navara Review
2013 Nissan Navara Review
2013 Nissan Navara Review

The Nissan Navara ute was given a major update in 2012, bringing more equipment and price reductions to the popular One-Tonner.

An all-new Navara is due in 2014 but the current model remains one of Australia’s biggest-selling models.

The Nissan Navara is getting on a bit compared with a raft of new rivals that include the Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max and Volkswagen Amarok.

The private sector (60 to 70 per cent) continues to fuel growth in the ute segment with many of those folks using their dual cab pick-ups as a both a work vehicle during the week and as the family chariot over the weekend.

The big seller in the Nissan Navara line-up has been the ST dual cab 4×4, which now has a more powerful 2.5-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel engine producing 140kW (up 11 per cent) and a not too shabby 450Nm  (up 12 per cent) torque. That’s marginally less than the BT-50 and Ranger, which share the same 147kW/470Nm powertrain.

It may not have the sheer grunt of the more powerful V6 turbo diesel in ST-X and ST-X 550 Navara variants, but a short and varied drive route during the launch program proved beyond any doubt why the ST will continue as the dominant seller in the Navara line-up.

There’s plenty of low-down punch with all 450Nm coming on song from 2000rpm and it’s more than willing for overtaking manoeuvres at the speed limit on undulating country roads. It’s quiet too, with little diesel clatter heard inside the cabin. This is without doubt one of the most refined four-cylinder diesel powertrains we have tested in this segment.

2013 Nissan Navara Review
2013 Nissan Navara Review
2013 Nissan Navara Review
2013 Nissan Navara Review

We drove the ST with the optional five-speed automatic transmission and manual mode via the shift lever, which comes in handy when negotiating the kind of hilly terrain that the drive route took us over. The standard seven-speed auto in the high-spec ST-X variants would surely prove more fuel-efficient and CO2-friendly than this unit however. That said, the five-speed is relatively quick shifting and, again, smooth and refined.

The upgraded ST-X and ST-X 550 get an improved V6 turbo diesel powertrain that develops a class-leading 170kW of power and 550Nm of trailer-towing torque from 1750rpm. Even at idle, you won’t pick this as diesel. Accelerate from a standing start and you’ll swear blind your driving a 3.0-litre V6 petrol with plenty of mumbo. And it’s silky smooth too, no matter where you are in the rev range.

Our only issue was with the accelerator pedal, which seems to be non-responsive half way down the travel and requires a deliberate boot full of throttle to get things moving again with any degree of urgency.

The seven-speed auto on both ST-X variants does a commendable job, only it’s a little too keen to find top gear, which necessitates the use of the manual mode when climbing even mild gradients.

Another highlight of Nissan Navara range is the suspension tune. It’s difficult to think of another vehicle in this class that can boast the same ride quality.

2013 Nissan Navara Review
2013 Nissan Navara Review
2013 Nissan Navara Review
2013 Nissan Navara Review

Our drive route included various quality bitumen surfaces and a good measure of off-road terrain. It didn’t matter; the ride was consistently supple with the suspension absorbing everything we could throw at it.

It’s a similar story with Nissan Navara in the handling department. It’s a large pick-up, but it always feels composed. Naturally, drivers have the option of switching between 2WD to 4H, or 4L via a simple twist of a dial – on the move, if need be.

There’s plenty of grip even when punting along at a reasonable rate of knots, and there’s a good deal of feel to the steering too. It’s quite communicative and allows for a rather enjoyable drive. The brakes, though, feel soft and spongy with too much pedal travel, which means a fair old stomping is needed to haul the vehicle up.

Both Nissan Navara V6 variants and the D40 ST dual cab have a braked-trailer rating of 3000kg and we put some of that to the test by towing a two-tonne load of wood trestles for the Habitat for Humanity organisation in Victoria, for a home they were building for a victim of the Black Saturday fires who needed a bridge built. We did it remarkably easily too. Even with such a large trailer, the Navara made light work of the haul.

Nissan has also increased the spec levels across the Navara range, including the entry-level RX that gets electronic stability control (Nissan calls it Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)) and three-point seatbelts. The bench seat has also been replaced with bucket seats and the floor is now carpeted with rubber mats, rather than the previous vinyl floor.

2013 Nissan Navara Review
2013 Nissan Navara Review
2013 Nissan Navara Review

Standard kit upgrades on the 4WD ST dual cab include 17-inch alloy wheels, five-channel utili-track, six airbags, 60/40 split-fold seats, three child-seat anchor points, dual-zone air conditioning, choice of six-speed manual or five-speed automatic and USB connectivity.

Additional features on the V6 ST-X include seven-speed auto with manual mode, alloy sports bar, fog lights, rear under-seat storage and privacy glass (second row). The higher spec ST-X 550 adds leather trim, heated front seats, premium Bose audio with hard drive, satellite navigation, reversing camera, satin black sports bar with integrated LED stop light.

There is no doubt the 2012 Nissan Navara offers more for less, and it’s also a very good drive. Will it be enough to hold back contenders from the likes of Toyota, Mazda and Ford?  Only time will tell.

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2013 Nissan Navara Review
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  • Sumpguard

    All that praise yet it rated 3.5 stars while the Ford Ranger rated 4 stars. Where did it lose to the ford ? It obviously wasn’t the ride!

       $63 grand plus on roads for the V6 diesel is ridiculous!

    • Dude

      You can get them for under $50K – just check car sales, bargain of the century and catching the Hilux sales fast.

  • Johnson

    For $63k you get an interior that was contemporary in 1998 and a (just) 4 star safety rating….Wow, people are easily satisfied.

    Cue the “but it’ll pull the blardy boat, fit 10 slabs o’piss in the tray and have room for me sheila and rugrats!” comments in 10,9,8……

    • Phil

      It can’t possibly be any worse in those respects than the Toyota Landcruiser 70.

    • jekyl & hyde

      at about $56k in stx form onroad puts it roughly with everybody else’e premium models,but with a motor/gearbox combo the others can only dream about,ah johnson..whats your ride???

      • Johnson

        Correct, the others are vastly overpriced too.

  • Kampfer

    4 stars safety rating… that’s same as Great Wall X240…

    • Johnson

      If you are going to die in a fiery autmobile crash then best to do it in the more expensive vehicle.

  • Guest2

    A$63k for a Renault built in Spain. I will pass thanks.

  • Anthony

    The Navarra has all the right active and passive safety gear on board that would normally mean a 5-star rating, but additional structural changes would need to occur for a full five stars. 

  • Grr

    Avoid this car like street food in India!! It is notorious for mechanical problems and various problems inside and out!! The auto will also eat a hole through your wallet when it comes to fuel!!!!

    • Doctor

      Grr, that’s a bit harsh. The engines have less than 100 major faults and the autos will generally last longer than the DPFs. And the other 10% of the vehicles are OK.

      • Sumoisadog

        I ve got 550 updated model and it is the best dual cab currently on offer if you are interested in grunt. I ve had Rodeo and Hilux before – both good workhorses.
        550 returns 8.4/100 in commuting to work and tows efortlessly on our long trips – while towing fuel usage sits arond 17 /100 with high average speeds .
        This truck is not for everyone but for us has been great.

        • Dozer

           Just done a trip in my 550 to Darwin,WA (inc Gibb river rd.) and Back 15K Km’s towing a Camper Trailer getting 13lit/100 sitting on 120-125Km and it passes Road trains at 150km/h with no problems it pulled to tailer with no effot that it was not even there  . Love’n it :). 25k km’s on the clock With No Problems at all….Just ordered the sports exhaust and Chip….

          • Seymour

            Sounds like you had a great trip – just make sure you dont damage the front suspension – my STX 550 has been off the road for 4 weeks now and looks like being another 3 weeks – no suspension spares in the country – and not many in Spain either apparently.  The bean counters art Nissan are ruining the company.  I love my 550, but i will never buy another Nissan – this is my 2nd bad experience in 3 months – with the company – not the car

  • Michael

    Great test review. Just ordered the st auto. Can’t wait to get out of the Ford i currently have which has made me vow never to buy another. Ranger looks great but terrible Ford customer service and poor build quality has finished them for me. Also power figures quoted for Ranger is for the 3.2, 5 cylinder compared to Nissans 2.5, 4 cylinder? Google searchs for Navara problems all appear to be rather old…


  • 440 R/T Charger

    Nissan Navara? There are heaps of them in need for speed hot pursuit.

  • Tom

    All these utes these days are tremendously overpriced, but you do have to admit that the V6 diesel in this blows away anything else on the market. Reliability though? Not yet proven? Still, if I was one of the thousands of morons willing to put out this much money for this little, I wouldn’t be able to go past a top spec Navara (over a Wildtrak or SR5… though the Wildtrak is nice).
    However, in having borrowed a D40 Navara ST for a week or so, I was horribly unimpressed. It had the flywheel replaced after it broke at 100,000km. At 150,000km when I had it, the car would stall very easily and when it stalled, it was impossible to restart for ten minutes or so. Oddly, when you tried to restart it, the car would stall when you pushed the clutch pedal IN? It was also terribly unstable on the highway and the steering was just hopeless.
    Lots of guts though…

    • Fatty_greaseburger

      We have a d40 stx with that same stall problem. Problem solved with new plugs. Other than that best car we’ve had. Had a triton, hilux and bt 50. And wouldn’t go back!

  • Kurgan

    If you want to get a better idea of just how ludicrous Nissan Australia’s prices are go take a look at what they’re paying for a Navara in the UK. The mid-range Tekna (the equivalent of our ST-X) comes as standard with leather trim, heated and powered front seats, rain sensing wipers, five-speed auto and the 140kW motor for £27k on the road.

    That’s AU$40k, or to put it another way, five grand less than a poverty-spec 2012 ST. Unlike here, they’ve even got the option of Sat-Nav, on-board HDD and reverse parking cameras too. In fact, the whole interior in the UK spec cars look completely different to what you get here. And by that I mean, the dash and switchgear doesn’t look like they’ve been fashioned from melted down prosthetic limbs…

    If you want to compare apples with apples though, they’re paying £35k OTR ($51k) for the range-topping V6 compared to the $63k you’d have to cough up here.

    Does it actually cost $12k to ship a Navara from Spain to Oz, or does anyone else think that we’re being taken for mugs?

    • Simon

      Less vehicle tax in the uk buddy your comment is not valid… They pay much less for any type of vehicle. Welcome to Australia, welcome to treasure island…

    • Gavin

      I have to add all the ST and STX Models are made in Spain. Spain is much closer to the UK than Aussie. We are victims of living in the best hemisphere in the world. Hence the cost saving for those in the UK. They pop it on a Train and it’s there. I would say as well Australia has a strong 4×4 Market and demand will always drive good prices. A good portion of the 12K would be shipping then import tax, docking fees, customs inspections, national transport, Import management and Nissan Australia administration fees. The rest is probably the premium we pay. Why? because they are still one of the top sellers at that price.

    • Big Kev

      yep sadly after my first visit back to the mother land in 50years i was amazed at how cheap ALL vehicles are over there !! Audi’s and BMW everywhere you look oh and top flight Range Rovers too. sadly we are not the lucky country when it comes to vehicle Tax ! but ive just purchased a new STX so watch this space :) PS my first impression is engine noise ! thought they were meant to be quiet ? ah well only 112km on it so far i will wait till its first service and adjustments. :)

    • Sal

      Kurgan you’re absolutely spot on!

  • Tony Monagle

    I was told that Nissan are going to upgrade the towing capacity of the V6 diesel to 3200kg, does anyone know if that is correct.

  • Vic

    Two reasons why I wouldnt buy this…
    1.Interior is really disappointing for this price range.
    2.Exterior design long in the tooth.

    • WayneTSV

      I agree.
      The Navara is now totally outclassed by the Ford Ranger/Mazda BT-50 twins and the upcoming Holden Colarado.

      • scatman

        Yes outclassed by a car that isnt here yet, very clever of you

  • WayneTSV

    Did you miss the word UPCOMING? Do you really think the Navara will be considered a better vehicle than the Colarado??

    • scatman

      Just assuming it will be better is just dumb, it could be pretty ordinary,

      • WayneTSV

        *steps away slowly*

        • BigPete

          Plainly you are a fool. Have you driven ANY of the cars you so eloquently waffle about?

  • zon

    can I have a true answer about the 2012 d22 queenslander also towing capability

    • Sumpguard

        Mine with the 3.0 ltr engine towed 3 tonne which was downrated when they switched to the 2.5ltr. It handled my heavy loads no problem though was light in the rear so you had to be vigilant on bad surfaces. The old 3.0 ltr had excellent pulling power and you could literally side step the clutch on a 30 degree slope and it wouldn’t stall.

            Off road it was excellent and I went up many steep ,wet, slippery driveways on building sites where there were several landcruisers parked at the bottom due to their weight wanting to send them off sideways. The owners often commented with amazement.  Whilst I won’t consider another nissan due to the problems with my D40 the D22 was fantastic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1529343014 Rob Cross

    WayneTSV I have driven the colorado and as a Holden man all my life believe me when I say its a piece of hummmmm C#@P, I drove the 2011 model and last week 2012 model. Both were noisy but to drive up a hill hlding in 3rd to hear the dash (cheap plastic) squeak and crack is the point where I turned around back to the dealer.  The BT50 while a nice drive was a bit cramped with the console taking up most of my legroom. I drove the STX 550 today and was impressed I must say. Makes me wonder how many of these reviews have been written by dealers loosing sales.

    • Sumpguard

      Like yours?

             The navara has no underbody protection and 4×4 Australia went so far as to say it wasn’t fit for a dirt track with a few loose stones let alone off roading!

             My D40 was an unreliable POS!  By contrast my much cheaper D22 was far more capable off road. Didn’t burn out clutches at the slightest sniff of a trailor or require two sets of injectors in its first 25,000 k’s or spit oil out of the rear axles onto the brakes causing the the front brakes which had ABS to lock up and try sticking me through the windshield as the rears merrily slipped in the oil bath.

              The dealer mechanic told me that the D22 never gave them any issues with the 2.5 engine but they’d had several D40’s back with significant issues.

          I cannot say what the Colorado is like as I haven’t driven or more importantly own one but as far as the nissan goes  NEVER AGAIN!!!!

  • guest

    Hi,i now own my second new Navara,only two words to describe it. exellent truck

    • Tcat_richie

      I agree.. After owning a D40 ST-X 2011 model, I’ve just collected my new 550 2012 and love them both…

  • Nan2can

    How much weight can i put in tray? im looking to buy

  • james

    I owned a 2007 d40 Navara stx for 5 years and loved it, only problem I had was the clutch burnt out at 60,000km, which I have been told has been corrected in the new model.
    I have just ordered another one d40 st 2012 that has alot more to offer that last time, for alot cheaper.
    for $39750 with towbar, steel bullbar, uteliner and electronic braking system drive away. about 15 to 20 k cheaper than top of the range ford ranger, Colarado or BT 50.
    Everybody seems to bag out Navaras, I personlly rate them.

  • Garthashworth

     I have owned a Nissan Navara  Auto for 4.5 years and tow an all up 3 ton caravan with it. I can only stay it has been an excellant vehicle and has never given one ounce of trouble. It has just turned 117K and the fuel consumption has been reasonably good when compared with Toyota, Jeep and Ford. I am considering trading it in for a new V6 Pathfinder only because my circumstances have changed.

  • Happy owner

    I have a 2009 Navara STX with 110k on the clock, this vehicle has never given me any trouble apart from a few cosmetic things which the dealer fixed without any drama,s. I decided on the auto as I had heard of a few concerns with the clutch in the manual, or maybe i,m just getting older and lazier. I get around 11.5L/100k which is not too bad considering the aerodynamics and weight. My lease is up soon and am looking for my next 4×4 ute and quite frankly I am finding it hard to go past a newer model Navara. The competition, although good seems to lack in one area or another. The Hilux seems tired and lacking refinement, the Ford having good reviews is a little overpriced, and the Mazda is just downright ugly, the new Colorado looks interesting but would have to see one in the flesh first. resale value also has to be considered. Each to their own but the Navara has been good to me and unless something better comes along a new one could be on the cards….. 

  • Don

    I’m about to sign up to nissans 1% finacne loans which turns into 3 % depending on the time. Anyway this is on the2012 navara st model… Reading these reviews they are quite mixed  So can someoner help am I making a bad investment…??

    • guest

      All of the issues with the 2.5 have been fixed.  You will find bad experiences with every model, including hilux.  With 1% interest, you cant go wrong.  Toyota fans will always tell you how much better the hilux is, nissan fans love the nav, etc etc.  You’re the one that test drove them and sounds like the nissan impressed you…

    • DanB

      I have one 06 st in our fleet that has done 120,k the only problem was a rear axle oil leak that was rectified under warranty  and and the wheels replaced under call back
      I am on my second 2.5 Stx the first one ended its days at 88 k,s with nill faults due to us being T Boned from a side road while travelling in excess or 120k rolled 4 times and we both got out wit a scratch and a bump, the new STX ( 6 air bag Spanish ) ute pulls our 3 Tonne+ boat some 280k,s over mountains like a Sumo wrestler The 06 model wasn’t much slower and they both run rings around our 2000 Patrol,
      I am more than happy with the stx and as was proven you cant avoid the idiots forever was more than happy to pay for the extra air bags, However I am now in a dilemma as the NZTA will only issue me with a 2 Tonne sticker and they say thats ok up to the GMV of 2.8 Tonnes,, the ute was sold to me with assurance that it would tow 3 Tonnes which it does effortlessly 
      I see one report that the 550 is good for 3 Tonnes but others have told me that its got the same GMV as the 450,
      Also What is the tow rating on the new Ford Ranger and Colorado, I am hesitant to change but may need to for Insurance and legal reasons, can some one help?

    • Big donny

       I Own a caravan park and and as such see all manner of vehicles and the navara/pathfinder twins stand out as vehicles  being very reliable and excellent towing vehicles  just signed up for v6 navara myself, it is a lot of money but if you can afford it and want the power you will not go wrong.

  • tony

    how much is a fair price to pay for a st d40 4×4 dual cab 6 spd manual

  • nav

    have a 2010 d40 st,absolutly love it,looking at buying 2012 mod,dont know what everyone is on about mine has not skipped a beat,joy to drive  

  • Dalton

    wow that was interesting reading and good to know . now guys i need help i only go 22 thou
     need a good 4wd for beach and work a 4wd from 06 to now what would be a decent buy .. i love holdens looking at d40  nav maybe hilux  been told patrol has a turbo problem had a 02 dx22 nearly put me of navara.s  with starter motor alt turbo .etc . but when it moved it rocked .  whats a good secend hand rig worth its price of 22 

  • Ken

    Had my D40 STX 6 sp manual for 3 years now. Just approaching 100k km and touch wood, its been good to me. Had the alternator fail at around 60000km and the boost solenoid had to be replaced, but the dealers i have dealt with in QLD have been excellent. Yes there are potential issues with clutches and timing chains, but i understand that Nissan heve fixed these in later models. Its due for a change and yes the new Ranger, BT50 and Colorado are hot contenders, but still relatively new to the market and as such there arent many that have covered lots of k’s so are still relatively unknown in terms of long term reliability. At least with the Nissan, theoretically, Nissan should have fixed all the issues by now! My lease is up in November and i am undecided as to whether i try something new, or stick with what i know.

  • Desirkendylor

    Navarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    I recently upgraded from a ST 2011 to a STX550 2012 and worth every cent and is a dream to drive. It has everything you could ask for. Great for both work and pleasure, nothing else compares.

    • Jona

      Is the 550 still worth every cent?

  • Mike

    hi i have just bought a second had 2010 nissan navara 2.5 tubo desiel manual..  only had it two months and nissan have already relplace the fuel rail, it is still putting out excessive smoke when changing gear and accelerating , or slowing down then accelerating again.. is then normal can any one help

    • Ken

      Mines a bit smoky when you give it a boot full of throttle, but it soon seems to clean up after i have done it a few times on a run. Must need it every now and again to clean it out a bit! Its an 90 model and done 100,000km without too much drama and i am just changing it for a new model.

      • Ken

        i meant 09 model not 90!

    • DanB

      I suggest you take it back! something is not right!  neither of my Stx,s have smoked even under extreme load pulling 3 tonnes over mountains ( see prev comment)

  • Mike

    thanks DanB..  i have taken it back to nissan and they claim it normal fot that model.. does any one have any suggestions .. every time i change down a clound of smoke   comes out of the exhaust . an di mean a cloud , like even the cars behind are not visble for a couple of seconds..  but once you going it dissappears ,, but when i slow and change  down it puts out the smoke again.. can anyone help 

  • HOFF

    as an owner of a d40 navara titanium series its a great 4b but the only reason i have to complain about the car is at 40000 km i had to get the front rotors and pads replaced which i thought ok the pads i can understand but the rotors mmm not to much but got it done and later the transfer case got stuck in hi range so took it to nissan and they told me just go fast in reverse put it in netural being an auto then slam the brakes on and pop it goes out…… not happy about that one . they told me it shouldnt happen again ; ok right lets hope so ….but all in all i am happy with her..

  • MIKE

    HI Still having smoking problems om my 2010 2.5 turbo diesel Navara , nissan have admitted it has a smoking problem..benn with them now for over a week..  fuel rail has been replaced. they coded each injector they tell me.. but still has not fixed the problem.. they tell me they are now waiting for Nissan Austrialia to tell them what to do next.. this is seems to be no solutions to this.. again does anyone have any suggestions..  i have not even had it 2 months so I am dissapointed

    • Paige123

      Sounds to me it could be a engine ECU problem, maybe they need to swap ECU with a donor unit and give that a go.

  • Blair

    My 09 titanium edition blows black smoke when cold, and feels like turbo lacks boost what could this be?

  • Rob

    Just found out when my Navara is in H4 and you turn a tight circle the front wheels lock up, as if the breaks go on. I was told by the dealer that this happens to all Navara’s, never heard of this before. This may become dangerous when on a wet muddy road. I am going to test this out on san and dirt. Is this true with all models or am I just being silly.

  • Gerry

    I have a spain built v6 d40 it is now on its third e.g.r. valve  done 14000kms 6 months old sat at coffs harbour for seven weeks till they worked out it was another egr valve its blowing black smoke again when you plant it takes 3 seconds before it takes off again  nissan have told me they wont put any more egr valves on it and i have to put up with it i want to travell around australia but am reluctant to go as i have been away twice and both times it finished up on the back of a tow truck does anybody with a stx 3 ltre turbo diesel have this problem

  • Alex Martin

     Hi guys, I looking to buy Navara dual cab D40 ST 4×2 2.5l, dealer gave me good offer for this one along with canopy and roof racks, tow bar $36k incl GST, I’m not good in car, please any one can help me with my choice, I dont need to carry heavy load apart from few instruments, ladder and can also use it as family car. any info or advise will be helpful to me.

    Thanks in advance


  • Oldmate

    I had a 2012 ford ranger 4X4 Dual cab, best thing I did was to get rid of it and got a 2012 navara st 4×4 auto dual cab. The navara drives all over the ford, navara dosnt drive or sound or drive like a old council truck as the ford did. Had the fuel down to 7.9ltr per hunderd on a trip down the south coast NSW . Best thing I did was getting the nissan

  • Stu

    most of the comments on here are a minor part of a point being put forward, wild guesses, or just outright BS. seems like alot of people looking up the 550 who simply dont have the money to buy one!

  • Antony

    I have a stx550 2012 it is useless as a 4wd, the diff is not LSD instead it brakes the spinning wheel until you loose all momentum, unpredictable on the road, it’s not a luxury car it’s a work ute and Nissan customer care is aweful !
    Warranty is worth nothing, the stx550 is my worst decision ever

  • Jlfrazz

    I am thinking of trading my 03 patrol wgn for a 09 d40 navara with tool boxes on tray navara has done 153000klm , patrol 140000klm navara $20000 dealer wants to give me $14000. mine never been of road and still looks great always garaged I had a Hiace van and just sold it but patrol is too hard to work out of that’s why I’m looking at the navara any tips?

  • Michelle Newcombe

    Have just purchased a 2013 Nissan Nivara D22 2.5 turbo diesel has any had the problem of the Aerial not working suppose to go up when radio is turned on but mine isn’t can anyone help ????

  • Kevin

    What trouble has the Nissan v6 turbo motor?

Nissan Navara Specs

Car Details
ST-X 550 (4x4)
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$31,570 - $35,880
Dealer Retail
$32,010 - $38,060
Dealer Trade
$24,500 - $28,700
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
550Nm @  1750rpm
Max. Power
170kW @  3750rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
9.5L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:3000  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
255/65 R17
Rear Tyres
255/65 R17
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Double wishbone, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Rear Suspension
Live axle, Leaf spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
17 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Vehicle Stability Control
Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Power Steering, Trip Computer
CD with 6 CD Stacker, Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Alloy Sports Bar, Fog Lights - Front, Hard Tonneau Cover, Power Mirrors, Side Steps
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  20,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Mid Driver Side Chassis
Country of Origin